iPhone 4S Baseband Dumped, Ultrasn0w Unlock Very Imminent

by Ahmed Omar on December 1, 2011

Unlock iPhone 4S baseband is very imminent and you’ll see a new version of ultrasn0w to unlock the newly released iPhone 4S soon. And no, the iPhone 4 will not be unlocked anytime soon. The news comes today from MuscleNerd’s Twitter timeline which shows very great progress on unlocking iPhone 4S baseband.

MuscleNerd posted a tweet saying “iPhone4S baseband bootrom now dumped :) ” which confirms that he could unlock the iPhone 4S successfully.

Four days ago, MuscleNerd said that a very promising iPhone 4S unlock is currently in progress and as it seems, the exploit is well-done. A new version of ultrasn0w will be released very soon as a new package in Cydia.

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  • Nvad

    Does this mean that Ipad 2 is getting JB too ?

  • Daboiskittz17

    Unlock and jailbroken is two different things

  • Bigrich0272

    It would have to be jailbroken to be unlocked

  • Heyjude

    whats the ponit of the unlock if it hasnt been prison-broken? u have to prison-break before u can unlock it, rite?

  • Dennyson

    What about iPhone 4 and the baseband 4.11.08? Is there some hope?

  • Cobaltthegreat

    Gotta jailbreak to unlock, much less alter the baseband. Personally i dont even see the point of worrying about an unlock with as new as the phone is right now unless you are gunghoe tmobile.

  • Johntangus

    Anybody interested in buying an iPhone 4 ?
    Locked 4 Life – unbelievable.

  • Anonymous

    Unlock for the iPhone 4S? So does this mean there will be a jailbreak released once the unlock is released? How will this work?

  • eProd

    how much?

  • Thai Le

    This sounds stupid. There is no jailbreak coming anytime soon. I think these guys will loose to the China gevey again

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    How can a software unlock “loose” to a hardware unlock? It’s like comparing a free computer app to screen record and an expensive screen recorder that you hook up to your monitor.

  • Donovan Wynter

    yea we now hearing about ip4s unlock coming very very soon but we not hearing anything about any jailbreak for it and as we all know there is no ultrasn0w with a jailbreak..

    so how is this gonna go??

  • armoZ

    the final destination is the same for both for me at least as I have iphone4 and BB is 04.11.08. SO gevey or software unlock its same for me really I just need a working phone

  • Asfd

    I am worried about the same too

  • redmeanstop

    Excuse the ignorance, but I just want to clarify. If one were to unlock the iphone 4s with this new progress, would it a) void the warranty and b) ever be “relocked” with a software update? I am not referring to jailbreaking, rather just unlocking it from a particular carrier that is not my own.

  • Thai Le

    The fact of the matter is……….we want a working phone

  • Surfman423

    So excuse the ignorance, maybe I am missing something here. The new unlock for the 4s will be available via Cydia. The is no jailbreak for the 4s. You cannot install Cydia without a jailbreak soooooo this brings me back to my orIginal question…….what good is an unlock if no one has access to It anyways??? I must be missing something???

  • prince

    dude, there is already jailbreak for iphone 4s BUT they did not release it to public. And if there is really no jailbreak for iphone, i forgot the name but they could not upload siri into iphone 4 with jailbreaking iphone 4s so please try to understand that they are doing their best.

  • prince

    and to comment further, they are doing it for FREE so let us not abuse them and say harsh things about them.

  • Jake Collyer

    Do you dumbshits really think a jailbreak isn’t in the works and close? Clearly there’s a way to do it and it’s coming soon as well. You dicks discourage any posting of updates at all because you whine and bitch about not having all the possible details. Develop it yourself then.

  • Son

    jb developers are geniuses, they are very tallented. but they can get revenue by people downloading and often paying for apps from cydia. no jb means no sales of apps. so it is also in their interest to get jb out asap. as far as “find a jb yourself then” goes, as some silly people have said, thats just being stupid isnt it. i will compensate hard working developers by downloading and paying for apps once jb is released tho, as will hundreds of thousands of other apple users. and that equals a lot of money….



  • Sarah

    1 question. I (regrettably) didn’t do enough research about Ultrasn0w before attempting to unlock my iPhone 4 BB 4.11.08, and now my phone is stuck on the Apple Icon. Is there anything I can do to reverse what I attempted to do with ultrasn0w?

  • Jc123

    So if this base band for the ip4s could you put that baseband on iPhone 4? Because I remember people always saying put iPad or iPhone 3GS on iPhone 4 . So couldn’t you put the 4s on the 4 so it can be unlocked? Jw idk I’m new to the base band thing and how it works.

  • http://twitter.com/TurnerNC Carson Turner

    1) No it doesn’t void your warranty because it can be undone with a simple phone restore in iTunes
    2) It will be locked again if you upgrade to a future firmware version without preserving the unlocked baseband

  • http://www.facebook.com/meshveliani Zaza Meshveliani

    it’s very very very good news !!!

  • Truebrit46

    i been told they is a unlock coming out for iphone 4 bb 4.11.08 using ultrasn0w on about the 16th december
    any one else heard out

  • Chern78

    Which source did you hear that from truebrit46?

  • Truebrit46

    i was lookin treough internet trying to find answers to my problem bein stuck with new bb
    and just so it commented in a forum not sure which one
    but they name was dev somthing no 100%
    his comment was be patient iphone 4 jb baseband 4.11.8 will be out around 16th december
    maybe its just a hoax
    hope not tho

  • Truebrit46

    his comment was be patient iphone 4 unlock on ultrasn0w baseband 4.11.8 will be out around 16th december
    maybe its just a hoax

  • Irish

    Plug it in to the computer. Then hold the power and home buttons until the system resets. This will bring up the itunes synch. Then you just need to launch itunes and restore your phone or set it up as a new one. Just ensure you have the original sim for which ever provider your phone is locked to.

  • Anonymous

    that meanz we have to wait for base 4.10.1 :(

  • Chandramouli Kundagrami

    Hope this will solve the issue of 4.11.08 also

  • geniusrafaelus

    This is confusing. There isn’t any jailbreak available for the 4S nor the iPad 2. How will the unlock for 4S be applied if you can’t install Cydia? Not sure why the dev team is wasting their time on the 4S when they can easily work on a 4 thats jailbroken. So its going to be difficult for 4S unlockers to apply ultrasnow without Cydia.

  • Weneedhelp

    Any news about the baseband 04.11.08. We need help!!!!!!!!!! Help us!!!!!

  • Stev71287

    Its was said that the new ultrasnow will be out around the 16th of december…but still no news..any idea what is happening..pls there are people who are stuck in here!!!At least give some news

  • Boythattinh

    Wait why is it possible to unlock the 4S but not the 4??? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  • Stev71287

    Thats true..can someone give us an answer!!

  • Weneedhelp

    Please give us some informations about unlocking i4???? This baseband 04.11.08 problem sucks! Please! Please! Do something!

  • Flybil Schim

    so my iPhone is just an iPod now coz of this bloody 04.11.08 baseband!! actually no way to downgrade it or even to unlocked it!! :( sad sad!!

  • iphone 4s owner

    i just bought an iphone 4s please come out with the unlock :(

  • juan

    They have been saying this same crap about releasing a new version of ultrasnow over a year, I honestly do not believe this at all.

  • Nibil2012

    are you stuck at the setup screen and it needs a sim card reply to my email i will tell you how to access it

  • Ugly_man74

    i thinks this is it no more Ultrasn0w , and its sucks i have iphone 4s , just gonna have to hope , that’s all i can do for now

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