Apple: “We Currently Have No Plans To Bring Siri To Older Devices”

by Ahmed Omar on November 9, 2011

Most of you have read the news about that Apple is testing Siri on older iOS devices and that has been confirmed by 9to5mac yesterday but the site claimed that Apple won’t be releasing Siri for iPhone 4. If you had any doubts, just get them away.

Apple today confirmed to Michael Steeber, the founder of MSComputerVideos, that they have no plans to bring Siri to older devices.

Steeber contacted Apple about bringing Siri to other devices by releasing an iOS software update, and Apple replied back by saying “we currently have no plans to support older devices.”

Here’s Apple’s reply:

Engineering has provided the following feedback regarding this issue:Siri only works on iPhone 4S and we currently have no plans to support older devices.

9to5mac added:

That doesn’t mean however that developers won’t continue to work on building Siri for later iOS device — like the iPhone 4 and 3GS.

As previously told, and now confirmed, Siri won’t be enabled on iPhone 4 and other older devices except when an iPhone 4S jailbreak comes so now let’s hope hackers get it soon.

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    total shit

  • mattgurkman

    PLEAAASE RELEASE SIRI ASSISTANT….it s not a piracy because IPSW of apple is FREE and you can change it like you want. sorry about my english.
    Put BUILD Ipsw with SIRI online. only then your purpose will be useful………. dont share anymore stupid videos.

  • Chriss6996

    I read it WAY diferent and there is a set of instructs of how to port it….the problem is getting the files,,, got mine on pirate bay. If any one needs hit me back and i’ll upload them there. peacce

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