i4Siri: Legal Siri Port On iPhone 4 In Works (VIDEO)

by Ahmed Omar on December 25, 2011

Couple of days back, we’ve informed you that MuscleNerd posted that the new iOS 5.1 version seeded by Apple to the iPhone 4S makes Siri port to the iPhone 4 legal. Today, we’ve got some great news (via JailbreakNation) for you; some developers are currently working on a new method known as “i4Siri” to bring Siri port on iPhone 4 in a legal way.

The project i4siri is going to bring Siri to older devices running iOS 5 through some Cydia tweaks and utilities. These devices include iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. Other devices will be supported later. Theoretically, it can be used on iPhone 3GS but no confirmations yet.

@MrAjsTech with @leftyfl1p could be able to legally port Siri on iPhone 4 and they showed off a video teaser before the release:

They currently need donations to create proxy servers so that they can do the port.

Last status from the developers:

Last night I spent quite come time working on a script that will auto generate the necessary Siri certificates. This will allow for easy 4S key grabbing. This script should be released soon. The next step is to release a tool that will help users install a GUI and then we will release our auth keys cydia tweak.

Looking forward to see this real. Stay tuned!

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  • Cojax99

    GoOd jobs devs I’ll donate to that vid

  • Mo

    Oooo no not another proxy. Hahahahaa isn’t that what the Chinese did and all the American devs said a proxy sent all your info through it. Hahaha make up your minds. Don’t go through china proxys but go through Americas. HahahHahhaaaa. Seems when the media and certain close nit communities want to shun something they go to drastic means to do it. PROXY servers are some of the most unsecure servers on the planet in any country.

  • Brian

    Got enough Google+ buttons on your articles?

  • Jed

    Is the iphone 4 should be greater than 16gig? To use siri??

  • http://twitter.com/MrAjsTech Andrew Sheridan

    Glad to have your support

  • barred iphone salesman ohio

    never use it if there is a proxy involved

  • Shay

    not necessarily, but it’s recommended because Siri takes up a lot of memory . I download H1Siri a long time ago, and it took up an entire gig on my iPhone 4 . but you shouldn’t really have to

  • User123

    I don’t care if it is legal or not. Just get me Siri.

  • Randolf

    What do I need to download from Cydia to get siri on my iPhone, same as for the dictionary!!!

  • Doubthou

    Apple didnt seeded 5.1 with an open data source, they seeded another version of iOS 5.0.1

  • Astroboyy23@aol.com

    When is the unthethred jailbreak comming put for iPhone 4?

  • iKushal

    What about iPad 2?

  • Chicco929

    this will never work. apple would fine a way to make sure only 4s users only are able to use siri.

  • Popopo

    listen, the thing is they practically can’t. u get genuine 4s codes from the proxy they use, then send it to apple! they cannot tell the difference between a “hacked” siri on i4 to an original siri on a 4s.

  • cjkoehn

    can’t jailbreak it on ios 5 yet dude.

  • Penis


  • Anonymous

    Ok now this is getting stupid. H1siri did all this no worries. They ported us through there servers then through apples but everyone cried because they can read, like they care, your texts, like your important to them. Now this siri is skipping the apple servers and creating there own. But before they do this they want money. And before they create the cydia app so you can download the nessesary files to your iphone they want money. People are so stupid i swear to god. Fuck you i4siri i dont want shit you greedy fucks. Lets get back to the cd team who actualy fig shit out on there own without forcing handouts.

  • Anonymous

    What are u smokin. A long time ago. More like less than a month ago, n a gig, it was only 100mbs. Im ganna take a shot in the dark and just say either your still in 6th grade or your just sofa king we todd edd that the last grade you were in was 6th

  • Anonymous

    Yea ill donate a middle finger and a big fuck you

  • Anonymous

    This is getting stupid. Were about to get an amerian made knock off.

  • Macjap3

    It’s sofa king we tall did!

  • You Suck

    Please tell us how you really feel. Like any of us to include the writer and i4siri team. and while you are professing your undying love please go back to grammar school. you ignorant uneducated piece of shit. Please do us all a favor.. Swallow a knife as you play in traffic.

  • Angeleana947

    I downloaded it just NOW i bricked my iphone 3GS before and managed to unbrick it. But Im in related in this trouble because i dont normally install things.. maybe i shouldnt be touching cydia at all but its only due to the tethered 5.0 but right now i cannot do anything to my phone. I cannot restore, i cannot place it with restore. I jailbreaked my phone using Redsn0w with b8 it doesnt work it keeps showing the apple logo, like it would go black for a second and then repop out before it reaches the last part of JB, any idea i could probably get a hand on. Right now im just waiting to see if it will just go off ..like crash hopefully in my case so that i am able to take out that new siri “Spire” out of my phone. Its just stuck on the apple, no circle at all.

  • Apocaliptica61

    you need to use ifaith (from ihi8sn0w), make your device Powned and then restore via ITunes

  • http://www.itsmyphone.co Anar

    is this any good without the 4s keys? before the iPhone 4s jailbroken?

  • Shipbrandon

    they made one for rednsow google 9.10b1 i used on my iphone 4

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    Thanks for sharing this post, I now have better understanding why iphone jailbreaking is so important.

  • Abi

    Are you using a Mac or PC? I had the same problem for a week but managed to sort it out

  • Anonymous

    Ok, your telling me to go back to school yet making no sence of your fucking own. Like any of us to include the writer. Wtf are u talking about. Dude getta job. What happened i hurt your feelings somewere and you feel the need to a) disquise your identity as a guest n b) attempt talking shit by repeating phrases that everyone threw at you your entire mediocure life. Wow, my spelling aint that good either, so why dont you copy, google, n correct my errors. Bitch!!!

  • http://profiles.google.com/pilotavery A J

    This is to funny. They spend hours apon hurs for ungrateful little shits like you to use their work. If you think they are greedy, go crack it yourself! Provided you can work with Unix like OS’es and you know the API. You know they cant connect directly to apple servers. They used a proxy because they HAD to. Apple needs to verify a key, so they BOUGHT a 4s just for us, then apple banned the key. Thats why it doesnt work. They cant afford more of them. They now wan to charge us, because one iPhone 4s is needed to get a key which only 5 people can use or apple disables the key. Thats why they want to charge. Go buy a 4s and extract the key, or pay a small price to have someone else buy one and share it among other people…

    You really think they would buy one iPhone 4s for every 5 users out there? The reason why apple closed the proxy by banning the key is cause they shared it. Now they have an iPhone 4s that can NEVER be used with siri again. You obviously dont know how it works. They arent greedy. They just want to at least minimise the losses. They spend time, money, and more time helping us.

    Buy an iPhone 4s, and use their tool to extract the key, or pay, or borrow a key from a friend. If you dont want to, find a way to live without siri, or go steal an iPhone 4s.

    FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF! If you think they are greedy, do it yourself for free! Oh wait? WHats that i hear? You dont know how? Well there ya go. If u want it, you would pay.

  • http://profiles.google.com/pilotavery A J

    You dont know how it works. Your to ignorant. They NEED to run thrugh the proxy servers… its the only way to work. Or they will need to buy one iPhone 4s for EVERYONE to use the key (defeats the purpose) they bought one iPhone 4s, took the key, set it on the proxy server, and let everyone go through it. That is so that they dont need to buy millions of iPhones.

  • Anonymous

    Ok dude you sould like a moron. 1st it had nothing to do with a 4s, it was for there server. Keep up to date cause there not even creating a proxy for apples servers, there too stupid for that, there actualy trying to link it through google talk. Honestly your not even getting siri for the money you drop. I respect all the dev teams except the morons who created i4siri, they’re just a bunch of novices who riped off the cd teams software, and cant even figure out how they connected it. As for me i already created my own proxy through My boys 4s ca n used spire. Stantheripper-dot-com/siri/. Ive been in the jailbreak world since, figuring by your knowledge of all this… well lets just say alot longer. So keep your coments to yourself and you shoulda kept in hiding, cause you just sound stupid. Grow up dude, and stop talking from your butt like you know everything

  • Anonymous

    You prob just got semi and its not compatible. Go to cydia do a compleat upgrade when asked. If u dont wanna do an unteathered (its better n less buggy Redsn0w 0.9.10b1) than update cydia n download corona 5.0.1 unteather than deleat the semi teather n reboot. If your knowledgeable with computers download spire and create a proxy from a friends or siblings 4s. If not than your ganna have to keep googleing proxys and every hour or so there down. DONT PAY FOR ONE THERE A SCAM. Good luck

  • Anonymous

    Thank u for shutting up

  • Alex 8888

    I have it now! But its uneble to connect to a network. What to do??

  • Shay

    uhmm im talking as experience based on my phone . so unless my phone was in your hand for you to witness it yourself, stfu . thanks

  • Ll

    this is my iPhone UUID : 9c1cb340f112d7d1e8a360f955f0666eeb2b6f33

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Losh-Loshan/100000432789997 Losh Loshan

    JAILBREAK your iPhone with the latest unthread jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1

  • pissed

    im tired of people showing me that they have siri… i want people to show me how to freaking install it

  • mamaj

    worked great for me .. at first it didnt work then i hard reseted my iphone 4 .. thanks .

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