Fix White Icons After Jailbreak Using iWipe Cache (Cydia Tweak)

by Ahmed Omar on January 31, 2012

After the release of the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak on iOS 5.0.1 using Greenpois0n Absinthe and CLI tool, users have been complaining about white icons problems. This issue is most affecting stock iPhone apps such as Stocks, Mail, Safari, etc. The temporary fix for the problem was to respring the Springboard.

With this new jailbreak tweak named iWipe Cache, you won’t get this problem again.

Clear your SpringBoard Cache to ensure all images from any theme will work with WinterBoard. Due to Winterboard being very out of date, It does not clear springboard cache. This app will clear your cache, allowing new masks and overlays to be applied to Icons.

Seb of iDownloadBlog says that the problem is NOT because of WinterBoard as described but it indeed fixes white icons issue after jailbreaking.

You of course need jailbroken device, you can follow our guide posted here for A4 devices and guide here for A5 devices i.e. the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

Once you jailbreak your device, open Cydia and search for iWipe Cache under ModMyi repository. This tweak will install an icon on your homescreen as shown in the screenshot above. By tapping on this icon, your device will respring and white icons problem will be fixed.

Let us know how it gone with you.

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  • Catalin Zamirache


  • Idhanta Kakkar

    One thing that you have written is wrong, Respringing did not even temporarily fix the White icons, they could be temporarily fixed only by reinstalling a cydia tweak or by installing a new one!

  • John Lick


  • Mat0Pad

    Will post link to video

  • PlacebopT

    Respring always solved that problem in my iPad 2 / iPhone 4.

    And it looks like this app it doing a respring.

  • Badass

    Is this a iPhone 4 issue? I don’t have this problem with my iPhone 4s.

  • Catalin Zamirache

    @Badass Try to move an app. You`ll get few white icons and only respring can temporally solve the issue.

  • Tabernakal

    I dont have this problem at all humm

  • Thr33dmod

    I agree. How is this any different than respringing your phone?

  • Laeeq

    If you don’t hide any icons…you won’t get this problem…this is how I fixed it on my ipad2 wifi

  • lol

    i don’t understand. respringing the phone fixes the problem right? so why would i want a pointless icon that just repsprings my phone anyway? lol

  • Jay

    This is the perfect solution!! My mail icon is back to normal. Thank you so much :) for those of you who don’t have this problem can you please tell me what tweaks you have installed on your jb iPhone 4s or iPad 2? I’m beginning to think it has something to do with compatibility issues of the Cydia tweaks.

  • R0tten

    Silly, this is a permanent fix…

  • R0tten

    GEEZ guys. Read between the lines. This is a permanent fix..

  • Supanova_312

    this works!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow

    respring did not work. done it few times.

    iwipe cache works. revived 2 white phone and safari icons.


  • Talha Sohail

    i have installed iwipe cache and it works thanks.
    Should i delete it now?
    If i delete it is there any chance that the items will go white again?
    Thanks in advance for answering

  • Anonymous

    it works !!

  • Eddy 25

    I got this from spire, and this does not work for mE!

  • Leo87

    It works perfect! thanks

  • Ibnyasseen

    Worked perfectly on new ipad ! great thanks !!!!

  • mounir

    there is no fix for it!!! when i download the iwipe app the first thing that was white was iwipe itself

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