Almost 80% iOS Device Users Are Running iOS 5 Or Above

by Saeed on March 28, 2012

iOS 5 is one of the best and most advanced offering from Apple in the history of iOS devices. It was first previewed in WWDC 2011 and was publicly available in October later that year. We all love it, don’t we? More than 200 new features were added on iOS 5 which changed it completely, the whole iOS experience was changed with prominent features like Notification Center, Wireless iTunes Sync and many other. Overall it got a great response from end users and developers as well, some analysts also called it “jailbreak killer” but it was an early call in my opinion. A recent report from Indie developer David Smith has something different to offer here.

Smith published some really interesting stats regarding iOS 5 upgrades. According to his stats approximately 80% people are currently using iOS 5 or above on their iOS device. The report is full of interesting and mind boggling numbers which we will discuss in a bit. Smith collected these extra ordinary numbers through his famous Audiobooks app  which is downloaded by approx. 100,000 people per week, WOW!.

Coming to the number which he mentioned in a blog post earlier today, as you can see in the chart below more than 61% people are currently kicking iOS 5.1 which Apple latest iOS offering. iOS 5.1 was launched alongside the new iPad on March 7th and people slowly started jumping to iOS 5.1 and within 15 days the numbers reached to 61% which is more than just good. There could be many reasons for this slow adoption rate of iOS 5.1, as we all know a lot people rely on jailbreak which could be one of the reasons that many (18% according to this chart) iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and other iOS device users are still stuck on iOS 5.0.1.

19% people are still using iOS 4.x on their iOS device I’m not sure what they’re thinking about iOS 5 but in the end it’s about personal preferences when it comes to individual devices. According to the developer OTA updates which were also introduced in iOS 5 are the major reason behind rapid adoption rate of iOS 5.x.

These stats get funnier when it comes to Android because less than 2% people are currently using Androids latest Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Then again these are not official stats but a minor chunk but still they provide a simple understanding about iOS update adoption.

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