App Developer Discovers Security Flaw In iOS, Gets Licensed Revoked!

by Adeel Qayum on November 8, 2011

Charlie Miller on Monday discovered that there is a flaw in the security system for iOS. The app was able to run arbitrary codes. All the codes that are necessary for the standards of Apple were submitted and they were not able to identify the bypass.

He had found a bug that would allow the app to break the restrictions and access any data on the iOS. Instead of just discovering it, Miller decided to test out this bug. Miller developed an app containing the restricted codes and later the app was accepted and was available at the App Store.

As intended the app was able to bypass the security breach and contact the remote computer which allowed it to send and receive personal data on the iOS. Furthermore it was also able to play sounds, make the phone vibrate. Unknown commands were being executed from the remote computer. The app was also able to reach out and affect other apps by shutting them down maliciously.

As soon as the news reached Apple; Miller’s developer license was revoked. “This letter serves as notice of termination of the iOS Developer Program License Agreement… between you and Apple,” the email read. “Effective immediately.”

(Via Forbes)

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  • Geekyfun

    Dick. B=======D

  • Aqibi2000

    Apple are such bastards!
    He didn’t deserve that, it’s Apple’s fault pricks

    Heck he could have kept it a secret and made

  • eags77

    And the game of cat and mouse continues……..

  • Hedeservedit

    he deserved it. he secretly hacked ios against users permission. thats wrong.

  • PhycoKrusk

    The thing to do would have been to just report it instead of testing it; it’s his own fault for getting his license revoked. I have no problems with jailbreaking or “hacking” so long as it is done with my consent and knowledge.

  • Aqibi2000

    He could have kept it a secret if he just wanted your information “Phycokrust..”
    but no he demonstrated the magnitude of the flaw with a video as stupid people like you would not comprehend the scale of the flaw in Apple’s OS. Yet since the OS was mocked so badly, they revoked his license.

  • jacob

    ipod 3g ios 5.0.1 redsnow 0.9.b8 the ipsw open the redsnow redsnow error that ipsw is not supported

    plz help

  • Coutnry Farmer

    when i try to jailbreak my 5.0.1 using red snow it wont reboot right? help me

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