Apple Working To Bring Siri On All iOS Devices?

by Ahmed Omar on January 12, 2012

Although Siri is Apple’s iPhone 4S exclusive, some information in the iOS 5.1 latest beta revealed that Apple is planning to bring Siri on its popular tablet, the iPad. We don’t know whether Siri will come to the current iPad 2 or it will be for iPad 3 only.

Our friends over at CultOfMac and iDownloadBlog could found the same information on iPhones and iPod touches running iOS 5.1 beta 3.

Trying iOS 5.1 beta 3 on iPod touch 4G and iPhone 3GS, the same dictation reference was found on these old devices.

However, we can’t say what this means. Instead, we hope to know your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below.

For jailbreakers looking for Siri port on older devices, there’s a jailbreak tweak named Spire that legally port Siri on your old iOS device. You won’t be able to talk to Siri unless you have a Siri proxy server with 4S auth keys. You can search Google or buy a server in order to get Siri fully working.

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  • SauRon

    I just have a question :
    I read somewhere (maybe here in this site) that after the 4S JB is released , the Siri port to older idevices will be completely legal , much easier and without the need for 4S auth. key , is that right ?

  • Abc

    when apple aware , they will be a mouse and cat game…. like JB

  • Jefft9025

    So will it be easier that’s what I’ve been wondering. To. Also has anyone noticed that spire messes up location based apps. Does anyone know how I fix that

  • SauRon

    but i think , when it happens , apple will port siri to older devices anyway
    this topic conforms my thoughts ((some information in the iOS 5.1 latest beta revealed that Apple is planning to bring Siri on its popular tablet))

  • Vincent Raja

    I dont like to Jailbreak my iphone.. I use Legal Apps . but i really disappointed with Apple bcoz its not releasing Siri to older device. So Now im ready to JB my device to install Spire if i get Siri Proxy!

  • Imafirinmylazer

    I use legal apps too. People think jailbreaking is only for piracy and it’s frustrating!

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