Siri On All iOS 5 Devices Is Almost Here, No iPhone 4S Jailbreak Required, Connected Successfully To Apple’s Servers!

by Ahmed Omar on October 19, 2011

We have something great for you from the tips box. Siri has been ported successfully on all devices running iOS 5 and a developer could get Siri connected to Apple’s server successfully on any device running iOS 5. Great news, right?

iPhone Developer known as Jackoplane announced today that he could get Siri connected to Apple’s servers and working on all devices running iOS 5. Jackoplane says that he’ll release Siri as soon as possible.

Moreover, the developer says that the iPhone 4S jailbreak is not needed to get Siri installed on older devices. He says that he’s already got the files. May be piracy?

Supported devices will be the devices running iOS 5, here’s the list:

  • iPad 1
  • iPad 2
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPod touch 3G
  • iPod touch 4G

We’re happy to hear that Siri coming to more devices and no jailbreak needed. As you have seen in the answers above, there’s no ETA for the release. There’s still some work to be done before it’s ready. I suggest you get on Google+ or Twitter as we’ll post guides & download links as soon as the method is available.

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  • joshua

    still waiting… tnx in advance

  • Siri Hacks

    A jailbreak of the device you want to install Siri is still required…

  • Anonymous

    A jailbreak of the device like iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4G is already available (tethered). We’re talking here about iPhone 4S jailbreak.


    Would rather have my Untethered Jailbreak than Siri on my iPhone 4… And don’t give me that “use a tethered jb” crap. Idevices die! Some ppl don’t walk around with laptops everyday.

  • Hello

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Rongon

    FUCK SIRI! I would PAY to have my iPad 2 jailbroken!

  • Satvector

    Give us one only one exploits from 5. With best regard ipad2 3G ios5 owner.

  • Blabla

    he said the iphone 4S does not need to be jailbroke in order to extract the siri files from it because he got them but the other devices that Siri will be install in them need to be jailbroken!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well, that I did say:

    “Moreover, the developer says that the iPhone 4S jailbreak is not needed to get Siri installed on older devices. He says that he’s already got the files. May be piracy?”

  • Nick Heer

    The headline reads “Siri On All iOS 5 Devices Is Almost Here, No Jailbreak Required”

    That parses as “you can install Siri on all iOS 5 devices soon, without needing to jailbreak.”

    That’s clearly incorrect and should be revised.

  • Bbstark

    When will the release be out? :D

  • Art Silva

    The 4s has SIri you morons. Jailbreak will be required for iOS 5 devices.

  • Paulkim12345

    pls let me know in facebook as in i dun have other social website to catch on pretty pls =?

  • Paulkim12345

    why not release it now and fix the bugs i cant wait! haha :D

  • @MacphistoMr

    Good! Thanks :)

  • Shiori2525

    Great news!!! Thanks for information.

  • St_s_m

    Hi. that was good news but plzz… release it soon maybe tomorrow. I’m really obsessed with the Siri feature to come on my iPad 2 !!3g!

  • Yay

    Brilliant:-) can’t wait to try it

  • Liam Smith

    To anyone who wants “Siri” on their iDevice now the question is would you be prepared for one of the most laggiest devices known to man. Siri requires a Gpu Driver to work and so far installing this driver is unreliable and crashes regularly. So wait for the developers and porters to fix this or end up having a buggy laggy iDevice.

    If you want proof here is a video-

  • Alex Power

    Niceeee :)

  • Thedom

    Ohhhh yea siri no need to jailbreak thats my best thing But I need to know when its going to release and how to installed ???? i have ipod 4g

  • JJ Stratton

    You should try reading the comment threads of the videos you link to! :P The comment echoed what I’m about to reiterate: That video you linked is OLD. There was a follow-up video by the same folks that showed Siri running smoothly. The video you are referencing was early in the stages of the hack that the developer is working on.

  • Rafaelmnz

    Tired of all this bullshit… 2 weeks ago some “hackers” said that iPad 2′s jailbreak was almost done, waiting only for iOS 5 release…

    C’mon guys, on Twitter we can say anything, we can be anyone… @Jackoplane, @i0n1c, and many others, you had yours 15 minutes of fame…

    Please stop talking just to be on TT!


  • JustinT

    I think i just peed from joy.

  • JustinT

    As JJ Stratton said, that video you linked to is old. That was before they had it all figured out…they’ve worked out most of the kinks now. Read the article :P

  • Captain_bilu

    like every one saying get the UTjailbreak for ios5 and put up donation link and me and alot of others would surely donate put siri out there for us we would double the donation i sure would.Just lunch these stuff and get paid already

  • Anonymous

    It has been improved on the iPhone 4.. you gotta read the news

  • Rqei

    I wanted this to happen since the iPhone 4S came out, but, not only perfecting Siri to be ported to other devices, the piracy issue will be a issue as well. Hoping it for it to be ported, I went out and got a 4S! it’s fast…

    Siri is awesome! I hope it does work out to be ported to other devices…

    Good Luck!

  • Luca

    They already fixed that and it’s not Kathy anymore according to a video that was posted last week.

  • Luca

    Glitchy ** sorry autocorrect lol

  • Kapn Kracka

    i don’t understand how you can charge for something that your essentially stealing from a company. Thats were it gets illegal. Granted its not stealing, but to take software that a company designed and take it and make it work on devices that the company doesn’t want it on for a reason, Marketing, that in a sense is stealing, and anyone who would charge for something of that nature is worse then just a theif. There charging you for something they stole and manipulated to work how they want. Now donations are a diffrent story. Im sure there are plenty that would donate for something of this nature as long as it works and doesn’t brick your phone. But you shouldn’t expect to “get paid” for everything you do. Some people do this stuff for other reasons then there own personal gain. Greed is the root of all evil. And its clear your an American. And im not saying that as a compliment.

  • JTW

    Wow, way to make yourself look like a douchebag by judging one person based off of a country of over 300 million people. Are you seriously saying that there are only greedy people in America? Oh, and learn English. Your grammar is atrocious.

  • Dowe Scheller

    As did I my friend… As did I.

  • Dowe Scheller

    $50.00 and Ill do it.

  • FlyingKanga

    You don’t really have to add supported devices if just the iPhone 3G is left out.. Nobody cares about it.

  • Mariofakeeamil


  • Neopixus

    I am looking for someone with iPhone 4S to run my app to extract siri files. Would you help? Mail me at thanks

  • Lampteyagent007

    They usually wait till an 1 update after a new OS so after 5.1

  • Zaaa

    calismazsa kuserim ama

  • Andy&Alex

    he didnot make it, I think :D

  • SIRI iPhone 4 PLZ

    SWEET! You really got it to Apple servers? WHEN RELEASED??? I LOVE YOU MAN! <3<3

  • Tg


  • Anonymous

    I was wondering why my pants were wet…

  • William0biilliam

    ya man i want someone to do that to me to

  • Bmyinger

    shut your mouth, you selfish bastard. Not everyone is rich and can afford the latest iPhones, okay bitch?

  • Lulz


  • Josh Bouse64

    I’m american and I find that offensive.

  • W1LL1NS4N3

    How long now? I can’t whait for getting it for iPad 2!!!!

  • Jkd

    I dont understand how do i get it?

  • BoozeHammer

    Галактика находится но у нас есть время, чтобы смеяться и любить. то, что никогда не следует забывать, что свиньи любят соленые огурцы соленые огурцы, но не люблю свиней. так что вы видите, что мы ничего не можем сделать.

  • Bob

    YES!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting fro this since apple released ios 5.

  • Sher1998

    How are we meant to put this on our devices this is so awesome guyz

  • Yii

    Fuck you Arab

  • Emily

    Just because Rqei has more change in his pocket doesn’t mean you need to get your jealous panties in a bunch. You just made QUITE the dick move. Congrats :)

  • Emily

    Fuck you “Jap”



  • Alrogers

    When I updated my 3GS phone it had SIRI on it, but when I went to reload the apps it forgot and re-SYN, after restore it was gone.



  • Htmail


  • Htmail

    Get your ass off the chair and get a fucking job, you dumbass. Not like he was bragging about his phone, dumbfuck.

  • 417musick7

    The statement, no jailbreak iPhone 4s needed has everyone wondering what that means…

  • Remco

    think this is bullshit. but it would be awesome if really did it!

  • Bobfacebewbs

    lol tethered.

  • Rock

    Want it on my iPod 4 xD

  • guest

    So what are you waitting for just released

  • Guest

    would it be available for iphone 3g?

  • Anonym

    when ist the relase date? i hope really, that is available for ipod touch 4.

  • Lulu87

    When is the relase date?
    and how can i download it without Jailbreake??!!

  • Nadhirdine Papana


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