iOS 5 Boosts iPhone 4 Speed While iPhone 4S Is 73% Faster

by Ahmed Omar on October 11, 2011

Yesterday we showed you the first hands on iPhone 4S that showed a great speed difference and the most-popular voice feature known as Siri. Today, we’ve some good news for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S who’re going to upgrade to iOS 5.

Over at AnandTech, after several testings, it was found that the iPhone 4S A5 GPU clocked at 800MHz while the dual-core processor gives it a 73 percent performance boost than the iPhone 4.

However, the Geekbench results below tell us that iPad 2 is clocked around “25 percent higher than the iPhone 4S”.

Moreover, iPhone 4 users are not left behind. iOS 5 actually boosts the existing iPhone speeds:

In a recent benchmark scoring of popular smartphone models including Apple’s iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.1, it got a score of 31,375 amung some other smartphones that have beat Apple’s iPhone 4 in BrowserMark score as the super fast Motorola Atrix 4G, LG Optimus 2X and Samsung Galaxy S II all ranking in the ballpark of 50 to 53,000.

That was for a while ago. Now with iOS 5, the iPhone 4 achieves a score of 51,302. That makes the iPhone 4 (with A4 processor) the second one in list after the dual-core and super fast Motorola Atrix 4G.

You can test the speed of iPhone 4 on iOS 5 directly from your iPhone by navigating to

(Via AppleInsider)

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  • Falconchan98

    damn lag how to check?

  • IBip Rulz

    Hey dont get me Wrong Ps vita iz much powerful then any Ipod Iphone or Ipad 1 or 2

  • FlyingKanga

    IBip. PS Vita isn’t out yet and they would mainly focus on just the games like they’re supposed to. The music interface was horrible on PSP.

  • Jet

    my iPhone 4 iOS5 GM scored 54,521.

  • Poop

    bet my jailbroken i4 is faster

  • Cooly

    read the document first dude … not comments :)

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