iOS 5 Causing Some Users To Lose WiFi Connectivity

by Soha El-Borgy on November 22, 2011

Since iOS 5 was released, users have been struggling its frustrating bugs and issues, the most prominent of which is the quick battery drainage. Though the iPhone 4S is packed with a lot of impressive features, users fail to enjoy them because of the battery issue which renders their iPhones unreliable.

In an attempt by Apple to fix the battery issue, iOS 5.0.1 was released promising better performance. However the problem still lingers and users have to wait still for a fix.

In addition to the memory leak problem which delayed the release of iOS 5.0.2 which was expected to launch couple of days ago, the current iOS 5 devices are apparently struggling with another issue which is connecting to Wi-Fi netwroks. Even if an iOS 5 device manages to connect to a Wi-Fi network, users still report sluggish weak connection signal which soon drops completely.

Looks like iOS 5 is backed with flaws that Apple has to address before it has too many bemused users on its hands.

(Via Engadget)

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  • Sonu Joshi

    iOS 5.0.1 is a bit laggy too :(

  • Kx23x

    mine is fine.

  • Anonymous

    Mines been AWFUL since upgrading to IOS5…really bad, constantly dropping signal – if I could go back to 4.3.3 I would, the benefits of IOS5 aren’t worth the grief :(

  • Mohammed Thawfeeq

    I really wish I could go back to 4.3.3 which was loads better than iOS 5…. :(

  • Krt7_h2

    I am on iOS 5.0 and my iPhone 4 works perfectly. No signal issues (I’m using gevey), no wifi problems, a perfect battery performance, iMessage and FaceTime working correctly, no apps crashing, everything is fine

  • Jfiala

    Ios 5.0 FIXED my spotty wifi from 4.x. I also have far stronger wifi signal in places I got dropped signal before.

  • TheDiceMeinster

    working´just fine!!1 i haven’t had any problem since IOs5 update, the only thing was some of the Apps crashed a couple times, but since they were updated, no problem at all…stronger wifi, and perfect battery life..iPhone 4

  • Reba4bob

    Some days, my wifi connection lasts all day. Then some days (although at a MUCH lesser frequency rate), my wifi connection drops even though it says connected to the device in the tool bar. When this happens, I either have to toggle airplane mode to off then off or turn wifi on then off. Users that are not so tech savvy I’m sure are having major issues with fixing this. And Apple customer service and the genius bar is clueless on the fix. I’ve heard many instances where Apple simply exchanged the phone. I’ve heard this even happening with Airport Extreme and Airport Express an Extreme as well. This needs to be looked at with the same amount of intensity of the battery issue. The 4s still has a better battery than any Android handset; point being, Apple should have delivered on their promise of significant batter life. I understand that Apple came out with two bran new products so bugs are totally expected. But Apple is very reliable on fixing issues with software updates; never a recall. Let’s get it together, Apple. I’ve never owned an Android device and I NEVER EVER PLAN ON IT!!! Some nice features, but the internal UI/operating system is, lightly put, inefficient on a countless number of platforms. Well, that’s my 2 cents. I have faith in Apple and still do. It my take a few weeks, maybe a month at the most. But don’t worry Apple fanatics. Give it a little more time. Apple never disappoints (with one exception – the release of MobileMe).

    Peace out Apple family,

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