H1Siri Update: It’s Illegal, Steals Your Data And It’s Broken

by Adeel Qayum on December 6, 2011

Yesterday, we posted about a new Cydia Tweak called H1Siri that allows you to install Siri on iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G. But as of now, the famous iPhone developer, Chpwn has warned from using it due to illegal issues.While a slight legal violated may not bother many, Chpwn has shown his disappointment that jailbreaking has become about copyright violation.

A SiriProxy hack is needed for H1Siri to work, which connects all devices to a privately owned server which is operated by the development team. The server is not Apple’s and all the Siri traffic is relayed to Apple’s after being diverted through their server. By this you might figure out that it is not just your voice that is sent by Siri to Apple.This means that when you use a proxy to access Siri, you might be sending SMS,emails,location,contacts etc through that server. Apart from that, it may also violate the copyright’s of the fruit company to obtain needed files before porting Siri on non-iPhone 4S devices.

Apart from all this, it’s broken. There have been report the iPhone 4S key that they used has been blocked from using Siri. You must use a special key from a legit iPhone 4S as Apple checks each request coming from the iPhone4S. But the developers used only one, which wasn’t hard for Apple to pick and block with such a huge amount of Siri traffic coming from that single device. While they can use a new key, they can’t just go out and keep on buying iPhones when one gets blocked.

Apart from all these reasons to stay away from Siri, developer Grant Paul has given us a whole insight on how H1Siri works and why this insecure hack is not going to last long. He was one of the two people behind a port of Siri to the iPhone 4 and iPod touch in late October.According to him, Siri users a cryptographic “token” that uniquely identifies an iPhone 4S. The token is generated daily from your iPhone’s 4S serial number and can’t be faked. The hack H1Siri includes funneling Siri requests through a server and then adds a token from an iPhone 4S there. Because of this, all the H1Siri requests and associated data are funneled through CD-Team’s servers. Since Apple issues this token, they can block it at any time and it would not be a surprise if they block H1Siri soon.

So what’s next? We recommend you stay away from H1Siri until the developer finds a fix to these issues. If you have already installed H1Siri, you can remove it by going on Cydia and you will be safe. Please spread the word around.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/dylan.janeke Dylan Janeke

    I saw this warning too… about it bricking some iPhones out there – I already installed it though – and now I’m too scared to get rid of it – so I just disabled it – is that enough?

  • http://about.me/delonholmes iPwn2Own

    Anyone know how to fix the camera?

  • guest

    i uninstalled siri because its loose of space in your phone, i think it will never work, and if it does, there are too many issues with it, the uninstall process is simple, just to to cydia, manage, packages and uninstall h1siri like if you are going to uninstall any other app from cydia, in my case, my phone became very..very slow after uninstall siri, i was very worried i tried to do some resprings and the phone was not responding, after a few minutes, i turned off my phone and just booted in the tethered mode, because i have ios5 with tethered jailbreak and now my phone its working ok, and the video camera its working ok too, but that was my case, maybe it might be diferent depending on the ios version i dont really know.

    hope it work for you

  • Arranmc

    here ya go @iPwn2Own : hxxp://www.gizmowebs.com/2011/2132/fix-camera-issue-caused-by-h1siri-mod-to-install-siri-on-iphone-4/

  • Awesomeness

    i just uninstalled it from my phone like 5 mins ago, with no problems at all..it didnt put my phone in a loop or make me have to restore it

  • http://twitter.com/agustinustanzil Agustinus Tanzil

    why don’t just the h1siri that send through the proxy server?

  • Devil66

    Camera fix go to google after install it, the camera is ok again.

  • Beenlouis

    It too just removed it in Cydia and restarted my phone. Everything went smooth and is back to normal.

  • Bill36

    I cant get my phone to reboot after uninstalling Siri. I am using RedSn0w to have it “just boot” because its tethered jailbreak. When I uninstalled Siri I tried just to respring the phone but that did not work. Now I am just stuck at this Pineapple screen.

  • Bill36

    Anyone have any idea on what I should do?

  • TinaBigTits

    I’m glad I waited and didn’t do this I got vlingo to search google and write txt good enough I not even like to talk to my phone look gay in a public place if you did. Besides that I told people this was a Chinese server spying on you and they installed anyways.

  • TinaBigTits

    Your camera got disabled because of a Trojan .

  • Gashsmahser1

    i had to the same problem … its unfix able ..just restore mate best way i spent 20 hours trying to reboot it and shit !

  • Bill36

    Great this sucks lol IOS 5.0.1 here I come

  • Awesomeness

    you should have rebooted you phone right away instead of a respring, you should restore your phone now

  • http://twitter.com/powermove257 powermove257

    there is a cam fix. Look stop complaining or learn how to do the shit yourself. So what the devs are chinese they gave US what we asked for you damn ungrateful clowns get off your ass and go find a job and just buy a 4s if your so security scared lol like the government isnt already doing this and more lol.
    point is the tweak works great and yes i did have it connected when it first came out and yes i understand that so many users did the same as me and now the server is down. if you follow the steps then you will have it dont be mad because you jumped the gun during install process and it didnt work.
    it works and they proved that Apple is full of shit the ip[hone 4 can handle siri no need for the damn A5 the A4 works just fine.
    you damn clowns always come to a open source style forum and say its illegal lol well so is child slave labor that produced the same iphone you are holding right now.

  • Mo

    Jailbreaking any iDevice is one big copyright infringement If Apple wanted you to tweak their devices anyway you wanted they would have opened the IOS for that. Case and point, Look at what happend to GeoHot or whatever his name was. The guy who moded his PS3 and Sony has in court. This is the same thing the jailbreakers are doing too their iDevices. This here is the pot calling the kettle black and sounds like a little bit of hater-aid being served up. All you data goes through somebody’s servers anyway, and if somebody knows how to packet sniff they got you using your pc, laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc.

    WOW at the people bitching about illegal stuff and then jailbreaking there phone to install app tweeks that let you backdoor your device. HYPOCRITES. I bet the same people worried about all their info getting out and being shared have Facebook accounts….hahaha…and they are bound by U.S. laws not to share your info and do it anyway. Suckers

  • LoonaT1ki

    wtf, are there really that many stupid people on the planet??? H1siri works like a champ – I’m fkn blind and I got it working by reading… @powermove257 thank you, I was starting to feel like there were no literate people left on the fkn planet man!!! Anyways everyone stuck in a boot loop just hold down your power and home buttons (just like going into DFU mode) until the Apple logo shows up with a bar underneath it. Once it asks to connect to iTunes do it and you’ll be fine. Just don’t JB again jackasses

  • monger

    really apple just stop being greedy and add siri to iPhone 4. Cell phone companies stop being greedy and stop charging us to tether our devices. I wouldn’t even think about jail breaking if those two things were available on my phone.

  • Cojax99

    It’s funny people still says it works buts its impossible, the servers aren’t even up!

  • http://twitter.com/powermove257 powermove257

    by works most mean installed correctly the server issue is a given common sense says its down but the point is it really did work perfect until the server went down.

  • Jordan

    You sir, are a fucking idiot. It is not illegal to jailbreak an iDevice. The DMCA made it legal to jailbreak in 2007. While most people jailbreak to get apps such as Installous, I being one of them, that’s not the main focus. It’s not hypocritical at all saying that this is illegal. H1Siri is 100% illegal because of the stolen files from the iPhone 4s .ipsw file. Nothing to do with the jailbreaking. And of course Apple would not want people to bypass their authority and install 3rd party applications, who would? But it’s still legal to do so. The reason Geohot was in court, is because he hacked the PS3 servers and took hold of all of its users’ credit card information. The rooting of the system was legal, but PS3 closed all the holes and made it impossible to root the newer software systems. Next time, before you post, look shit up instead of being a fucking idiot and posting garbage that’s incorrect.

  • cojax99

    gotcha then mine works too. but uninstalled farily quickly when servers went down.
    Just follow Ahmed on twitter. always comes up with the best updates


    Grant Paul should go an fuck himself. All you apple arse licking hackers such as Chpwn should go an fuck themselves too. Come on CD TEAM, you are the future now. Please

  • Gabby Endaya

    Hey um, can someone help me out? I downloaded the “Safari DownloadPlugin iOS5″ and when i tried to uninstall it, it wouldn’t let me stream videos and download from fileape in installous 4. Someone please help

  • Ljames19@yahoo.com

    CHpwn is just mad because these other hackers came out with it first and is letting everyone play with it. Just suck it up and stop crying like a little *****! We all know it makes you look bad anyways.

  • cojax99

    Since Apple’s Siri servers accept the command by generating a special key for iPhone 4S only, it is not possible for H1Siri to connect to the network without using those special keys, it works using some iPhone 4S hacked keys as proxy to H1SIRI but it is very simple to understand that a single iPhone 4S can not send more than 5-10 commands at a single time to Apple server, if it happens the Server automatically blacklist those iPhone 4S keys blocking your H1Siri access. Those who says upgrading/moving their servers are actually fooling people, because there is no such thing as server being used for this hack it is simply iPhone 4S keys hack being updated to work for you. These people are continuously hacking iPhone 4S keys and making them unusable. In all-cases, this h1siri is a failure and can not up but for a while (5-10) minutes to some users.

    Those who are willing to use Siri should go for iPhone 4S or wait for few months when the Jailbreak for 4S is available till then Apple will indirectly allow other iOS Devices to use Siri through Jailbreak (unofficially) as we are enjoying other tweaks and features using Jailbreak.

    One more thing to add; there is nothing illegal in Jailbreak because it is allowed by Apple in some extent to boost up their sales, although it is officially not recommended or not allowed by Apple but they are supporting it indirectly, otherwise they would loose the sale in multitude of their iOS device
    someone elses post

  • HAHA

    Larry, Curly and MO

  • Maui69ForU

    F@#$ firmware 5.0.1, Stay with 4.3.3 if you want best jailbroken iphone . Want to downgrade go to Youtube and lookup Maui69ForU

  • Jay Me

    Being greedy about not porting a main feature of their brand new phone to the old phone when a lot of people are paying a lot of money for this new phone… You’re the one who is being greedy

  • Jay Me

    I can’t really remember but I think there was something in the courts that actually made jailbreaking legal, as in running un-signed code is legal on your device. It’s the piracy side which is illegal

  • http://twitter.com/powermove257 powermove257

    lol yea its funny how all of a sudden some chinese devs come out with a siri port and now its illegal and a security risk lmao whats different from the other ports? guz is a server right and nobody is saying security risk about that but replace it with cdteam and watch out your info is now no longer safe the chinese are here lol you damn backwoods ufo seeing clowns are just mad they beat you to the punch in showing us they can make it happen lol
    great job to the cd-team

  • yazan hasan

    its awesome i have it on my itouch 4g

  • yazan hasan

    took me 30 minutes

  • Tim Yankee

    Wow, some people are stupid and need a siri-ous slap across the face. Next time i decide to speak my credit card information through text or email my social security number ill remember that. Oh my gosh there ganna tell my wife im having sex with her sister cause they can read my texts. Oh no!!! they know were i am, there ganna know i was at the bar in new haven when i was supposta be at work. Freaking moron, the world dont revolve around you. Noone cares about you and if your stupid enough to send private info through text/email too bad. The worse thats ganna happen is there ganna jerk off over that sexy as video that girl sent you. Props to the cd team, cant wait till servers are up n running

  • Shahedkarimi

    restore with itunes then re jailbreak, dont get it till another announcement

  • Tim Yankee

    The only reason i went back to ios 5 n teathering is cause this came out. Starting to get sick of downgrading/upgrading/downgrading my ios!!! Think i might have to just hold on n see what happens. Deal with this bushit teathered battery draining ios for a week n pray.

  • Tim Yankee

    Omg glad to see by your name suttins working for ya. Its the first ever gui in a cydia app that was out for testing. Aint no viruses, just bugs there working out

  • Sam Limsuwannarot

    I have tried it and it bricked my iphone 4 it is hard to restore even if you are on restoration mode

  • http://www.facebook.com/Suav257 Rico Porter

    i restore all the time at least 2 times a day testing things without issue. just have to be in dfu mode.
    plug your iphone in and hold power and home botton until your iphone shuts off then release the power button and itunes will recognize your iphone then shuft or option restore.

  • FirasHaw

    same thing happened to me, did you fix it?

  • http://twitter.com/terminal3333 David James Loro

    fucking right! agreed… ditto on the i can’t wait till the servers are back up part.

  • Jailbreaker

    I tried it…after a lot of hassle, I got it to work and is pretty stable (after camera fix) It does’t connect to the servers, so at this point its just a novelty. It was defiantly more work than it is worth. But it DOES work, so after all the BS it can be done, blah blah blah.

  • monger

    WTF are you talking about. I used to have Siri when it was an app on my iPhone 4. Then apple bought it and shut it down. tweaked it and added it to their new phone only!!! I would pay for Siri for the 4 but no they would rather me put this phone in the fucking land fill and by a 4s. Fuck them.

  • Korean999

    No if Apple supports jailbreaking even indirectly they would not patch all the exploits they find on the 4s

  • Eeekee

    lol exactly why would chinese developer even care bout my texts or emails… lol

  • sexy sax man

    total agreement

  • Daniel Burns

    why don’t you try filedude bro, because fileape has been having a lot of issues lately, (in other words, only a few files still work/are still there), filedude has been good to me the whole time.

  • wayne

    i tried it, it bricked my iPhone for 2 whole days and stayed there like that until i decided to do recovery fix on redsn0w.

  • cojax99

    DO NO INSTALL! what is the point? it does nothing…if you wanna pretend like you have siri…download hands free controller from cydia and install siri0us
    Hands free will activate when you say Siri..with the voicecontrol.app and siri0us will do dictation.
    Saves the time and hassle of having a GUI


    siri0us doesnt work either

  • JOSH

    Very fun. DOESNT connect but it is the best thing out so far . IT IS A PAIN TO UNINSTALL BUT SO WAS HALF THE OTHER CRAP I DID OVER THE YEARS. I really feel bad for APPLE Its STEALING. WELL so was making me have to buy a 4S just so you can make more money. I have had you stuff for years. THANKS! If they fix the servers I WILL USE IT. What I dont understand this jailbreaking and siri hacks will only make more people buy IPHONES 4, 4S whatever they still make money. WIN WIN APPLE. I want a tablet and their are cheap ones but IM waiting to GET AN IPAD JUST so I can Jailbreak it. WIN WIN APPLE. They should shut up and enjoy the sales. People say “hey just pay the extra and get the 4S”. I say well the iphone is great out of the box WHY JAILBREAK IT?. If I can wait and it works on the Iphone 4 I will. WIN WIN ME.

  • Genius

    you must have fucked ur shit the wrong way cause siri0us works perfectly

  • Jjman

    Gotta say, there has to be a WHOLE bunch of people that have no clue what they are doing and don’t deserve an i product. Just because you have it doesn’t mean you know how to jailbreak it or install cydia apps. I have been doing this for years and if you know what you are doing, installs and removals are easy. Instead you get on here and BITCH, BITCH, BITCH about the hackers and Apple and the hacks they come up with. Get a clue and an education on how it’s done! End rant.
    Now, installed the H1Siri and it worked great for 5 minutes just like everyone else. It’s a nice GUI but because of legality issues, I just went back to cydia, removed and rebooted. Works great and camera works again. Go get Voice Actions from Installous, works great and see has an attitude also…LOL!!

  • http://twitter.com/powermove257 powermove257

    lol yes h1siri is now only for pretend use. Its sad the when devs do some things its shut down because of so many imposters infiltrating our conversations. the only people that have a problem with any of this are secret apple employees or wanna be internet police. look losers i who have been a iphone user since 2g wants siri on my iphone 4 i have no need to upgrade just for a software program so yes i 100% support all devs and their hacks and tweaks its one of the reasons i remain a iphone loyalist. cd team wasnt accessing anything that apple wasnt so stop the complaining and supposedly technical smart talk most of you have no idea what you are talking about and to think that the cd team did all their work on the program just to trick you into stealing your info your retarded. you little nobody even after you post in a forum cd team dont know or even care who you are or where or what you do.
    heres your sign= china cannot access your phone info we have more digits then them so spam not at all.
    heres your sign= who are you anyway that makes you think your important enough for someone to want your info.lol
    heres your sign= Apple accesses our info everyday even when your phone is off or not
    heres your sign= when you restore your iphone it ask if you want to send your info to apple server or not and most of us click no but do you actually know if the no button is even active other then exiting the operation and telling you your iphone is now ready start sending lol i mean using. lmao


    well if you didn’t install it before you can’t install it. its removed from Cydia and Nuance is stopping the server use.

  • Huskyhero133

    You calling someone else an idiot who doesn’t look stuff up before posting is pretty ironic since Geohot was in court ONLY for rooting his game console (PS3). He NEVER took anyone’s credit card numbers and Sony never once even accused him of breaking into their servers or stealing CC #’s.

    Don’t be so quick to call other people “fucking idiots”.

  • Anonymous

    Im with you on that. Time for this wanna be apple affiliate to change the title to “im a moron and most of the people on here gatta stop drinking there mommys milk cause there just a bunch of morons.” The cd team IS able to install those files through an app so you can stop sucking on your moms tit for a second and click a button instead of the drawn out process we had to do to get the gui. They ARE able to crack the apple server and GIVE US A GATEWAY to get siri up and running. Now everyone whos complaining can go back to googleing how get rid of a 12 year milk mustashe and attemp to grow some pubes until the official release. If youd rather wait for a legal release since youve got a problem with it than have fun with that. I guess im some kinda bad guy cause i love me ILLEGAL INSTALLOUS, and i love getting all my CYDIA APPS ILLEAGALY FOR FREE, and im ganna love playing with my ILLEGAL SIRI. Now that thats over im going to download some ILLEGAL

  • Anonymous

    Movies and songs. -sorry ran out of room

  • Anonymous

    Wow, if u have to figure out that u need your phone in dfu before u restart it i think u gatta stop jailbreaking. Its teathered morons. U a) install it b) reboot your phone c) hold down both power n home untill it resetts d) immediatly start putting your phone into dfu… Before the apple logo comes back on hold the power button about 1/2 seconds after it comes on begin holding down the home button, 3 seconds after it flickers release the power but continue to hold down the home while with the other hand you begin setting up redsnow or whatever you use. Extras ispw find 5.0 back teathered boot bla bla bla. Your phone aint bricked your just stupid.

  • Shit

    After I did this someone in china stole my bank account number and took all my money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronaldshiraishi Ronald Shiraishi Lopez

    siri on my ipod touch 4 not working ;[

  • Jjman

    That’s funny shit right there!!!!! LMFAO!!

  • anzonXD

    where are u? they have that bank in china? how do u know its from china not other parts of the world? racist m.f:P

  • anzonXD

    there are other repos u idiot:P

  • anzonXD

    half of them cant even read it

  • Son

    that is the same reason i have been crying for MONTHS for a prison-break for my ipad 2 4.3.5! i just wanna be able to teather, but cant until p-b is released. the man in apple shop told us there would be a prison in 2 weeks time when we bought, then i could teather my blackberry……….21 weeks later, no prison break. i have used siri on the 4s, and can cofirm it really is as shit and pointless as others have said. it never understands ur question (unless u ask if u need an umbrella today), and keeps taking me to app store for me to waste more euros i dont have. people love apple products cos they stupid and apple stuff is so easy to use a monkey wouldnt struggle. but for the techie minded, there are better brands, that allow u to do so much more with their devices. and they cost half as much.

  • son of the bitch>@pos2g

    h1siri u son of mother duck it still same like sirinight….BItch BItch

  • Yousuck

    youre a moron. he made no mention of anything racist. swallow a knife while you play in traffic you ignorant piece of shit.

  • Yousuck

    Anybody that downloaded this was a fool to begin with.

    Any smart person would know that with any “port” you should wait it out and see the results it produces. AND then decide wether or not its a good idea to download.


  • Yousuck

    Ever heard of a backup/restore? Or were you not wise enough to make a backup BEFORE you put such a security risk on your phone?

  • Yousuck

    a little off topic arent you?

  • Yousuck

    do you actually think before you speak/type? or are your words just a form of oral diarrhea?

  • Muslehshahwan

    download tinyumbrela then uncheck box try to restar agean

  • Dan

    I’m glad i havent upgraded to iOS 5.X yet otherwise i would have probably installed this. Still on 4.3.3 waiting for untethered jb. Siri looks nice but i can see why apple wouldnt put it on older devices as it would drop the point in buying the 4S. They are out to make £££’s nothing more.

  • Brett Rigby

    love how you say people have no right to own a i product and you’re there endorsing piracy via installous! get a grip you twat!

  • Endofchaos7

    I had to restore my iphone phone after installing this futile intent in porting siri

  • Callum Dean Terry

    I have a blank iPhone and I am trying every possible method

  • Sponger544

    Yet if we no body downloadedit and sat to see what happened, what would truly happen?

  • Anonymous

    It sux that filedude has such slow downloads. Even though your right in the fact that 80% of file apes files are gone, i prefer to atleast try them. (and no, id never upgrade, if i wont pay for apples apps why would i pay for those.) and to the kid having issues that the comments are going to in the first place…. Theres a point in everyones life that the people around you decides to stop wiping your ass. Figure shit out on your own. It seams that the jailbreaking community has become a bunch of ignorant kids. You guys seriously cant restart your phone, have no clue on what the apps even do, and the only opinion you have is what u read off of facebook or twitter. So here ill tell you how to fix it…. Stop for a second, close your laptop, smack yourself in the head with it, reopen it, and hopefully you knocked a little bit of common sence into yourself.

  • NEWBIE5.01

    If i were to have access to a friends 4s can i somehow use that key in h1siri or a different port??

  • Bobthemith

    breaks ur phone dont do it!!!

  • meolaaaa

    my phone wont turn on ? helppppppppppp

  • Thaibox92

    fuck u

  • Kailashpavan

    donwload the redsn0w_win_0.9.10b2 then reboot your iphone

  • Zhouguanlin

    Guys installing any siri port has its risks, so stop talking shit and get on with your life, if you have one. If you don’t, I have nothing to say.

  • Zhouguanlin

    My iphone failed to turn on after this and I had to do a restore.

  • Jo Soares

    this broke my iphone! now i need to restore.

    fucking SOB!

  • Lgsogsisush

    They are NOT responsible for anything that happens to your iDevice, your the bitch….

  • IOS5 01_untethered_user

    Jeez if your on ios 5.0 redsnow its tethered, just go to redsnow, click extras-just boot.

    Are you people dumb ?

  • IOS5 01_untethered_user


    Its stated that you are doing this at ur own risk !

  • Philip Archer

    jailbreak again with redsn0w and it should be fine. however, siri didn’t work for me and I’ve removed it as your data could be stolen from your phone!!

  • Philip Archer

    If this siri hack “breaks/bricks” your phone (yes I know there is no such thing as a true “brick”) – simply jailbreak again with redsn0w and it should be fine. However, siri didn’t work for me and I’ve removed it as your data could be stolen from your phone!!

  • punk_A_b1zzo


    Somebody has to remind you that you read “at your own risk” AFTER you have the nutz to come here and talk smack to a hand that might be feeding you … Ig’nant Douche-Bags!

  • Tmo

    obviously not all are smart

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