iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak ETA From Pod2G

by Saeed on April 24, 2012

The whole jailbreak community is waiting for iOS 5.1′s untethered jailbreak and this is not going to be an ordinary one because we have a new iOS device which has never been jailbroken before not publicly at least. Yes folks I’m talking about the new iPad aka iPad 3, even though the new iPad 3 has been jailbroken (un)tethered by several iOS hacker but the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1 or iPad 3 is not publicly available as yet. Pod2G famous iOS hacker and member of Chronic dev team is actively working in jailbreaking iOS 5.1 untethered.

Jailbreak 5.1 Untethered

In his last update, the hacker told us the he has successfully bypassed iOS 5.1′s ASLR which brought us one step closer to iOS 5.1′s untethered jailbreak but today’s update in not going to sound good. According to his recent update on social networking site Twitter, the hacker gave us a hint about time release time frame.

“ETA for 5.1 JB : no clue! We’re going to set pieces of the puzzle together this week. We could have issues… Could be 1 month maybe 2… Maybe never… (!)

I know 1 month seems long, but it’s short to work on a project like this when it’s a hobby and you’ve other things to do as well.”

According to Pod2G this jailbreak can take some time, though it was expected that this jailbreak would be released in short period of time because iPad 3 was jailbroken within 24 hours of it’s but that’s not case here folks. You will have to wait a little more for this jailbreak. Remember that iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak also took more than 3 moths. So a month is normal and 2 months is not bad as long as you’re getting an untethered jailbreak for your all new shiny iPad 3.

Finding an exploit is just the beginning of the process, using that exploit to achieve a stable jailbreak on all iOS devices is the toughest part. Pod2G and Chronic dev team is actively working on putting this jailbreak together. Once done, this jailbreak would be released in the form of all major jailbreaking tools like Redsn0w and Sn0wbreeze.

iOS 5.1 has already been jailbroken on non A5 device but the jailbreak is still tethered which means you will have to boot your iOS device in jailbroken state every time you reboot it.

Pod2G is the same hacker who gave us an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 and iPhone 4S.

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  • Zedjamal

    so, is there’s an iOS5.1 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4s?

  • Unshadow

    iOS 5.1 has already been jailbroken on non A5 device.

  • Mitchell Dambach

    this isnt an ETA at all. your article is bad and you should feel bad

  • André Postigo

    no…not yet , in about a month and a half we should be getting it

  • André Postigo

    I can’t wait for it LOLOL

  • Lars Bo Nielsen

    I actually got a iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1 untethered. I don´t no how i got it like that. I did upgrade to 5.1 and that was tethered, and I wanted it untethered so I thought that I was on 5.0.1 after downgrade and I did that long ago, but now I see that I am on 5.1 and it is untethered. I used iFaith and then redsn0w. Lucky me :-)

  • Redmax

    they just want more donation and they will do

  • Nuffy

    There is no ETA you fuckwit.. Why would you put that as the headline dumbass?

  • Jack

    Just donate $999… it will help!

  • Jack

    Make a release, you will got a huge amount of respect and donation.

  • The Masaya

    2 Months, Maybe never
    I’m Selling my iPhone, it just suucks whitout a jailbreak

  • iHack

    moving to Android if Jailbreak never comes out :)

  • SmartCat

    You donate $999… Jailbreak Comes Out… Apple Blocks it the Next month
    you wanna donate another $999…??

  • sarah

    iOS user since the iPod touch came out…. no jailbreak then i’m moving to Android, better than Windows phone

  • Facundo

    You wont loose JB if no update…

  • David

    i don’t want to be locked to Sprint CDMA so if there is no Jailbreak then i’m selling it too

  • forc3d

    no jailbreak?? then i have nothing to do whit an iOS Device

  • iDo

    then just don’t update and keep your iDevice old by time since apple release an update every month, well it looks like it’s almost the end of the Jailbreak

  • iDo

    it looks like it’s almost the end of the Jailbreak, pod2g is the only one and seems to be dying all by himself

  • shortandsassy

    i guess i’m saying good bye apple, welcome windows phone

  • Officialdecues

    I would never give my iphone up for a droid or win phone, there is really only 10 or less USEFUL jailbreak tweaks, other than that it’s a bunch of BS for you to show your friends “look what my phone can do.” If you JB your phone just to be a show off then you should go buy a droid. Every time a new idevice comes out they add a new feature that a jailbreak allowed you to do, it’s just marketing. My phone is currently JB and I have way more issues with it locking up and lagging than if it wasn’t JB. I could care less about a JB because like I said, I only use it for the 10 most useful tweaks. Mainly intelliscreenX, copic, sbsettings, activator, insomnia, facebreak, iGotYa, killbackground & tetherme. Appls like Winterboard and random themes are terrible about crashing your springboard so I stay away from that crap.

  • adam_electric

    lol that happens cause u have an old bootrom… thats all

  • adam_electric


  • Carlinhoos

    What about the downgrade status?

  • M00ks

    hi you guys have helped me loads. looking forward for the give away.
    my twitter is Sammy F Sinclair
    my facebook is Sammy Sinclair

  • Anonymous

    don’t care about ipad3, just want to jailbreak my 4S on 5.1 :(

  • Riven92

    w/e bye apple

  • Hernandezjr

    We need jailbreak in my business, its the only way to unlock all iphones and use them, this is not about tweaks Kid…!!!

  • Jorge

    Come back in 3 months, maybe you can find a jailbreak if not i recommend you to sell the iPhone

  • G4s

    First go and find out all a jailbroken iPhone can do than comment, not every body wait months for the jailbreak and then they just add a tweak to their phone like you do, some people outside the us needs their iphones unlocked and jailbreak is the only way, so no Jailbreak bye bye apple

  • Petesy27

    Does a jailbreak unlock your network provider also. Help please.

  • bill


  • Dim Uskov

    No. To unlock use ultrasn0w from cydia.

  • Carlinhoooos

    Any news about the downgrade on the ios 5.1 for ipad2 ?

  • Pepepecas

    i always wanted to own a Motorola smartphone anyways

  • Jorge

    No, come back in a week

  • Sarita

    you have to jailbreak it, then you are able to unlock the phone

  • Carlinhoos

    Or a month…

  • w00dsmeat

    gotta start learning how to root my new future android :)

  • Robert Kohut

    follow this link, its an absinthe 5.1 jailbreak fir iphone 4s 5.1, spread it!!!!!

  • BlackRaven

    Same here. :(

  • Chrisconner0

    I’ll buy it for 100 bucks since its gunna be useless

  • BASiQ

    Maybe two

  • BASiQ

    Guys, two things. First off. If you don’t like 5.1. Buy one on craigslist or eBay with 5.0.1. Sell the one you have for around the same price on either of those two and ta-da. Problem solved. This is what I did, simple as pie.

    Also, guys
    [personal rant, not being asked to do this, just wish someone else had years ago xD]

  • BASiQ

    Also, I have managed to downgrade 5.1 to 5.0.1 WITHOUT the cydia ssh file. I have no real idea how I did it, it took me about 8 hours. I was determined xD. I used a variation of iREB, Redsn0w, Snowbreeze and Tiny Umbrella. It can be done. I also used the hosts file. Either or the cydia ones [google]

  • Motorola4life

    Get the RAZR MAXX, I replaced my iPhone 4 with it, and don’t regret it a bit. Android has come a long way, and the battery life on the MAXX is awesome and then some. Just my two pennies. I still love my iPhone and wouldn’t sell it for anything. One thing I’ve learned about iOS and Android updates, jailbreaks & Rooting is that, you never jump on an update as soon as it’s released. You always keep a check on the staus of jailbreaks and rooting methods before you do any updating to your O.S if you want to keep your hacks.

  • Anonymous

    Or never

  • Billy

    Um windows? I would get some type of droid before windows

  • Tj

    The updates suck why you need to update 5.01 will be good for 2 3 years hell my mom is still on 4.0 and she can still download apps if you don’t update your phone will still work

  • pinkle

    will this untethered jb work with iphone 4?

  • Alexander Westerhof

    if you ahve cydia there are green numbers in with that is ssh
    if your ipod/iphone/ipad is compatilbe then it should be there

    and that is how you were able to downgrade

  • Tri Edge

    this is again exactly what i said about the other JB … they have the exploit… they have the script to make it work.. all they wanna do now is a pretty nice smooth GUI that allows a 1-click Jailbreak

    wich is hard to make as 1 click scripts dont work with every single system…

    those who need a JB dont care if they have to enter 27716 commands as long as it works

  • Jaybeatszzz


  • Jaybeaszz

    I personally think that they can’t hack it apple ain’t playing no more they making it harder and harder to jailbreak soon it will never be jailbroken or either they have it and want people to donate more before releasing it to the public my opinion I could be wrong

  • Androidone

    Very good argument, i agree
    If they really want to jailbreak the iOS 5.1 they would be calling more developers/hacker to continue working whit the project since pod2g says he does not have time, i mean look at i0n1c he already have a jailbreak for 5.1 it did not take too much time to do it by himself, but thats just my opinion maybe from does thousands developer/hacker around the globe only one can do it and nobody else can undestand how to make a jailbreak

  • Ipod4g

    This is not funny no more

  • Alex

    I guess they find out how much money they can do whit the Jailbreak and they dont want to release it so they can get more money whit donations, as you sayd if they really want to jailbreak it they can share the project whit more hackers, but they dont do it so they can get more donations, and i0n1c was talking about that, thats why he say he does not want to release it, look at Android there are many hackers rooting Android devices not just one
    maybe i’m wrong too, just my opinion

  • The Masaya

    Sorry man sold for 250, better than what i was expecting

  • Tome

    Does this work?? jailbrake 5.1 on 4s!?

  • Mengchea Kh

    Hop that they will release soon…

  • ShadesOfSteel

    The impatience I see here is a group of people who are whining griping and moaning about how long it takes for a jailbreak to come out. My challenge to you is develop one yourself then. These people are doing it as a hobby and yes to make money.

    I would not spend the hundreds of hours it takes to punch holes in all the new layers apple has thrown in the way of a fast jailbreak for free either They have one that works on a developer account. There is a massive difference in what can be run on a device registered to a dev account and a regular user account. Get a grip. As the hardware and software gets more complex, the harder it becomes to JB.

    The amount of knowledge it takes to do this is incredible and most users would NEVER be able to grasp what goes into this kind of work. Google learn how to jailbreak an iPhone. There is a website that covers what is needed and it is years of work and an innate understanding of the devices which cannot be taught to develop the knowledge to do this.

    The reason Android is so easy to root is the fact that at the heart of any droid device is some form of the android open source project. Some of the best rootig methods replace the proprietary droid OS on the phone with either Cyanogen Mod 7, CM9(upon release) some other third party variant OR flat out Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich. That is why so many people are involved in droid rooting.

    Get used to longer waits for JB releases and get used to fewer teams working on them and/or the few teams out there working together.

  • masterdroid

    there would not be long waiting if this Jailbreak projects where shared to everyone so more hacker can continue whit the Jailbreak process, and not keep them to them self, as you said they are doing it as a hobby thats why it takes too long, there is no need for that, but no they dont want to share the project they want to do it by them self and get all the credit and donations

  • Hackbook

    look at i0n1c he did it, and it does not take him too much time, back then it was not about donations, you where able to find many ways to jailbreak, but now they keep everything by them self for donations, they have the jailbreak share the project…!!! so other hackers can continue whit the project, some hackers still do thing because they like to do it, not for donations

  • Randompie

    that’s why i0n1c did not wanted to share his jailbreak, because everyone is trying to get money from it, he want it to be a free jailbreak no donations no nothing, bad thing much more people is trying to get money from his project
    he is like “stop talking about money on this”

  • OpensourceFedora

    i guess since more features comes out to iOS, more bugs are found and is more easy to jailbreak it by time, what it think is happening right now is that not too much hackers are in to this right now, and the one who are like i0n1c and pod2g can jailbreak it very easy they did it in the firs try, but if there where no people involving money in to this we all would have a happy iOS 5.1 jaibreak right now, i mean it exist already the one who has i0n1c, it did not take too long and it was not hard they did it at the first try…!!!, and pod2g is taking too much time not because it was hard but because he does not have time
    i dont think is gonna take longer waits to jailbreak future devices since more features are coming out which means more bugs that turns out in to more ways to jailbreak
    but that’s just my opinion like yours :)

  • David XAVIER

    I say hold off on using the exploits until ios6 comes out or atleast a few months down the road. This hasn’t been tried yet and we already have a tethered jailbreak which is perfectly fine with me.

  • Aa Player47

    is there any iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak for a4 devises?

  • David AGRZ

    i think they should release it, every exploit they have right now is going to be patched when iOS 6 comes out, and even if we wait the iOS 6 is not around the corner, remember the iOS 5 beta 1 last for 3 months and every exploit they where saving was patched the day before it came out, and there’s not even a tethered jailbreak for A5 5.1 Devices like the iPhone 4S 5.1 so they are gonna be locked and whit out a jailbreak for more than half a year

  • Cobaltthegreat

    Ya know, alot of you guys wouldnt be so anxious for these jailbreaks to come out if you wouldnt get so trigger happy everytime apple drops a new download. Im having a blast with the old 5.0.1 jb. Cant even remember what its like to be bound to oem. :-)

  • Criisw

    No dude

  • Mr_H

    ya know, some of us had to buy a new with the new iOS on it.
    Don’t blame all of us for updating.

  • IReece2

    He isn’t. He is stating that cydia help shouldn’t raise false hopes everytime a hacker says something. It annoys us, we want the jailbreak itself. Not the ETA or the ‘It’s coming soon!’ stuff.

    And, of course you brought it with the new OS… Silly boy…

  • Epantera13

    Hurry up all you stupid fuck I need to jailbreak my iPad 2 shitttt

  • Epantera13Spanker

    You’re a dick. If you can’t wait patiently, STFU and do it yourself.

  • iHackerMe

    Shut up and bloody do it your self yourself and don’t post. The’re doing it for free from there own time and the don’t have time for bloody noobs who just know how to talk like you. Get lost.

  • nozty

    Cant wait for the untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4 ….

  • Dfafaf

    how dare you to call them “stupid fuck” you should tell that to yourself fag.

  • iHackMySelf

    Alright, let’s everybody just calm the fuck down.
    Let’s just keep on praying

  • Brazilianapple

    ow my god, i’m waiting for this shit! Keep praying!

  • Burn_Shadow

    were are u getting this information from?

  • The Insaint

    Don’t care about iPhone 4S with 5.1, just want JB iPad 3 WiFi only …

  • Graceyb

    I just tried to jailbreak my iphone 4 w iOS5.1 w the untethered jailbreak tru Snowbreeze and now its not turning back on… HELPPPP:(

  • Bjorn D. Volkers

    I want it! I want it! I want it!

  • Bill Shen

    Yeah… you’re screwed… it’s a scam…

  • Stephan Romeo

    I thing the “dream team” should get together & charge $1 per year on Cydia and make some money and make us all happy!

  • anon

    just recover it on itunes

  • Nesaratai

    how to jailbreak iphone 4s with ios 5.1? do you have a solve for my problem?

  • Ali Bff

    you should wait, you should wait, you should wait

  • Ali Bff

    boot it as ibooty because IT IS TETHERED

  • Graceyb

    got it thankss!!

  • TheRipper

    Epantera13 the only stupid fuck here is yourself u retarded moron..

  • Daniel Perez

    i want to jailbreak my iphone 4s running ios5.1 can you tell me when it will be available?

  • VoteForJailbreak5.1

    if the vote “iOS 6′s gonna be a challenge. Keep your stuff” wins you are gonna be stuck there for more than half a year, best decision they can make don’t you think

  • Officialdecues

    I know everything a jailbroken iPhone can do.
    And basically you just proved me right, you need the jailbreak for ONE! thing. To unlock your phone.

  • Keegan Carson

    press and hold the power and home buttons till it turns back on it should take like 10 seconds at the most

  • Guest

    there not really doing it for free, its like Google and Facebook. it really isnt free. google and facebook store your info and sell if for profit. but i don’t think the iPhone devteam does that, hoe ever they get money from the adds on cydia :P

  • AKa

    Does anyone edit these posts? The grammar and spelling, pure garbage…..

  • Joaquín Hip Patiño

    You cant :/

  • Matmotor

    Trade-In ur iPhone/iPad get Galaxy S III or Sony Xperia S or Android TAB ^_^

  • Fudge

    Thanks Pod2G

  • Cass

    my iphone 4s is running on ios5.1 and its jailbroken but my gps won’t work??

  • Thedustywizard

    its taking a long time to identify my build, is that a bad thing

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