How To Unlock iPhone 4S On AT&T Without Any Apps (GUIDE)

by Ahmed Omar on November 17, 2011

A new way discovered by a developer allows you to unlock any iPhone 4S AT&T carrier. This method can be done without any software or hardware change. You’ll just do a simple trick that will allow you to use your locked iPhone 4S on any carrier.

Unlock iPhone 4S AT&T

According to 9to5mac:

The unlock will assist you in using your iPhone 4S on T-Mobile’s network as long as you have a T-Mobile SIM card. Before you get started, go ahead and cut down your T-Mobile SIM card to match your AT&T SIM card’s size.

Here’s the steps:

  1. Insert original carrier AT&T SIM card
  2. Dial 611 for AT&T customer service hotline and drop the call
  3. Turn on Airplane Mode
  4. Take out AT&T SIM card
  5. Insert T-Mobile SIM card
  6. Make sure WiFi is off ( also tap on ‘Forget this Network” to make sure it doesn’t connect automatically later)
  7. Switch off Airplane Mode and iPhone will search for network. This is followed by the Apple splash screen appearing.
  8. Activation Required will be displayed on the screen
  9. EDGE network will activate automatically – notice the ‘E’ on the top left corner of the screen
  10. Wait for about 20-30 seconds and turn off the phone
  11. Turn on iPhone and the same Activation Required screen will be displayed
  12. When you see one signal bar, tap on Use Cellular Connection
  13. Eject SIM card
  14. Activation Required screen will be displayed the second time
  15. Insert SIM card
  16. Unlocked!

Videos showing the method in action:

UPDATE: The method has been reported to be working on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS too. It should work on iOS 5 only, iOS 5.0.1 is not supported.

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  • Vinicius Porto

    which iOS is installed?

  • Aqibi2000


  • Steve Ross

    But are you still stuck with edge speeds for your data, or can you get 3G, HSPA+ speeds?

  • L0s

    This is a negative on the phone remaining on the T-mobile network… It will only respring to the activation screen (i suppose its just forcing a signal, the way that you can dial 911 from a phone with no sim and it will connect)

  • Moi

    should get higher speed.. as Tmobile 4g network is on 1700/2100 band.. and 4s does support 2100.

  • Joseph Groocock

    Does it work in other countries, UK for say?

  • Laxmikanth Dorai

    Will it work on iPhone 4??

  • Aqooo

    Just tried this on my iPhone 4S in UK on o2 put a Lebara sim in and now smoke comes out between Tim Cook’s a*rse cheeks. Any explanations? seriously weird as he must be mad at this unlocking scene.

  • Frank

    Does this work on the iPhone 4? Is the unlock lost after you reboot the phone?

  • Ushikai

    AT&T iphone 4s only?

  • Ushikai

    other countries?sach as JP?

  • Krazybone48

    That’s incorrect. It will not get the 3G or “4G” HSPA+ speeds on T-Mobile. You will be stuck on edge

  • Krazybone48

    5.0 – People are saying this does not work for 5.0.1

  • Psjshsh

    Can anyone else confirm this works?

  • Sarblohwarrior1699

    Does this work on the iPhone 4 in Canada locked to Bell? I want to use the phone on the Rogers network. Please do let me know!

  • Ghostriders121975

    Maybe this iPhone 4s is the New Unlock factory From Apple

  • VeyR0n

    As MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev team points out: “it’ll just relock again once a new TMSI is required (various normal network operations require TMSI refresh)”. He goes on to add: “If you are successful at temporarily gaining network access, you’ll lose it as soon as TMSI is refreshed (happens often). the TMSI refresh is a normal, regular action on the network (it’s actually intended to protect you).”

  • Uranus_01us

    will this work for iPhone 4 ios5 with the bb 4.11.08?

  • DS

    Apparently this is fake

  • hazofeifa

    what baseband do you have?, work with baseband 4.10.01 and iOS 5.0 or need the new baseband 4.11 and iOS 5.0 (iPhone 4g AT&T)

  • Vietplus

    I got the T-Mobile to showed up on my 4S but only for about 1 second then phone restart again. I hope they will come out a way to stop the auto restaring thing.

  • that iPhone guy

    no luck here with a 4S

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  • Heyjude

    ive nearly saved up enough dollars to buy a andiroid tablet, its been so long ive been waiting for ipad2 jailbreak. apperently, i can teather this ipad to my non-iphone phone and use my data plan on ipad. ofcourse if there is ever a jailbreak for this that is. i just wish id listened to the people in the know, and bought a google powered device. these techno geeks kept telling me im making a mistake buying apple; they said i could have tethered from day one then, instead of praying for jailbreak.

    Why didnt i just get a 3g ipad2?because the sim from my mobile will not fit into the ipad2 and pay as u go data is a rip off, when i will only need it occationally. even the touch screen sucks on this.

  • Zorak81

    I’m not in the US.
    would this work only with T-Mobile? or it could work with any carrier with data plan?

  • Catchafeel

    This method will work for orange carrier too??

  • Catchhafeel

    This method will work for orange carrier too??

  • Dominiontek1

    The simple was is to get a new ATT 4s phone. Remove the SIM with one from you local provider. Then connect the phone to itunes and go thru the activation process. Itunes will tell you that ur phone is unlocked at the end of the activation. I just did this in Doha, Qatar (using a QTEL SIM card) from a phone I took over there for a friend of mine that I purchased in the US.

  • Bunty4383

    when did u try it I am going to india and would like to take my phone. Please reply

  • Mike

    not work at all

  • Kevin

    Does the AT&T sim have to be active or can it be unused

  • Carlos Henrique

    fuck you with your lies!!!

  • DICK

    This is BULL SHIT METHOD… Does not work at all .. .FUCK YOU

  • hasan


  • hasan

    these are all lies… BULL SHIT IS NOT enough for this shit
    its a factory unlocked iphone you nerd

  • moneyman

    Did you figure this out? I am in the exact same situation…

  • Rajeev

    Was the phone previously activated on AT&T?

  • Jkhnfb

    dont trust in this website. they are playing with all of us. -.-

  • Chetanbr107

    my brother has brought a iphone4 at&t locked from usa… can it be used in india now..

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