Download iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 For Developers

by Ahmed Omar on September 30, 2011

Download iTunes 10.5 beta 9 for Mac OS X is now available at iOS developer center. iTune 10.5 beta 9 release is a required update for all developer members enrolled in Apple’s Developer Program to get iTunes Match service features. Apple notes several known issues with the release of iTunes 10.5 beta 9.

Download iTunes 10.5 Beta 9

iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 Release Notes

- iTunes 10.5 beta 9 includes several performance enhancements and bug fixes, and is a required update for all subscribers to iTunes Match beta.

- Your iCloud libraries will be deleted at the end of this beta.

- Backup regularly and do not delete the music you add to iCloud from your computer. Apple may periodically delete all iCloud libraries during the beta period. This will require you to scan, match, and upload songs again. Also note that some of the features and optimizations of iTunes Match may not be available during this beta.

iTunes 10.5 beta 9
We still don’t see an iOS 5 update out (not yet) but we there’s high probability we see iOS 5 GM tonight. So stay tuned!

These betas of iTunes are only seeded for developers. You can download it in a safe way by getting an Apple Developer Account. iTunes 10.5 beta 9 unluckily available for Mac OS X only.

Download iTunes 10.5 beta 9 Direct Links:

Download iTunes 10.5 beta 9 for Mac OS X (Mirror 1, Mirror 2)

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  • Panayiotis

    Did they release beta 9 for windows too?

  • David Dryman

    Windows Version?

  • Laurence Reeves

    if you read what the article said, then you will see the answer. No.

  • RoozHD

    Yeah. Windows is gay anyway.

  • RoozHD

    Yeah. Windows is gay anyway.

  • Parkerpletcher


  • Parkerpletcher


  • Connor Spencer Harries

    i have to agree with you but also disagree, more useful tools are made for mac but windows has a bigger variety of software :)

  • andrew cauthen

    uhmm bloatware/virusware yeah

  • Connor Spencer Harries

    and that of course ;D

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