Network Problem After iOS 5 — Baseband 04.11.08 Unlock Possibility

by Ahmed Omar on October 15, 2011

Some of our users have been asking about unlocking the new baseband of iOS 5 and if it’s unlockable or not. A lot of users might have upgraded accidentally to iOS 5 without preserving the baseband to keep the unlock. That makes you lose your unlock. Below we discuss if there’s any solutions.

Baseband 04.11.08

When you rely on unlock and want to upgrade to iOS 5, you need to preserve iPhone 4 baseband (guide here) and then unlock using Ultrasn0w 1.2.4 (guide here) or Gevey SIM for higher basebands (guide here).

There’s actually no solution if you accidentally  upgraded to iOS 5 and lost your unlock.

Downgrade Baseband 04.11.08 to 01.59.00

This process can’t be done and actually, there’s no one currently working on it so don’t believe any scam sites telling you that you can do that.

Unlock Baseband 04.11.09 with Ultrasn0w

Well, the latest Ultrasn0w is made for lower baseband and 04.11.09 baseband is not supported so you would wait for new ultrasn0w version to support it. We say it won’t be released soon.

Unlock Baseband 04.11.09 with Gevey SIM

You’ll have to wait to wait for modified version of Gevey SIM to support this baseband.

Let us know any further questions.


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  • Paul

    It is posible to downgrade ios 5 and baseband now ?

  • Paul

    And when can I buy new Gevey sim for 04.11.08 baseband ?

  • Anan Stha

    it is possible to downgrade ios 5 to 4.x.x but your baseband will remain same.

  • Aryan78624

    Ye i have done it yesterday and only until apple signing 4.3.5
    1. download 4.3.5 just google
    2. Restore it using Itunes
    3. now download 5.0 Google it
    4. snowbreez 2.8b8
    5. follow the steps and you are done with your older baseband on ios 5

  • Danny18096

    that true. cz i downgrade to 4.3.5. and 4.1 and my basevand still the same.

  • Robert

    clarify. download 4.3.5–where(site)?
    how do i restore (just open download)?
    Then I update to new 5.0 (itunes does this automatically)?
    Then put snowbreeze on

  • Paulz

    When can I buy new geveyyyyyyy?

  • Abubakr Raza

    am on ios 5 .. i preserved my baseband using snowbreaze and guess what? Gevey sim works Perfect!

  • DadaCaye Cortez Dajao

    please help me!!!… i upgrade iphone 4 to ios 5.. and im using gevey sim.. but it is not working!!!.. what will i do?????? plss help

  • Heidiqt012

    I heard you can upgrade baseband to ipad 6.11.something….. if you have the iphone 3gs and then unlock it.. but…. idk… more info please!!

  • Yuen_ronald

    i looked thru a lot of possible solutions on the internet and currently, i believe there is no solution YET. Our only hope is to wait for Gevey sim to release a new version. that means we need to get a new gevey sim probably.

  • Yuen_ronald

    i dun think there is a new gevey released yet

  • Olmangetitright

    I upgraded to ios5 yesterday, jailbreak it and unlock it with ultrasnow but when I place the SIM card in up top saiy ”searchin….” three five minutes later it says ”NO SIM”. I downgraded ios back to 4.3.3, now also 4.3.3 gives me the same result “searching….” and then “No SIM”. Any solution for this???

  • Sydney

    HI aryan,

    I did the above upto step #2 and it says ” the iphone could not be restored. This device isnt eligible for the requested build? Pls help!!

  • Prettyryun

    Hi there!
    I have a problem with my iphone after upgrading to ios 5

    I used at&t Iphone 4 with gevey sim for Tmobile.

    And 2days ago, I upgrade to IOS5 with firmware from Apple……

    so I can’t use my phone anymore…

    I want to downgrade to ios 4.3.5 but my baseband is already 04.11.08

    If I downgade to ios 4.3.5, can I use gevey sim again?

    I have never done backup with shsh and used cydia app.

    Please help me.

  • Coolmesenger

    Hi all i have accidentally upgraded to ios 5 without preserving and i restored back to 4.3.5 again with baseband 4.10 previously i was using gevey sim and now it doesn work my baseband is 4.10 . when upgrading to ios5 directly cause gevey sim not to work and any one have solution for this .. thnx

  • Pierrelahoud77

    Can I do it with 4.3.3?

  • John Bernard R. Cagampan

    For those iphone users who upgraded to ios5, just downgrade back to 4.3.5 and used sn0wbreeze to preserve baseband. With this method, you can still use gevey sim with ios5. Just search google for tutorials on ios5 preserve baseband.

  • Robert

    How do I downgrade to 4.35 and downgrade my baseband?

  • Ron

    I purchased an iphone 4 off of Amazon, and it came installed with ios 5. Hence, I have the 4.11.08 baseband, and cannot unlock it. A lot of the blogs I see out here are really condescending (e.g., never use stock IPSW, you shouldn’t have upgraded, etc.) The thing is, if you buy a new iPhone 4, it will have a higher baseband, and this isn’t the user’s fault… more and more people will be stuck with this problem. Someone please develop a work-around for the latest baseband. I really appreciate what developers are doing, and I hope that someone out there is working on this problem Right now I’m just stuck with an extremely expensive, thick iPod Touch… I’m certain that there are many people out there with the same problem, and a whole lot more to come.

  • Ron

    This workaround no longer works, since Apple no longer signs 4.3.5 blobs. The only solution we have is for an ultrasn0w developer to confront the 4.11.08 baseband.

  • Tenzinpalden

    what if one doesn’t have the shsh blob saved??? I currently have ios 5 on my iphone 4, but want to downgrade it to 4.3.3. Does anybody have an idea wether it can be done??? Comments appreciated.


  • Nonthing

    It can not be downgrade from baseband 04.11.08.
    If you downgrade to 4.3.5, the baseband is also 4.11.08.
    Because I had try it before.
    Maybe the only way if Waiting for the new version of gevey.

  • Unlock 04.11.08-01.59.00

    Not work Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband – Downgrade to 01.59.00

  • Cherian Jitin

    Apple has stopped signing 4.3.5 therefore you wont be able to downgrade. You will have to wait until the gevey sim supporting the new bb is launched…

  • Cherian Jitin

    starting 17th Oct, Apple has stopped signing 4.3.5 therefore you will not be able to downgrade…

  • Ajay Abishek

    1. firstly stop thinking over downgrading to 4.3.5. coz apple stopped signing it and therefore no question of whether the base band will downgrade too or not.

    2. at present there is no solution to dis. so do not trust if some one says they can downgrade the current baseband. it must be an absolute scam or fake!!

    3. in near future there may be a solution regarding this problem. so wait till a newer version of ultrasnow which unlocks 4.11.08 will be devloped or gevey sim to be modified.

    4. for time being there is one solution that lets ur device to run just as an ipod (hope dis gives a lot of relief to stuck device owners). i.e get an original sim( i got one frm a local mobile service store. if u dont find one, u may get a dummy sim from ebay). it is only required to activate ur device once. u may remove it once ur device gets activated and can replace it with any sim or jst no sim. during this process make sure u are in a wifi access to set up phone n enable ur location (coz u cant access 3G).

    5. now wait till the ultrasnow comes with good news.

    6. there are many people facing same situation so there might be a possible solution in near future.

    7. any doubts?? mail at

  • huqing

    Yes, I also meet the same problem. OS5 with baseband 04.11.08, and without backup, so it can’t be unlocked

  • zenith Malik

    who ever posted downgrade is not possible then he or she is fool
    i’m personally using an iphone 4 and i updated to 5.0 then i downgrade back to 4.3.5 version
    !: tethered jailbreak ios 5.0 and go to cydia – search and write “OPENSSH” install it and try to downgrade after 3 to 4 hours

    how to restore back to 4.3.5
    plug your iphone4 in DFU mode
    with itunes and hold the “shift” and click “restore” and brows your ipsw

  • Cherian Jitin

    Who else can be a bigger fool…! the problem begins after you click on restore, “Apple has stopped signing 4.3.5″ (read it again GENIUS). Yes it has and therefore even if you try restoring it will prompt and error asking you to update your itunes… !

  • Cherian Jitin

    I am using iOS 5 without using the original sim. Tethered JB took care of it for me.

    Also, I have preserved by BB and unable to unlock using Gevey. Guess, we will have to wait till ultrasn0w or Gevey come up with an update… (aarrggh! I am hating this)

  • Cherian Jitin

    Err I meant, I activated iOS 5 without the AT&T sim

  • searey

    upgraded to ios 5 without preserving–i put an ipad sim in the phone to activate it, then went to an att store, got a gophone sim, activated it, so now using that with 25/month plan till unlock comes out. no data but at least the phone is usable. hope that helps someone

  • Tathagat Verma

    Thank you Ajay Abishek.
    I’m facing the same issue. I’ve updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 5 from iTunes and the Modem Firmware is now 04.11.08. The downgrade is not working.

    I guess, as suggested by you I’ll wait till a fix comes up for this.

  • Dancinsmurf

    It can be downgraded but the baseband stays the same…

  • pintos

    Downgrade to 4.3.5 is possible. I just did i yesterday (20.10.2011). The problem is that the process doesnt downgrade the baseband, so its stuck to ios 5.0 baseband. The gevey doesnt work on iOS 5.0 basaband. Although the phone is usable for other stuff (surfing, music, even cydia works), u can not make calls with it.

    Hope someone figures out how to downgrade the baseband, or finds a hole in the ne iOS 5.

    Till than I’m using my Iphone 4 as an Ipod touch :( (((.

  • Jbrowneyes2003

    so snowbreeze works

  • uma-t5

    hi! and when we gonna have a new version of gevey for baseband 04.11.08? I can’t

  • Jchrd384

    please let us know if ultrsnow is going to unlock the baseband 04.11.08! please! i cant use my iphone4 only like a ipod!

  • Uma_t5

    its real gevey supreme??? meaby that its the only future solution!

  • antlov561

    me and u are in the same boat! you can no longer downgrade back to 4.3.5 because apple is no longer signing it thats why we are now stuck! using our phones as ipods till someone releases a real unlock! uh!

  • ShunHuat

    Please work on JAILBREAK and UNLOCK for IOS 5 04.11.08!

  • adill

    Yes we really need it, i have an iphone that isnt from the country i live in, so no simcard is supported:( I wonder how long this will take, i hope it comes soon.

  • Nabeel29

    Please work on JAILBREAK and UNLOCK for IOS 5 04.11.08!

  • Ezir

    Please work on JAILBREAK and UNLOCK for IOS 5 04.11.08!

  • Kevindj

    Ezir and Nabell29.
    You can download the Redsnow version 0.9.9b7 (redsn0w_win_0.9.9b7) and jailreak your iphone.
    I did mine couple days ago.

  • adill

    @kevindJ Yes jailbreak is there but no sim unlock for 04.11.08 :(

  • iRishabh

    I upgraded to iOS 5 unknowingly of baseband change, and now I am completely dead.
    My phone isn’t working now, what should I do to downgrade the baseband?
    Please help me out.!
    Greetings in advance.

  • Stiofainociara

    Please work on an UNLOCK for IOS 5 04.11.08

  • Ecomcs

    Here also same problem!!! (( from Sri Lanka ))

  • Stiofainociara

    yes but its a tethered jailbreak, so if your phone restarts or dies you have be near the computer your tethered too

  • kerroize

    Same problem here, i really would appreciate an unlock.

  • Anonymous

    Oh man! I was hoping that there is a way to unlock 04.11.08. I’m stuck!!! Please work on an unlock or an ability to downgrade!!!!

  • Surferic

    I have the same problem, ios 5 and baseband 04.11.08 i NEED to unlock my iphone 4!!!!!!! PLEAAASE geniuses of iphones make that possible, i would pay for that

  • Suraj


  • Cs9

    Please! Unlock this baseband. I’m using my Nokia since i upgraded to ios5. Please! Make that possible. We are lot’s of people with the same problem. Thank You in advance!

  • TC1006

    Quick question: Is it possible to get another iphone 4 with a lower baseband and create a custom ipsw and try installing it? Will that work, i have a feeling no, but thought to ask.

  • Alex

    Are we ever going to unlock this baseband ? Or we’re stuck forever?

  • Paula


  • Stiofainociara

    still no solution ??????????????

  • Jeny81

    if i use tinyumbrella with my saved shsh, its possible to get me old baseband?

  • Stiofainociara

    wtf is the problem, they can install siri on an iphone but cant unlock its baseband 04.11.08
    i dont want siri i just to be able to make calls from my iphone 4 with my vodaphone sim

  • Neagunino86

    When show up the new gevey?

  • Unlock 04.11.08-01.59.00

    Top News…!!! Unlock 04.11.08 – unlockboot. com



  • Spack

    very frustrated with 04.11.08 base band unlock I had no where to go… My dad’s gonna kill me as I upgraded his only phone :( (

  • Stiofainociara

    whats taking so long, why is,nt there any info available about a future unlock, ffs,
    weneed an unlock now, what am i supposed to do, ask santa claus for one

  • Stiofainociara

    i downgraded to 4.3.5 but the baseband remained the same, its ridiculous

  • Aqk147

    you cant downgrade without apple signing it. SHSH blobs downgrade doesnt work.

    Sorry :(

  • Stiofainociara

    ahhhh yes i did, im looking at it now, but he baseband is the same

  • adilbakkali

    plz work on this

  • Sach

    Still nothing after 3 weeks ?!
    I don’t understand why nothing’s moving.
    A lot of people need this unlock come on.

  • Jeny81

    :( :( still waiting…

  • Heidiqt012

    since they have the 5.0.1 out, does that mean we’ll have an unlock soon?

  • Marlonw2000

    Ohh s#$%t I updated my wifes iphone 4 to ios 5 yesterday reading this post I just realized there is no unlock
    Please help ?

  • Ztagiev

    Get ready to be dead


    we pay about $700 or more to apple to get fucked every once three months just because we upgrade the ios. apple shud b sued! we dnt pay them to use our phone like for ipods. on top of it, they dont even help you get the phone unlocked if u contact dem and thats a shame .

  • Ajay Abishek

    how did u activate your iphone without att sim… plz let me know. did u use red snow..?

  • Nityal86

    ya they should come up with an answer

  • Kyaa 007

    Anything unlock yet? its almost a month without my phone.

  • Kyaa 007

    same here. Im on the Same boat as well.

  • adilbakkali

    PLEASE UNLOCK 04.11.08! Its been so long without my phone, and at&t won’t do a factory unlock. Im screwed.

  • Faical11

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed help


    WAAAAA :( WHEN???????? PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Faustweb

    Pleaseeee do something!

  • Lchiang07

    Does this still work?? I read the other posts that it can’t be unlocked. I am trying to buy one that has 04.08.11 w/ IOS 5 already installed.

  • Gertiks

    Hey guys i downgraded iOS 5 to iOs 4.3.5 but i still have baseband 04.11.08 … I downgraded iOS so the baseband would downgrade too but it didnt … help me pls

  • Angelica

    HOW U downgrade it? i need to do so, help me please

  • Supervaluu

    i dongraded to 4.3.3 and have 4.11.08 and phone works fine but i am useing an at&t sim card

  • Lalalalala

    he probably ha shsh saved

  • Iphoneuser

    i upgraded my iphone to iOS 5 and also the baseband… damn it. please help downgrade my iphone so i can use with the gevey sim

  • iPhone Dev Team

    theres no way to downgrade your baseband if you automatically upgraded to ios 5 straight from itunes, that will bring up your baseband and it locks it in for good, the correct way was to use a custom firmware which doesnt bring it up, SOLUTION=find someone who has att that hasnt upgraded their phone and trade with them.

  • iPhone Dev Team

    the baseband will not downgrade because Apple made the baseband LOCKED IN when you upgraded your software straight thru itunes. Sorry

  • iPhone Dev Team

    For all you people that accidently upgraded your IOS 5 and didnt read carefully on how to preserve your baseband, the correct way was to use a custom firmware so that the baseband doesnt get changed, because the minute the baseband is changed to 04.11.08, it is locked in for good so theres no way of bringing that baseband down, i would suggest all the people that have this problem, go and find the people who actually have ATT as a actual carrier and see if they have a 4.3.5. firmware or lower with 04.10 or lower baseband and trade with them, you could also give them an extra 20-50 bucks, and its still better, that way you can stop with this and actually have a iphone 4 to use.

  • Dpgeez

    man yalls is wack call urselves hackers cant even find a way to unlock the new version wat a shame no game garbage ass hell step ur game up and find a way

  • Sinan

    When will there be an update of ultrasnow or gevey which unlocks 4.11? And would I have to buy a new Gevey card or is my gevey pro fine?

  • Aalkdhas

    yes, do exactly that, you big baby

  • Alvin3028

    who are you complaining to? stfu already.

  • Lolz550

    are u saying thats my iphone that cost 600 euros turned in to an offical ipod touch :/ ?

  • Hong Pheng

    Hello iphone Dev team !!

    Nice to be here , I have problem with my iphone 4 , i was upgrade by myown way to ios 5.0 , no my phone become no sevice ?? how to settle ? when it will be available to unlock ,which software can be fix with this issue ?

  • Beck

    Oh gosh the same problem everywhere, even in Mongolia. Hope there is gonna be a solution soon… And also i was wondering why wasnt there a precaution? How could itunes did such a unnecessary thing… Fuck it. goddamn it.

  • Delacruz_vhermel

    Borrow iphone 4 of ur friend have 04.10 baseband or 4.3.5 Ios with presereve this baseband… then use it for downgrade ur Ios..

  • MYIphone4isLocked

    Delacruz_vhermel, what are you saying in your recommendation. Makes no sense, please comment again and clearly state what your advice is. Thank you.

  • Mahapatra Sujit 1985

    Delacruz_vhermel … dude i hv my previous iphone SHSH saved i.e. 4.3.3 and 4.2.1.
    So 1> Can i use tiny umbrella to bring bakc my BB to previous one using these two SHSHs. Which i think may not be possible but still please confirm.
    2> My friend suggested that there is a way to upgrade the baseband to IPAD baseband. Is it possible??

  • Mahapatra Sujit 1985

    i am presently hv IOS 4.3.3 and bb 04.11.08 … the IOS i downgraded from 05.0.01 using tinyumbrella.

  • MYIphone4isLocked

    I do not understand what you are suggesting. Are you suggesting that a friend has an EXTRA iphone 4 laying around or that they give you their actually working iphone4 and you give them you locked iphone 4??? What use is it to trade with them, they would then have a currently useless iphone 4. Please clarify if you don’t mind. Thank you

  • Chlofitis

    hi i am new in these ….. so i am noob pls if anyone can help i did some shits with these phone and now i dont have baseband!!!!!!!!! its empty if anyone can help pls

    my e-mail is

  • Classy Kari

    The firmware can be downgraded 5.0.1 to 4.3.5 or anything below basically but the base band is locked to 4.11.08 once it is updated so the baseband is stuck no matter what you do. Gevey Sim will show a bar but wont actually work.
    So if you didnt preserve your baseband then you are pretty much screwed even if you go back to an older firmware. :(

  • G Llopes

    you guys didnt understand yet, they did that, to catch some money, when the hackers was working in updates to unlock and jailbreak the phones, and ask for donation, nobody was able to donation and rightnow they are full of it, work work and no money, thats way right now we can find any unlock system

  • Josephadel

    what are the steps to do that ?

  • tanginathis41108

    can i downgrade my bb to 4.10.01??? since i have the old itunes installed on my PC…

  • GPrat

    It is really unfortunate that the Dev team has not developed a solution for 5.15.06, the BB that gets automatically update w/ 5.0.1 on 3GS. I lost my Unlock while upgrading 4.3.3 o 5.0.1 w a 5.13.04 BB. I followed the instructions for PC TO THE LETTER. – Only to find out later that only the MAC version of UltraSn0w seems to take the no_BB ipsw… relying on what the tool and the text told me to do I used the standard ipsw… Now I need to choose between a brick or a GPS-less iphone, using 1.59.
    Does the Dev team have plans to have a solution for 5.15.06? or for a downgrade from 1.59?


  • AA

    Hi I got my iPhone4 and it was 4.3.3 and
    I tried to jailbreak using Sn0wBreeze.
    I made custom IPSW and I tried to upgrade it using custom IPSW but I couldn’t upgrade because of iTunes 3195 error. So I upgraded to 5.0.1,
    I still have custom IPSW on my PC.
    Can I downgrade to 4.3.3, using my custom IPSW?? and how?

  • Ankit Ravankar

    I have a iphone 4 with ios 4.3.3 firmware 04.10.01. Its a jailbroken phone which i did 3 months ago. I never upgraded my ios after that , also I never updated my Itunes from 10.3 version till now on my Macbook.
    I want to upgrade the ios to 5 now keeping the baseband intact.. and later jailbreak it . I know I am on the safe side here. But I dont know how to do it. Can anyone help.
    Also if I want to come back to the previous ios can I do that. Please help

  • sunil mishra

    I have a locked Iphone4 and i have updated my iphone 4.0.1 to ios 5.0.1 with BB 04.11.08. i have jailbroked my iphone through redsn0w but it’s not working so can you please give me the suggestion so that i can use my iphone in any network..

  • noke

    no you cant

  • SickOfWaiting

    Is anyone working on the solution? Or should I give up waiting?


  • Unlock iPhone 4S

    Unlock is Out – Just Go to my blog and enjoy…

  • seekahaa

    can u give us a direct link !?

  • SickOfWaiting

    I just went to your blog, you say this: But for all those who stuck on Baseband 04.11.08 – we will say that so far, we haven’t any news.
    In our last post written for Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband we expect to announce that a new version of Gevey SIM that will finally unlock your iPhone with baseband 04.11.08.

    Am I missing the solution for the 04.11.08 somewhere else?

  • Buybiggerboat

    we need a bigger boat

  • Buybiggerboat

    we need a bigger boat

  • Mondher

    I managed the downgrade from ios 5 to ios 4.3.5 without SHSH blobs :D and it went well, but I’m disappointed because it did not downgrade the baseband :( ((( it still : 4.11.8 :/
    does any one know how to downgrade the baseband know that i already have the 4.3.5 ios ??
    Is that always possible?

  • Mondher

    -you must first download Tinyumbrella… run it as administrator and “save SHSH” : this for that you can go back to your previous ios ones your on ios 5 (downgrade)
    then download redsnow 9.10b5…. run it then go to “Extras” then to “custom IPSW” and chose your ios 5 (that you already downloaded) and click ok… let it do what it do… then click on “Pwned DFU” and follow the instruction…
    -All you have to do now is open iTunes press & hold “shift” and click on “restore”…. then locate your “Custom IPSW” and open it.. :) you’ve done it :) )
    –this will preserve your baseband–

  • oitlo

    if you saved shsh bloobs before upgrade or if cydia saved automatically use tiny umbrella tool and use original 4.3.3 ipsw to restore with itunes. hope it helps

  • d t

    hey moron, why don’t you first learn how to even type or speak before you tell those of us who understand firmware programming what to do, go learn to wipe your ass properly.



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