Apple’s Siri Service Not Working For Some Users, Here’s A Fix!

by Ahmed Omar on October 15, 2011

We’ve been reported that a lot of iPhone 4S users are getting problems with Apple’s Siri service. The service is not working and experiencing downtime, according to numerous number of users.

Siri Not Working Problem Fix

The downtime started this morning and many people has been reporting it (on Twitter). Users reported that the service activated correctly, but was not connecting to process voice commands. It just shows an error like in the above screenshot.

In case you’re facing this problem, a user is reporting he has found a fix for that. Follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Tap on Settings > General then disable Siri.
STEP 2: Reboot your iPhone.
STEP 3: Enable Siri through Settings > General and you should get it working.

So are you facing this big problem? Does the above method fixed the problem? Let us know.

(Via CNET)

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  • Cumanzor

    So Siri depends on Internet Connection?

  • gmun

    yes it requires an internet connectioon

  • gmun

    Apparently the dictation will require internet access because the database for the full language is much more difficult to parse for the phone than day to day stuff.

    Day-to-day functions won’t require internet access.

  • Debrashaw911

    Here is the issue.  Everytime you issue a command, your iPhone 4S sends the request to Apple’s servers for translation and then back to your iPhone.  Apple’s Siri Servers are probably getting pounded as 2 million users are showing off their new toys to family members.   There are some advantages to this design.  Apple can easily update Siri instantly on millions of iPhone 4S’s.  The downside, is that you need an internet connection (3G or WiFi) in order for Siri to work.  So, if you are on a plane, or on Airplane mode OR in a no cell coverage area – Siri will not work.  Go ahead and put in airplane mode and ask any question and you will get “Sorry, I’m having trouble connecting to the network”.

  • Amanda

    Thanks! This solved the problem for me.

  • M_jennejohn1

    It solved it for one question then it stopped working again.

  • James1850

    Nope. Did not work after following instructions. Still cannot connect to network.

  • iphone4s

    steps resolve the problem, but this is a recurring issue…

  • Cynthia

    This resolved my problem…thanks so much!

  • SSS_iOSAppDeveloper

    Yes, the steps fix the problem. I happened into this by restoring from my old iPhone. This turned Siri off and voice recognition worked the old way (with a limited vocabulary, but it worked with no Internet connection). If you want to avoid the problem until the bug is fixed and still voice dial, play songs, etc, keeping Siri off is one way. However, if you want to use Siri (and certainly, I do) it looks like occasional reboots will be necessary until this problem is fixed. Experiences like these are part of the fun/frustration of being an “early adopter”, especially of software that Apple calls “beta”. Thanks for the workaround.

  • Jamestina

    it Dint work for me is this for UK users as well?

  • wla

    No hasn’t fixed it for me and i’ve tried all the different suggestions :0(

  • Giano123

    I did all that. Then toggled airplane mode a couple of times. Now it’s worked for a while.

  • Jisaac333

    Instead of rebooting the whole phone how about turn off Siri and then put the phone on airplane mode. Turn off airplane mode and turn on Siri. This worked for me. But still a pain that I have to do it a lot.

  • Cmswebmail

    Mine was working perfectly all weekend, then I turned off wifi to test it, Siri didn’t work, so I turned wifi back on. Siri, and dictation, still not working.

    I am so bummed!

  • Erik Herz

    Fix does not work. It seems this is an apple server issue and not a handset issue.

  • frustrated

    nope. it did not fix it…

  • Andrew Henry8989

    The reset/disable Siri combination worked for me yesterday when I had this problem, but today I can’t get ANYTHING to work…

  • Bandksousa

    Worked Saturday and Sunday, but not today. Very glitchy so far. Not as smooth as I would expect from Apple!

  • Roger

    Bottom line is you should have to do any of these reboots resets etc. it should work. Mine worked great days one and two of purchase. After that, getting the same message where Siri repeatedly says she’s unable to connect. I’d imagine Apple must be all over this.

  • Matt Moak

    Semi worked this weekend but as of this morning Siri can’t do anything. I fail to understand why Siri must connect to servers to send a txt message or email.

  • Nicky Y. Schleider

    i’m having the same problem. i got my phone friday morning but was busy trying to set it up. i didn’t have time to work with siri. i tried this morning and was sadly disappointed. the reset/disable didn’t work for me.

  • Suuhtr

    Fix doesn’t work

  • Dooo

    Its like buying a brand new car and the headlights don’t work… sure the car is still drivable and you can get around but ………….

  • Nebage

    I also have the same problem, CLEARLY the problem is with apple and their Siri Network! I’ve tried all the above and still doesn’t work. This is why its still beta, but is totally unfair that this is the selling point of the phone and why people have bought it. This is also not the first time it has happened since Friday! I’m starting to think this was not worth the wait and should have gone droid. C’mon Apple get your game on! whats the deal?

  • Dhfhfyt

    I wish things I bought would work as advertised.

  • Nebage

    Oh for those of you that aren’t sure on how Siri works, it send the message to Apple’s Servers to confirm what you have asked it to do, it then comes back to your phone with the results you need. When their network is down so is the system, so clearly they have an issue or are/must be correcting the problem, WE HOPE!

  • Nebage

    Apple had explained in the frequently asked questions about Siri that it uses the processing power of the dual-core A5 chip in iPhone 4S, and it uses 3G and Wi-Fi networks to communicate rapidly with Apple’s data centers to quickly understand what you say and what you’re asking for, then quickly return a response. It is possible that the high demand for Apple’s new iPhone has put a lot of load on Apple’s servers.

  • Aviesto11

    it works for me, thank you

  • guest

    Siri’s not very social, she never can seem to connect to her network. I believe I read that her name means “ass” in Japanese and I’d say it is appropriate at this point.

  • Fromchigan

    It worked for me! Thanks!

  • Beeper

    Steps 1, 2 and 3 didn’t work for me. However whereever I read the solution added a 4th optional step. To go into settings and reset your network. That worked, but then I had to have my Wifi set up again. Siri worked for another 12 hours, and is now doing the same thing. I think it’s a traffic problem.

  • Izzywelker

    How do I turn off Siri? She is annoying me and I can not slide to my other screens and I have to double click everything!!!!

  • Izzywelker

    Ok maybe it is voice over that i am OVER, how do i turn it off???

  • Charlie Lewis

    I had this problem creep up this morning.
    Steps 1 and 3 did it for me. No reboot required!
    Thanks for the help Ahmed.

  • Kalab

    Mine stopped working yesterday. Did the reboot several times and it’s still not working. How disappointing!

  • Fake

    I am having the same issue!

  • Highjumprules

    I tried to follow the steps listed above and it’s still not working! Does anyone know how to fix this?!

  • Salexander1825

    I tried the steps listed above too and it still doesn’t work :/

  • Mwildonger

    Mine hasn’t worked for 4 days, according to the Apple rep that I spoke with, it is a known problem that they are working on fixing. He also instructed me to try the above steps along with shutting off my network and rebooting. Still not working! very disappointed……

  • anya

    Go to settings and then go to general and under General the is Siri click on it and then switch the off.

  • Tim Orrino

    I’ve seen this fix recommended. It doesn’t work.

  • Nina

    I’m have the same problem too:/ please fix Siri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Keep in mind that Siri is technically still in Beta.

  • guest

    This worked for me!….. for awhile! Now Siri is not working again… how many times have i wished i never bought this phone… it is not worth the $$$ i paid for.

  • aaaaaaaaaa

    I don’t know about you guys but I didn’t get my iPhone for Siri. However it is disappointing to not have it fully functional on day of purchase.

  • Artw7

    This fix didn’t work. Very disappointing. Siri was the main reason I bought this phone.

  • Cut

    My SIRI is NOT responding after taping twice on the home button :-( ((

    Any idea ?

  • Alex A.K.A. “The Doctor”

    ^^ Worked for me! Thanks a ton!

  • LGB

    Yes!! Thanks!!

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