iPhone 4S Battery: Apple Contacting Some Users, Ways To Fix Drain!

by Landon Lockhart on October 29, 2011

It seems that with the release of every new iPhone comes a new battery issue and the iPhone 4S is no exception.  According to a story published by The Guardian, Apple has not only admitted to battery draining problems with the 4S; They have also admitted that they “are not even close to a fix.”. Reportedly, Apple is even contacting users and asking to install diagnostic software on their devices in order to uncover the problem.

Putting aside the very Un-Apple like comment that they are no where close to a fix (You may remember a more stereotypical Apple comment made by the late apple CEO Steve Jobs in regards to the iPhone 4 antenna death grip, “Just don’t hold it like that.”), it is true that the 4S has major battery issues.

What is causing the draining problems is apparently unknown to apple at the time.  Suggestions from various sources about what the problem could be include, but are not limited to, iCloud, Notification Center, Location Services, and Reminders.  IOS 5, though it is packed with new features, some good, others neutral, seems to be harming the battery life significantly.  It is possible that it could be a hardware issue, but let us hope otherwise.

What steps should you take in order to maximize battery efficiency?  First, try one of the many applications currently available that analyze your battery usage.  These applications will monitor how much battery life is being used by the various apps and settings.  You will then need to adjust your usage based on the information you gain from the app.

Also, make sure to turn off your Bluetooth, 3G, and any other setting that you aren’t using at the time.  Another idea to take into consideration is turning down the brightness on your phone.  The high resolution screen on the iPhone 4S is certainly a battery burner on it’s own and with the brightness turned to it’s peak your sure to watch your battery drain before your eyes.

Ultimately, there is no “magic bullet” solution for the iPhone 4S battery issues, only subtle changes that you, the user can make to slightly increase the life of the battery.  As soon as a solution is given by apple, we will relay the news to you guys immediately.

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  • No67ia

    The beta test begins lol

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    I think the problem is when the phone has a low 3G connection, and it switches between two antennas back and forth causing the battery drain because at school where I get good connection, I get good battery life but at my moms work where there is low signal, the battery seems to drain much faster

  • Peppin

    I really don’t know why everyone is having battery issues. I’m with sprint ,after leaving an htc evo I find my iPhone 4s to be amazing. I go easily almost 48 hrs before getting to 20% or so. I browse the Internet a lot, play a few games daily throughout the day, Facebook, twitter, some videos and a few calls all daily. What I did immediately was turn off Bluetooth, wifi ( Becauae sprint 3G is fast enough) and actually increased brightness to 70% on auto, have great battery life. And reference the individual with wifi at moms work, that did happen to my wife’s 4s, but I explained to her of course it will drain the battery if the wifi is constantly connecting, disconnecting and trying to reconnect when you are around weak wifi source. Hope this helps.

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