Here’s How To Get Siri Working On Non-iPhone 4S Devices Without Proxy Server

by Dillon Shand on February 16, 2012

Siri has always been one of those things that has sprung up in the jailbreak community. If you don’t have it but want it, there are many ways to go about achieving this. You can either buy a server and let the sellers do all the work to keep the servers fast and reliable. Or, you can do it yourself. And that’s exactly what we are going to show you today.

If you have a friend or a family member with an iPhone 4S that is jailbroken, you can get Siri on your non-iPhone 4S device. All you need to do is follow this tutorial/video and you will have Siri on your device.

  1. Make sure you install the tweak AssistantConnect4S on the iPhone 4S and as for the non-4S device, install AssistantConnect.
  2. Open AssistantConnect4S on the 4S device, then use Siri (you can say anything) then close Siri and choose the “Email Siri Data” option and email it to yourself or to your friend with the non-4S.
  3. Open the email on the non-4S device and tap on the attachment. Open it in AssistantConnect.
  4. If you’re on the non-4S end of this tutorial, you’ll need to disable a few things with Spire. Get SBSettings and tap on “more”. Then navigate to “Mobile Substrate Addons” and disable “SpireHooks” and “SpireInjector”. Go to the homescreen and the device should respring.
  5. And you should now have connectivity! Enjoy!

If you are having issues, feel free to watch this video!

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  • sylvan feghali

    does sending the keys required all the time or just one time and thats it?

  • melissa simons

    can u mail “Email Siri Data” ? I dont no anyone with iphone 4s

  • Anonymous

    every 24 hours!

  • Jaimes

    Siri still not being able to connect??? It is saying can’t take my request right now???

  • Hoeun

    Yes please sent me and “Email Siri Data”. Thanks in advance

  • DaddyVeNoM

    No go… :(

  • Kamini Online

    So we obviously need a jail broken 4s ? Also do we need the email data to be sent to non-4s device only once ? Or is it going to be a regular thing ?

  • HehAr

    Please email Siri data

  • roshambo

    Is anyone else having an issue where this breaks the mail app, safari, and facebook? It just locks up when I try to open each of them.

  • DrCoone

    I was able to get it working with one iphone 4, but another iphone 4 kept saying that it cant connect. Anybody got it working on more than one phone?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t the authentication keys reset every 24 hrs?

  • Rin

    Please email Siri data to my email-
    Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

    LOL guys, we aren’t going to send our authentication data so it gets banned. We love you but, why would we do that? Haha find friends with iPhone 4S’s. It’s the #1 phone I can bet you can find someone. Or just buy from my servers. Best way to go.

  • Oz87

    i had the same issue so i deleted spire and reinstalled after a day and everything went fine.

  • Khckshdbckshdb

    What happen to siri in iPhone 4S if I send the key to an iPhone 4??? Does Siri would be working in both devices???

  • Hshaheh

    Is there anyone try it and succeeded?

  • DrCoone

    I succeeded on one iphone 4 but it wouldn’t work on a second iphone 4.

  • DrCoone

    Siri will work on both devices but they cannot be used at the same time. If you try to use it the same time, one device will say it cannot connect.

  • Khckshcbdchdgs

    Perfect! Thank you so much!

  • DrCoone

    Yes, that’s why you must follow steps 2 and 3 every day.

  • Anonymous

    You need a jailbroken 4S in order to download AssistantConnect4S, you must email the data and open it on the non-4S device every 24hrs as the keys reset.

  • Gdfhv

    is it right that siri cant work if i use it at same time with the 4 s????

  • Anonymous

    That is true. Two devices cannot use Siri at the same time. If you try to do this, one device will tell you that it cannot take request or it cannot connect.

  • Luis_king54

    Dr coone :
    Did you have your iPhone 4 on Siri

  • Luis_king54

    Dr coone :
    Did you have your iPhone 4 on Siri

  • Anonymous

    Yes, after I followed the above instuctions. Siri was working perfectly on the iPhone 4.

  • Luis_angel54

    Dr. Coone:
    I have a iPhone 4 with tmobile using gevey sim
    On 5.0.1 with preserved baseband. I want to get Siri
    And my girlfriend has AT&T a iPhone 4s..

    Can I still get Siri to work?

  • Anonymous

    Having different cell providers (or unlocked phone) doesn’t mean you can’t get Siri to work as Siri is being connected to Apple Servers. From what you said, yes Siri should work for your iPhone 4. It won’t hurt to try installing Spire aswell as the other needed tweaks since you can uninstall everything.

  • Luis_king54

    so what should i install on my iphone 4? and what should i install on the iphone 4s… is there way u could do a video or is there any way we could talk by emails

  • Anonymous

    My comment was flagged due to edits I was making to my post. Contact me at
    ASAP so I could remove this post.

  • Luis_king54

    i send you a email, can u reply back thank you

  • Sascha Rauch

    Siri can’t connect on my iPhone 4 , i follow the installing Manual correctly, do i have to Set a proxy on spire settings ? Like ?

  • Anonymous

    No proxy is needed.

    I can only say this to help.

    Did you install the right tweaks, AssistantConnection (iPhone 4) and AssistantConnection4S (iPhone 4S)?

    Did you DISABLE “SpireHook” and “SpireInjector” from Mobile Substrate Addons?

    If you replied yes to everything. Try redoing “Step 2″ ask Siri a different question and wait until you get a reply.

    If all fails, I’d like to know if you have a CDMA iPhone 4.
    Did you correctly install the AssistantConnection (iPhone) and the AssistantConnection4S (iPhone 4S) on the right devices?

    Did you disable “SpireHook” and “SpireInjector” from Mobile Substrate Addons?

  • LEGIT10122929229

    Proxy host for spire?

  • Kurtis

    Is it possible to get assistantdonnect on the ipad 2 :/, ive got the ihacks repo verision of spire for ipad 2 so when i go to install but says i need spire installed, but do… Just another version

  • Sascha Rauch

    I’ve installed the correct two versions of assistantconnect . I also have disabled the two Addons. I have an iPhone 4 GSM. I’ve tried step 2 – 5 Times . Spire reinstall or what should i do ?

  • Antidestro

    Got mine to work this morning. Only downside I have to be on wifi to use Siri… Some advice: make sure on assistant connect 4, after you give the token, it will give u an expiration date. It didn’t last night and wouldn’t work so I played with Siri on the 4s, re-sent token and it gave me an expiration date this morning…

    Now if anyOne knows how to get it working off wifi that would be awesome!

  • Antidestro

    Fixed it, the tokens seem to be sent with data about whether the 4s is on wifi or 3G. If you want it to work without wifi you have to make sure the 4s is on 3G when you go to send the token! The damn thing works!

  • Tomwalvis

    if anyone needs help…
    i can help you out…
    just email me:


  • jah rah

    Hi, I know my way around a iphone pretty good, I did everything properly, did it twice as a matter of fact (uninstall and reinstall everything)
    I was able to open the email i got from the 4s once and it was accepted, I also have a expiration time and date. now im trying to open the email again from the 4s in my iphone 4 email and now when I try to open it says “mail cannot open this attachment”
    and siri only says “im really sorry about this but I cant take any questions now…”
    I deleted the sirihooks and all that bla bla bla in sbsettings

    what am I doing wrong?

  • Musa Joel

    hello please can you send me your siri data so i can use on my iPhone 4? i don’t have an iPhone 4S

  • Musa

    please can anyone email ‘Siri data’ to me?,

  • Malik

    can anybody send me the siri data ,

  • Cedsiri

    Please can anybody send me the siri data :

  • Sai Guduri

    Is there a source for it?
    I can’t seem to find it on search on Cydia.

  • !xmen!

    Working perfectly on my 3gs and 4 !!!

    I have even restored my 4s with itunes and SIRI is still working on my 3gs and 4 LOL, this is funny. I mean either we were trying and no siri at all and now even the 4s keys are refreshed after restore but siri is still working on my 3gs and 4.

  • Senthe

    hi any anybody send me the siri data

  • Jew

    Can someone send the Siri data to

  • Anonymous

    Antidestro is correct! I have CONFIRMED this.

    Siri 3G: The only way to get Siri to work on 3G is that you need 3G on the 4S.

    *If you complete the steps using Wifi then Siri can ONLY WORK on Wifi!

    If anybody can find a fix for this it would be much appriciated!

  • Daboiskittz17

    siri loads but it says sorry cant get to you right now try in a little while?? any suggestions

  • Daboiskittz17

    mine does the samething on my wifes phone it wont let me do nothing?? so someone has my keys to siri!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF…. i never even gave anyone my keys! how do i get unblacklisted PLEASE HELP!

  • Eli Elias

    can someone please send to

  • Arpsenior

    Please Email Siri Data to

  • thez

    can i please get the email plz

  • thez

    did u get the email

  • JamezLOL

    Can somebody send one to ??

  • Jacob

    can someone please email one to, I really want Siri

  • Andrew

    Any other tips?

    I attempted to redo the entire process, on both 4s and 4, on 3G and still no love. When I was done, 3G would not work but wifi still did. I desperately want 3G for the car.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Andrew, this was a problem for me but Antidestro found the solution which I confirmed myself.

    Firstly, try exiting the AssistantConnect4S completely in the multitasking menu.

    On the iPhone 4S disable wifi and make sure it’s on 3G. Open AssistantConnect4S then use Siri, ask it a question, once done exit Siri and email the data and open it on the non-4S device.

    I know you re-did do it on 3G but make sure Wifi is disabled.

  • Andrew

    Was there any delay? Or did it work immediately?

    I just did it again with no luck. Sbsettings/WIFI OFF/assistantconnect4s/Siri/send/install on 4/ nothing…

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t see any delay for me. I opened the attachment and it worked right after.

    I’m not really sure why it wouldn’t work for you. I haven’t tested many things and only know this much.

    Last thing I could say is to reboot the iPhone 4 just incase.

  • Andrew

    Any chance you could share what network you’re on? I am CDMA – Verizon. Perhaps you are on AT&T, and it works gma but nit CDMA…

  • Anonymous

    I can confirm that providers don’t affect anything. I use a AT&T GSM (iPhone 4S) while a family member uses Verizon CMDA (iPhone 4).

    Sorry that I wasn’t of much help.

  • Andrew

    So, I did all recommended… To no avail. :(

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if there is a place to get support for this. I’ll take a look around for someone to help.

  • Anonymous

    If you go to Cydia > Packages > AssistantConnect, Tap on Author and choose the first Author which you can send support on the functionality of the package to the developer. I hope this helps.

  • Andrew

    Yeah, I have been looking for official support all night… Only to stumble upon this thread here. The app itself shows a “developers page” link under the install info on Cydia, but following it simply says “Page Coming.” As far as I can see there is no support in the immediate future. I am trying a reinstall (erasing the old junk off of the phone) I hope I report back with Success. Thanks for the help.

  • Anonymous

    There is a support, you must tap on the “Author” on the App in Cydia and it will direct you to support. Tap the first author and it redirects you to your email.

  • Tara

    Hey guys
    Can some one please
    Email me Siri
    Thank you

    Tara xxx

  • David_2m

    Try this:

    1) open ifile

    2) navigate to : var/mobile/library/preferences

    And delete the file:

    This should work(worked for me) .

  • Haroonchughtai
  • Jaredodd69

    Pleasde send one to

  • Cyber-cliff

    Please also send me Siri Email Data (

  • Shawn2374

    I would GREATLY appreciate it if someone please send me one. thx.

  • Tp191976

    go into ifile and delete your
    Then try it again

  • Rayhan

    pleaseeee…. send me at
    thank you so much…

  • Cmadriles

    Followed instructions to the T and it works!!! Haha woohoo! Used the same keys for my sisters phone and brothers phone and we are in business! Used to wifi when I did it and no problems on 3G. Just noticed a lag when all three of us use it at the same time. Thanks so much for this post!

  • Eli Elias

    can someone please send to Thanks a lot!!

  • Cmadriles

    Yes I got it to work on a total of 1 4s and 3 iPhone 4′s so the keys were used between 4 phones. The 4s is not used, so technically 3 phones.

  • Cedsiri

    please could you send the email date to ??? Thanks

  • Jass0013

    Can someone email me siri data from their 4s the data please….

  • Andrew

    Can anyone confirm this working on 3G when being set up using two Verizon phones?

    I have done everything in the list and the comments to get 3G running on my iPhone 4… but it is all to no avail.

  • Bboyoutlaw

    Plz send me at


  • Mark Combs

    Can Someone email me their Iphone 4s data?

  • Bob


  • Bob


  • Bob


  • Bob


  • Ardianlokaj

    Hi everyone can someone email me spire data because i have instaled assistant conect on my iphon 4. My email is

  • Paruir999

    please somebody send I can pay you 5$

  • Lsmith99999

    Can someone email me siri data from their 4s the data please….

  • redpepper222222

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  • Bob

    No… And the admin line is fake (;

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  • Tara

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  • twihardnigaa

    nahh i got feedback already its real. i sent him my data and he told me how to get siri for my ipod.

  • Bob

    No it’s not real…

    I can tell you how to get Siri on anything as well. Easy information. Did you share any personal info?

  • Abdi

    It did the same to me on my iPhone 4S so i just deleted the profile i created and reverted my DNS to its original settings and that fixed Siri.

  • Cagey Khush

    It worked fine for me for a day but now when I try using it… keeps on saying try again later…. Can any1 help plzzzz…..

  • Gashsmashser1

    how many people could be logged on to a 4s ? just one or 2

  • Clibby

    The assistantconnect4s on the 4s, how often does the siri data have to be e-mailed to the 4 device?

  • Bob

    If you read the article, or anywhere else, you may discover that it has to be redone every 24 hours

  • Bob

    If you read the article, or anywhere else, it is recommended that you do no more than 5.

  • Bob

    If you read the article, or anywhere else, you may discover that it has to be redone every 24 hours

  • Chokavich
  • Walter White

    send me titty and i might send you one. send me both titties and i’ll send you two.

  • WatchcorpUK

    Hi Guys, Very grateful if anyone could send their 4s info to me please! You would be the best ever and I wouldn’t forget it!! Thanks either way! Muchos Love!

  • Scar-94

    It should work by default over wifi/3g

  • Aaa

    Now when he adds a feature which will send that attached file every 24 hours automatically, or to advance do everything without even need to do the whole proccess ourselves, then I’ll try this one… but every 24 hours? really?

  • Abc

    yes , support , like to see , the maker can add on the feature auto resned the siri file from 4s to siri user ( non 4s )

  • mustafa

    if anyone want give me siri proxy then send data on this email

  • Badr El Battahi

    email me please

  • Sandip Patel

    can someone feel to help me and send me siri data at

    thanks in advance..

  • Elbuytre

    hi, I’m having the same problem i think what we need to do is open assistant on the 4s and open siri ask a question then close siri ,,so that the assistant get the info from the 4s ,,i think that is the problem that we have ,,,,or the steps that we didn’t do…see if thats the problem so i can fix mine,,,,,thanks

  • Yakuza Yagami




  • Sniper_leaderz

    is it working on ipad 2? it didn’t work on my ipad 2

  • Georgeo26

    Please sendme a keys to i don’t have a friend with iphone 4s
    More thanks

  • Joebert_4756

    Can anyone send me data? Thanks!!! :)

  • Dil4u70

    I will be thankful if some one with Iphone 4S can send siri data to my email
    thank you in advance

  • Christina

    Can someone please send me a link for Siri? I would really appreciate it!!…… Thanks!!

  • Joe Corson

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  • Martin

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