iPhone 4S Retains Top Position In US Smartphone Industry

by Saeed on April 2, 2012

It’s breaking records after records in a loop and now there’s an addition in the list, yes, I’m talking about the iPhone 4S. Apple’s 5th generation of iPhone has gathered a lot of number in couple of month to wear the crown of being the best smartphone in mobile industry. The number are adding up now, according to recent a recent report by Canaccord Genuity’s analyst Mike Walkley and his team the iPhone 4S has retained its position as the best selling smartphone at Sprint and AT&T.

“Our March checks indicated the iPhone continues to extend its market share gains,”

This is just the tip of the ice berg, according to this report the iPhone 4S outsells all smartphones combined at Sprint and AT&T are the two leading carriers in US. The report goes even further, iPhone 4S sales is approximately equal to the sale of all other Android smartphone of Verizon Wireless which is also the leading carrier in US. All in all Apple iPhone 4S outsells the all Android devices available in market right now, this is remarkable.

“In fact, we believe iPhones are outselling all other smartphones combined at Sprint and AT&T and selling at roughly equal volume to all Android smartphones at Verizon.”

This is just one smartphone giving tough time to all other smartphones which are manufactured by leading Apple competitors like HTC and Samsung. The gist of the story is; iPhone 4S is STILL the best mobile phone available in market no matter what. Samsung also has some good offerings like Samsung Galaxy SII which according to this report is doing great at Sprint and AT&T but still it’s has a long way to cover in order to beat the best. On Verizon we have Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus which is giving them a great boost but again it’s not enough to compete with iPhone 4S. 

Samsung’s sales volume and popularity is growing but which may bring the Korean Electronics company to a point where it can stand shoulder to shoulder with Apple but that’s far far away.

“Our global checks also indicated another quarter of strong market share gains for Samsung, particularly in Europe and Asia,” says Walkley. “In fact, we believe Samsung’s strong smartphone portfolio across all price tiers will result in Samsung’s smartphone shipments increasing a remarkable 15%-plus sequentially during the seasonally weak March quarter.”

So much for a phone which people thought wouldn’t sell, no?

(Via ATD)

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