The Leaked iPhone 5 Prototype Was Real After All (REPORT)

by Adeel Qayum on November 11, 2011

iPhone 4S was launched instead of an iPhone 5 back in October. iPhone 5 – was real and was scrapped off only months before iPhone 4S was announced. This source comes from an industry that has been making accurate predictions on Apple Products in the past. One source said that Apple engineers had a plan of announcing the release of iPhone 5 as Apple’s next big announcement prior to 3 months of the release of iPhone 4S.

The leaked prototype had a bigger screen then the current iPhone. Like the Samsung phone, it was 4” diagonal. The new phones were expected to have aluminum backs just like the iPad 2. Just like the ‘liquid metal’ technology used for the iPod shuffles, sources say Apple wanted to use the same technology to make multi colored iPhones. The source played with a prototype which had a messed up screen and color which made the source believe that the new iPhone would have a better screen and a nicer color. The press button was not a physical one and was only used to reboot the device.

The battery life of the prototype sucked and its actual power was disguised by removing its limiter. Engeeniers reported that the new iPhone was expected to have a 10 MP camera. The source also said the iPhone had Siri but it was called ‘Assistant’

Rumor has it that the new iPhone didn’t happen because Steve Jobs was unhappy with the bigger screen because it ‘fragmented’ iPhones. Even though we didn’t get a totally new iPhone, we got the iPhone 4S.

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  • Alexis Levescot

    I agree a little with Steve but at the same time it has to happen, and iphone feels kinda miniatyr

  • AX

    Enough with the rumors..

    Why would they waste time and money designing a phone every year when the current design is good enough to sell more units than the previous year’s iPhone? They can probably sell iPhone 5 with the same design and slightly faster processor and it will still be the highest selling iPhone to date.

  • A4L

    Steve jobs wanted a phone that could be held in one hand so that he could reach his thumb from one corner of the screen to the other.

  • Seanbraley

    All of this is well and good but all I want is a jailbreak for the 4s !!!!!

  • Tahera Tahir

    Why was it scrapped?? Looks an interesting piece…

  • Nazeeh

    if theres iphone 5 after iphone 4s (three months) that mean apple will lose alot of money
    so i guess u r wrong
    ofcoures there’s iphone 5 but apple will not relase it until 6/2012

  • Navarone58

    Don’t beleive and certainly don’t hope to see any iP5 until late summer 2012… just bought 4S… and i’m so disapointed… so… right now I won’t buy any Apple(s) for l o n g long time… and if they’re posting a iP5 in a few months, they can kiss my you-know-what….

  • Anonymous

    I wanted the bigger screen. 4 inch seems to be a good screen size.

  • Paul Casey

    I don’t believe Apple will release an iPhone with a bigger screen in the same sized device. 500,000 apps approved in the App Store which would wouldn’t be natively compatible with a larger screen

  • Matmotor

    iPhone 5 will not release until they solve the problem of battery drain even in iPhone 4s battery really suck that much btw in their keynote presentation always give false hope on battery life. Can we trust Apple again? If they let us Jailbreak approved it would be better since JB have app that make the battery life stable ^_^

  • Ben

    they can kiss your fuckin’ asshole, right?

  • Jonathan Boyd

    Apps are compatible with resolution, not screen size. Apple has already “fragmented” into multiple resolutions (3g/gs vs 4/4s vs iPad1/2) but it hasn’t been much of a problem. If they made the screen larger with the same resolution of the 4/4s (or the iPads) then it should still be compatible with most apps.

  • Rajat Skool

    it cannot be called assistant yuk but iphone is great

  • Chris


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