iOS 5 Can Be Unlocked Using Gevey SIM, Here’s How!

by Ahmed Omar on October 14, 2011

Do you have your iPhone 4 unlocked using Gevey SIM and want to upgrade to iOS 5? If so, you can unlock iPhone 4 running iOS 5 using Gevey SIM but you’ll need to follow few steps before doing that. In order to unlock iOS 5 with Gevey SIM, you’ll need to preserve your unlockable iPhone 4 baseband.

Unlock iPhone 4 iOS 5 Gevey SIM

You’ll need the new Redsn0w’s “Custom IPSW” option which is included on Mac OS X only. Windows version of Redsn0w 0.9.9b5 coming soon along with new Ultrasn0w later today to unlock iOS 5 (only for current unlocked devices, no new unlock).

You’ll need to download iOS 5 from here, iTunes 10.5 from here and Redsn0w 0.9.9b5 from here. Now you’re ready, below is the guide to preserve iPhone 4 baseband.

STEP 1: Connect your iPhone 4 into you computer then open Redsn0w 0.9.9b5.

STEP 2: Now select Extras then “Custom IPSW” option so that you can create your pre-jailbroken custom firmware.

STEP 3: Redsn0w will start cooking your custom IPSW and you’ll get it in few minutes.

STEP 4: Once you get your firmware, select ‘Pwned DFU’ from RedSn0w.

STEP 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to get your iPhone in DFU mode.

STEP 6: Once it’s in DFU mode, close Redsn0w then open iTunes 10.5 downloaded above and you should get your iPhone in Recovery Mode message.

STEP 7: Now hold the Option key on Mac and hit Restore. Point iTunes to your iPhone 4 Custom iOS 5 IPSW which begins with NO_BB. (WARNING: Don’t select the stock one or you’ll lose your unlock)

Finally, you will need to use Gevey SIM with the way you knew. In case you’re not aware, here’s a video showing how to use Gevey SIM on iPhone 4:

As a side note, we recommend you stay tuned for some big news later today since Ultrasn0w for iOS 5 coming and Redsn0w 0.9.9b5 for Windows will be out too soon.

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  • Sebastien

    you’re welcome

  • Rondellwilliams

    this method is not working on ios 5

  • Fitochalita

    Hey!!!! you know why i cant find my firmware download from itunes??? On library is not there!!!!! please help!! =)

  • Tommyisfuego1


  • hidden

    is this working for sure ?

  • JOzef

    It worked for me, thank you

  • huy

    will we lose GPS after installing this IPSW?

  • Pan_alba

    Sir can you help me update my girlfriend’s phone.
    - iPhone 4 (AT&T locked)
    - Lives in the Philippines (AT&T Sim card issues)

    My questions are:

    1. Can I use the baseband preservation without jailbreaking? Tethered jailbreak + tethered unlock would be awful.
    2. I read something about needing the original AT&T Sim Card. While doing these steps, do I need this sim to work? I’m scared that it might not work for activation because we are in the philippines.
    3. Which software could I use for saving my SHSH blobs? For my own iPhone 4 which is factory unlocked, I used iFaith and it worked perfectly fine downgrading from iOS 5 betas to iOS 4.3.3.
    4. Lastly, is snowbreeze for iOS 5 Final out yet? We are on windows so we cannot use redsnow.

    I am concerned about her because she’d freak out when her iPhone would be stucked in a locked iOS 5 if everything fails. lol So i want to be 100% sure that this would work and have the assurance that I can get back to iOS 4.3.3 when it fails. Thanks in advance!

  • Steven

    It’s not working ! iOS 5 need to set up first, so you CANNOT say Yes, call 112, turn ON Plane mode when you put the gevey in !
    Now, I can’t use my iPhone. I tried to downgrade my iOS, and iTunes doesn’t want !
    So… What should I do right now ?!

  • Pa

    If I have iOS 5 allready now. By baseband is 04.11.08. This method will works for me or not? Please help!!

  • JT

    i have the same problem…
    “If I have iOS 5 allready now. By baseband is 04.11.08. This method will works for me or not? Please help!!”



  • Fadishaya

    Man u can activate it easly just get anysim cars if ur at&t lock get a sim at&t and activate and then remove it i did it and working perfectly

  • Fadishaya

    Man its so easy see download the ispw ios 5 and snowbrease latest version google search and click on snowbrease reserve baseband then restore the new espw cooked. Now get at&t sim card and activate with the latest version of itune. Thats it and if you want jailbreak do it with redsn0w cheers

  • Pan_alba

    Thank you for the reply dude but my concern is, will the AT&T legit sim work here in the Philippines? Or in short, can I activate an AT&T locked iPhone here in the Philippines?


    Hi, i have installed iOS5 & now it is asking to insert roger’s sim to activate unfortunately i don’t have it can any one help me in getting activated

  • JJanho

    Tried it, everything was working fine until in the middle of the restore iTunes said “This iphone cannot be restored. Unknown error occurred.”

  • Veryviral

    Seems you have unknowingly upgraded your baseband. This is irreversible at the moment.

  • Meena

    is there any way to bypass itunes registration after installation is complete? i dont have a simcard as im using a gevey sim so it wont let me??

  • Meena

    i dont have a simcard? mines from abroad so i cant get one either…what do i do??

  • Viraj Mehta

    This is a tethered jb right ?

  • Greg Louis

    When RedSn0w first came out it wasn’t very user friendly, but now it has evolved to the point to where I am now willing to donate to the cause.

  • Charles Levine

    does this work i understand how to upgrade and preserve bb but afraid gevy sim wont work can anyone confirm i am on bb 03.10.1 and if it does work are u using gevey dialing 112 or the ultra edition where u dont have to dial 112 there has been post that i read that you are getting the pop up accept msg but not getting the 1 signal bar to dial 112

  • Dylan Burrill

    I’m getting- The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build. Any ideas ???

  • eo

    yeah man for sure you can. just as long as your at&t sim isnt expired

  • Furgus911

    my phone has the second problem… message pops up and signal bar never shows up so i can’t dial 112… tried everything and still no phone working :(
    iphone 4 ios5 baseband 3.10.1

  • 3csingson

    THANKS MUCH!! just finished updating my iPhone 4. followed these steps and took note of the tips and comments. after 2 tries, gevey worked perfectly fine. love the new iOS!!! :-)

  • Signoreangelo

    I Have an AT&T Hacktivated, i can see my carrier, and all options from my carrier on Sim apps, but i only get No Service. Any tips?

  • WonderingforiPhone

    So I have my iPhone 4 here, unlocked with the updated iOS 5 version. I had someone unlock it for me with the Gevey Supreme sim card but the problem is that everytime I click “accept” to continue unlocking it, I don’t get 1 bar to dial 112. What should I do?

  • Dik

    yes the legit at&t card works for activation in the Philppiines.

  • daredevil

    how do i activate my iphone? i hv done everything that says here… and now its asking me to activate… i hv got gevey sim inside… so how do i activate with gevey sim?

  • Jukajo04

    Unfortunately I just updated my iphone 4 to IOS 5 upgrading BB to 04.11.08. My gevey is not working anymore!

    Please, let me know if I use my wife’s laptop that we didn’t upgrade the itunes yet, it will be possible downgrade the IOS and BB to use my gevey again.

  • Anonymous

    Download the 4.3.5 IPSW file as soon as possible. Shift+Restore your iPhone to that firmware through the official iTunes method.

    This will downgrade your baseband to an unlockable one. But be quick – when Apple stops signing this firmware, even with SHSH blobs, you cannot downgrade your baseband.

    If you can, DO IT RIGHT NOW. There’s no time to lose.

    Afterwards, you can follow this guide.

  • Manny

    which gevey do u have and whts ur bb?

  • Plambertobg

    Thank You gays it”s working awesome:))) iso5 with gevey sim bb.4.10.01

  • 3csingson

    just the normal gevey. bb was (and has to be) preserved at 4.10.01.

  • Meerant

    I upgraded to iOS 5 using iTunes and I have a Gevey SIM. I have tried everything to downgrade but nothing works. I am stuck with an iPhone which is nothing but a paper weight now. Please help me out guys on how to reverse this mistake. What should I do??

  • Praveenkumar134

    is it really true,i am hearing negative responses

  • Cabrital

    go to another computer that has iTunes 10.4 (NOT ITUNES 10.5!!!!) and do RESTORE Standard (JUST CLICK RESTORE WITHOUT SHIFT) and make sure that file “HOSTS” In target C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSETC IS CLEAN FROM LINES LIKE GS.APPLE.COM

  • Daram

    Thank you for your reply. I tried connecting my iPhone 4 to iTunes10.4 on another machine but couldn’t able to do so, as i iTunes Giving following error message ” the iPhone cannot be used because it requires iTunes version 10.5 or later ”

    Any work around guys please let me know

  • Allan Couto

    Upgrade maintaining your baseband
    When your phone is asking for activation, ignore, and jailbreak it to skip activation
    Install SAM and SAMPREFS (google it) and activate your gevey card with it.
    Now follow the steps from this tutorial to get gevey working.
    Until your phone is not Activated, you will NOT get gevey working (At least with AT&T Locked Phone)
    I Live on Brazil, and have a AT&T phone with no official sim to activate.
    Now i have iOS 5 with gevey ok!

  • My Luxus

    Allan: could you put a step by step instruction for this process??
    any help will appreciated.

  • Kickmix

    I have an iPhone 4, thethered unlocked with the Gevey Sim, baseband 04.10.01, and want to update to iOS 5.
    I have a tethered unlock.
     My question is, can I use the baseband preservation without jailbreaking first? I used to not have to jailbreak, is this still possible? I do have an AT&T sim to get passed the activation screen. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Xochitlrubio

    How did you get it working? I have tethered jailbreak ios5 and also 4.10.01 baseband could you tell us the steps you used please?

  • Xochitlrubio

    Yes Allen please my iPhone 4 is currently on 4.10.01 ios5 with gevey sim thanks

  • Xochitlrubio

    Where did you get the gevey supreme? Yes dial 112 for 4 seconds hang up put your phone in airplane mode till you see a no sim card installed click okay take it off airplane mode wait few seconds might see a invalid sim ignore let it load then it’s unlocked what is your baseband by the way?

  • 3123213

    I didn’t pbb my gevey sim and now my phone won’t unlock ? any other ways ? can i just buy a new gevey sim and pbb that one ?

  • Milky_Way

    To whom it may concern,
    I have a big problem on my iphone 4 because I was accidentally upgrade my IOS from 4.2.1 with a baseband of 2.10.04 to IOS 5, And the baseband is upgraded also to 4.11.08. My problem is that my sun cellular sim card is not recognized to my iphone & im using gevey sim pro. Here’s my question…Is there any other way to unlock my iphone 4 with a new baseband of 4.11.08?..Please helped me…….

  • Alvin Tran

    What’s an ublockable baseband? My iPhone 4 came jailbroken and unlocked using the gevey sim that I don’t have to do the dialing and switching aiplabe mode. Mines running iOS 4.2.1 baseband 3.10.01, is it unlockable, and how can I get pass the activation screen? Help me. I want to upgrade. (on tmobile USA if it matters)

  • Jan Gelo

    Can somebody please help me? I am using gevey SIM and I updated my iphone to newest IOS 5. I tried to downgrade it, I tried everything but it wont work. I just want my iPhone back…. :(
    Can I jailbreak it somehow or anything? Please help me…

  • Alfguimaraes

    Hi there i live in the UK i have a at&t did the steps above it works like a dream if you preserve the baseband.

  • guest

    I have the same problem and additionally i think the iphone 4 CDMA file is wrong

  • Leabea

    Help please. I have a locked/jail broken iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3.3 and BB 3.10.01. I want to upgrade to iOS 5 and still be able to use my Gevey Ultra sim, and preserve the BB and wait on untethered jailbreak at a later date. My system is Mac OS. Please any ideas?

  • Leabea

    It’s not unlockable(3.10.01). That’s why it has a Gevey sim.

  • jtest111

    your best bet is to downgrade to lower firmware provided you have saved your shsh blobs. i think apple is still accepting 4.3.5 downgrade. so try downgrading and hopefully your bb is restored to 3.10.1
    FYI 4.11.08 is unlockable and gevey sim will not work on that bb

  • Raylovenj

    i updated my iphone to ios5 with preserving the bb can someone please help me

  • Raylovenj

    i updated my iphone without preserving the bb n i need to use gevey can someone please help me

  • Milky_Way

    Hey mr. jtest thanks for the reply..The problem is i haved not saved the shsh blobs on my iphone :( do you think there will be a gevey that can unlock 4.11.08 in the future?

  • Manny

    thank you !

  • Alwid

    I have Windows and maby someone knows how do it on my computer

  • Jmonkey

    i have the custom ipsw created from redsnow. i have iphone 4 unlocked by gevey sim. i do not have the original At&T sim. how do I activate my phone??

  • Param0091

    run mac os x on vmware and share the folder of redsnow and ios5 and cook custom firmware in redsnow

  • Chinahand8

    had the same problem. I used redsnow and pawned dfu, and i was able to downgrade back to broadband 4.10.01. it worked. BUT YOU NEED AT&T SIM for getting iPhone back working.

  • Prashanth

    @chinahand8 : i did the same but downgrade is not working, cud u please help me out on how to downgrade

  • young mike

    hey somebody plz help me.. i am using the gevey sim..i updated to ios5 but my phone was never jailbroken and it is saying i need a valid simcard to activate my phone….what do i do to get my iphone 4 to work again???

  • Meerant

    I appreciate your response but the solution doesnt work. I tried downgrading with iTunes 10.4.1 and 10.3.1 but no success. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong, I tried what you suggested.

  • jman

    Run the tethered jailbreak then run Boot. It will bypass the registration.

  • jman

    Followed the steps above and it loaded ios 5 without any issues. Then I ran my redsn0w jailbreak to bypass the registration, then went back into redsn0w and ran the Boot tethered and the phone is up and running great! I loaded my Gevey and the only difference I saw was that it never would give me the 1 single bar only say “No Service”. Even with no service, I went ahead and dialed 112, waited 2 seconds, hung up, went to airplane mode, waited for no sim message and turned off airplane mode, then just waited. It WILL find your service and lock on! Synced all my info to the “iCloud” and it’s working great!! Thanks for the information!!

  • Aryan78624

    just downoload ios 4.3.5 from any where and let itunes 10.5 shift+restore it
    and now you are done,,,,,

  • Sada

    If you already stuck on 4.11.08 baseband on iPhone 4, you have to wait for updated version of ultrsn0w to support 4.11.08 baseband or modified version of Gevey SIM to support this baseband.

  • Sada

    No, there’s no one work on downgrading 4.11.08 to 1.59.00 baseband. So don’t trust any of the scam sites that claiming the ability of downgrading 4.11.08 to 1.59.00 baseband.

  • Sada

    When users upgrade iPhone 4 to stock iOS 5, the baseband (modem firmware) is updated to version 4.11.08 which is not supported with the current version of ultrsn0w and also can’t be unlocked with the current Gevey SIM models (Standard, pro, ultra and etc.). So in case you upgraded your iPhone 4 to stock iOS 5 you will no longer able to unlock iPhone 4 with ultrasn0w or Gevey SIM.

    So that we recommend iPhone 4 users who rely on unlock with Gevey SIM or ultrasn0w and wanna upgrade their iPhone 4 to iOS 5 to use custom ipsw to preserve the unlockable baseband, so that you will be able to use Gevey SIM or ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone 4.

  • Lacoste3003

    Does this work ^^ can somebody confirm pls thx

  • WonderingforiPhone

    Someone from craigs list unlocked my phone so they had the gevey supreme. and my baseband I think is 4.2

  • Luqshal

    Then, how do you activate the phone? it says only compatible sim cards. how you hack activate the phone please?

  • Itsme_hk

    it does work. just dont preserve ur BB and u r good. the whole process took not more than 45 mins.

  • guest

    Itsme_hk what is your BB

  • Dre_ray405


    Just Downgrade your iDevice to iOS 4.3.5 if Apple still signing your BB will be Downgrade to 4.10.01 with iTunes 10.4. if does you have to create custom ipsw by sn0wbreeze-v2.8b8 or Redsnow_win_redsn0w_win_0.9.9b4/b5 then restore w/ iTunes 10.5 with the custom ipsw created before. next you can jailbreak your iDevice w/ Redsn0w redsn0w_win_0.9.9b4/b5 and boot tethered without sim card or gevey insert. then insert your sim card with your gevey pro accept option call 112 then enter airplane mode wait about 25-30 scnd then show up NO SIM CARD INSTALLED then out airplane mode wait about 5 scnd your carrier must show up nw. JUST LIKE THAT IT WORK FOR ME AFTER ABOUT 4 DAYS WORKING IT OUT. NOW I HAVE BIG SMILE…..


  • Myboy

    after I have reloaded the cooked ipsw from snowbreeze via itunes, how would i activate my iphone?

  • Myboy

    ill pick what ipsw for redsnow to activate my phone? the original 5.0 from itunes?

  • Gaber

    Hey can you help I updated with preserving my baseband 4.10.01 on iOS 5 I have tmobile and the Gevey pro after I go throughout the Gevey steps I get full bars for about 30 seconds then nothing the carrier never comes up.

  • Gaber

    Hey can you help I updated with preserving my baseband 4.10.01 on iOS 5 I have tmobile and the Gevey pro after I go throughout the Gevey steps I get full bars for about 30 seconds then nothing the carrier never comes up.

  • Chathuranga3000

    how do i activate my iphone? i hv done everything that says here… and now its asking me to activate… i hv got gevey sim inside… so how do i activate with gevey sim? No menu coming Up its coming only choose my language and country after that its says Enter valid SIm card I Cat Activate my Gevey Coz No Flight Mode Appear

  • Charlietieu

    I figure this problem out, turn on airplane mode first time for 5 sec then wait for no sim then another pop up will come( something with install). After that turn on ur airplane mode again and this time leave it for 30 sec then turn it off.

  • Tom

    can i use any sim from the origional network provider to activate iso5, then use my gevey sim?

  • jack

    i have iphone 4 and i stupidly upgrade ios 4.3.5 to ios 5.0 and now my phone is n the configuration mode and i cannot do nothing, i read a lot articles and tried to downgrade but no sucess and now what is the fix for this? also i am using GEVEY sim n dont have acess to nothing, plz help me out

  • jack

    ya this is same problem i get, i m also looking for fix

  • Cherian Jitin

    I have preserved the bb 4.10.01 however, when I try the Gevey Sim procedure, it does not work. I have tried this multiple times… now I am helpless and confused…. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Coolmesenger

    hey infernova .. i did the same downgraded and my bb is 4.10 but still i could not use my gevey sim , i could bypass the activation only if i jailbreak and even after that it says no service .. my question is i directly updated to ios 5 so is there any possibility that my gevey sim gets deactivated ,,, your suggestion plssss

  • Money786

    hey jack i made the same mistake… all you need to do is .. go on to itunes and if u have backed up ur phone previously select a older date n restore it will wokr.

  • Money786

    hey jack i made the same mistake… all you need to do is .. go on to itunes and if u have backed up ur phone previously select a older date n restore it will wokr.

  • Teztashi

    how to use gevey sin in modem firmware 04.11.08 if you guys knw plz tell me

  • jman

    Just make sure you in an area with a good T-Mobile signal. I have to walk outside because I get very few bars inside my house. It will go to 4 bars then suddenly it starts dropping bars and I have to start all over again by removing my sim and waiting for the agree page. Hope this helps!

  • jman

    Redsn0w, preserve baseband, jailbreak and install cydia then boot tethered. It will bypass the activation screen.

  • jack

    thankz but the problem is there is no backup saved, so do really know

  • Anonymous

    Well… I don’t know. That could be possible. I live in Australia and so I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4 which doesn’t need this kind of activation. I merely know a way to downgrade to this earlier baseband – I don’t know much about the actual gevey sim. Sorry!

  • Anonymous

    Either you have an iPhone 2G or an iPhone 3G – which aren’t supported.

  • Itsme_hk


  • Dufbeer

    Is MMS working on iPhone 4 BB 4.10.01 Gevey ultra ios5 thanks

  • jman

    Im on T-Mobile with IP4, IOS5 and Gevey Pro and it works perfect. SMS and MMS with the correct settings. Still don’t have Facetime though.

  • jman

    I noticed when I ran mine, it didn’t come up with the single bar like it did in the past. It actually said “No Service”. I just followed the typical directions and dialed 112 after I pressed accept on the 1st screen, turned on airplane mode, got the no sim pop up, turned off airplane mode and just waited. Seemed to take a little longer to find the signal but it did. Sits on No Service the all of a sudden, 4 bars.

  • John

    I’m unaware of how iphone 4 unlock works. I know the iphone must be jailbroken first before unlocking. Is gevey sim card necessary if you jailbreak your iphone and unlock it with ultrasn0w? Also, if you unlock it using gevey sim card, then jailbreak it and unlock it again using ultrasn0w, would it work? I’m a noob to this, thanks.

  • Almalover Gerena

    Itunes sends the message “The iphone “iphone” could not be restored. This device is not eligible for the requested built.

  • Harkaran0912

    how to bypasss setup screen please help…..
    will that voice over method works?

  • Almalover Gerena

    and my bb is 04.10.01

  • Kardo Ploomipuu

    I have I OS 5 ,BB 04.10.01 , I accept it and i didnt call 112 … i had about 5 min connection with carrier and then lost and NOSIM ??? whats wrong maybe new gevey sim would help ?

  • Kimmyxd

    please help! :( i have an iphone 4 upgraded to iOS5 but my gevey sim is not working. I followed all directions with preserving my baseband. My baseband is 02.10.04. Any help on how to get my Gevey sim working??

  • Kimmyxd

    *** the Gevey Sim “DECLINE/ACCEPT” popup does not come up at all if i turn off my phone and turn it back on

  • Gaber

    Can you be a little more specific please

  • gaber

    OMFG!!!!!!! UR A GENIOUS I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  • baki

    Please help! I have iOS 5, and my bb is 4.10.01. but somehow, my gevey sim is not working. ‘Accept’ popup doesnt come up. What should I do?

  • Ncballa988

    Ok I have a jailbroken iPhone 4 baseband 03.10.01 running on 4.2.1 with gevey sim unlock…I want ios5 but lookin at all the responses some works some don’ do I actually upgrade, keep my 03.10.01 baseband and skip activation so my gevey sim keeps workin?

  • Enchantinsepllz

    yes gevey works on ios 5 !!! provided u preserved ur baseband…

    for all dos who preserved der bb… u can follow da below steps in order to unlock using gevey:

    switch on ur phone wid da gevey sim… da msg pops up, u gotto accept it nd den after bout 5 seconds u see no service … immediately dial 112, make sure da call goes thru …(if it says call failed den dial 112 again) for bout two seconds nd hang up! den toggle da aiplane mode on n off… u get dos sim failure prompts n it finally says searching ! after bout 15 seconds .. ur fones unlocked! :D

    however, i don understan y is da signal weak! i just get one bar ! :|

    newe i can confirm my iphone 4 is running on ios5 bb 2.10… i preserved da bb using snowbreeze! :D

  • Enchantinsepllz

    did u activate ur phone wid da original sim card ? nd wen u did, did u set it up? lang nd country , game center id n blah blah? after dat u switch on ur phone again wid gevey inserted dis tym…m positive dat da gevey msg wil pop up? atlst it popped up for me! im runnin on da same bb as urs… 2.10 IOS5 !

  • Enchantinspellz

    ur supposed to activate it only wid an official sim…whether its expired or not! once u get hold of dat sim u can activate it! nd after activation switch off ur phone n switch it on now wid gevey sim … nd den follow da unlock procedure… it works fine!

  • Fluir

    Make sure you’re in DFU mode…

  • Fluir

    Hey do you mean that after the upgrade with preserved BB you jailbreak with redsnow? Even when the phone isn’t activated? Can you explain the steps for me :) I would greatly appreciate it! (have Iphone4 locked, use Gevey, have no original sim at hand, and upgraded to iOS5 NO_BB)

  • Slreddy1137

    hi, did it work for you ?

  • VJ

    The Accept/Decline screen can sometimes take time to pop up. Be patient.

    However, if in case the Accept/Decline screen doesnt come up, immediately go to Settings – Phone – Sim Applications and select your language. This will force the Black screen to come. Repeat the unlock procedure as normal after that.

    However, remember this can be done only once after restarting the phone. restart your phone if the message doesnt show up in a minute.

  • Mustafain

    i have been using gevey sim untill I upgraded to IOS 5 not knowing that this was a hell hole. Anyway after reading lots and lots help from google I am now back at IOS 4.2.1 but baseband is 04.11.08 but gevey sim isnt working . what can I do please help me

  • Arcega Mildred

    Same with my iphone4 i downloaded ios5, now my givey sim is not working “No Sim”! i am now using os5 but cannot use the phone part. i paid 20$ so that i can use atleast the internet of the phone. the technician said “wait for givey sim to accept the os5 next year”? is this true? help please. Sam

  • Gilberto302

    omg next year really i have the same problem as you ios5 with 04.1108 bb and i dint save previous bb hope there is something we can do soon if been searching and searching and nothing yet

  • Hoaindao

    how long did it take?

  • Cherian Jitin

    BAD NEWS: Apple has stopped signing 4.3.5 therefore if you have already upgraded you bb you will not be able to downgrade it … Good on all those who preserved their BB

  • Jcsvicente

    how you activated the phone without the original sim card, as i am stuck on that screen now

  • Jcsvicente

    please help, my phone is just unlocked w/ gevey, i updated to ios5 and BB preserved but now i am stuck with the activation mode, how can i activate the phone w/out the original sim?

  • Amin Ghaziaskar

    I have bb 4.10.01 too, I just want to make sure gevey sim works with the same bb on ios5, i have gevey sim ultra, have you got it to work yet ??????

  • Enchantinspellz

    I activated it wid da original sim! Before starting da preservation bb process d restoring itself I inserted da original sim .. After I upgraded to ios5 nd activated it wid original sim I changed da sim gevey …

  • anom

    I’m getting that as well

  • Kimmyxd

    No, i upgraded my phone with my gevey sim in then i activated the phone with an AT&T sim cause i was stuck on the iPhone Activation screen. Then I was brought to the home screen…turned off my phone, put my gevey sim in then i didnt get any GEVEY SIM popup…
    Ah im glad to know someone else with the same BB has upgraded successfully. SHould I just redo the whole process over?

  • Kimmyxd

    No matter what the GEVEY SIM message will never pop up for me :(

    and under settings – phone – since it doesn’t read a sim, it doesnt have the Sim applications options available

  • Alexander Gerena

    yeah it is, but i don’t know if my iphone is GSM or CDMA

  • msinggih

    Please help, now my iPhone iOS 5 with baseband 04.10.01. but don’t know why, my gevey sim card doesn’t work. the black pop up message is not showing? i’m trying to call 112 and going to airplane mode, it’s nothing happen…. someone help me please….

  • msinggih

    i’m in that condition. i have iPhone 4 iOS 5 with baseband 04.10.01. after installing iOS 5, the black pop up message didn’t show up. i’m restarting so many times and the black pop up message didn’t show up. i am going to setting – phone – and i can’t find my Sim Application….

  • msinggih

    Please help, now my iPhone iOS 5 with baseband 04.10.01. but don’t know why, my gevey sim card doesn’t work. the black pop up message is not showing? i’m trying to call 112 and going to airplane mode, it’s nothing happen…. someone help me please…. and i am going to setting – phone and i can’t find my sim application…

  • Enchantinspellz

    yeh yeh gevey works on da 2.10 wid ios5 so don worry bout unlockin it! :) jus activate ur phone first…so u switch it off nd make sure to insert an at&t sim or watever carrier ur phone is locked to.. nd once ur thru wid settin up and activation. u can switch off ur phone n insert da gevey sim… nd u’l surely get da gevey msg… if u don den well go to settings -phone-sim application- nd choose ur language as english. the msg shud pop up.. nd den its bk to da normal gevey unlockin way!

    hope dis helps! :)

  • Cherian Jitin

    Try this… Settings > Phone > Sim Applications > English

  • Arcega Mildred

    mine also i s not working after downloading os5. where can i find my baseband?

  • Danok4

    So i updated to IOS 5 with my itunes accidnetly. And now i dont know what to do. Can i still unlock it with Redsnow? like that?

  • hall9

    facing ths same issue as well. Anyone can help?

  • hall9

    Is your original SIM from AT&T? I need one as well to activate!

  • Kimmyxd

    thank yoU! it works now :) do you know if i can jailbreak it after it being unlocked already???

  • Xavier Intriago P.

    I have a question since many say everything but help to resolve very little:
    Since I already upgraded my baseband by mistake and now there is no possible way to downgrade it, what are other alternatives? Of course other than waiting for the new Gevey Sim to come out! Can I use or install some else’s IPSW file? Can it be installed?

  • captain

    i have an iphone 4 from uk network locked.. i was using gavey sim and was successful in using any sim on the phone. but now i upgraded my ios to ios5 and now i am all messed up as my phone is not getting activated from apple is asking me for original sim .which i don’t have any more..please help me .. i m desperately looking for a solution

  • Rfed1212

    Mustafain can you guide us how you downgraded to 4.2.1 from 5?

  • Acegwele

    i hv the same problem as Captain. HELP!!! I use an iPhone 4 with a gevey sim which was working perfectly. I updated to the iOS 5 yesterday using iTunes from my mac. Unfortunately my phone is now locked and unresponsive to the gevey sim. How do I unlock it?? Please this is urgent.

  • MarokLost

    I’d also like to know the same thing, I am currently out of the country and would really like to not have to buy another phone unless needed. I do have my original AT&T sim so that may not be an issue. Someone with knowledge PLEASE PLEASE REPLY!

  • Wpeter1

    put an original sim with no gevey sim interposer and it should unlock it .. worked for me…

  • Paulocosta

    I hope you´ve made the “Presrve baseband Update”. If don’t, you will need to downgradeIOS 5 to IOS 4.3.5 asap. I assume you have the SSH Blobs saved on TinyUmbrella .

  • Paulocosta

    Try to Update to IOS 5 again via Sn0wbreeze, cause you can preserve your baseband and check the HACKTIVATE box to eliminate the need of the original Sim to activate your iPhone.

  • Paulocosta

    If you have saved the SSH Blobs of your iPhone, you can certainly downgrade the BB and recover your iPhone.

  • M Reddys

    me to having the same problem.. what to do ..i do not want to throw my phone in trash

  • M Reddys

    i haven”t preserve baseband update .

    i have updated through the itunes , not using snowbreeze or redsnow..

    just stucked up at activating sim card it says insert sim card which comes with the provider..

  • M Reddys

    hey can you just explain here how did you do that

  • Usmle2012

    Use redsnow or snowbeeez to preserve your baseband then use gevey mine worked like sharm

  • Mujil vadi

    plse dont ever update your iphone to IOS 5…its bullshit

  • Enchantinspellz

    yup! wen i bought it at da istore da sim was already in my phone!

  • Enchantinspellz

    Oh great!! :) I would advice u not to jailbreak now… wait for a proper jb to come out which shud not to be too long! Also, for some videos to be put up on you tube so we knw dat gevey works after jb as well… cuz da chances seem sorta bleak!! does ur 3g work? my 3g aint workin! :O

  • Rilprettybebot

    hi! pls help me. i lost my old sim which is softbank sim from japan. im from the philippines but there is an available sim from softbank with a diiferent number. can i use the different sim to activate my phone. i badly need help, i dont want to throw my iphone coz of this

  • baba

    Got a wierd problem…Updated to ios5 and my babseband was preserved. Problem is, it is not jailbroken, and I need Cydia to use that Gevey sim. Anyone know a solution?

  • VJ

    Hello, I have Iphone 4 which are unlocked and when it was unlocked it had 4.3.5 IOS and firmware 04.10.01. Itune updated the IOS to 5 and firmware to 04.11.08 after this Gevey SIm is not working.

    I have not stored firmware, but i have the original AT and T SIM card.

    can anyone help me how to resolve this?

  • uzz

    you dont need cydia to use gevey sim

  • Danielsanchez16

    update to iOS 5 and preserved my baseband and can not get the gevey sim to work..the message pop ups but after clicking accept it goes to no service and then invalid sim.. Can someone please help

  • Mark7775

    If your phone has a simcard tray it’s a gsm unit

  • Adilson

    Dear fellow,

    I have a 04.11.08 Firmware Modem installed with my Iphone 4 Gevey tool with IOS5.

    How can I unlock my Iphone now?



  • Guru_1307

    i hv the same problem as Captain. HELP!!! I use an iPhone 4 with a gevey sim which was working perfectly. I updated to the iOS 5 yesterday using iTunes from my widnow7. Unfortunately my phone is now locked and unresponsive to the gevey sim. How do I unlock it?? Please this is urgent.

  • Bode

    i have a problem with my iphone4 os 4.3.3 itune plug in screen doesn’t wanna go and even i try to restore the os its refuse so if i upgrade my os to 5 will the gevey work with it ?

  • Draadi01

    i have same problem bro….

  • Arvind

    Have you saved your bb using Tiny Umbrella? that is the only way to get back to your old firmware because Apple has stopped signing to the previous versions. if not you will have to wait till the unlock for 4.11 is released :|

  • Aebs

    i updated it ios 5 n bb is 4.11.08 nw what cn i do :(
    gevey nt working :(

  • Kakz

    same problem

  • Arunpup

    guys same problem here can someone help me?????

  • Angeline_gaga

    is great,,,,,,,thanksssss

  • iphone_stucked

    they have stop signing 4.3.5 so I believe i am stucked as well and all my stuff and info inside my phone!!! Please is there anyone who has another solution??? Please?

  • Aheor

    For those of you who updated from 4.3.x to ios 5 without reading about anything or doing something as simple as using google to do a simple search, you are stuck for now if you are on ios 5 and baseband 04.110.8, just wait until a solution arrives from the iPhone dev team or another legit source.

  • Damitha Chathuranga

    Hopefully Chines Will Release Something Like New Gevey Turbo SIM ……………. lol

  • Island Boy

    I have an iphone 4 BB 04.10.01 i just upgraded from a tether jailbreak on 4.3.5 to another tethered jailbreak on ios 5. I also just got a new gevey supreme i ordered from amazon. The problem is i cant seem to get my phone unlocked when its on and i just put the gevey sim in i get the accept or decline message but when i accept it and follow the steps i never get the one bar, then i tried dialing 112 without the one bar and continue the rest of the steps but nothing ever works. Please help i had my iphone 4 for 2 months now never got used it for a call yet because i cant get the gevey sims to work. PLEASE HELP with a walk through or somethng.

  • Dylan

    shit, same here! i need to fix this i absolutely need my phone i dont have a back up

  • M_a_g_i_c23

    They just did. Its being sold on Ebay. Its being called Gevey Blue Supreme Plus to unlock IOS 5.

  • Damitha Chathuranga

    Are You Sure Is IT Work With iOS 5

  • Damitha Chathuranga

    My Phone Is Locked Only Language Selection Is Working Now Menu Coming Only The Country And Language Selection Is Coming After I Select Its Say Insert Original SIm Card From The Correct Network ……………….

  • Monzila420

    you have to choose xpert mood then click gernal n select hactivfite somthing then create a new ispw then it ll work

  • Monzila420 mail me i ll tell you how to

  • Gay Morris

    You are stuck now. You werent supposed to update from itunes because it now updated your b.b as well

  • Abhee Bhalani

    guyz nt getting u :(

  • Tfaweya

    i keep getting an itunes 10 error wen restoring to the custom ios 5

  • kuroru

    My iPhone is in iOS5 BB 2.10.04 Gevey sim. My signal is always low & both iMessage & FaceTime is unsuccessful in Activating. How can I fix this? Thanks!

  • Rahul Kataria

    What if In my IPhone4 upgrade my BB by mistake to 04.11.08, before i read this article.

  • msinggih

    Can’t…. my Sim Applications is not showing…. my signal always no signal…. have any idea?

  • Peddi73

    u found any solution yet? im in the same position

  • Peddi73

    lol, same issue, i have done so much research but no solution, i upgraded by my phone to ios5 without saving bb and now i cant go back nor can i use this coz,it says no sim card inserted wen there is. I unlockd it with gevey sim

  • Ilum Iname

    When on step2 I select Custom IPSWit starts looking for an existing file rather tha creating one. Am I missing something?

  • al

    you need the latest itunes

  • al

    I get the accept message but instead of the “1 bar signal,” I get “no service.” I dial 112, end call, turn airplane mode on but I don’t get any sim failure or invalid sim messages. I’m on ios 5 bb 4.10.01

  • Eleben

    If it is a jailbroken phone install UltraSn0w even though you are on bb 4.10.01 – it includes a fix for the no signal / 1 bar signal issue. Just got mine to work last night after days of working with the same issue!

  • Rowt702

    How can you get past the insert at&t original sim so that you can get to the home screen? Someone please help!?!?!?

  • raju jaiswal

    only at@t orginal sim work

  • Kish

    Any idea.How long will it take?

  • 123User

    Borrow a friends att chip just to get to home screen then take it out.

  • Anonymous

    Turn WiFi off and try Again

  • Anonymous

    In Windows, hold down the Alt Key and click restore.

  • Anonymous

    Also, make sure to run it as Administrator.

  • Rhishendra

    recent i upload ios 5 but my phone is working. message is THIS SIM CARD INSERTED IN THIS IPHONE DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE SUPPORTED.

  • Sincere602

    Did it work

  • Sincere602

    Will this card work in the new sprint iphone 4S?

  • Eddie

    This is b.s I say we boycott apple for this update. Lets do to them like what customers did to netflix. Remember we bought our apple products and we have to go through this route. Finding ways to make our phones work F–k apple. FU Apple corporate scum

  • goyal

    I tried mine (iphone 4, iOS5, baseband 04.10.01, wifi off, ultrasnow installed.
    Tried for hours. Can not unlock using blue gevey. Any ideas?

  • Tgoval

    Please reply ASAP

  • al

    I’m using gevey ultra though. I just tried it again and it still wont work.

  • Puerto

    Quick question, I have a iphone 4 with 4.3.5 and 02.10.04 baseband unlocked with gevey and i want to upgrade it to ios 5 using the costum firmware Preserving the current baseband as you suggest…

    I just need to know if i will lose all the info i have on the iphone, and If that happens, can i restore it with a backup i have on itunes?? Thanks!!!!

  • Tazmanian

    Hello: is there redsnow for windows? I don’t have a Mac…

  • Rodolfoarce23

    So I have 4.3.1 BB 4.10.01 with an iphone 4, if I upgrade to ios5; do I need a AT&T sim card to activate? And will any AT&T sim work?

  • Tgoval

    Yes. You need to have a at&T simcard otherwise you wont be able to use the phone

  • Redasbox

    I have a gevey unlocked iPhone 4. I recently upgraded to iOS5 but I couldn’t get to the settings page coz the phone does not recognize the sim. Error message displayed : THIS SIM CARD INSERTED IN THIS IPHONE DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE SUPPORTED.ONLY COMPATIBLE SIM CARD FROM SUPPORTED CARRIER MAY BE USED TO ACTIVATE IPHONE . PLEASE INSERT THE SIM CARD THAT CAME WITH YOUR IPHONE

    Can I downgrade it back to firmware 4.2.1 ?
    Thanks for your help

  • T_tuan649

    which gevey sim did you use to unlock your iphone on the 04.11.08

  • Jkd

    ive same problem

  • Rodolfoarce23

    Do you really have to remove the Gevey Sim (on ios5), turn the device on, then insert it?

  • Aergae


  • Chelouhy123

    guys my gevey was working for 2 weeks .
    but now it doesnt i dt know what changed…. anws i hope it ll work again soon i think u shld try and try and it ll work finaly

  • WhipeeDIp

    Yes, but does not cook firmwares. Dev team still working on that.

  • Robert Tozzi

    not true, see my previous reply to Redasbox’s post

  • Robert Tozzi

    use Sn0wbreeze to cook the firmware without the baseband – use the expert option and choose “Hactivate” if you’re using a Gevey card. But I am having problems getting the Gevey card to go through the whole process & still can’t get connected to my carrier. Let me know if you have better luck.

  • Jezriel_baq

    go to my shop atc alabang

  • Mikhil M Shah

    i Have a UK phone using in India, Updated my ios 4.3.3 to ios 5 i have jailbroken it through redsnow but still i am unable to receive network. what should i do ?

  • Rhenob

    Yes you do and are you really complaining about having to power cycle a phone?

  • Alanzomozli

    shit same here too. no shsh saved before. FUCK IPHONE MAKER IDIOTS. thousands of people do not buy your shit because of your fucking restrictions…

  • Gwhitaker4

    I sincerely hope someone can help me. I accidentally upgraded my iPhone 4 to IOS 5 without preserving the baseband or anything else. Is there anything I can do to get it unlocked now? Thank you for any help you can give.

  • Koka Rohithkishore

    i have upgraded my i phone 4 to ios 5 no i dont recieve the signal as the signal bar is not been displaed after searching the signal .. is there any option to restore my phone to earlier .. please post your comment if it is known

  • Efe Tuncel

    same issue here…

  • Arild Orholm

    I am having the same problem as a few others, I am in Norway, I bought my iPhone in the US (that is locked to AT&T), I cannot find my original AT&T card, I ran Gevey Turbo on bb 4.10 with iOS 4.3.3 and it stopped working a few days ago, could NOT get it to hack again, tried both manual mode and advanced mode with FuriousMod but to no avail.

    I used redsn0w to get pwnd DFU mode and installed iOS5 on a custom ispw, but cannot finish setup because of my sim is not.

    Do I now have one too good looking paperweight or is there any hope?

    And even if I do find the AT&T card, would it still work to get it started, I mean, the contract was cancelled more than a year ago…

  • Dre_ray405

    Try to boot tethered without sim insert with redsnow if it done insert ur sim with Gevey as usual accept then dial 112 then into airplane mode and wait about 25-30 scnd till show up nottification no sim card then out from airplane mode thats it ur carrier will show the line of signal…..;)))

  • Piyush Goel

    Couldn’t find your reply to Redasbox’s post. Has it been deleted? Could you please email.

  • Poopoo

    This is true. I just got it to work. Once you hit accept, wait until it says No Service, then open the Phone app and dial 112. The call may fail, and if it does reopen the phone app and try again. Leave the call for 2 or 3 seconds. Then toggle Airplane mode. It will say Invalid SIM when you turn OFF airplane mode and it should start searching for signal

  • Zhjay

    thanks. you fixed my phone.

  • james

    same problem here

  • DHJK

    No Problem

  • ABC


  • Demerol

    any at&t sim works. pre-paid, post-paid, used or never activated. i am running iphone 4 on OS5 with gevey, firmware 04.10.01 on Version 5.0 (9A334) (This is TETHERED which sucks but not too badly). I have had some problems since upgrading to OS5. CameraLock fucks your phone up bad. I have yet to see the OS5 camera lock option, so I have to forgoe this convenicence to keep my phone from crashing. BiteSMS doesn’t seem to work, and I miss that. If you run into crashes, of course, what you need to do is selectively set Mobile Substrate Addons to OFF until the problem goes away…we are pioneers with this stuff, and therefore we are going to take the arrows..

  • Demerol

    You must restore the phone to latest version (5.0) which it sounds like you have probably already done. Get to a wifi spot with a PC. Follow steps 1-7 above. He even gives you the link to download Redsnow (I have found an older version of redsnow to be helpful for some jailbreaks). Your jailbreak is going to be tethered, and this really sucks when your unlock is through Gevey. If your battery dies or you reboot, you have to go through the Gevey steps again, and sometimes the phone does not quickly sense Gevey Sim. I have found if you see SIM FAILURE, leave that on the screen, partially eject the Micro Gevey sim, reinsert it, then clear the SIM FAILURE by pressing it, at this point the iphone usually senses the Gevey again and you see the accept screen. I have found it helpful to install SBSettings before unlocking or adding apps, because I always use SMSettings to RESPRING instead of pressing the Reboot option, and potentially having to RE-UNLOCK.

  • Demerol

    buy a Gevey SIM card. It will unlock it. Follow steps 1-7 above after you have the SIM, also MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN ATT SIM. It is required for activation. can be any att MICRO sim, activated or not.

  • Demerol

    No you can’t and that wouldn’t fix the problem anyway. You just need to put ANY ATT MICROSIM in there 1 time. After it passes activation, you can use Gevey or unlock via ultrasnow if your Version is supported. I have 1 ATT pre-paid MICRO SIM i bought off ebay that I use to get pass the activation of every iphone 4 or 4S I unlock. And I have unlocked hundreds of them.

  • Demerol

    ANY ATT MICRO-SIM (or any ATT mini-sim cut to fit Micro size) will work. You only need do this once.

  • Demerol

    Install SBSettings via wifi and cydia. (More option) set all to OFF. that should fix you. after your are unlocked you can turn most of them back on. I had to discontinue CameraLock and a few others to keep things from crashing.

  • Demerol

    Anyone would need to know your firmware to help you.

  • Demerol

    you MUST get your hands on an AT&T micro-sim, or an AT&T mini-sim cut to Micro Size. You will only need it once. $1 on ebay.

  • Demerol

    read my above posts. i’m too tired to retype….so many amateurs in need of help….so little time. I guess if any of you out there need to email me, and are willing to paypal me $20, I let you call me and talk you through your issues. DO NOT try to set this up unless you have the following: A PC with Redsnow running, wifi access, an AT&T micro SIM, and a Gevey SIM card. Peace.

  • Demerol

    Gevey works great on OS5. i’ve already unlocked more than 60 iphone 4 and 4S with it. i can talk you through it for $20 paypal to me. email first if interested.
    Subject Line: GEVEY

  • rocky

    hi ….
    m having a similar prob
    i tried putting a few att sims..but my ios 5 is not getting activated…it keeps asking for a valid sim thats not pinlocked ..pls hlp.

  • Rowt702

    So should i be worried that ios 5 doesnt look different on my phone from ios 4? (no imessage, the camera on lock screen and others)

  • Marchele8

    if i have 4.10.01 and iOS 5 can i use this to unlock my phone?

  • Tuscani09

    I do a boot tethered and wait and the gevey message does not pop up so I go to my settings/phone/ sim/instructions then I accept it and then i wait 15 seconds and then dial 112 and end call after 3 seconds and then i turn on airplane mode and i never receive a sim message….and once i turn airplane mode off it says you failed! Try again…help please.. =[

  • Tuscani09

    I fixed it.
    If you wanna know how all I did was Turn off the device, pop out the Gevey SIM, then I Boot Tethered the device and once it said Done on RedSn0w I put the Gevey SIM back in and Followed the normal Gevey steps. =]
    Now I just need to know all the information i must input for texting ect..

  • Gabrielle

    Hi. I’m from the Philippines, I live near in Alabang. I can’t unlock my iphone because I don’t have any SIM card to activate it. Can you help me? Willing to go at your store.

  • Whatarichard

    I don’t know

  • Cydia

    Can you please just write it down right here? Need instructions too ;)

  • Jellygabriel

    Are you sure it’s gonna work? I have the same problem. I’m from the Philppines and I don’t know where I can get an at&t sim card. Are you sure any at&t sim card will work even if it’s used already?

  • Apexrising

    So I’ve got an iPhone 4 running 4.3.3. with the 4.10.01 baseband, if I follow the instructions above perfectly I shouldn’t have any problems, right? I’m hesitant to do this because of all the confusion in the comments, is this because this method is not 100% guaranteed, or that people are just doing it wrong??

  • Martin Williams

    Additionally, this is a method without jailbreak, am I right? Is a tethered jailbreak required to use Gevey?

  • Miguel

    I followed this method to the letter, and it worked fine with one caveat. I never got the single bar like normal. I went ahead and put it in airplane mode several times and it worked just fine. I have lost the unlock 3 times in the last few months, but simply waited for the accept msg after rebooting or went to sim applications and changed to english and then accepted it, and then dialed the necessary numbers and airplane mode a few times to re-unlock. Nice Job.

    Now that 5.01 is out, I am waiting to see if we can follow the same procedure.

  • karim254

    Gevey works fine on my end on an O2 locked iphone 4 from the UK…iOS5 is pretty dope. I’m in Kenya at the moment, problem is – how can I fix the caller ID issue without cydia…tethered jailbreak is not an option for me. Hoping an untethered one arrives sooner rather than later. So…any one with a fix? iphone explorer doesn’t give me options to tweak the string…

  • JestersKnight69

    I have an iphone 4 with ios 5.0 and a preserved baseband of 4.10.01 with a gevey sim pro. I have got a new sim card from tmobile and am trying to set my phone up. I cannot seem to get the welcome screen to come up and have not been able to force it to show either from the phone settings or any other suggested method. I have inserted the tmobile sim with the regular tray and have been able to access the phone settings and am pretty sure that it is almost perfectly cut. I am trying to figure out if the gevey sim is bad it has no apparent damage and I had tryed it once before when i was still on 4.3.3 with an att sim and was able to get the welcome screen but not now with my present conditions. If anyone can let me know what is wrong i would appreciate it and anything step by step would help very much.

  • Abu Yousef

    I unlocked my iPhone4 and gevey sim using sn0wbreeze 2.8b8 (windows). Its working flawlessly. I’m afraid that 5.0.1 doesnt support gevey sim, have anyone done it?

  • Tatlia

    your gevey sim is broken, you need a new one, had same problem

  • Tatlia

    switch off the phone leave it few minutes, then do just boot now, after 1-2minutes will come screen accept

  • Tatlia

    buy a payandgo att sim card on ebay

  • Faisal Rana

    i have done it and my iphone is ipot now :(

  • Abu Yousef

    I’m sorry to hear that Faisal. Have you just upgraded to 5.0.1 using “On Air” update or have you used the new version of sn0wbreeze?

  • yukiey

    im using universal activation card.. can activate all carrier including 3 UK.

  • yukiey

    go get universal activation card. can activate all carrier.

  • yukiey

    thats only for those who preserve their old baseband.

  • Mohnish_shah

    HI !! i have an iphone with ios 4.3.5 and bb 4.10.01, now wen i try unlockin it with gevey after activating it with an AT&T sim while conneced to itunes it againgoes into emergency call state says “new sim detected please connect to itunes” and once i di that it sayz sim not supported
    note: the same sim and gevey works on othe iphone and a diif sim and gevey used on a different iphone unlocks this phone for some time and then again it goes into emergency call state

  • Julia

    you don’t need cydia for gevey sim unlock.

  • Akihiko Hikaru

    MY iPhone 4 is stock in factory lock… what should I do?

  • Amin

    I can`t update my phone to iOS5, I`ve got the custom ipsw from red snow but when I want to restore the device through itunes it says “your device is not eligible for the requested build”
    What should I doo ??
    I have iPhone4, with ios 4.3.5 and bb 4.10.01

  • Prashant

    I have upgraded to IOS 5.0.1 with baseband 4.11.08.

    Is there anyway I can use my Gevey and unlock it? Please help.

  • Wally Gator

    @Akihiko Hikaru: you should take note of exactly what iOS and baseband versions you have, then find and follow instructions on the Internet regarding your specific case. To do so, go to your ‘Settings’ app, tap on ‘General’, then ‘About’. You will see lots of information, including a field called ‘Version’, showing your iOS version, and another called ‘Modem Firmware’, showing your baseband version. Good luck.

  • ramanami

    Hi I bought an Iphone4 with OS5 & baseband 4.11.08 AT&T.
    I have tried to unlocek it in Banglaore India but no tool is available till now.
    I am going back to US in Jan. I have the AT&T sSIM card with me but the user is differnet.
    Can I use the same phone with another AT&T sim card.
    Do I need to unlock it in India.
    Please suggest me on this.

  • Tgoval

    No. It can not be unlocked using gevey or any other method.

  • Tgoval

    No body can unlock iOS 5 BB 4.11.08, do not waste your time. If it is an AT&T iphone then it will only work with active AT&T SIM card. I hope it helps you.

  • Tgoval

    Redsn0w ipsw custom only works with Mac Computer. Try Sn0wbreeze 2.8 custom ipsw. It will work with PC computers

  • ramanami

    Hi Thanks for Reply.
    Can I take a new AT&T sim in US and use it there?
    How much time it will take to get the cracking tools for this model?
    Any idea?

  • Bobby2smarty

    sir im using iphone4 with gevey sim and i upgraded to ios5 im getting msg called no sim card installed wht shld i do to get the home screen

  • Mail Hesam

    I use gevey when i dont turn off my iphone , then the screen off and i cant see any thing , what can i do ? :(

  • Mohnish_shah


  • Richardph_cswp

    I have Iphone 4 with IOS 5; Firmware 04.11.08 can use gevey sim
    teel me

  • Nik

    hi, I have updated to IO5 with baseband preservation mode (base band: 4.10.01) and tried to unlock through gevey pro sim. Perfectly working with Airtel carrier (india), but not working with vodafone.

    Problem: boot d phone, gets welcome scree.. .. turn on airplane mode.. get ‘no sim installed’.. truns off airplane mode.. gets vodafone signals for 2 seconds and gets d no sim message…

    Pls help.

  • Vertexnine

    Vodafone did not work for me either, I dont think Vodafone is supported by gevey, so I used O2 instead and it worked flawlessly apart from visual voicemail does not work.

  • Torrentfive

    no, if its factory unlocked it will stay unlocked :D

  • Torrentfive

    Sad to say, but there’s no fix for this issue at the moment. Meaning, you will not be able to unlock your iPhone on iOS 5 or any firmware using your Gevey SIM. you are fucked! sorry

  • Tim Rice

    how did you do that cuz i have tried and it says not the right build for my phone BB 04.10.01 ios 4.3.5

  • Mohnish_shah

    It works with vf
    Get ur sim replaced I think it should help

  • Shah Sameer_1

    there is cracking tools to change the number ?
    really ?
    let me know pls email me pls

  • Shah Sameer_1

    brother, i have iphone4 modem firmware, 04.10.01
    i am using Gevey Sim,
    verson i am using 5.0.1 like that,
    can i use Cydia ? please tell me, i need cydia and then installus ….
    please let me, sir

  • bebe

    will there be any unlock tool for ios5 and BB 04.11.08 at all?

  • Siejoe

    Does it change anything with itunes 10.5.1???

  • Shawn

    I have an iPhone 4 bb 3.10.1. How do I get past the invalid sim on ios5.0.1?

  • Hettermanns

    I have Iphone 4 that is unlocked with Gevey……Version 4.2.1 with BB 3.10.01. I want to update to newer software but not sure if I can do this and still be able to unlock it with my Gevey? Anyone have any advice….I would obviously like to get the most updated software possible.

  • Jack4uar

    KIndly let me know. In India where did you got gevey sim I am from Bangalore my iPhone 4 is with ops 5 baseband 4.11.08

  • Nik

    VF works with gevey sim. It worked fine with my previous Gevey sim.

  • Nik

    I cooked the Stock ios with sn0wbreeze-v2.8b8 in baseband preservation mode and restored. Even i got the same error, but worked for the fourth try.

  • Nik

    ya.. got replaced the VF sim, but no use. I bought another gevey sim (older version: requires sim to be cut to accommodate the chip). Its working, but with some problems :(

  • Nik

    Even I am from Bangalore, got the gevey sim beside sapna book stall, Gandhi nagar (behind national market). Sorry to say, gevey sim doesnt work with baseband 4.11.08 as far as i know.

    U can try there, ask d vendor to test (takes 100 bucks more). U can only buy if it works, else do not pay even 100 bucks

  • Jack4uar

    Thank Nik for update, Do you have untethered Jailbreak in your IPhone. Which software you used to do jailbreak, even online suvery I am seeing that gevey sim is not working with 4.11.08.
    If you got more information regarding unlock of ISO 5.0.1 with bb 4.11.08. Kindly mail me to my mail account

  • Eliyasster

    Then what is the final Solution for this??..
    iPhone 4…in trash? or what?….

  • Vicho3001

    is this safe? i can do it by myself or i have to take it to a store? after the process my iphone will be jailbroken?

  • Nik

    Welcome Jack. No, i have stock IOS 5. untethered Jailbreak for ios5 is not available yet. We have to wait for some more time.

    Sure, i will mail you when i get to know.

  • Nik

    have to wait till the crack is available. Till then it will be ipod :(

  • Devanshu Arora


  • Aroradevanshu

    getting error at Step 3:
    “Custom ipsw creation failed
    cannot close compressed files in ipsw”

    downloaded ipsw from link in this post- ios5 for iphone4(gsm)
    using mac os X 10

  • Marre

    With gevey sim should I buy? There are so many and not a single one I have found says it works on ios 5.

  • Shah Sameer_1

    brother, same with me problem, i was using gevey sim on 5.0 version ,. by mistake i update ,,, now my version is 5.0.1(9A405) and baseband:04.11.08 ,, now my mobil phone is not working no signal on my iphone, so see any solution please please.. email me…

  • Tarun

    hi..i am from bangalore too..i got my iphone 4 from national market with 4.2.1 and BB 3.10.1..i don’t use gevey sim as i directly insert my sim card and since i bought my phone,i could use any sim. Does it mean that my phone is factory unlocked or shopkeeper unlocked it using tricks..I don’t think so coz it was nicely sealed. I want to know this as i want to upgrade it to ios 5. I jailbroke my phone soon i bought it using greenpoison. is it recommended to go ahead and upgrade from itunes or shall i use redsnow to upgrade with custom ipsw file. thanks in advance

  • Haissk

    how much did you pay for that

  • Guess

    didn’t … I have Ipgone 4 4.2.1 on 3.10.01 unlocked with gevey pro. Did all the steps, credited custom ipsw entered dfu mode selected custom ipsw and it told me that it cannot be restored… help anyone ?

  • Tarun

    40K, I bought that in february 2011

  • Anonymous

    the gevey with yellow package , is it original of false >

  • Ju_malaspina

    I have BB 04.10.01 and gevey ultra, when I upgraded to 5.0.1 gevey didn’t work anymore so I had to downgrade. So I don’t recommend people with 04.10.01 to upgrade to 5.0.1

  • Bharath

    Hey jack!! me too frm banglore. and hold a iphone 4 wit same ios 5.0.1 and bb 4.11.08 . Even i hv been lookin to unlock this iphone since from a month. so did u find any means to unlock it.??? if so plz let me know..

  • Munozjunior

    i accidently updated to ios5 and didnt stay with the baseband needed, can i start the process? i already was using gevey sim card.

  • Sistla001

    If I once preserve the baseband, are there any side effects? will i be able to upgrade to stock firmware in future?

  • Orgil

    me too. i can’t past the invalid sim

  • Orgil

    and can’t turn on airplane mode

  • Mauricio Quito


    I have a huuuge problem and need help to fix it… Due to my ignorance on all this matter I bought two 2nd hand iphone 4′s as xmas presents for my family in Ecuador, Southamerica.

    I thought I was gonna get them, unlock them and that would be it but apparently it is not it as they are both on the 4.11.08 baseband…

    What can I do to unlock them?? I don’t even need to jailbreak them, juts unlock them o my fam can use them with their GSM carrier in Ecuador.

    Thanks a lot for your help


  • Roger

    Hi, could you please tell me how did you do that? I have tried to do it but unfortunately it did not work. Best regards, Roger.

  • Dheeraj

    hey am from manglore i m using an iphone 4 ,it was got from the states used to work before n gevey sim,
    updated it to ios 5 ,i have saved my shsh blogs upto 4.3.5 but forgot to preserve the bb ,i now have acces to the orginal sim for the carrieR(at&t) is there anything that can be done so as to be able to use the gevey sim with an airtel network to get acces to the network??help would be greatly appreciated ??

  • claudia

    has anyone tried the universal unlocking sim from the maximize???is this real??

  • müge

    I am also with the same problem.. now I am 04.11.08 and gevey does not work any more.. gevey for ios 5 is available? Is downgrade possible ?

  • Patreek89

    thanks :)

  • T Mongkhoune

    Can we update to 5.0.1 after doing this? please reply ASAP

  • Magz_star

    Ehen will this work on Windows? I cannot select custom IPSW, it say’s ; This feature is not yet available on windows redsn0w.

  • Michael

    error 3194 what should i do ?

  • Gkkr90

    Hi… Sorry for u.. But I upgraded from 4.3.5 to 5.0.1 today by preserving bb at 4.10.01… My gevey ultra works fine..I also jailbreak it untethered today…

  • Masucupira

    Sorry if someone had already ask but, to unlock with gevey updating to 5.0.1, preserving my baseband (Iphone 4/ 04.10) , do i also need to jailbreak?

  • Zouheir Elaissoug

    so can any one help i did update my ios to 5.0.1 and i kept my baseband 04.10.01and i insert the gevey card but every time i hit the eccept button the phone takes me back to ios 5 activation ;(

  • Al M

    @mge didnt work for you because you have bb 04.11.08 and clearly says the instructions to preserve unlockable bb

  • Princenijjar0021

    hey can u give me ur fb id so i can add u ………….mine

    i hv to ask question about jailbreak

  • Riz469

    Same with me

  • Ajit561472

    Hi Tarun, its factory unlocked. You can do what ever you want

  • Roel

    change ur hosts

  • Anhtran0419

    i have a iphone 4 ios 5.o.1 bb 04.10.01 and gevey sim work good but after i jailbreak it (untethered) with redsn0w_win_0.9.10b1,its not work anymore…

  • Scottrotton

    same here, i get it to work for less then a seciond then get sos only message, it registered with network because i got a message for my sim carrier, you fixed yet?

  • Scott Rotton

    happend to me i had to use origianl sim carried card to activate

  • Delano O Chambers

    Can you help me to do the same. I have 4.3.3 with bb 04.10.01 and i am using gevey ultra
    Please tell me how to do this. add me on fb if thats ok with you.

  • Joooo

    Hello I have the blue gevey sim, and I just update to 5.0.1 but kept baseband 4.0.10 using unthetered jailbreak. I had some problems because was not displaying the menu Accept-Cancel for the gevey. But then I follow these steps and worked like a charm:

    1- Turn your cellphone off
    2- extract the sim (but keep it ready to insert)
    3- Turn ON the cell, wait 5 seconds and insert the sim
    4- It will display the screen (Accept-Cancel to unlock) or a Message (NO SIM)
    5- If it displays the message no SIM call 112, then turn airplan mode on wait 10 sec, and turn off airplane mode. and it will read the sim and display the message (Accept-Cancel) from the gevey.

    Hope this helps =)

  • Chan Gex

    i get error 1602 while update to 5.0.1 on my iphone 4 lock!

  • tyna

    ive got a 4.3.5 i was using gevey sim, i upgrade to ios 5 and i cant activate the iphone say i need sim card from the carrier.can someone help me?

  • Abdu

    I upgraded from 4.3.3 to 5.0.1 and retained my baseband 04.10.01 but when I start my phone, I get gevey welcome screen and I click on accept but the signal bar does not show the bars so I can dail 112. Any ideas?

  • Robert Tozzi

    yes that will work. I am using it with BB 4.10.01

  • Pea tear Griffin

    There is no possible way to unlock your baseband. Sell them and pay the extra money for the factory unlocked phones.
    The dev team also says they are not working on a software unlock, so your baseband is unfortunately unlockable unless some other group (eg Gevey sim) is working on a sim unlock of some sort for this baseband in the future, but it seems unlikely
    Also, you can’t unlock an iphone without jailbreaking them first FYI (unless they are factory unlocked)

  • Pi

    You should have really done your research before doing that. There is NOT a gevey for iOS 5 and downgrading bb is NOT possible. Now unfortunately your iphone is unlockable at the new baseband. You might have to sell it or wait for a future unlock that may or may not come (my guess is not, according to the dev team)
    Or of course, do the honest thing and just pay up the money for service with an authorized provider in your area.

  • Randy

    Dial 112 with no signal bar. It will work.

  • Karthikeyan

    Hi abdu, i too have the same 4.3.3 and i want to upgrade to ios5. You did all this procedure with a mac??!!!

  • VirtualHackinMachine

    You should make a Custom IPSW with Sn0wbreeze and there’s an option where it says HACKTIVATION, just check that option and you will not have that problem anymore.

  • Manishkmalhotra

    I upgraded from 4.3.3 to 5.0.1 and retained my baseband 04.10.01 used redsnow. its asking me to actvate my iphone. pls help

  • colin

    It said my phone was illegible to use the custom ispw

  • Sttylo

    you must place an original carrier (ATT) sim on your phone, it does not matter if has not service. If you don’t have one, ask a friend to let use theirs for a few minutes, it will let you do all the set ups and open the door to do your WiFi set up, even unlocked and when pass that step just replace the sim for your carrier with your geave sim.

  • colin

    sorry i ment 5.0.1 will it still work?

  • Eltonvr23

    Tyna do what I did,

    I had firmware 4.3.3 with bb 4.10.01 right. And I was using the gevey ultra cuz I am currently in C.A. visiting my parents. I did the firmware upgrade with redsn0w to 5.0.1 (WHILE PRESERVING BB 4.10.01) After my Iphone 4 was done with the upgrading of the firmware I ran into the same wall.

    After I asked GOD for some enlightenment then I though…?=/ “IF THE IPHONE IS J/B I MIGHT BE ABLE TO BYPASS THE SIMM ACTIVATION CRAP!) HOLLY JESUS, THAT WAS THE ANSWER! Then I proceeded to do the jailbreak using redsnow. Once the device is jailbroken It will “NOT” ask you for the sim activation anymore! =)

    I hope I was of help to those of you that hit that same wall… Whenever you guys hit a wall on anything in life…. GUESS WHAT?! JESUS IS THE ANSWER!!! =)



  • Demcho

    I’m have a problem in here for a couple days now .. would really appreciate if someone will help me.
    Recently ive upgraded my iphone to the new 5.0.1 version, the problem is i did it wrong, instead of choosing the “custom IPSW” i selected “select IPSW” so that fucked up my iphone.
    now i can only get pass the iphone setup and log in my iphone, but when i turn off the screen it returns to the setup mode.

  • Nmiklas21

    Hello, I would like to ask if I can safely upgrade to 5.01, I currently have 4.2.1 and 03.10.01 baseband (iphone 4) and using a gevey card for unlocking. Thanks

  • Rajeev

    hellow is it possible to unlock ios 5.0 with base band 04.11.08, is it possible now, if not when can we expect….. pls help thnx

  • Rajeevradon

    hi u got the solution yet? pls reply thnx

  • Rajeev

    hellow is it possible to unlock ios 5.0 with base band 04.11.08, is it possible now, if not when can we expect…..or else can we fatory unlock it? if yes how pls help thnx

  • Grimmmmer

    So I get the “carrier” option coming up in settings, but what do I do now? Do I pop out the Gevey, or will I always need to leave it in? My goal is to switch to T-Mobile tomorrow. I have been leaving it in and seeing what happens. Sometimes it will find AT&T and reconnect and I can make a call. Other times, I get “Invalid SIM” or “No SIM” and the settings “Carrier” line disappears. Is this a temporary unlock for just a few seconds? Why are there no descriptions of what to do after the “Carrier” option is there?

  • Grimmmmer

    I’m on iOS 5.0.1 with AT&T and baseband 04.10.01

  • DT

    Hey I tried to do this with my iPhone but it seems that itunes wasn’t having it. I have an iPhone 4 GSM that i bought on AT&T but I’m on O2 with the gevey. I’m currently using the Gevey Ultra SIM with a baseband of 4.10.01. I followed the instructions with RedSnow to ensure i keep my baseband but when I went to update it itunes gave me an error message saying “Your device isn’t eligible for the requested build.” Has anyone else had this issue and any suggestions on how to get around it?

  • Stefan

    HEY! I have the same issue here. Want to upgrade from 4.2.1 with BB 03.10.01 to 5.0.1. I use the gevey sim to unlock. Has anyone experience with that? please help!! Cheers

  • Stefan

    HEY! I have the same issue here. Want to upgrade from 4.2.1 with BB 03.10.01 to 5.0.1. I use the gevey sim to unlock. Has anyone experience with that? please help!! Cheers

  • usman

    i have iphone 4..with firmwhere as a baseland 03.10.01…can i follow the method given above to shift to IOS 5….Note that i am using my iphone via gevey sim…its not unlocked…..plz respond to that….i just need yes or no…?

  • Melindasbaiz

    My IPhone 4 is on os5 firmware 04.11.08 I can’t use it :( heeeeeelp!!

  • Raymond

    I was able to upgrade to IOS 5.0.1 and preserve BB using Redsn0w 0.9.10b2 and followed all the instructions above. My Gevey sim still working flawlessly or even better. Thanks for this article!!!

  • 124hs

    yes, go ahead and preserve your base band.
    and then use your gevey.

  • M9124_robert

    I have an Iphone 4.
    Firmware 5.0.1
    Baseband 03.10.01
    Is there a way to unlock my phone without a Gevey Card?
    If not which Gevey do you guys recoment?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Junvelasco_rn

    i have iphone4 firmware 5.0.1 with baseband 04.11.08 is there a way to unlock my iphone4 with gevey sim?

  • Rene

    I tried this but now my Unlock doesn’t seem to work. THe baseband was preserved but i do not get the prompt upon boot. Also instead of displaying 1 bar it shows no service…. any ideas?

  • Rsawee

    “Your device isn’t eligible for the requested build.” error (3194) << what's the Problem ?
    and my phone still in DFU mode .

  • Ape

    if you don’t have the original sim, do as ELTONvr23 said. You need to jailbreak your iphone to Hack the activation process.

  • shab

    I recently upgraded my iphone4 too firmware 5.0.1 with baseband 04.11.08 is there a way to unlock my iphone4 with gevey sim?

  • guest

    I have recently upgraded my iphone4 firmware 5.0.1 with baseband 04.11.08 is there a way to unlock my iphone4 with gevey sim?

  • flavio

    boa tarde amigo atualizei para iOS5.0.1 o meu iphone 4 e ai não desbloqueou para operadora, a baseband é 4.11.08. qual o método de desbloqueio para o brasil? meu iphone e americano.

  • Ricardo M.

    I’m using “Gevey Sim Ultra” in my iPhone 4 with bb 4.10.01 and I’m looking to find a safe way to update it to the version 5 (iOS 5)! I see that some guys got it well, but other people found “error” messages during the operation!!!
    Maybe there’s some issue with the last iTunes update!

    I just want to keep my iPhone unlocked to the network carrier, not the appstore (jailbreak)! Because I bought my iPhone in France and now I need to put my country’s carrier.

    It’s becoming harder every time Apple releases a new version of iOS!


  • Matthieu Bardiaux

    Hi there, I followed successfully the process but it still won’t work. I preserved the baseband (02.10.04) on my iphone 4.1 (unlocked with gevey sim pro) but I don’t have the original sim card to activate it (it was Japanese but since my return to France I threw it away) . Any solutions? Thanks

  • Navaskdl

    how did you activate your phone? i am stuck on this step. pls help

  • Burakduvan

    Just re-run the program (I reccomend Redsn0w 0.9.10b4) and select “jailbreak”. It will activate your iPhone

  • Vachryan

    same problem,,,

  • Brandon.

    Didnt work for me. Ended up getting an itunes error.

  • Lien

    I have iphone locked 4,OS 5, baseband 04.11.08. How can I unlock my phone?

  • Msk667

    is there anyone who could successfully use gevey on ios 5.

  • Jgjamrock

    Sorry there’s no way, you should have preserved your baseband. :(

  • PIneApple

    Hey Guys Iam an employee at “Apple Mega Stores” as usual all who Has Mac got in this fake.
    Till now you cant use IOS 5 for the iPhone working via Gevey SIM Method it was a trick but there’s one way to Re_IOS to the old version according to the Modem Firmware. for more questions send msgs to iam helpful

  • Irfan1806lita

    same problem with shab…..any solution bro???

  • Kevinrknowles

    I followed all instructions and got to the step where you point iTunes to the new firmware, i cllicked rextore and it started working butas soon as it said verifying with apple a message came up saying this iPhone cannot work with this software?It says this phone not eligible with this build?

  • Tarazi Shahzad

    i m also stuck on this step
    plz tell me bro how did you activate your phone? its my no 03236065008 my email plz e mail me ,,,,,,,

  • Pelio_14

    I think you need the original sim (where the iphone 4 is locked with) in order to activate the phone. But I don’t have the original sim here. just the gevey and my custom sim. what other methods are available? Is there a way to hacktivate iphone 4 on ios 5.1? Thanks

  • Klod

    same question, there are tutorials how to bypass activation, but not sure if after can use gevey sim to unlock without installing cydia

  • Unlock

    I need 4.11.08 unlock :(

  • Shafqatshafi

    hi i need unlock for iphone 4 ios 5.1 modem firmware 4.12.01

  • Armonddickinson

    Ii have a iPhone 4s,,,, version 5.1.1,,,, FireWire 2.0.12 from sprint. Some one tried to unlock it with furious mod4s, but failed what should I do? How can I get this phone unlocked.

  • Jurandirbeline

    when you unlocj your, let me know how you did that, please.

  • naveen

    can we use gevey sim to unlock ios 7.04

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