Apple Testing Siri Compatibility With iPhone 4, Seeds Internal Build (REPORT)

by Ahmed Omar on November 6, 2011

Most of you believe that Apple made it’s Siri voice assistant feature exclusive to the iPhone 4S, but JailbreakNation doesn’t. According to the site, Apple is still considering Siri port on iPhone 4. The report says that there’s a big chance that we see Siri coming to older devices officially from Apple itself.

Apple is reportedly seeding a special build of iOS 5, which includes Siri, on some Apple employee’s iPhone 4 devices recently to test it out for a few days.

For those who don’t know, jailbreakers were able to get Siri ported on iPhone 4 and all other devices too. Moreover, they had the iPhone 4 and iPod touch connected to Apple servers.

Sources close to the matter say that “Apple has been restoring employees to stock software, not wanting them to use it in the public where it might be seen.”

In my opinion, that’s not a surprise! Apple might be doing this truly since the iPhone 4 is very capable to run Siri voice assistant. We’ve seen it working on the iPhone 4 better than on the iPhone 4S!

AppAdvice too has been tipped from a source about the same subject:

A second source also confirmed to us that the test went really well as far as performance is concerned. Unfortunately, the microphone of the iPod touch 4G is not as good as the one on the iPhone; this could hold Siri back from that device if it can’t be overcome with software.

We hope that is true.

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  • Man

    U mean Siri is coming out on iPod touch 4g ???

  • Jeff

    Dumbest post I’ve ever read.

  • Cumanzor

    probably yes, probably no, as far i can see iPhone 4 is the next target, but who knows maybe they will do a lite version for iPod

  • Don

    If apple does do it, they are dumb. Siri is really what people are upgrading to the 4S for. If they do, well I’d just save $100 and get a 4

  • Don

    If apple does do it, they are dumb. Siri is really what people are upgrading to the 4S for. If they do, well I’d just save $100 and get a 4

  • Ahmed Hassan

    All iPhone 4s owners must be pissed…:p

  • Jean-Simon Godin

    You guys have to understand that Siri is a direct competion to google search. If Siri is port to other iPhone generetion, it might be a big concurrence against google. So what ? People will go back on iPhone 4 or 3gs but still they will use Siri over google. That a LOT MORE than saving a little 100$ / iPhone !

  • Properhandsome

    Speculation and hearsay.

    any sentence that starts with “Sources close to the matter” is bullshit

  • Man

    I hate to buy specialy if they make Siri for money on app store fuckin dick apple most port siri itself if they don’t than STFU!!

  • Jbkeith

    Since this is a server side service that worked on these devices in the form of an app before 4S and they killed said app with the 4S release I thing they should do this, it feels kinda crappy to make people upgrade just for this and say its cause system restrictions cause that is BS.

    I personally think the real reason for no Siri is pretty clear if you see the recent outage this is a server intensive service. If you launch all of appledom on this at once it will get overwhelmed and look like crap and make it seem worthless. With a eased deployment they build good will and this is a feature that could invade all apple products.

    Voice control is hardly new but lets face it that is what apple has been really good at doing taking existing tech and delivering it extremely polished to everyone.

  • Fisse

    Intellect – because you’re worth it

  • Ken


  • ApPWNle

    Can’t be a Server Reason at all- just wait till they add all the >20 foreign languages to support Siri, that’s the main problem, why it’s still beta.

  • Clark Brown

    It would make sense that Apple would make Siri available to iPhone 4 users. If the present regime holds true to Steve Jobs vision and desires, then first, the iPhone 4 must be able to fully utilize Siri (it does). Second, Apple servers must be able to handle the traffic (unknown, but will probably be able to in the near future, if not already capable). Third, Siri will hurt Google. Jobs made the statement before his death that he’d spend every penny of Apple’s cash to kill Google. Google has already said that Siri is a credible threat to their business. Siri hurts Google and gives the customer a better experience. It seems like it’s just the ticket for Apple. Apple wins and so do the users. As for 4S owners, it’s not just Siri that’s the draw, it’s also the 8MP camera, 1080p video and a dual core processor.

  • Anonymous

    Apple’s servers aren’t capable of diddly squat. I’ve had my iPhone 4s since day one. It’s been about 20 days and so far Siri was out 5 days in total here in the states. With out Siri, the iPhone 4s is a waste of money. I’ve been able to dictate my SMS on a froyo phone for over a year now. About time Apple stepped up their game.

  • Zeanugolf

    siri go spiking in portuguese?

  • Anonymous

    Apple: It’s here on your iPhone 4… FOR $100 B***H’S!

  • Jerickaqua

    Siri Jailbreak my Fu****g ios 5 right now!

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