About That iPhone 5 Design… It’s Still Coming!

by Ahmed Omar on October 7, 2011

Few months before the iPhone 4S announcement, many rumors have going around Apple’s iPhone 5 design which is said to be a tapered design with bigger screen and rectangular home button. The rumors have came from everywhere on the web till the hours before the iPhone 4S announcement.

Many cases manufacturers have made their iPhone 5 cases based on that design and they assisted to keep producing that kind of iPhone 5 cases. Even more! A case manufacture produced 500,000 cases based on that design.

What now? We just have an iPhone 4 design with some improvements called the iPhone 4S so was that rumors and cases all hoax?

Actually, no! and of course no! Apple was really expected to release the iPhone 5 with that tapered design. What happened few days ago at the event doesn’t mean that Apple is not going to release that design.

There is of course some hope that we will ultimately see the design, even if that won’t be until this time next year. The “iPhone 5″ moniker will also have to wait until the next iPhone’s release but we’ll surely love that new and awesome design.

The design was revealed back in April by ThisIsMyNext. The tapered design contains an edge-to-edge-screen, bigger screen, and a better home button.


(Via MacRumors)

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  • Bichejo

    you are stupid… this design is a fake, the new cases is another fake

    sure you believe in UFO’s and Maya prophecy, and god exists….. stupid, let spread rumors

  • Anthonyrodriguez1997543

    it’s a rumor for all you know that is the next iphone, if not oh well, theres no need to call anyone stupid or judge if God is real or not
    -Tony Rodriguez

  • hailst0rm

    I hope it is fake bc this design is disgusting.

  • Fredbens

    I believe it s no fake because I just saw on a web shop some cases for this iphone 5 and I was suprised! so i decided to contact the shop and tell them that they have a mistake in threre product reference because this iphone 5 doesn’t exist ! and they answered me that this Iphone 5 will be released at the begining of 2012 at the same time than the Ipad 3 ! and that ‘s why they decided to keep these references in their catalogue !

  • Cookie21

    Is this a legit shop that you contacted??

  • http://twitter.com/HululusLabs Tao Tien

    a square home button just ruins the iPhone style. stupid idea

  • eags77


  • wahucks

    nice design

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