Awesome iPhone 5 (iPhone SJ) Design Concept

by Ahmed Omar on January 6, 2012

Here we go again, the iPhone 5 concepts will start to get back in the wild. The iPhone 4S has been launched few months ago and now it’s again for the iPhone 5 rumors and design concepts. Today, we’ve yet another awesome iPhone 5 concept from ADR Studio that will blow your mind.

Antonio De Rosa created the above iPhone concept and has given it the title of iPhone SJ as it is Steve Jobs inspired. According to the designer, the concept would include a “Totally glass capacitive screen on a polycarbonate lightweight body”.

The iPhone 5 concept would also include a new 10-megapixel camera and an A6 dual core processor. However, the concept design is based on the current iPhone 4 and 4S.


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  • Mehmet Salih Korhan

    Should move the screen down closer to the button a bit so there can be more screen and less empty!!! lol

  • Johnakers1

    looks dumb

  • Jimmyr

    you make a better one

  • Anonymous


  • Tee Swee Tit

    looks like Samsung Galaxy Note…

  • Dstewart_22

    i’d take that over my 4 any day

  • Ccchghtwr

    I think an all glass design is terrible. My iPhone 4 screen broke from a hip high fall in a parking lot while encased inside an Otterbox Defender case. They need to figure out something more sturdy for such an expensive phone.

  • Digital

    Just improve your damn battery life on the existing
    phones is good enuf! :p

  • Nareshmudani

    Its a different class, everytime giving something which no one can think off.

  • Agustinus Tanzil

    big screen like samsung galaxy s2 =p

  • Arjunbhatia

    Its not possible becoz all iphone screen size should be 3.5″ screen its a not possible….its a fake…

  • JBreak’in

    It’s only a concept idea of what the phone could look like & not an actual iPhone 5….. Duh

  • keventthk

    yes ..duh

  • Nick6385

    I love it… Too bad there is no way in hell its real… Lol, this is all just gossip…

  • Armen Grigorian

    samsung ripoff!!

  • Givmedew

    Not sure about other carriers but the iPhone from VZW has much better bat life than other VZW smart phones. I usually get 2 days if I forget to charge every night.

  • Givmedew

    Glass sorta represents the cream of the crop offerings and has so many advantages over other materials such as how firm it is and it’s level of scratch resistance. I feel the only suitable replacement would be gorilla glass and I doubt apple would create a relationship with a company to create the screen cover. Apple has too much pride or maybe call it them being stuck up or bull headed either way you probably won’t see any other material EVER unless apple buys a company that is pioneering a new glass technology before it finishes the product that way apple can be the only one who has it.

  • Jared Hendrickson

    From the beginning of the iPhone Apple has used aluminosilicate glass. In fact, the first iPhone used glass from Corning (Gorilla Glass) as mentioned in the SJ bio. In the current iPhones they most likely have multiple suppliers. Gorilla Glass is just a brand name.

  • Jared Hendrickson

    …but I do agree that glass on the front is the way to go. The back is another story. I liked the 3gs’ plastic back better.

  • N0jjy

    Pointless. Get a job.

  • Gino Punsalan

    The problem with people preparing design concepts is if their design actually looks like what Apple is making then you take away Apple’s originality. With that alone, any public design put out there will be changed. Then you have delays. This is bad news specially if the design is brilliant. It best to leave Apple alone.

  • Abc

    talk only , take time…..unknown…
    apple playing us die on iphone

  • Izzy

    Sorry… 5 seconds in photoshop to squish an iPhone 4 such that the buttons and connectors become totally impractical does not make for a mind blowing concept.

  • Kawan Jiawook

    looks like a SAMSUNG GALAXY SII ! Sorry!

  • Renkin77

    What I think will be the next design, is an aluminum alloys back cover much like the iPad design to help disperse the heat build up due to a faster processor, maybe the rumored A6 quad core processor & I doubt the existing 500MB RAM will be sufficient anymore. I’ll b hoping for an iPhone at the size, lighter, slimmer & with faster processor & bigger RAM to cope with the upcoming apps.. Sharper graphic & a revamp UI with more interface.. :) a much logical concept since apple will maintain the current size of the iPhone..

  • DaudKhan

    Screen is small and seems bigger than old designs which is not fine

  • xzcion

    thats why it is called a concept fucktard

  • Azmair99

    will it have siri

  • Lunixed

    I’m sorry, but is it me just noticing that this design is absolutely horrendous. Looks just like those wretched HTC’s. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice design but then again it looks just like any other android device, I would love to see apple differ themselves from there competition like they have been doing for all these years.

  • Jamesisdusk


  • Ahahah

    noo, its gonna have version 1.0 no siri, no multitasking . look it up

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