New Way Discovered To Make Custom Siri Commands

by Ahmed Omar on November 2, 2011

We’ve seen so many recent news about Siri in the last few days, most of them were about Siri port on older iOS devices like the iPhone 4 and iPod touch, and it has been done successfully. However, today we have some interesting news for iPhone 4S owners: you may be able soon to make your own custom Siri commands.

The news comes from a tweet by iPhone developer Aman Gupta, which was confirmed by the well-known developer chpwn, includes a screenshot which indicates that the developer found a way to insert custom commands into Siri.

The developer did mention that currently no jailbreak needed, “but you have to be on a network that lets you redirect siri traffic through a proxy (via iptables, etc)” Gupta added, “i’m actually redirecting traffic to siri servers via a proxy that lets me return custom responses”

Though, a jailbreak for iPhone 4S may be needed to publish the method. We could see a tweak that allows many system actions to be added to Siri’s features. That’s why we do jailbreak!

(Source: Twitter)

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