Siri On iPad 2 Is Also Coming (SCREENSHOT)

by Ahmed Omar on October 15, 2011

Just few hours after porting Siri on the iPhone 4, it looks like Siri on iPad 2 is making its way too. We’ve been tipped off that Siri on iPad 2 is real and below is a screenshot of it in the Settings app of an iPad 2.

Siri On iPad 2
Siri was introduced couple of weeks back at Let’s Talk iPhone event held by Apple at its campus in Cupertino, California. The feature came exclusively to the newly released iPhone 4S. Siri offers a list of commands that it can perform for you, it’s really great!

It was only yesterday when we knew that Siri is not just compiled specifically for the dual-core A5 processor of the iPhone 4S and it has been successfully ported to the iPhone 4 (and improved too!).

Siri On iPad 2

An iOS developer named Sonny Dickson has announced that he could port Siri in the settings app of the iPad 2. Siri on iPad 2 should be making its way soon. The screenshot above shows Settings > General > Siri.

Porting Siri to any device other than the iPhone 4S will require a jailbreak for the iPhone 4S device itself to be able to move data from it to other devices.

We’ll be here anytime there’s something new about Siri porting on older devices. Stay tuned!

(Via OSXDaily)

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  • Flyingkanga

    Someone think of the iPod 4 please! D:

  • A.N.Onymous

    interesting that under the description for this supposed “Siri for iPad” says you can use it to make calls

    Highly doubt this is genuine

  • Asa Mazor-Freedman

    what about ipad 1? is it covered by this?

  • Bryan James

    You aren’t very bright in this arena are you. As the article states, it is to be a port, as in, code brought in from one device (iPhone 4S), to another (iPad 2), and, therefore, would contain the same text from the previous device…..

  • Jobs

    A n o is right to be skeptical

  • M Cantagallo

    You have to spend more than $200 to be in this blog….

  • Dennydebaltz

    That was awesome! Get a job flyingkanga!

  • Ha

    Oh no no no! How embarassing!

    Have a read of the bottom:
    “To talk to Siri, press and hold the home button or raise the phone to your ear and speak”

    Ok not only does it say PHONE blatently, assuming thats not good enough for you. Lets think about what it actually says. The most obvious of many issues with that statement is, the iPad is not, and never has been intended to be used next to the face. Ever held one?

    i’ll assume for your benefit that you live in some kind of cave. These iPad things we are talking about are actually quite large. A little like a stone tablet..

    And to assume that it would in fact “contain some text from the previous device” thats just absurd and shows that “you aren’t very bright in this arena” .. Do you understand just how much time and effort goes into this simple “port”.. Its not a copy and paste job..

  • Zaliyev

    As i can understand device should be jailrbreaked , if they ported SIRI to IPAD2 ,it means IPAD2 with OS5 will be Jailbreaked!!!!????

  • Ness

    The iPad microphone is incredibly sensitive. I have no doubt that, unless there were a lot of background noise, Siri would function well if you spoke while holding the iPad in a normal position.

  • zohaib

    this is fake bc in ipads when u r in general. it doesnt show the back button but in this picture there is a back general button..wich doesnt make sense at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ijallbreakz

    Yes it does I just checked on my ipad went to general>about and the back button was there

  • Dgsf

    Apple will kill u

  • Hayden_lax_champs08

    Siri for iPad would not have a “raise to speak” feature. Nor won’t it be used to make phone calls. As much as I wish it were eal, this is fake.

  • Asadz3

    Is this real

  • Anobahar95

    in a sense, this is fake, but it really isn’t because its on an IPAD 1!!!!!! NOT 2!!!!! I have Siri on my ipad 1 just google it you will find a crapload of stuff

  • Fuckthisman

    iu will just say a thing look at siri description lol call W TF !!

  • Kiraly

    same here!

  • Jppaonessa

    The reason it is fake is because on the rop in the black bar it does not show IPAD next to the wifi bars.

  • Kybigguy

    it’s jailbroken ass

  • Siggi

    It’s probably a carrier that was hidden. An iPad doesn’t always say iPad, a 3G iPad only says iPad if you disable cellular data.

  • Aj

    IT’S FAKE!!! iPads don’t have cellular data option!

  • for god sake

    Yes they do…. ever heard about Ipad 2 3g?

  • Zakaria

    its ipad 3g you bull shit!!


    you guys are idiots. this is completely FAKE. Why? BECAUSE THERE IS NOW WIFI UNDER AIRPLANE MODE. GO SEE ON AN IPAD 2 WITH iOS 5.0.1…. RETARDS

  • Undefinedz



    maybe, he has a cydia app wich shows that option.. hmm dumb fuck?

    i shouldn’t comment on your post since your just way too retarded.. if you go in to genral, and then go to like Info, it has a button wich says General so you can go back to general you idiot.

    if you guys have an ipad 2 you should know more about it, and since you guys are such dumb fucks, you don’t deserve to jailbreak it..

  • Undefinedz

    @DA BAWS…

    no comment your just way too retarded…


    YES this is fake!

  • Undefinedz


    no its no Cydia app, its just the ipad 2 3G just checked.

  • Lilsteal

    ummm its called removing it with zeppelin dumfuck-.-

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