Samsung Is Not Copying Apple, Here Is The Proof (IMAGE)

by Ahmed Omar on September 28, 2011

Samsung is not copying Apple except for… Well, there’s store icons, USB adapter, power adapter, device’s box, USB cable and even the the voice recording Apple but in their voice recorder app, the put the record button on the right, and the list button on the left.

There has been a lot of battles between Apple and Samsung. Almost Apple is winning over everything. However, Samsung is planning to hit the iPhone 5 once it’s released in Korea (but for what, Samsung?).

That image says what I mean:

Samsung Is Not Copying Apple Except For...

You’re making it really easy Samsung..

(Via DaringFireball)

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  • adii

    hahahaha– c0ollll :D

  • Cce1177

    LOOOOL Samsung you fail xD

  • Craig Steddy

    Firstly, seeing that, I am shocked.
    I mean, why didn’t Samsung go with a micro-USB connection?
    Secondly, I’m astonished that they copied Apple’s US standard power connector design. It even looks like they would be able to plug into the same size sockets; and the USB ports look like they are exactly the same size! And everybody knows that the square box with a picture of the contents on the front was Apple’s idea.
    Thirdly, it isn’t stealing. The copyright and patent acts do not use the words stealing or theft.

    Samsung should do what Apple do; steal big rather than little. The iPhone is a mobile phone – was that Apple’s “idea”? The iPod is an MP3 player – was that Apple’s “idea”? You fanbois make me laugh when you try to take the moral high-ground.

  • Sheikh Muhammad Afaq

    a kid can tell that samsung is the biggest copy cat

  • Yamabokra

    yah they are not copying,, hahahahaha

  • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

    epic fail!!!!!

  • Akooanaih

    Apple’s fanboys are butthurting because samsung has more features like no gps issue and more battery life… What happen to apple’s 6.15 baseband which make the gps useless… Im really regret buying my iphone and no fix on the gps… Better spend on android.. No more headache on jailbreaking

  • Snt716

    Firstly, You’re not entirely fair.
    Secondly, having a US standard power connector doesn’t mean to have an identical design for the charger. As for the box, i don’t really need to comment on that, since this design is totally related to Apple and everybody knows that.

    Nevertheless I really don’t care if Samsung is copying from them, this only shows who’s leading.
    My Ipad got stolen recently, & I really tried to convince myself to switch to Galalxy (or any other tablet) since I have Iphone 4, but after trying it and asking other Galaxy owners i couldn’t even convince myself to do it.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are morons. They both use square boxes…ummm okay so I guess Samsung should have chosen a triangle? And who doesn’t place their product in the front of the box lol??? Should Samsung of hidden their tablet behind a trapdoor or something??? You are reaching so hard lol. How in the world is a tiny thing like a usb adapter supposed to look any different than that? Every USB adapter made from every company is made like that. The app icons look completely different. A usb cable connector is a usb cable connector. Samsung probably made the one for the IPad, they make half of its parts already. That’s like saying Monster RCA Cables and Sony RCA Cables copy off each other because they both use the standard Red, White, and Yellow connection that everyone uses. Oh but yes, both of their recording apps have a microphone in the background, how could Samsung ever do such a thing because apple was so revolutionary to put a MICROPHONE in the background of a RECORDING app. LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Apple fails badly. They are so scared by competition.
    Microsoft and HP and others had touch screen real computers before Apple, and they were rectangle and came in a box and had usb ports so therefore Apple copied them.
    Apple are so lame and pathetic.
    And to all you sheep, Baaaaaaah!

  • Benlg

    Just like in the german courts, image manipulation got you confused about connertor sizes, the one from samsung is significantly smaller.

    As for the power plug, I have a similar one from belkin in a box somewhere for my 9 year old Palm! but then again your not talking about everything Apple as copied so…

  • Michael W. Perry

    Most of the alleged copying seems silly.

    * A USB connector cable that’s a cable with USB connectors at each end? How else were they supposed to build it?

    * A box for a product that, when opened, shows the product. How original is that? That’s been true as long as we’ve been putting products in boxes.

    * A power adapter that’s rectangular? Perhaps 98% of them are. Oh, then its size. No, that’s determined by the size of the stock components used in most USB power adapters. It’s merely made as small as possible given those components and, of course has to have a AC power plug at one end and a USB socket at the other. Did you really expect them to put the plug and socket on the same side?

    * A recording app with a mike. Do you think they should use a banana?

    Some things are alike not because of copying but because there’s only one or two reasonable ways to do something. Planes have wings so they don’t fall out of the sky. Cars have wheels at the bottom not the top because that’s how they roll.. Lawyers and publicists may try to convince us otherwise, but they’re wrong. Similarity often isn’t copying.

    This reminds me of G. K. Chesterton’s Everlasting Man where he mentions was standing in front of church with an atheist. The atheist, feigning great knowledge, said “Do you know why the spire of that church goes up like that?” When Chesterton said he didn’t know, the man continued: “Oh, the same as the obelisks; the Phallic Worship of antiquity!” Chesterton then replied: “Why, of course, . . . if it hadn’t been for phallic worship, they would have built the spire pointing downwards and standing on its own apex!”

    I hope Samsung wins, not because I don’t like Apple products and own quite a few of them, but because in a number of areas, the iPhone and iPad in particular, Apple needs more competition and the market needs more diversity.

  • Conzales_demon

    Who do you think invented USB ?

  • Jfohl3r

    not apple. usb was invented by Compaq, DEC, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC and Nortel in 1994. Apple invented firewire.

  • Enunna

    None of this shit is copyrighted or patentable. It’s all simple shapes and pictures. If this is the best you can come up with, then you’ve failed. Apple didn’t succeed because of the shape of their power adapter and a picture of a microphone.

  • Anonymous

    It was invented by an israeli company called “M-Systems” and the brand is called “Disk on key”

  • mr pinto

    for reals @enunna! I’m starting a new band and calling the Beatles. No one has a copyright on the letters ‘b’, ‘e’, ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘l’ or ‘s’! It’s totally fair!

    And I can totally create a song called “I am the walrus.” No patents on those words. And you can’t patent a musical note or a drum beat.

    Thanks for the legal advice, @enunna!

  • piho

    Everything is probably made in the same Chinese company :)

  • SA

    Thats funny in some of my old phones from nokia and ericsson, i got the same microfone picture as APPLE copied from them.. So saying samsung did it.

    Apple copied the USB Cable too
    Costs 150,- DKR for a APPLE White one, i can get the same in black for just 20,- DKR

    For the power adapters, theres been made a rule about those recently so all manufactures would start useing the same interface, i belive thats why you would see similarities on that.

    Go ahead troll more
    Thats what you can expect from apple fan bois anyways.!

  • Anonymous

    Lets not forget fanboys, Apple ripped off the entire i-Product naming system.

    iAudio CW100 mp3 player was released a full year before the iPod. Then Apple has the gall to call them copycats. That is Apple.

  • Gustav

    Don’t know why everyone is backing up Samsung who stole and is presently stealing technology from other companies. Imagine if you owned an industry. Would you want some moron come over and run away with your blue print that you invested millions to develop? I personally feel that Apple has every right to protect their investments.

  • BongBong

    I just want to see Samsung bankrupted, Google crash and burn, and the rest of the Android manufacturers beg for forgiveness over their transgressions. Is that really too much to ask? :D

  • BongBong

    Just for your own edification, the “examples” shown have nothing to do with the trial. It’s just a bunch of stuff that fans have noticed and they thought they were being helpful. Read the lawsuit if you want to learn something… Learning won’t happen here.

  • Marcel

    Samsung is making it good. Nice products with nicer prices.
    I don’t like that much more expansive Apple-stuff with less functions.
    Android 4 ever^^

  • Josh Best

    The fuck? RIM owned the SmartPhone industry, actually, they created it. If anyone should be suing anyone it’s RIM. Every time the word SmartPhone is used. Every time someone mentions an app…

  • tsss

    so sad to have people thinking like you in this earth. It make everything more difficult.. You know what means ‘sharing’. Do you really think you should gains millions of $ because you decide to have round corner. If the first guy who think about wipe his ass with paper have a patent in it, will you be okay to pay him ? Think about how like could be without “open things” …

  • BongBong

    What in the world are you talking about? “Sharing” is not a requirement in business and besides, theft is not “sharing”. Both Google and Samsung stole and duplicated Apple’s iOS and hardware design. They SHOULD be held to account for stealing and blatant copying, which violated Apple’s IP rights.

  • Gustav

    Samsung is trying to set foot into Silicon Valley ext to Apple so that they can keep on stealing. Samsung the South Korean company has no pride at all.

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