Completely Redesigned iPhone 5 Coming In Fall 2012 (REPORT)

by Ahmed Omar on December 27, 2011

According to an exclusive report from BGR, Apple will be launching the iPhone 5 in fall 2012. The iPhone 5 will get major changes and a complete redesign. The iPhone 5 back will be aluminum and it will likely be surrounded by a plastic or rubberized bezel. The iPhone 5 will also feature slightly larger display according to the report.

Moreover, BGR showed off an image concept of the redesigned iPhone 5 they’re talking about (showed above).

Here’s what BGR exactly says:

For starters, we can now confidently say that Apple’s next iPhone will launch in the fall next year, around the same time that this year’s iPhone 4S launched. We have also learned that Apple is planning to use a rubber or plastic material — similar to the material used in the company’s bumper cases — that will be built into the new iPhone case. In all likelihood, this material will be used as a bezel surrounding the front edge of the phone (like the iPhone 3GS bezel) and it will serve two purposes. First, it will join the glass iPhone face with a new aluminum back plate. It will also cover a redesigned antenna system that surrounds the device, allowing Apple to build the rear case out of aluminum without having to use a large plastic insert above the antennas as the company does on its iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.

I’m not so amazed of the details the site unveiled but it looks awesome for me. What about you?

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  • Pascal Eugene

    no flash ? :O

  • Immensible

    Ugly phone if that’s what it resembles.

  • Mathew Gillott

    Well that looks shit.

  • Fabfa

    Like it


    That looks horrible…

    Good to know the concept sketchers are retards thinking Apple would go backwards and not include a flash…

  • Pineas

    It’s like a iPad 2 mini

  • Twonorth69

    Holy piece of crap Batman.

  • Marcy161

    It looks terrible

  • schmittywerbenyagermanjenson

    “…BGR showed off an image concept of the redesigned iPhone 5 they’re talking about…”
    “…BGR showed off an image concept of the redisigned…”
    “…showed off an image concept…”
    “…image concept…”

    con·cept   [kon-sept]

    a general notion or idea

  • Israel González

    Yeah, apparently no one else noticed that… >_>
    This looks like a lame attempt

  • Edwardcai88

    Man… I expected a 16 MP camera, Triple-Core A6 chip, AirPlay Mirroring (Like iPad 2), Have the option to redesign the whole home screen (Like WinterBoard), and Siri able to do things like in Siri Proxy.


    lmao your name is better than mine

  • Chrisinreallife0707

    That’s what I was thinking it’s look like too! :D

    It seems like lately they’re trying to get all their iDevices in sync (see what I did there?)
    The iPad 2 and iPod Touch have a flat back with tapered edges and come in black and white.
    I think the next iPhone will follow the trend and may have an aluminum back as well since so many people crack the glass on their back…

  • Michi

    humm, i really like the hardened glas of iphone 4/s because this got no other phone so its something special and it really feels good. but al have a lot of phones and dont lets talk about plastic lol, so, i dont like it…

  • Toecutter




  • PDN

    that was my first question as well! ;)

  • ahbab

    Lovely blog you have!

  • Anonymous

    Wow thanks for sharing this!

  • Steven Babcock

    Dont like the aluminum backing, were supposed to be going forward in design not back to the original

  • Jake Loover

    it’s better the fiberglass on the back:)

  • Applefan101

    i actually really like tis phone. i feel like the glass backing of the iphone4/s was WAY too easy to crack. and i really like it. I REALY hope that it will be a bigger screan. I HATE the small screens on the iphones. Even though i have one. If the iphone 5 has a bigger screen i will be in LOVE! But i hope that in the near future apple will include flash in thier products

  • Bahrom Karshibaev

    Where is Flash Diffuser?

  • cjkoehn

    Ummm. we’re talking about Apple dude. They don’t do cool stuff like that. (especially the whole WinterBoard and Siri Proxy thing) That’s why basically everyone on this blog JailBreaks their iDevices.

  • Mugy7

    wtf are they thinking

  • Daboiskittz17

    the glass is bad anyways what if the iphones battery blew up and the glass broke it could kill someone thats probably why they are switching….?

  • Mez

    OKAY we have READ your COMMENT. We HATE what you have WRITTEN, because you have NO sense of ENGLISH.

  • Aqib

    Same here a Xenon 12 core processor and like at least a half decent 2GB video graphics with the 16MP camera you mention and about 32GB ram to keep up with some of the mid-end games. Not forgetting a 8MP Facetime Camera on the front an minor update from the VGA shit in there right now.

    I was also thinking maybe a diamond glazed material which wouldnt crack or break making it sexy n stylish

    Maybe a projector on the back so we can share our movies from apple TV on the go, plus a little basebox inside to help when watch porn.

    - Smell the Sarcasm bitch

    apple drop feed each feature and hailing it like its some new invention break through – i.e. adding a new camrea from 36-3gs and faster processor yes we get the message but you could have fucking done that from the start….

  • Connorhornung

    Flash for mobile devices is dead. Adobe is not supporting it anymore or making any further updates as far as I can tell from what I read a few months ago. Give up.

  • Azarel Howard

    Has anyone noticed that there isn’t a ring silence rocker on this? :P This is a picture of a freaking iPad with a little Photoshop done to make it look like an iPhone. LAME!!

    And so long as they fix the big problem that the 4 series has with the antenna then all I’m interested in is how customizable is the software going to be? Probably the same old Apple bare bones, no frills, cast iron carbon copy of the previous iOS’s like they keep doing. Dude we need something fresh! Both the Android and Win7 UI’s a more “attractive” or “sleek” (not saying they’re any better than the iPhone but they’re still a little more intuitive in some ways [not in others]) so please Apple do something different oh and Mac OS is just getting to complex and multi-leveled both iOS and MOS(S) need some simplification and gloss :P

    Which is why just about everyone here Jailbreaks!!! :D :D :D


  • RCS

    Since they are going backwards instead or forward, How bout making it look like a Bag-Phone? lol.
    Make it weigh roughly about 25-30 lbs or so, something like a small vacuum cleaner. lol.

  • Buttfucker

    They already fixed the antenna issue, you FUCKIN’ NIGGER-COCKSUCKIN’ NIGGER-BUTTLICKING CUNT! Fuck you!

  • Aqib

    ‘Applefan’ is dumb, i think he just meant a light diffuser flash, by the way he writes i don’t think he has a clue what Adobe Flash for mobile is.

  • Swag

    What about a flash? (for the camera)

  • James



  • Rob839


  • Singh

    Sorry Edward but this was fucking hilarious !!

  • Thomas

    its just an ipod touch 4g (white, but the photo is stretched out)

  • Bruce M.

    Hmmm… no camera flash?

  • Mugy7

    First of all, batteries don’t blow up, secondly its toughened glass, meaning it doesn’t shatter

  • Edwardcai88

    Dude… your ideas combined with mine, should DEFINITELY create the iPhone 5. I agree with the “8 MP FaceTime Camera” The camera on the iPod Touch 4G, iPad 2, iPhone 4 and 4S sucks badly…! Also, I want to add that probably they should integrate “remote desktop” like, you know, projecting OS-X on iOS devices. And seriously “Aqib” I REALLY agree with the “Diamond Glazed Material”. Do you BELIEVE how much money people are spending on freaking expensive “Zagg” screen protectors? And the fact that many people broke the front screen glass on their iOS devices? Really Apple, “Think Differently” for a change!

  • Edwardcai88

    Yeah, but who knows? Maybe Apple would make this stuff happen and “Think Differently”

  • Edward Cai

    Hey, I’m 11 years old… don’t think you’ll expect this comin’ from a kid do ya?

  • Rahul Chawla

    its a squeezed ipad 2 … hahahaha

  • Edward Cai

    I follow every Apple related websites and I work for Apple. I’m sending this from Palo Alto, California. I asked Forstall, and he said there could be or there could not be. He guesses that there MIGHT be iOS 6 coming out with it. Oh and he added Siri will probably be available to all devices in April, so PATIENCE jailbreakers, Siri is on it’s way to A4 devices.

  • Mplsboothjunk

    look like a pice of Crap just like all of apples very cool things

  • Mpls

    it would be cool if apple released a few different models thru out the year and released it iOS to other companies like android to samsung, motorola, and others it think throw iTunes and it own Appstore profits thru the roof

  • Lunixed

    NNOOOOO! I hate, nooo not just hate, doubtlessly detest the headphone jack on top, Please apple noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. plus that just looks like a piece of poop android with a apple logo slap into it.

  • Jamesisdusk

    The back of it looks like a 12 year old designed it…

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