iOS 5.1 Beta 2 Contains References For Next Year’s Devices

by Adeel Qayum on December 14, 2011

One has to applaud Apple’s sense of humour. Folks back in Cupertino seem to have left a nice bogus in the latest iOS 5.1 beta. When Mark Gruman from 9to5Mac searched the 5.1 beta 2’s .plist files he discovered something that can put a smile on many faces.

iPad 3 Reference In iOS 5 Beta 2

Apple is very well aware of how the blogosphere works and rumor mill works it quite typically predicts future names of products based off internal references in iOS beta SDK’s. seems like this discovery landed people on the jackpot. And as probably expected , the developers won’t give up on finding the special sause inside iOS 5.1 beta 2. The doctored file is a high level file which is found easily. And developers have started digging at the lower level which indicates hope for useful information.

Referring to .plist we are now aware that there will be an TV 9, iPad 10, iPhone 11, and something called “iFPGA.”

The iPad 3 references also comes from TUAW’s own research:

Apple threw a bunch of bogus references into iOS 5.1beta1, but that didn’t stop developers from uncovering references to real devices. In between the garbage, there’s a reference to the iPad 3. Each reference has a device id of 1, so we know it points to an actual device. Finding the iPad 3 isn’t all that surprising as we have seen similar references before. This discovery is just another piece of evidence that suggests Apple will start selling the tablet this spring.

Interesting. Thoughts?

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  • jan daryl de guzman


  • Loganthered

    Well FPGA usually means “Field Programmable Gate Array” which basically is a CPU that can change it’s architecture dynamically. So perhaps a device that is capable of unifying both ARM and X86 architectures?

  • Mmm

    No, it stands for First Person Game Adapter. Google it.

  • Salmanburhan

    omg this is so exciting! maybe its a trick but maybe not! :)

  • Jamesisdusk

    Why would they put a TV 9, iPad 10, iPhone 11 in the iOS 5 code? … The iPad 10 and iPhone 11 would only support iOS 11-13. Not 5 >.<

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