iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak Hole Discovered By Chronic Dev Team

by Ahmed Omar on November 7, 2011

We’ve seen 7 betas of iOS 5, iOS 5 GM, final release of iOS 5 and two betas of iOS 5.0.1 but we haven’t seen an iOS 5 untethered jailbreak yet. Only iOS 5 tethered jailbreak is currently available and that’s mean you’ll need to connect your iOS device every time it’s rebooted. However, iOS 5 semi untethered jailbreak was released two weeks ago closing the gap between the tethered and untethered jailbreak.

Today some news coming from pod2g about the iOS 5 untethered jailbreak. Pod2g, a member of the Chronic Dev Team, claims that he has discovered a hole that can untether iOS 5 jailbreak.

Hey jailbreaking friends, I’ve found a bug that can untether iOS 5. Don’t expect a release soon, but I’m gonna work hard in it.

We haven’t heard any news about what kind of exploits that jailbreak will be. It’s most likely going to be userland jailbreak like JailbreakMe jailbreak tool.

This bug discovered by Pod2g won’t jailbreak iPad 2 or iPhone 4S, instead, it will only convert iOS 5 tethered jailbreak into untethered one. iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak was discovered by the iPhone Dev Team few weeks ago.

The iOS 5 untethered jailbreak will not be released soon. Pod2g and other team members will be working hard to get it fully working on iOS 5. We’ll surely update you whenever something happens, I recommend you follow me on Google+ and Twitter to get the updates immediately.

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  • Mitchell Dambach


  • Ice-95

    When the untetheared jailbreak will be founded ?

  • Ice-95

    Please reply .. Waiting n’ waiting n’ waiting , I became tiered :(

  • Jaimz

    Damn you people can’t read or something. Clearly every jailbreaking dev out there has given an exact date and time, down to the second, when they’ll find the jailbreak. I mean I always set a specific date and time when I’ll find something.

    Like once I lost my keys so I said “I’ll find my keys under the couch on October 5th 2001 at 9:43am”

    Come on… RTFA

  • Anonymous

    Bring me Siri on my iphone 4 so i can divorce my wife! ;-)

  • Fail

    there will never be an untethered jailbreak for any further iOS release after 5

  • Chronic

    the Dev Team is not working on it. sell ur ol’ iPhone and get the unlocked version so you don’t have to wait a long time for an unlock.

  • Gazon

    I CANT WAIT FUCKING JB FOR IPAD 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!

  • bob

    wow wait wait, back then they said its already covered. now theyve just found a bug? so this bug is for untether jailbreak like on jailbreakme? and the covered one is for those using redsnow?

  • Hutchence1960

    How can you say that this untethered bug isn’t for the iPad 2 or 4s? They never said that unless I missed something????

  • Ice95youmoron

    you are a fuking moron, read the article.

  • Ds

    tit balls

  • Nboutlander

    Just switched to htc windows phone.. this is stupid.. I’m finally seeing how lame the iphone really is.. :(

  • CaMoBaPuK

    STFU and release untethered jailbreak. (<>) IOS5 madness.

  • CaMoBaPuK

    5 days left. And it will be one month since the ios5 release. DAMN o_O !!! WTF. 10 exploits!!! Where are they!!! Not a single access to ipad2. F?ck ._.

  • Zelenkan00

    hahaha you have a point some peoples are realy stupid
    can wait to fully jailbreak my iphone 4

  • Johnlee

    lol, you and your windows phone are lame.

  • Nboutlander

    Haha faster that ur phone n tiny screen. :)

  • Nboutlander


  • M0r0n2

    Yeah, when!
    Stupid jailbreaking can’t take that long.

  • iPhoneHackerSucks

    they’re not able to do this anymore.

  • Dan S

    Go back to reading you’re golden books.

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy that they’ve finally found a bug that they can exploit for jailbreaking. Like everyone else, I too have been very patiently waiting for an untethered release. Hopefully the necessary development can come soon; I am thoroughly tempted to just run stock iOS 5 instead of my heavily customized iOS 4.2.8!

  • RkoViper81

    I am also tempted to run just stock ios 5 I hope an untethered one will be out soon.

  • Logan

    No all jailbreaks so far are tethered this will be untethered

  • Sponger544

    Ipad 2 and iPhone 4s run different hardware than the others. The exploits they have are for the hardware we’re used to, eg iphone 4, 3gs, ipod touch 4.

  • Sponger544

    You try jailbreaking it then.
    The coding required is really long. They have to reverse engineer everything.

  • Ashes for Tears

    … Really guys? Do any of you consumers have Amy idea of what or how much effort is involved in programming, or developing? Seriously, give these guys a break. They work hard for you, and for free, too. If you can do better, I invite you to do so.

  • Ary Lolagne

    May the Jailbreak God please send some payers my way i need my phone unlock, the upgraded to firmware 04.11.08 by accident :-(

  • Dave Hauss

    I want to get an IPHONE BUT there are things I need to do that I can not without an untethered jailbreak…. UNLESS Apple would put them into IOS so we dont ned to jailbreak.. things like missed called reminders, a better lock screen with calendar, etc and more..

    Does anyone think there will be an untethered Iphone 4S jailbreak within a month or two? or am I going to just run stock if I buy an iphone and never get a jailbreak?

  • Karlo0013

    If someone cant wait…just shut the f*** up. :)


    Как шлюхи набивают себе цену

  • SSRaditz94

    im currently running semi-tethered because the wait for the untethered is slowly killing me :( however im sure the awesome people at the dev team are working hard for us to JB untethered, so just show some patience and wait.

  • Guest

    My 4s is running rooted android which is emulating jailbroken ios 5 which is hosting a sexy party with siri and iris.

  • Hh

    Hey… shut up! Nobody cares what you and your illiterate mouth has to say.

  • Christopher Reeves

    And why exactly does speed matter? Oh wait, it doesnt! Does the iPhone make phone calls? Yes. Does it send and recieve SMS/MMS? Yes. Can it browse the internet? Yes. Can it run applications? Yes. Oh guess what? It has GPS and Wifi!! Look at that, it can do everything your phone can! Actually, it can do a lot more. Surprised you didnt know that, numbnuts.

    And what the fuck are you doing on an iPhone article if you own a Windows phone?! Need glasses? Mabye a life? I dont know all Im saying is you should sit down and really consult the inner you and figure out just what the fuck you are doing with your life. Cause you seriously need to get one.

  • Bill Gates


  • Hudsen

    get lost. Hh.

  • MuscleNerd

    you know what? Screw this. I’ll just keep it to myself. Cheers, MuscleNerd.

  • MuscleNerd

    Beijing (China) companies pay me to work on these exploits and put them on these tiny chips called Gevey Sim. The economy is so bad nowadays. I need to get paid for my services in order to survive. Cheers, MuscleNerd.

  • Hutchence1960

    But I saw a vid of Musclenerd JB the iPad 2 and 4s. How’s that? Won’t this new piece of discovery work on the A5?

  • Destroyerx

    Lol I just saw these two arguing about this. “Hh”. That has to be the pussiest come back I’ve ever seen in my life. I really hope to god you have a vagina because that’s the only thing that would excuse such a retarded retort. Hahaha you fail at life. Go back to the 2G since speed doesn’t matter after all and all you care about is fundamental functionality. Infant, go get your self a flip phone since clearly this kind of technology is not for you.

  • Nboutlander

    Wow.. sad lives u lead.. read what I said again dude.. I “just switched..” from iPhone after having once since they came out years ago.. so I got bored with chasing jailbreaks and hacks.. and the screen.. kill me. LOL I was only being funny with my “pussy” comeback.. good luck with the ol jailbreak hunts.. I’ve retired. LOL It’s always a good laugh to post a little remark on here, like everyone else.. and watch the nerds come out and write book replies, taking what is said to heart. hahaha take care guys.

  • Nboutlander

    Destroyerx.. I skimmed through ur post too fast.. sorry about that.. I see now it was for “hh”.. me bad.

  • Omerlux

    If my Cydia got deleted by UIKit Tools in IOS 5, should I restore it to ios 5 again and restore, or I can’t because SHSH?

  • Ben

    No? Why?

  • Samantha Watson

    I am getting my iPad 2 tomorrow… I really wish the jailbreak was ready! All my iThings will be jailbroken the minute this is released!

  • Chriss6996

    I feel you man. I love my iphone but if not jailbroke, its iPOOP. I havent been untethered for while, my first four had an in consitant home button and when apple replacedit, of course they updated the software so by by unthered. Good luck!

  • Chriss6996

    you can already get the files and port it without the untether. someone have the instructions and downloads, but if not the files, I got mine from Pirate Bay in a torrent form but thats what Utorrent is for!

  • Anonymous

    but first u have 2 jailbreak iOs5!

  • PoorGuy


  • Yourmum

    Not faster apple have harmony between hardware and os your phone is windows ,based on outdated Dos software from the 90′s

  • Abkm87

    Hi there

    I have a question, since Apple released the IOS 5.0.1 and the jailbreak will be applied on the IOS 5, people who did the tethered jailbreak (as i did), how they will be able to restore their idevices to IOS 5 again then do the untethered jailbreak !!!?

    i wish we dont have to downgrade to IOS 5 then do the jailbreak because this opreation by itself is complicated !!!

  • Akshaysood13

    how to kailbreak ios5 untethered plz plz tell me my id is

  • guest123

    wat neww stuff can yhu do on ios 5 jailbroken.? or wat new stuff can yhu add.?

  • Dzenisj1

    I will wait until the IOS 5 jailbreak comes out.Thank you guys for working so hard to fuck Apple over.But,until that I don’t know yet weather or not to do anything with Cydia because nothing will work.Winterboard won’t function correctly and I’m afraid something might happen.So,please try to work harder and try to find an easier way to untether.Like jailbreakme as you guys said.But thanks anyways and I hope you guys get back on track with it all and hopefully everything will be compatible.And no errors will be show :)

  • Art

    When do you think it will be available

  • Usepropergrammerdumbass

    i would answer your question if I could understand what you were trying to say.

  • B ers

    What he said is essentially correct. I don’t see you working on an untethered jailbreak, or on an untethered jailbreak or even a jailbreak at all that’s free.

    These guys, however, are.

    If you think you can do better, go ahead and try.

  • B ers


    Use proper spelling, dumb@$$.

  • B ers

    And your UNIX-based software from the 50s.

    And Windows isn’t based on DOS, modern Windows is based on NT, which is a heavily modified version of DOS which has numerous improvements while maintaining compatibility with apps from literally decades back. More than you can say about any Unix or Linsux-based OS.

    And besides, Windows Phone is the most stable mobile OS ever. I see iOS users rebooting occasionally, Android users rebooting at least once a day, and constant crashing on either platform.

    As the proud owner of a Windows Phone, I can truly say it’s never needed to reboot, and never has except when the battery dies.

    Oh, and there’s also a proper app store. Not your iOS-like dictatorship of an app store with pathetic regulations that drive the majority of developers away. For instance, Firefox can’t even be ported because Apple prohibits any web-enabled app from using anything other than the WebKit libraries.

  • Bigthingreg

    Not soon…as the article says…

  • Johnny Lee Stewart

    i give up, i updated my ipod you all lied when u said “the untethered will be released soon” one month as gone by nothings been done so i am not listening to ur pathetic lies nymore. LIARS

  • 1982pa

    “And Windows isn’t based on DOS, modern Windows is based on NT, which is a heavily modified version of DOS” (so its based on DOS) even Bill gates knows this sh1t..start again we gonna give you one more chance.

    lol u fucked yourself..hahahaha no brains

  • Dlanc85

    you guys are full of crap.

  • blueprint

    its free so fuck off

  • dancing_throa

    These developers are all doing these jailbreak stuffs for free so I think we guys should just be patient of waiting Untethered JB’s and don’t you guys act like they owe so much from you cause you are not paying them for these works. They’re doing this as a hobby and to think that it’s not really easy to do so. So if you think you’re better than them and is so pissed off, why don’t you get your ass up and do the work yourself so you can contribute something productive than shouting your sentiments.

  • Eliijah Moss

    For all of you to have the audacity to rush them is externally and internally rude. Hacking the iPhones firmware is a complicated task. There fore, just be patient. the untethered jailbreak for IOS 5 should be released before Christmas… making it a gift that would make you thankful. Or atleast the ones who think like me and the developers. Since im only 13, you dont have to agree with im saying, but those who cant wait… SHUT THE HELL UP AND BE PATIENT!!! >_>

  • B ers

    Just because it’s based on DOS doesn’t mean its DOS. Just like there’s several Linux distros based on Ubuntu; that doesn’t mean they’re Ubuntu. Or just because Splenda is made from sugar doesn’t mean it’s sugar.

    Like I said, it’s a heavily modified version of DOS which still works very well. Since it is heavily modified, it can be barely considered DOS.

    And the way you replied makes you look very arrogant, and hints at ignorance

    And, out of the entire argument, something like that is what you reply to? So, you pointed out 1 potential error, which really isn’t an error at all, when I pointed out almost all of you idiots’ points as errors? That just shows you don’t know how to reply with sufficient evidence and you’re just looking for some sort of personal attack as a sort of “get out of jail free card.”

    So congratulations on that, by the way.

  • Siyx

    What?!? A tethered jailbreak isn’t good enough for you?? Stop your crying and suck it up buttercup. If you updated prematurely then who’s fualt is it?? Apple put a gun to your head to hit that “upgrade now” button?? iPxxx Hackers threatened to steal your mommy if you didnt upgrade to the latest greatest??
    Pfff you people make me sick, do you know how long it takes to go through thousands of lines of code looking for the one loophole??? Grow up.

  • Siyx

    You either need a lot of beer or be in grade 5.
    He is asking:
    1 – What new and wonderful things can iOS5 do that 4.x cant while jailbroken.
    2 – What new cydia apps work with iOS5.
    Pretty much the same question twice :)
    Back to my beer drinking.

  • guest123

    dam nigga yhu stupid, y comment if yhur jst gonna b stupid

  • guest123

    thanx 4 explainin it 2′em

  • Fuckoff

    Dog shit is free also. Just pick it up on any sidewalk and it eat, and fuck off!

  • Gangus McGang

    I totally agree with you but damn learn English. You talk like a piece of crap. You’re probably one of those bums from around the way. But you’re right tho. You just need to go back to grade school and learn English and maybe then you’ll quit being a bum you bum. I hate bums. So see ya, bye

  • Asdf


  • Pramodg

    After this semi tret is gevy sim works or not

  • Lee

    hey was wondering if you could help me, i stupidly upgraded my software to the ios5 via itunes i had a gevy sim , now wont work i tried then jailbreaking using snowbreez not sure i followed the correct steps didnt use transmac duno how . brought into the phone shops said theres nothin i can do, just getting no signal

  • Free_man

    the gevey works only on ios4 try downgrading ur idevice…

  • Lee

    i dont think i can someone said the baseband is dne or something but basically apples lastest software via itunes wont let you downgrade? i would have never upgraded if i had known. ave no phone a week now.

  • Onet_sumesh

    here comes the other idiot…Indians, i think, posting without reading anything…dumb@$$

  • Onet_SSS

    here comes the other idiot…Indians, i think, posting without reading anything

  • Onet_SSS

    I had recently upgraded iPhone wid BB 06.15 to iOS 5 and i degraded it back again without saving SHSH boobs. Now is it possible for me to Upgrade my iPhone back to iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1, ty, plz help as soon as possible.

  • Lukikaczor

    I just made the semi tethered jailbreak on iphone 4 5.0.1. and it works great.

  • Persian nice boy

    I’m on ios5 , if there’s no untethered jailbreak I will update to 5.0.1!?!

  • guest

    All your posts are late and copied from other sites and forums

  • Colly1212

    you got link m8?

  • Kekkidude

    LOL this is like when sony and microsoft got hacked by anonynmous

  • Omck

    Is there any way to get iMessage on jbroken iOS 4.1?

  • GangusMcGanggotpwned


  • NotMuscleNerd

    It’s not actually MuscleNerd…

  • Jordan

    I don’t care when the jailbreak comes out… I’m just looking forward to it. Staying on 4.3.1 until it comes. I’m excited! :D

  • Comeupwithsomethingnewazzez

    Ahmed Omar, Please stop bringing up the same old sale old quotations that have been circling the internet for months…..

    To the chronic dev team, you realize that not even 5.01, but 5.02 is now available? What’s with all this wait?

  • Najcomputer

    i am just unlocked and do i phone4 softwear upgread 4.3 to 5.1 ios
    can i do return my4.3 softwear and work my sim card kuwait again
    pleaes send me masage yes ya no

  • Bimmerman03

    A heavily modified pinto is still a pinto. That makes NT the fastest car in the junkyard.

  • Reukin

    yeah if u wanted ios 5.0 on ur iphone you should have made a custom ipsw with snowbreez and preserved the baseband theres no way to downgrade ur baseband even if you downgrade ur ios sorry pal it really sucks :(

  • Reukin

    cant wait mate :) wish i could do what you guys do lol

  • fatin

    well, i think apple wins this round. since ios 4.3.5 had been released till date no untethered JB,,just promises!!!!

  • Moh247

    This is ridicilous!!! I have been waiting 4 a Untethered jailbreak for ages and every time i check for one the same old crap tweets from pod2g come up !¡!¡!

  • Hoyunlee

    this happened ages ago!!!

  • Dnilov0

    guys calm down, you arent the ones jailbreaking and trying to hack apples second latest software (there is 5.0.1) I myself isnt patient but when it comes to jailbreaking i can wait because if I was a jailbreaker, it would be really hard because i barely know what to hack and how to hack it. Also If I was a jailbreaker i wouldnt want any pressure on me like a lot of u people have been giving. Im still kinda eager for the untethered jailbreak of ios 5 so please work your best! Good luck Chronic Dev Team and iPhone Dev Team!

  • Fuckoff

    Time for a wake up call. These guys have reached their limit. Which is understandable. A bunch of amateurs against the pros from Apple, helped by comex defection – there will be no untethered jailbreak for iOS 5. And brown nosing assholes quit your lame sucking. Untethered jailbreak is not going to happen. 5.0, or 01, or 02. They had a good run, they impressed their mignons long enough. Time to realize they’re fucked.

  • Tired

    Ok so we all know that we can jailbreak on IOS 5 and we know about the semi tethered jailbreak. Big deal, it’s been around for months. We also know that the bug has been found that will enable the fully untethered jailbreak so please stop regurgitating all this ”coming soon” crap. Just give us a date or don’t tell us anything at all. I’m tired of checking over and over again to see if it has been released yet, as I’m sure many of you are too.

  • (ex)dedicated Apple user

    We had a good run, apple finally won. No untethered is coming, if it does then great, but lets face reality…

  • Work_ON_It


  • Work_on_It

    Please stop checking. You are an idiot!

  • Fuckoff

    You’re welcome, fucking mongrel. (Oops! you have to check the dictionary…).

  • Mikhail B.

    So Fuckoff must be right. You are one of the sucking mignon. Must be why you chose this moniker: Work_on-it.

  • Apple

    Sorry guys apple caught up to all this tethering no unlock coming out sorry for your wait I’m an apple manager

  • muscle nerd


  • OneLove

    don’t wait any more guys because there is no untethered JB for ios 5 actually we herd thats it’s will be soon but for how long now :( more than three monthes so i thing there is no untethered JB and have nice day for all of you

  • Fuckoff

    Brilliant!! That must be the reason. That’s why it’s taking so long: they are using secret coding in the Mayan calendar. Never mind that by then iOS will be at 6.01, at least…

  • muscle nerd then IOS may be at 600.0.2 not 6.01

  • muscle nerd

    iphone without JB is colorless,odorless,tasteless

  • Fghdfgjdfg

    Im watiting an unthetered jailbreak like an idiot before update to iOS 5.0.1. And till now not a single news about how is it going !
    I know these guys do not charge for their services, but the thing is simple… mutual beneficts. They jailbreak and provide to the public. And the public consumes it, making it popular, so other hackers and programmers make the softwares to use at the jailbreak, this way those who creates the jailbreak get their beneficts also (wouldnt be so much usefull for them to keep it just to them). And also, these also get fame by their knowledge shown to us.

    In other words, no, they do not make it simply that “free”… and they souldnt lie to us neither. If it is a unthetered jailbreak, so show it to us or explain why we will have to wait more.

  • Ajit Sharma9

    really interesting ios 5 unthetered jailbreak…
    seems good…
    release soon apple..’

  • Bleach19972009

    @pod2g wat bugs r u fixing….said soon..when????????

  • son of the bitch>@pos2g

    @pos2g i hate u 4ever after….untethered jailbreak juz post it

  • Jef202

    I have a very simple -but important- question for you guys.
    I use my iphone4 (iOS 5.0.1) without a sim card cuz i dont wanna pay for an expensive data plan: I’m waiting for a walkaround (firmware is 04.11.08).
    Now, I jailbreaked the phone some time ago with the tethered version of redsn0w, but late had to restarted it “normally”. Currently, it works OK, but no Cydia. I guess i would need to booth it from DFU with the computer, of course.

    BUT sim card is not active anymore… I’m afraid if I go DFU it will ask for the sim to activate the phone, and then I’ll be stuck forever…

    Can you tell me if this is going to happen? If I go DFU to booth with redsn0w, will the phone ask for the Sim?


  • Not Apple Fan


  • SK

    I have Iphone 3GS Version 5.0.1 (9A405) Modem Firmware 05.16.05
    I have purchase Redsn0w and sucessfully loaded Cydia and run Ultrasn0w 1.2.4 and MY PHONE IS NOT UNLOCKING…Is it possible to unlock 3GS with above spec ?????? or NOT ???

  • Guest

    I had this problem you would have to jailbreak it and than used Pwn tool to unlock. Not sure if its going to work since idk if you updated your baseband or what baseband your even at.

  • Jef202

    Yeah, baseband was already updated i think. I know when I JBed it, it was asking for the SIM to activate: I could have it started with the “hacktivate” procedure you find online.

    Would be great if one of you guys could just try this for me: do a tethered boot without your sim card in, and tell if it runs smooth or ask you to re-activate.

    Thanks in advance!!


    PD: Do we think it will be eventually possible to Reinstall over 5.0.1 and JB and activate without a (the original) sim (the iphone is obviously not unlocked)?

  • Keaxu

    LOL, Why you guys so mad about Untethered Jailbreak or tethered Jailbreak ! , what ever we are still wait for it , Right ?? . So just calm and enjoy the moment , cause everythings they are on the AIR ! (:-)

  • Joe Ndungu

    Hi. I just got an iPhone 4 and I’m a tmobile user. I recently downloaded Cydia and jailbroke my done after doing it before and losing $80 to some not too smart done shop. My question is, why do i keep getting ‘No service’ when i put in my tmobile sim. Secondly, do i have to keep doing he DFU mode tethering every time i restart the ‘badboy’?. Help guys….this foen is awesome but i have been with Tmobile since it was Voicestream (2001). Thanks

  • George

    you bought Redsnow? it’s free man … ask for a refund …

  • Yyyyyy

    @joe Ndungu -the iphone was only jailbroken not unlocked and you need to unlock it

  • C-H

    5.0.1? dud

  • Dd

    Neo with Trinity must bring to us Jb ios5 4s ipad2, but them must beat angry agents.

  • Ruptrivedi

    I have 3gs iOS 5.0 and bb 6.15.0, and I have to restart w/ tethered and also having GPS issue it always restart network while location service is ON…so what should I do so I can have untethered my 3gs and also resolve the GPS issue?

    Please advice.

  • Hung Hoang Xuan

    My jailbroken iPhone accidentally could not open cydia and other Installous’s apps and lost all apps that I downloaded from Cydia. Plz help me.

  • Hung Hoang Xuan

    I’ve just boot again and everything works well now.

  • Joey

    Hi i have this problem i have been download tweaks on my iphone 3gs ios 5.0.1 but for some reasons i cant seem to activate my android lock and barrel and all this stuff please help me ASAP Thanks

  • octo

    This was posted on November 7. Does it really have to take longer than a month? Please hurry up!

  • Cocomex

    There will be no untethered jailbreak. They have finally realized what Peter’s principle is. They are a bunch of fucked up amateurs claiming for fame. comex was the only one who made sense went to work for Apple. The rest of the bunch are jokers. There has been only one untethered jailbreak so far, and since then it all tethered with lame excuse. Now they’re blaming Apple ?!?!?!?

  • Ben

    damn i hate you apple. stop making life harder for the dev teams and stop making it hard for me to enjoy this overly expensive electronic device that I paid good money for!

  • S3tRa3L

    having a hard time devteam huh? ever since i never JB’s my phone because im afraid it would mess up my devices, but after what happened since i updated my 3gs, i had no other recourse. (my baseband was is stuck on 6.15)
    i am not a hacker nor a gadget geek, but this is what i found.
    here is the BUG that you can exploit…
    (used my 3gs on this).

    Cause: After i accidentally updated my 3gs to ios 5.1 with a baseband of 6.15, i found that my device is stucked at “cannot activate iphone”. I tried the voice over-three finger swipe method, but to no avail.

    Method: (make sure to back-up all data on device),
    1. install redsnow 9.9.9b6, snowbreeze for ios 5.0, tinyumbrella (incase if stucked on bootlogo), latest itunes
    2. download ipsw 5.0
    2. on redsnow, select ipsw 5.0 on select ipsw option, check install ipad baseband, install cydia, deactivate.
    3. go to dfu mode and jailbreak.
    4. once inside youre inside your device (youll notice you will get a “no service” on your signal), and that the carrier option on general settings is absent,
    5. go to cydia, install ultrasnow
    6. take out sim, and reinstall sim,
    7. uninstall ultrasnow, reinstall again. (make sure not to turn off device while doing this)
    8. launch snowbreeze, select download ipsw for device
    9. go to dfu mode, then jailbreak
    10. wait for phone to reboot.

    Effect: IOS 5.0 6.15 baseband untethered device. with cydia. but no siri0s…

    applied on my iphone 4 and itouch 4th gen :)
    hope this helps.
    hug and kiss your gf, bf, kids, parents, neighbors, president, whoever and pop a champagne!

    ps. it took me 3 days on trial and error…

  • S3tRa3L

    by the way, do this IF your device is stuck on firmware 6.15. dont risk if its still on the earlier version. mine was a “desperate” measure. :)

  • XXxG0dzRAgexXx

    If you “hated” them so much then you would not have bought your device. It is what it is. If you are having such a hard time enjoying your iDevice then go to android so we don’t have to listen to spoiled little bitches like you who whine when they don’t get what they want. You bought your device not jailbroken and apple intends it to stay that way. you pay for what you get. Don’t expect anymore. If a jailbreak comes out great for you but don’t expect there to be one. If you want it so bad you can go do it yourself and see how fucking hard it is. They don’t HAVE to try and find jailbreaks. Be thankful that they try and help sorry assholes like you “enjoy their overly expensive electronic device that came from a company they hate”

  • Nxheb

    hahaha yeah dumb fukin hindi babas posting stupid shit like “how to kailbreak my frend?” hahaha

  • Administrator

    You might want to check a dictionary yourself:
    mignon = small and pretty; dainty
    minion = A follower or underling of a powerful person

    And if you think mongrel is some kind of fancy word that regular people would have to look up in the dictionary, I feel really bad for you.

  • 555

    can a penus get stuck in a virgina

  • helpplease

    Need some advice…. running 3gs at 5.0

    Jailbreak worked fine…. but the now when I try to “just boot” I get past the DFU screen – starts to load… starts to reboot then it says “Exploit Failed” every time.

    Itunes should not be running in the background or does that matter?

    Any other option like “Recovery Fix” does the same thing with the “Exploit Failed.”

    Any ideas?

  • Heisawesome


  • Asdada

    so if i downloaded the ios 4.3.5 could i just install that on to my iPhone 4? i am trying to revert from 5.0.1 back to 4.3.5 so i can unlock it, but i dont have the shsh blobs or whatever they are called.

  • Sean M Wilson

    I didn’t pay any money for mine.. and if i had the money i would have a fuckin awesome android device.. not being able to jailbreak is so Lame as hell. im sick of it. come on, i think they are playin with the public now. this shits rediculous.

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