iPhone 5 To Feature 4.6-inch Display (RUMOR)

by Ahmed Omar on March 22, 2012

iPad 3 rumors are over now, but iPhone 5 rumors will just begin. Whether it’s named iPhone 5 or the new iPhone,  Reuters relays rumor from a South Korean newspaper which claims that Apple’s next iPhone will feature a 4.6-inch display.

We have seen lots of rumors about the upgraded screen size for the next generation iPhone but all claimed a 4-inch screen not 4.6. We have seen many Android devices using the 4-inch screen such as Samsung Galaxy S II.

Only the Samsung Galaxy Nexus device features 4.65-inch screen. Below is a picture (via TheVerge) showing the Galaxy Nexus of 4.65-inch screen compared to the iPhone 4S of 3.5-inch screen.

The larger screen has been a much-wanted feature since the release of the iPhone 4S and even before.


Apple has decided on the bigger 4.6-inch display for its next iPhone and started placing orders to its suppliers, the Maeil Business Newspaper said, quoting an unnamed industry source.

Would you prefer a 4.6-inch screen? or the more claimed 4-inch screen would be enough?

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  • Jbfkafb

    bullshit…its gonna be 4

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1582505651 Will Morris

    that might be the ipob touch 5 to big for a phone for most people

  • Paulharmz

    4″ please. My hands are not like Shaquille’s. We don’t need larger screen. Just tighter options/functions, less crashing issues and get with tmobile for next gen iPhone!

  • Paulharmz

    Galaxy screen is larger but iPhone is sharper. And you can clearly see the apps.

  • Paulharmz

    Let’s stop rumors and only report facts. We know he next gen is due soon. And it will kill the lame 4S version. You guys got dupped into paying $200-$700 for Siri and a Barely faster processor. It’s maybe 1 second faster than the iphone 4. Now he be iPad is having issues. I love my iPad 2 and will wait or the next gen iPad. And apple needs to offer unlocks for older devices they no longer support or no longer under any contract. They can do it but is more profitable to force you to buy the new version. Oh, and fuc Siri, apple used that to get you addicts to buy the 4S….

  • Dankvwguy

    I had the choice of paying $180 for a replacement for or $200 for the 4S. I think you see where I’m going here. Not everyone bought it just for Siri, some had it as a choice for an upgrade and the 4 was only offered in a 8gb version.

  • Sky

    Yes, that is the right size!

  • Milicigoran

    Shouldn’t have used your upgrade and waited. That’s what I did. Now you won’t be eligible for the upgrade cuz your contract won’t be up.

  • yigitandic

    Lol we are homo-sapiens, not giant-sapiens, i think 3.5 is still enough, don’t wany a larger iphone

  • kwak

    god no more

  • Sda

    i want a 9.001 ince screen

  • Cobaltthegreat

    Its a rumor. 4.6 inches is top damn big. When does it go from being a phone and turn into a tablet?

  • Eva

    Hmm…will that cannibalize the iPad?

  • Lynx2025

    expected a 4″ but a 4,6″ is better. Did not upgrade since 3GS. Don’t feel to loose anything for the moment…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=562000729 Wissam Saadawy

    My expectation tells me Apple will have to fill the gap between iphones and Ipads so expect 2 models iphone regular size screen and a bigger one 4.6” or even 5” like galaxy note

  • necronen

    Apple won’t go further with 4″ Screen if they planned for expansion. I have heard before that they planning to have 3.7″ screen.

  • Shinpachi

    I an apple fanboy and I’d have to say I would love to have somewhere around 5″, but I really doubt they would go that big unless they tried to start a new category or something like Samsung did with the galaxy note.

  • Shinpachi

    I don’t think apple will stop making the 3.5″ because some of iPhone users might not want to go any larger, so if anything the larger size will be added as a different option.

  • DKSJ2006

    NEVER believe what Korean media says about Apple’s product.

    I am Korean, and even if I no longer reside there, I am very active at one of the largest IT-related communities/websites. And 99% of Korean medias, if not all, can’t even figure out how Samsung’s Galaxy S3 will be like.

    In other word, they can’t even guess the product that to be released in a month from the company of their own country.. Do you really think whatever they say about the product from US company worth any?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t ruin the beauty of a crisp and glamorous iphone by ‘oversizing’ it. We don’t want a mini-tablet to answer a simple phone call or text a line or two. Indeed the shape and style of 3GS is still appealing even though I’m hanging on to a new 4S now. 4″ screen is max as an average user.

  • J2107

    hi i manege to unlock my iphone 4 but i can still make calls the rest is okay

  • ElPared

    what you guys are forgetting is that Apple acquired that glass company. Most people think this means a class case. I think it means a screen that goes from edge to edge with not borders. This would allow for a larger screen without too much increase in the overall size of the device, so 4.6 inches may not be as huge as you think.

    I for one would love a bigger screen. Currently it’s a bit too small for me, the Droid Razr is actually a much better fit for me screen size wise, so I hope the iPhone 5 is comparable

  • Achillesthegreat

    Not like apple to produce different versions, except gig size and color, of any device. So I doubt they will have two different screen size phone. It will be either one or the other.

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