Here’s How To Get Cydia 1.1.3 Right Now (GUIDE)

by Ahmed Omar on December 28, 2011

Yesterday was a big day in the jailbreak community since the much waited untethered jailbreak has been released thanks to pod2g’s exploit shown few weeks ago. The jailbreak works on all A4 devices and with the help of iPhone Dev Team’s redsn0w 0.9.10b1, you were able to get your hands on iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak.

Cydia 1.1.3

However, some people used Corona 5.0.1 Untether to directly jailbreak their devices without need to run redsn0w 0.9.10b1. If you’re one of those then you most probably didn’t get the new Cydia 1.1.3 minor update.

To clarify more, the released version of redsn0w 0.9.10b1 released yesterday hides a new version of Cydia known as 1.1.3 as you can see from the screenshot above.

For those who didn’t use redsn0w 0.9.10b1 or those who are still on previous iOS version like iOS 4, you will need to follow this guide to be able to get it right now. You’ll need a jailbroken device and iFile installed on it.

How To Download Cydia 1.1.3

STEP 1: First of, you need to open this guide directly from your iPhone, this guide can’t be done from your computer.

STEP 2: Once you’re one iPhone, download Cydia 1.1.3 from here.

STEP 3: Now you’ll be directed to a new Safari page, select “Open in iFile”.

STEP 4: Now tap on it and hit “Installer” so that iFile starts installing it.

STEP 5: It will take less than 5 minutes to be installed, once done you’ll see the new version in the bottom of your Cydia.

(Hat tip goes to iPhoneItalia)

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  • Anonymous

    wait mine says that it is on cydia 1.1.3 and i used corona to go Untetherd

  • Madj45

    so does mine and i used corona

  • Kiki_khassah

    what will happen if i try to do it on Ipad 2?

  • Umer

    just update with newer version of redsn0w , it will update cydia automatically

  • Johnlee

    when will untether jailbreak come out for 4.3.3?

  • Phewcha

    Mine’s been on 1.1.3 for ages. I installed Corona as well rather than rebreaking but it’s been like that for a while.

  • Soyall

    I’m going to do this download because since I used Corona on my 3gs Cydia is not loading properly. Though Cydia shows as the latest version on my phone but still something isn’t functioning right.

  • Gtb

    iPad 2 updates automatically to Cydia 1.1.3

  • Vrmontero

    Why not upgrade to IOS 5.0.1 just save SHSH’s and update to 5.0.1!

  • Ardit

    the jailbreak for 4.3.3 is untethered ;)

  • Soyall

    HELP: any idea why I’m getting “error: POSIX operation timed out” when I start Cydia, and this is on 3gs iphone.

  • Ermenegildopistelli

    I have an ipad and when i start cydia it says “error:posix operation time out”, what can i do, because i can’t even download nothing…

  • Christ369

    So Cydia ain’t free anymore to upgrade as the required ifile app costs 4US $? Well, I hope it is money well spent to continue having all the perks of jailbroken devices !

  • Ocmax05

    just need to refresh the cydia and it will prompt you that’s a update. even with 4.33 on iPad it has updated itself to 1.1.3

  • Mk2302

    It wont open the link in my safari. Get error cant open download in safari, no option to open it in ifile

    please help

  • Mhxboyx

    I used corona and I got cydia 1.1.3 without doing anything

  • Bklyn Dm

    I used the latest redsnow and 5.0.1 ipsw to jailbreak my iphone 4 after a restore from a tethered jailbreak. Now Cydia is not loading. Missing preference loader, bigboss repo is empty and wont connect to servers. I restored and rejailbroke only to have the same problem. help plz…. are the cydia servers working? Bcuz my wife cydia on hers just did an essential upgrade, where I never got the message after a new jailbreak at all.

  • Jimnitron

    its ok its just a bug for some days

  • Bklyn Dm

    Then when I refresh it will try to download packages for 5 min. Done: release Done: packages blah blah …to say “error: POSIX operation timed out”

  • Bklyn Dm

    then :” Error: HTTP/1.1 404 NOt Found”

  • Carlos

    In iFile ir desktop go to VAR/Lib/dpkg/ and delete the Lock file, respring and try loading Cydia again

  • Anonymous

    I already have 1.1.3 version of Cydia. Bigboss repo, still broken. Get the Posix error, I tried SSH to make sure I had the right .list files. I don’t know what else to do. Help!

  • Teja Chillarige

    i had the same problem, but i can’t remember how i fixed it……..
    sorry. :(

  • Best-hacker

    I got a iphone 3GS 4.3.3. jailbroken with redsnow 0.9.6rc616 and i read this article and i went to my phone to control “what version of cydia im using?!?” and i see the 1.1.3 and i tought


  • Chris

    I deleted the Bigboss repo, and then went back and added it from the list (it will show up after you delete it) and now it works. Simple.

  • chris

    wrong. ifile is shareware. You pay $4 if you want to.

  • chris

    To clarify the steps: first go to sources and delete “BigBoss”. Then go back to Cydia front page and click on “More package Sources” and now BigBoss will show up at the top of the list. Click it and install, this might take some time so let it go through the entire process of it.

  • EyeDK

    do this really work on ipad 2 on 5.01 ?

  • Anonymous

    Stupid tutorial, if you make your tethered unteathered using Corona, then respring, you’ll see changes in cydia and can update to 1.1.3 from there by upgrading cydia installer. Simple!



    Me too, Corona = awesome.

  • ayman

    POSIX: Operation timed out ???? how i can fix it??help plz

  • SBF

    what about ibook problem? is it fixed already?

  • Anonymous

    All Repo’s are working now, well on my i4 anyways. The servers where slammed I think yesterday.

  • Ocmax05

    iPad 2 v 4.33 problem after auto update to 1.1.3, SBsettting not working anymore. sigh!

  • Sebedard666

    Same problem Here. stuck in safe mode. Please Help!

  • Roel

    yep.. restored my darn 4.33 ipad 2 64gb thingy only to be confronted with the same problem.. no springboard dependant utils anymore.. lockinfo, sbsettings, nospot etc…
    took quite some time (tried twice argh)..

  • Yoyoyoyo

    Both my ipod touch 4 ios 5.0.1 cydia 1.1.3 and my ipad2 ios 4.3.3 cydia 1.1.3
    is stuck in safe mode

  • Ocmax05

    I think the patch causes problem with activator. it prompt my device are currently running insafe mode. most feature of the activator are disable while the device is in safe mode. restart springboard to return to normal mode BUT it not working.

  • Scottrebelo

    Me too, ARRGH!

  • Roel

    the solution is simple: mobilesubstrate is the culprit.. look on modmyi ipad jailbreak forum for solution.. download small .deb (older version of mobilesubstrate) install with ifile or any other way.. reboot… FIXED

  • Scottrebelo

    Ip4 on 4.3.3. When I updated and rebooted it went straight to safe mode. Restored through faith and downloaded winterboard aaaaand…. Stuck in safe mode!!

  • Ocmax05

    thx mate. will check it out

  • Ocmax05

    new updates of mobile subrate from cydia fixed everything. :)

  • Cristianeco2009

    man just jailbreak your ios device with the new redsnow and thats it u will get cydia 1.1.3 with any trouble . u just got to know how to jailbreak!!!

  • ENZO87756

    whats the website????


    Found a very easy way, without iFile. Go to Changes in cydia, tap Refresh, it’ll download, then choose Download Essentials. No issues at all. KISS is the key. It was simple.

  • Deepak

    Hi have jaibreaked my Ipad but want to add a custom source to download cracked apps like angry b i r ds and many more. How can i add a custom source. My cydia version is 1.1.3 oin iPad.

  • sami

    how do u jailbreak just tell me the website

  • Charlene Faye Miranda

    i dont have file. what other alternatives to install cydia?

  • simran

    hay bro i was downloading a app from cydia and delete the bigbos file of cydia and after installing my cydia app lost and is there any solution ???????????????

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