iPhone 5 Coming In June This Year, Says Foxconn Recruiter (REPORT)

by Saeed on April 4, 2012

This next big thing of this year – iPhone 5 – from Apple is in making. Even though it is clear by now that Apple won’t be introducing their 6th generation of iPhone in June this year we’re getting some reports that the fruit may finally introduce it in June this year. In a recent interview on Japanese TV channel a Foxconn recruiter said that the company is looking for 18,000 employees in order meet “some deadline”. Upon asking why Foxconn is recruiting so many people at once, the recruiter mentioned that the company is definitely recruiting them for next gen iPhone manufacturing which “will” come out in June later this year.

(Concept via BGR)

Many Apple pundits believe that the company would continue to follow their last year’s launch plan which makes sense in a lot of ways. Apple changed their iPhone launch plan and launched their 5th generation of iPhone–iPhone 4S– in October last year. The plan worked pretty well for Apple which also gave them a lot of sales. More than 37 million iPhone units were sold in one quarter, now that’s a huge number.
Apple is very secretive company and  even people who work on a specific product don’t know how it looks like or when is it coming out in the market. How can a recruiter be aware of such sensitive information? Even carrier partners like Sprint and Verizon don’t know when Apple plans to launch their next iteration of iPhone. AT&T,however, always gets a hat tip before the launch of any product but this report is not coming from partner carriers. Foxconn is Apple’s principal supplier of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and MacBooks it is possible that top tier management of Foxconn “may be” aware of their deadline but they leak it THAT easy.

iPhone 4S is doing well in the market and the phone is leading US’ smartphone industry, the sales are good, customers are satisfied and interestingly the product is growing. Why would Apple release a next gen iPhone when their previous iPhone is still doing good in the market. These are some of the question which conflict with this recent report. We’re way more than skeptical about this report and an iPhone 5 launch in June is highly unlikely.

(Via Mashable)

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