Hacker Discovers More Uses Of Siri (VIDEO)

by Adeel Qayum on December 4, 2011

Many of you would be familiar with SiriProxy by now. The server hack allows technical and knowledgeable users to make the digital assistant do things which it wasn’t programmed to do originally by creating custom Siri commands.

We have already seen many hackers engaging the Proxy to several uses. One of them is Mark Hodder who is a freelance webmaster; he used Siri to run household appliances like Fireplace, Christmas Lights etc.

To convert these appliances into web-enabled clients, he made use of an ioBridge and several X10 modules which he controlled though SiriProxy installed on his MacBook. He recently posted about his home automation project on his blog which really looks impressive and useful.

Though this SiriProxy is limited to some users who are familiar with Ruby and other programming languages, it is still impressive how developers are coming up with so many of its uses and it is expected that soon it will be available for public use through these developers or Apple itself.

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  • Kurayami Sousuke

    Im pretty sure that Siri-enabled apps will be out soon!

  • Matt

    I call fake. You can hear someone turning the stuff off. and its really slow to turn everything off. Prove it wasnt fake mr “Hacker”

  • Zen

    soooo fake lol

  • Joji91

    Lol fake really? You guys are so ignorant this is called SiriProxy I am currently trying to get my car to start with Siri, already can turn on and off lighting at home. Please do some research before posting wrong allegations

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1525463253 Thrillzz Pleaser

    thi sis sooo fake, u can hear the light switch in da background

  • Aruizmart

    I’m working on Siri proxi, how you do lights

  • PuhLeez Thrilllzzz

    Wow, anyone in home automation knows that switches are relays and they all make a lud click when operating. Siri has so much potential, I cant wait to see where invested devlopment can take this concept…

  • Help

    Go Google X10!!! simples..

  • Help

    Go Google X10!!! simples..

  • Help

    Go Google X10!!! simples..

  • Sem

    Siri needs to be renamed!!!
    New name: GlaDOS

  • Mrpickle89

    for the noise thats is x10 module relays sound very simple! like he said search before you put down someone :)

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