Siri Finally Gets Cracked! Can Now Be Ported To Android, Mac, iPhone 4, iPad 2!

by Ahmed Omar on November 14, 2011

You read it right, folks! You’ll be able to soon to run Siri on any device you just wish. Applidium, a French engineering firm, has managed to crack Siri’s security protocol that made Siri limited to the iPhone 4S. In other words, you’ll be able to run Siri on any device including Android, Mac and Windows.

This also includes any model of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Siri is now not limited to the iPhone 4S, it can run on any iOS device and even on non-iOS devices.

What’s more amazing? Well, the awesome thing about this is that developers can now integrate Siri inside their apps too.

The iPhone 4S really sends raw audio data. It’s compressed using the Speex audio codec, which makes sense as it’s a codec specifically tailored for VoIP.The iPhone 4S sends identifiers everywhere. So if you want to use Siri on another device, you still need the identfier of at least one iPhone 4S. Of course we’re not publishing ours, but it’s very easy to retrieve one using the tools we’ve written. Of course Apple could blacklist an identifier, but as long as you’re keeping it for personal use, that should be alright!

The developers also found that Apple uses a lot of information when it communicates with its servers when it comes to Siri:

The protocol is actually very, very chatty. Your iPhone sends a tons of things to Apple’s servers. And those servers reply an incredible amount of informations. For example, when you’re using text-to-speech, Apple’s server even reply a confidence score and the timestamp of each word.

There’s only one bad thing; you’ll need a UDID of an iPhone 4S to get this cracking working on your device so at any time Apple could block the UDID you used. This means tat Apple could push a fix once it’s released, another cat and mouse game!

Siri was successfully ported to the iPhone 4 and iPod touch couple of weeks back. It has been also connected to Apple’s servers successfully.

Can’t wait to see this!

(Via 9to5mac)

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  • trini

    omg omg

  • Long Nguyen

    “the timestamp of each word” That’s very precise.

  • Steve Ross

    So when will we know for sure we can do this and how? Is an app going to show up in cydia?

  • Rah

    when ? how? wheres the guide

  • Legendofnemo

    so i will be able to run it on iphone 3gs ????

  • Cillout

    where is the prison break for ipad2 latest formwhere? its crap, i get it as a present, so im stuck with this, i hear prison breaking itis good, but bricking itis not so good. i hearsome good people are prison bricking them for freedownload. and it will be unleashed, so i do not have to connect it to the macbook pro each time the screen turns off. Dual core is a gimmic, laptops have been dual core for 6 years, nobody made such a fuss. now the have 8 cores, still nobody shouts about it. i have 64gb memory on my KEYRING, i dont make lots of noise.

  • Poop

    lol, What are you talking about?

  • Imperial Nymph

    what on earth are you talking about man?

  • DT

    it works, but it can get blocked and to make things worse, we need an UDID. Tease after tease. Kind of frustrating no?

  • Jokers

    you guys give up! you will never get siri unless you buy a iPhone 4s

  • Victor Castelo

    Would UDIDFaker be usefull for this case?

  • Kuuuk


  • Tits

    wtf is prison breaking/bricking?

    drugs are bad btw

  • Tekromancr

    1)He is probably foreign
    2)also likely a kid
    3)Fuck you, drugs are awesome! :D

  • GURU

    Когда же джейлбрейк? и зачем сири портировать на андройд?

  • Alan

    Very good… made me LOL

  • Udjdj

    Lool dont forget to take ur pills again !!

  • Turd Ferguson

    lol hahaha, you silly fanboy. Just because you own a phone with a half eaten fruit on the back doesn’t mean it’s the golden turd that came out the vault of xerces. Apple make products, just like everyone else. They are no better than others, and as such, they are still prone to hackers.

    Unlucky on your expensive pile of junk, you apple fanboy.

  • Jarios40

    Jose Rios

    Where I can downloaded SIRI for iphone 4?

  • Ibragim Zalel

    so where can i download ipa?

  • Bigrich0272


  • Bigrich0272

    My fault misspelled deserve

  • boobjob

    ya this is great . so us who have the iphone 4s will experience even more siri server problems ,cause everyone getting this illegally will be tying up the servers ,cause they want what we have obtained legally and have every right to use!

  • Hugh Mungus

    Get your own and quit stealing ours!


    Привет из Харькова (Украина)
    Тут тоже ждут))
    Зачем портировать на андроид? – что б выкинуть жену))

  • AppTrix

    wow why would they make it for android….. F#$@ android ….


    Na man, pls rush for a iOS 5 jailbreak. Then my iPad 2 will be as versatile as a droid tablet i hope??
    Some people say apple products are designed for the masses. Ie, not very techi minded (not very cleaver) people. I think that’s a bad thing for me. I want a mouse wiv 2 buttons. I want to be able to download content to my device from sources other than iTunes (and iTunes=$$$). And most of all, I want to be able to do what I want with my tablet, not the tablet telling me what I am allowed to do. if i want to play flash, the ipad should let me, if the batt runs out after 2 hrs thats my problem.

  • Ifonly


    what are u saying?? Can u type those charecters on an ipod touch?

  • Lookatme

    i Think they call it prison breaking in some parts of Europe, meaning to jailbreak a device. Unleashed must be a technical name for un-tethered, i guess.

  • AR Alex

    Cant u guys just release an app in cydia for siri?

  • jhlkjhlsdjklj

    dsklfhskjh ioufqwfuph idshiuyfoiy lhdsiuyaoiuqelwiquh

  • criminal omgiphone4sbeware

    yeah.. blame it on the users.. til holy apple doesn’t count you in next years iPhone 5. So what if we break down the servers? Buy more servers. Cheap bastards

  • Costis

    umm no they don’t lol

  • nite123

    You thought apple invented SIRI? If you thought so you are retarded..

  • Fooad_taha2

    I see no links

  • Fooad_taha2

    There is no links


    I`m saying that I am from Ukraine! And here waiting for untethered jb too! And of course I can type those characters on an iPod touch, it`s just Russian language.

  • Re

    umm, yeah they do.
    im think i haave herd prison breaking an iphone before. and unleashed is wirelessely, where you do not have to keep connecting your i phone to your comutar when it goes in to sleep. these are sometimes often used frases hear in austria also.

  • Andi-roid

    ive nearly saved up enough dollars to buy a andiroid tablet, its been so long ive been waiting for ipad2 jailbreak. apperently, i can teather this ipad to my non-iphone phone and use my data plan on ipad. ofcourse if there is ever a jailbreak for this that is. i just wish id listened to the people in the know, and bought a google powered device. these techno geeks kept telling me im making a mistake buying apple; they said i could have tethered from day one then, instead of praying for jailbreak.

    Why didnt i just get a 3g ipad2?because the sim from my mobile will not fit into the ipad2 and pay as u go data is a rip off, when i will only need it occationally. even the touch screen sucks on this.

  • Hi there!

    do u guys also have the iphone 4s there? it came out here last month.

  • Frozen1

    You prison-break your Iphones in Austria? Ans if it doesn’t work properly you throw bricks on it to unleash THW power of Cydia? Funny guys there!

  • Talha Masood

    helllllllloooooooooo!!! need ur guidance to install siri dude :/ . . .tell me how to install it :/

  • Gashsmasher1

    Do do this do we only need to copy the siri files into the corrects places?
    Or will we need a new jailbrake, or a jailbrake tweak?

  • guest41324231

    well maybe if you could spend money into buying an iphone 4s. think of it as you being a cheap bastard.

  • Aak256k

    People talk shit about the iPhone and what it can’t do and on the other hand copy every single thing from it !!! Buy one already !!!

  • Foxie98144

    Seriously, before this 4s came out I had Siri on my iphone4. So who’s wrong here? People trying to get back what they had or the people blocking Siri so they have an exclusive phone….

  • super senne

    hahaha goodone =D

  • Ryan

    Android is frikin epik!

  • Simmons Chassen

    Awesome icant wait to put Siri on my GS2

  • !!!!!!!!!!


    If you copy this down into terminal, then you can hit enter and then copy the file that appears on your desktop onto the Itouch.

  • Dremes


  • Danesh

    If u want Siri on iOS 5 it has to be jail broken if ur device is jail broken go on cydia and write siriport

  • Wank

    youre ignorant as shit if you think iOS is better than AOS. iOS appears to run smoother than AOS, depending…and the only reason that is, would be because the OS is built around the hardware.. AOS is superior for so many different reasons, such as the ability to put it on so many different phone models, to fit the users’ needs, and from a dev’s point of view, its superior just because of the lack of limitations. OPEN SOURCE IS OUR FRIEND…but go ahead and be an iSheep in the iHerd…
    honestly as long as it works for the person connected to the hand holding it, its a good thing.
    personally, until Apple makes some major changes, ill more than likely never own an iPhone. the iPhone4(s) has made big steps, but its still not enough to convince me.

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