Pod2G Forms Jailbreaking “Dream Team” To Release iPhone 4S And iPad 2 Jailbreak

by Adeel Qayum on January 6, 2012

Those who read our post yesterday about pod2g answering some FAQs would know that the untethered jailbreak is about to arrive soon. Today, pod2g updated his blog again, this time posting about the dream team working on the upcoming jailbreak.

According to pod2g’s new blog post today, three legendary hackers are joining the A5 research. One of the most famous hackers are now enlisted to help pod2g to release the untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 to the public.

The first one is planetbeing, that legendary hacker behind iPhone Linux and he is the first one who unlocked iPhone 4. He did a lot in the jailbreak community but it has been a while ago since we heard something about him.

Second one, and probably the most famous is MuscleNerd, the brain of the iPhone Dev Team. As pod2g states, MuscleNerd “did a lot of tests for Corona and whom integrated it and made it simple in redsn0w is willing to help also.”

The last but not least, the Chronic Dev Team’s leader Joshua Hill who made a lot to the jailbreak community.

At the end of his blog post, pod2g says that he now has a “dream team” to release the A5 untethered jailbreak.

We now have a dream team to find a path for a public release of the A5 jailbreak.

Cross your fingers.

We expect to hear more about the upcoming jailbreak over the next few days. stay tuned!

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  • http://twitter.com/Sky_Hew Sky Hew

    Hope it is not just a dream..

  • Dmadoresr

    Thanks for the hard work guys… It does not go unappreciated!!!

  • Mikandkaz

    hurry up and release it PLEASE

  • Kdcouture

    So cool to see Zero Cool working again!

  • http://www.facebook.com/muha.alnahdy Muha Al-Nahdy

    Thanks for the update @Ahmed Omar and whoever helped and is still helping on Keeping us Posted about the latest Jailbreaks and tweaks…

    I just had a simple request if anyone could help this post reach The ” DREAM TEAM ” just to end our misery and Questions once and for all….

    are they planning to ever Unlock baseband 04.11.08 i know you’ve posted sometime ago that it’s impossible to do so … but “us” the Holders of this baseband want to Get a clear and final answer if they’re ever planning on Updating ultrasn0w to support the mentioned baseband.


  • No One

    you forget to say THANKS moron. Some grattitude is also welcome

  • iCrayzee

    Thank you for the update here and keeping everyone in the loop. i will keep my eyes open for any new news and let you know if i hear anything. Coming from a fellow jailbreaker and “software engineer” here i know it can be hard work. but if MuscleNerd or Zero Cool or Pod2G need any help just let me know i’d be more than happy to help out any way i can.

  • Anon

    Stop with the negativity you ungrateful POS


    I teared up a bit when I read this haha it’s like that move The Expendables where all the legendary dudes team up together. Omega Dev-Team.

  • Sexy Sax Man

    mmmmm Seal Team 6 and now Dream Team


  • Mohammedchoudry

    Hi there guys, does anyone know where to find a tethered jailbreak for ios 5 in the meantime. thanks

  • Bobsaggetinc

    You sound like a homo, keep your dick sucking comments to yourself please.

  • Onavi97

    For 4s and ipad2 still not release after 4.4.3

  • Onavi97

    Mean after 4.3.3

  • Troll

    lol, umad bro?

  • failtastic

    How about you take some of your advice? ;)

  • Troll


  • Some One

    Why should you say thanks before you get something? That aint how my momma teached me!

  • No

    its been so long. the A5 processor has been out since the iPad 2 was launched. it has the same boot rom a the iPhone 4s. I really done understand why it has taken this long for a jailbreak. the iPad 2 has been out for 6+ months. this is defiently been the longest wait on any new idevice so far. Thanks for all of the dev teams and pod2g’s work. Im not trying to bag on them. I love them with all of my heart<3

  • Skipper Ross

    The folks out here that are awaiting that unlock are probably more numerous than the iPhone 4s users. There is certainly a large community waiting for this unlock! Please don’t forget us….

  • Super2200

    my ipod touch 4g is frozen and I can not do anything with the pllzz someone who can help (5.0.1) PLIZZ

  • Ali

    Na naiumad haji :d

  • lololol


  • Pod2gNow4sthxtoyou

    Hey guys thanks again for donations and getting me a 4s the developer jailbreak on it is awesome! Oh btw I have 3 other friends that are real good haxxorrz donate and help them get iPhone 4s too and we will surely find a public jailbreak soon too!

  • Trolley

    “cross your fingers”

    Hah dream team.. That’s so funny.. Self glorified assholes ftw. Self glorified assholes that haven’t delivered yet ftl.

  • Trolleysimpatient

    Oh yeah!! I forgot how jailbreaks you released!! And all those exploits you found!!! And it seems that those “self glorified assholes” are the only ones that have! So quit being impatient with something that’s free!!

  • Imafirinmylazer

    The A5 chip is just really secure and isn’t very easily exploitable!!!

  • Ahmad

    Thank you guys, patiently waiting for a jailbreak.

  • Iphoner

    Me too, but its gonna take a while, A5 is a tough challenge

  • Sonixultra

    hard reset. hold sleep button and home button for 10-20 seconds continuously

  • tight.rich.gee

    haha it must suck being a 4s owner, especially since ur phone will be old news in about 6months time…..glad i didnt break my contract just for a 8megapixel camera, shit battery life and so called faster performance….not to mention no jailbreak, haha paying for apps, i would rather punch myself in the face first

    iphone5 here we come!

  • Inomine

    Iphone 5 rumord quad core processor tighter security? I4s isnt jb yet and you think that will be haha douchebag

  • Anonymous

    Are you jealous to 4S owners or what? iPhone 5 will presumably come in October. By my count that’s 10 months from now.

  • ObamaSucks

    Yea I wouldn’t buy a iPhone 5 till following year after release if you like jailbreaks you gotta lag on upgrades.

  • Mike

    My iPhone 4 runs so flawless with no lag that I might never upgrade for years and years if I mess screen up I might just get a new screen and keep using it anyways I use my iPhone on prepaid so I never eligible for upgrades anyhow.

  • BlueNuts

    Restore start over

  • Bill

    They need 10 dollars from everyone at least 1 time and so does Ron Paul before the united states starts world war 3 with irans allies

  • Daboiskittz17

    Yeah and ur probably one of those ppl who jailbreak there iPhone to get free apps that only cost 99 cents… And you couldn’t break your contract cause you couldn’t afford it.. Since you probably still own a iPhone 1st gen dip shit… Ppl like you gotta realize jailbreaking is not about the free apps… Get these scandelous bitches off of cydia…

  • Xnoodles

    Hopefully this jailbreak will be delivered soon. Keep up the good work “Dream Team”. Im so excited for this jailbreak!

  • KeepItSimpleStupid

    All you selfless pricks that want shit for free but don’t have the patience to even consider a thank you to the team that is doing the jailbreak, how about stop wasting the time and STFU. IF you even come close to understanding the effort it takes to do such work then you would know how to post a comment with some common sense.

  • Juano

    Is there by any chance hopes that this new dream team can also save all the users stuck on ios 5 baseband 04.11.08 that cant unlock their phones like me…? :(

  • Hawk_corey

    Iphone 5= no jailbreak for probably lOnger than the 4s and maybe just a different style. Im happy with the 4s.

  • nomaze

    like downgrade 04.10.xx :(

  • Prashanth_herenow

    superbly put buddy
    ppl dont have the minimum courtesy to say thank u and keep it up
    the stuff they do is insaly tuff people should stop complaining and start waiting

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_STTD2C7HT6GJWQWBLU7NFY4JBY dev!nsetsfire

    Learn to spell then criticize other peoples phones, Who really cares what iOS device you have? We are a community of jail breakers, why does it matter which device you have jail broken?

    Stop trolling and go out and enjoy your damn phone.

  • cojax99

    Sunday=Funday for jailbreakers…coming out soon!

  • Iamsostupid

    you guys, ive been beating myself up with shame and misary, inbetween crying and praying all for ipad 2 to be jailbroken/prisonbroken. but nothing. its been months. i have lost hope. all those rumors, since july, but still nothing for a5. dual core is a gimmic, people are silly enough to believe it when apple say our porducts are the best… ipad is shit and dosent play flash. and, all the player-haters, please stop ass-kissing delevolpers. stop telling us to “do the jailbreak ourselves”, thats just you being very stupid. of corse developers get some thing from it, nobody does anything for free, stop being so niave. in my contry, ipad 2 costs about 7 weeks wages (thats without the case), and i have been bashing my brothers heads with it, because its rubbish. i sold our goat to get a hdmi connector; then i find it is built in to andyroid devices. i am so stupid.
    thank u developers.

  • Tamer El Guoshy

    you already judged your self , you are free. but you can’t blame others of anything, since they are helping users like you & me. but the case is about waiting, how long can you bare? although of apple devices are not running flsh isn’t the problem, you can have alternative which some app browser to provide. also that most of big company’s and specially adobe will not develop flash anymore, they will run on HTML 5 which is supported by apple devices. and concerning waiting, if you were one of the big dev team / or any other apple developer/hacker; you wouldn’t risk your life for releasing the solution so quickly and get your self jailed(really busted) not jb! :) so give them time. they can do it, I have trust of them since this is not the 1st time to wait, just get used to it and camouflage with the situation : I have a 3gs with new bootrom running 5.0.1 now and i have also ipad 2 which is on 4.3.3 and waiting to dev to jailbreak it so i can upgrade to 5.x. and as from recent news it is now less than a week left to release the jb of A5 devices, hold your breath ;)

  • Tacos_imf

    Already released 5.0.1 untether for all A4 devices. google it.

  • Tacos_imf

    may be he did n’t have time like u did to keep in touch to review or check the updates, hold ur breath Troll and be patient, u are not the only expert here!

  • iHacker

    Can anyone lend me some iPhone 4s data quick? I am making a proxy server but don’t have an iPhone as I am a kid, please help. People will soon be seeing a tweak on cydia called s1ri pr0xy which enables Siri. I am working on it hard do please anyone who gives will get the server for free. I will not sell this info!

  • Yoyoyoyo

    Hey Gaylord, STFU. I have JB but not for any stinking cracked apps. Cydia and hack is JB is all about. Listen asshole spend some $ and support the appmakers.

  • Anonymous

    nada ainda sera que sai mesmo esse jb………

  • Kasun

    I have a iPhone 4S and iPad 2 both running ios 5. Should I upgrade to ios 5.0.1 before apple releases its next ios update? Will the upcoming jailbreak for ios 5.0.1??

  • Amer0701

    yes I did the same with my 4s, the jb will be for 5.0.1. Because its a bit more stable, and batt life goes up (a bit) for the 4s. They stated several times that you should upgrade to the 5.0.1 build 9A405. I think somewhere on this site you’d find the link on one of the earlier posts..

    Hope i helped you out

  • Tiago Carvalho

    Estamos aguardando, agora com certeza deverão quebrar estas grades… As versões de Iphone, estão semelhantes ao Ps3, cada geração mais segura do que a outra, e o próximo A6 será um Quad-Core… Mas nada é impossível… O limite é a dedicação, pelo jeito será questão de pouco tempo para termos novidade.

  • Kasun

    Thanks a lot Amer0701 :)

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