TinyCFW Allows You To Downgrade iPad 2 GSM / CDMA From iOS 5.0.1 To iOS 4.3.3

by Ahmed Omar on December 17, 2011

Notcom, the developer behind TinyUmbrella, today released a new tool called TinyCFW. What TinyCFW is that it prevents any errors and looping when downgrading iPad 2 GSM / CDMA or iPhone 4 GSM / CDMA from iOS 5.0.1 / 5.0 to iOS 4.3.3 to get their jailbreak.

The reason why many of you might want to downgrade their iPad 2 from iOS 5.0.1 to iOS 4.3.3 is that because there’s no any jailbreak available for iPad 2 except Comex’s JailbreakMe 3.0 which only works on iOS 4.3.3. So if you’re one of those who accidently updated to iOS 5.x, having iOS 4.3.3 SHSH blobs and want to downgrade back, TinyCFW makes this process easier by creating a custom firmware that will be able to be recognized by TinyUmbrella so that the device can be downgraded.

iPhone 4 reasons might want to downgrade back to iOS 4.3.3 so that they get untethered jailbreak which is only available on that version. However, pod2g is currently in the final steps to release an untethered jailbreak for all A4 devices so it’s better to wait.

What TinyCFW is:

  • It will modify an existing ipsw for an ipad2 gsm/cdma or iphone4 gsm/cdma
  • It will create an ipsw that you can use with TinyUmbrella AND iTunes to restore to a version of iOS that you have SHSHs for.
  • It is primarily for iPad2 with a baseband OR iPhone 4.

What TinyCFW is NOT:

  • A jailbreak
  • An unlock
  • A tool to protect your baseband.
  • A tool that will restore your device to any firmware
  • A tool for use with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad, or iPhone 4S

Steps To Downgrade iPad 2 / iPhone 4 On iOS 5.0.1 To iOS 4.3.3

STEP 1: Download the required files below:

  • Download iOS 4.3.3 for iPad 2 or iPhone 4 from here.
  • Download TinyUmbrella (Windows / Mac)
  • Download TinyCFW (Windows - Jar)
  • Download iTunes from here.

STEP 2: Now start TinyCFW (note: you must have java installed and at least 2.5 GB of RAM). Once it opens, hit the top button and choose iOS 4.3.3 IPSW.

STEP 3: Now click on the second button so that TinyCFW will tell you the firmware and baseband versions.

STEP 4: Click on ‘Save Target IPSW’ then wait two minutes and you’ll get a file named:

<your original ipsw name>.bbupdate.ipsw

STEP 5: Now open Tinyumbrella and make iTunes look at Cydia’s Server from the “Advanced” options.

STEP 6: Plug your iPad 2, switch it off, and put it in DFU mode.

STEP 7: Finally open iTunes and select the custom firmware you created above to restore your iPad 2.

Once restored, you’llget your iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.3. You can then head to JailbreakMe.com and start jailbreaking your device ;)

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  • Waeldaher95

    will work without shsh?

  • Artemd-174

    not ofc

  • Arhe89

    Will this do any harm to Iphone????

  • Jmiiraqfb

    I wanna upgrade my iphone 4 gevey unlocked to 5.0.1 using snowbreeze but i get error 2005, would this tool help me?

  • Guest

    If I have an wifi iPad2 on 5.0 that has never had any blobs backed up (bought it used too late to jailbreak), would this work?

  • Pin3apple

    No, you NEED blobs to downgrade.

  • Pin3apple

    This tool is ONLY FOR iPad 2, and it won’t do anything to any other iDevice.

  • Pin3apple

    This tool is ONLY FOR iPad 2, and it won’t do anything to any other iDevice.


    would this work on iPodtouch 4g? i have my 4.2.1 – 4.3.5. blobs saved. im currently on iOS 5.0.

  • http://www.theiphoner.co.il/ אפליקציות לאייפון


  • http://www.techglint.com/ Asad Mubeen

    According to Notcom it works on iPhone 4 gsm/cdma. You can try it.

  • Khan420786

    I am running windows 7 with 3gb of memory when launching tinycfw its throwing an error “The maximum heap size might be too large” did anybody else run into this?

  • Sengseyhadk

    so if i don’t hv blobs saved, i couldn’t do this right?

  • Alisson Person

    Hi could someone please just post the FIXED 4.33 .ipsw for us to download, with a 3g and gsm versions?? that would be helpfull, i´ve tried running it a hundred times in windows xp, and it won´t save the custom firmware at all..

  • Mirrordevel

    Send a report to the developer. They will fix it.

  • Abc

    still waiting and looking for the unlock iphone 4 bb 04.11.08 ( iso 5.0.1 )
    or downgrade of BB to allow unlock

    “It WILL modify the ipsw TO UPDATE YOUR BASEBAND TO THE LATEST!” — still cant downgrade or change unlockable BB

  • Applerex1127

    Well crap. Looks like CDMA iPad2/iPhone4 users should not try downgrading due to carriers not activating if you are on a lower FW…

  • Crab Apple

    That would be almost impossible since the shsh blobs are tied directly to a specific idevice. Unless it can be fooled into thinking it is being installed on the correct original idevice from which the shsh blobs were saved then i do t see anyway it can be done. If that wasnt the case i think you would be able to find fixed ios patches all over the net. Cheers

  • Welldo

    tiny c Fucking shit dosnt work

  • Sopheap_khmer

    Need to change if u user windows XP or 7:

    For Windows XP

    Start – Control Panel – System – Advanced system settings
    Advanced (tab) and click on “Environment Variables”

    Under “User variables..” click on “New”

    Then add :

    For Variable name = _JAVA_OPTIONS
    For Variable value = -Xmx1g

  • Nasa_kamal

    it processing continue but not giving result

  • Obliviousdevil

    can this be used to downgrade to 4.3.5 for the ipad 2 as mentioned

  • xDarkBoy

    same for me… ad the TinyCFW i choose the 4.3.3 IPSW and it keeps processing… how do i have to fix this? i have windows vista x32 (don’t know if that depends)

  • Rizal

    My shsh is lost, can we downgrade my ipad 2 5.0 to 4.33.

  • Darulraj

    Once the restore starts and after extracting software when it reaches Verifying restore with apple, I get the message your ipad “ipad” cannot be restored. Error (3194) occured

  • Jjpitre

    hey im running windows 7 on an hp laptop with 3gb of ram and everytime i try to run tiny cfw it says that the heap size is to big. anyone know how to fix that?

  • Ipdan96

    same to me !!

  • Anonymous

    it doesn’t work. i’m stuck on recovery mode and can’t get out. is there any way to create custom ipsw for iPad 2?

  • pippreca4

    Tiny CFW just keeps loading the 4.3.3 ipsw. I alreay put in the user variables but it still doesn’t do anything.

  • Jakethefury

    same as others , it won’t create ” .bbupdate.ipsw ” , coz it is freezed on Save Target IPSW :(


    REstart you PC , worked for me

  • Arthur

    error 1600

  • Bubu

    at tinycfw stage shsh blobs are not not required yet!

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