Apple Planning A Digital Handshaking Device Using Next-Gen Cameras (REPORT)

by Adeel Qayum on December 4, 2011

Patent Applications do not always guarantee that something will for sure find a place in market but at the same time they can be good indicators of things companies are in search of to add to products.

That said, this time they have another patent application from the boffins at Apple, it seems to be a new way of sending and receiving data between two devices. The camera of the device will now be used by system as means of setting up a safe connection…

To recognize different markings or an on-screen image device’s camera can be used to create connection, say folks at PatentlyApple.

For instance, each device can show a seed to be recognized from an image taken by the other device. Each device can generate an identical digital handshake key by using extracted seeds or keys and by following same process. This digital handshake key can then be used to assign secure communication path between two devices and hence information can be shared securely.

This could be used in social networking, gaming or even retail.

Moreover, people logged in into devices such as Macs via iPhones are also mentioned by Apple. Assuming, to authenticate themselves, users will hold their iPhones or iPad up to a Mac’s Face time camera.

Consider you are facially recognized without a face. Fundamentally it’s a digital handshake.

Are you satisfied with mere passwords and PINs available for you or you would like to welcome this kind of technology in market? Comment below!

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    So I won’t have next gen iPhone because there won’t be a jb

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    True I won’t be buying an iphone any more. I’M going to buy an android. Htc sensation in Particular. See its specifications. They beat iphone fare and square along with beats audio and 4.4 inch screen, 4.0 version of android upgradable. 1.5 Ghz ram, qHD screen 1GB RAM. Is freaking awesome.

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