Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 5.0.1 Will Be Released “In Few Days”, 4S And iPad 2 Testing Is The Next Step

by Bilal Hameed on December 15, 2011

We just informed our readers yesterday that Pod2G, the hacker who is working on the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 has successfully completed the jailbreak code for all Apple devices running on the A4 chip. This was really a great news and was a long time coming. This news meant that the untethered jailbreak would now work on all A4 devices.

iOS 5.0.1

We are really pleased to inform our fellow jailbreakers that the untethered jailbreak code has now been successfully tested on iPad 1 and iPhone 3G devices.

The only things left to be done are finalization of jailbreak for old devices, fixing of some stability issues and packaging the whole solution for the general release.

And while Pod2G gave no updates regarding the jailbreak status of iPhone 4S and iPad 2 in his previous update, he has now disclosed that the research work for the jailbreak solution for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 has also been initiated.

If you cant wait for the release and want to become a beta tester for Pod2G’s jailbreak solution, we have some bad news for you. Pod2G is not willing to release his solution for beta testing on fears of getting his solution leaked.

According to Pod2G’s blog:

Now the time to finalize the jailbreak for old devices, fix some stability issues and package the whole.That will take some days.

But I guess we all can wait “some days” as mentioned.

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  • Daboiskittz17

    BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!! just release it man! if its done its done!!!

  • Daboiskittz17


  • Digital

    this subject is beaten to death already! ;-) i decided to burn my iphone!!!

  • Artemd-174

    i have ipad 2 with ios 5. I can upgrade to ios 5.0.1 or this jailbreak will be working (may be) on the ios 5.0 too?

  • Vienfet

    Im so sure he is gonna release it on christmas day

  • SwagDaddyMcNasty


  • Anonymous

    Devs, we don’t want to hear your little updates, just stfu and give us the update when it’s ready. Stop teasing

  • Ahamdiii

    OMG can’t wait ! I have iPod 4g with tethered jailbreak iOS 5.0 & iPad 2 that i’m dying to jailbreak =(
    Thanks Pod2g !!!!

    Malak Bint Fahad

  • Anonymous

    just upgrade. that way you’ll be sure it’ll work

  • BobSaggetInc

    I couldn’t wait any longer do I stick the phone up my ass and I keep calling my phone so it vibrates!!

  • Analog

    My AT&T dial phone is available, and it doesn’t require jailbreaking, the only problem is it requires a very long telephone line…

  • Dpoll1758

    Is anyone as sick of the teasing as I am?? My god enough already.

  • Anonymous

    exactly, they should follow blizzards motto.

  • Gg


  • Mark

    By this rate iPhone 8 will be out I with IOS14.0.1

  • ipad

    hope the jailbreak works on iPad 2 about to buy one.

  • Melloout

    This is Great! but there has been a jailbreak out for A4 devices for some time, be it tethered, so I really don’t care about A4 jailbreak news! These guys are brilliant and I appreciate all they do but the should be working on A5 jailbreak!!, 4S, iPad 2, not this old devices bullshit!

  • Marcelstinkyass

    ….old devices? no thanks. how about we skip right to the iphone 4s testing? thats what we want :) the dev teams and pod2g rule but unless you JB the A5 i’ve lost hope.

  • Andypprocter

    Great news thanks for the hard work guys

  • Pussy

    wait, ipad 3 out in feb-april

  • preditory strike

    have a reality check for fuck sakes this shit is done from interest not for winey jackasses so calm the hell down and be thankful.

  • Sonicdude987

    4.11.08 baseband unlock?

  • Ipad

    cant wait that long lol

  • Madj45

    All good things come to he who waits…



  • YouFuckGiveFalseHope

    damn.. cydiahelp giving false hope.. Will take few days for A4 jailbreak to finish.. He hasn’t said he’s gonna release it then! They’ll have to finish jb the A5 after that first before release.. So will take more than few days..

  • Icrap

    DONT BUY the ipad 2 hoping/expecting/wishing there will a jb for it soon! thats exactly the mistake i made, i would suggest you perhapse look at other brands of tablet. its been months we have been waiting for jb, and there isnt one, so whos to say there will be one? we have heard millions of times there is “nearly” is one, but, well u know the rest.

  • Thatguyoverthere

    no u idiot, developers cash in from sales of apps from cydia. dont u know anything?


    U Guys should appreciate what they do and stop complainin cus they are not getting paid to do this so SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • Cmoeizback

    everybody aint got no 4s like yo dumb dick sucking ass

  • Sidv

    Hmm if you think you can get it done any faster then do it. Or shut up and be thankful for the people that putt hours of their time into jailbreaking so you can enjoy your device.

  • KlemoTheGreat

    Some one is so high U can see his nose so much high, cause dumbyass got an A5 device, WOOOW, i dont give a fck, please STFU & let the good ppl do they work. And if u show a little patient, maybe just maybe ull get JB 4 A5 devices, until then STFU!!!!!!!!!

  • Eugene Semyonov

    Practically anything new in this news isn’t present. It is possible was add that Pod2G can to buy now new devices on А5. Sorry for my English.

  • AK

    seriously the people complaining and demanding faster releases are annoying me like hell

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    Where exactly did he say he doesn’t have an A5 device? I would really like to know.

  • http://twitter.com/kmclubb Kelly Clubb

    on his blogs :( Feel free to buy him one they start at 600.00 no contract.

  • http://twitter.com/kmclubb Kelly Clubb

    actually they are…. it’s called donations, and these people have gotten quite a bit of donations thanks to all the people waiting for an A4 untethered / A5 JB.

  • Bobsaggetinc

    Who cares about the older devices?? Hurry up and hack the 4s and iPad 2. Not all of us are poor.. I need the hack to make my iPhone 4s permanently vibrate so I can sit on it during class!!

  • Cockerel


  • Cockerel


  • Beaasstt

    Thick rich kids as per usual!

    You spaz just leave the switch on vibrate you retard.

    sit on your iPhone while vibrating? go buy a dildo you freak.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chahidkhan Chahid Khan

    Good news , but we can’t wait more .


    Totally a load. Nextel Galaxy here I come. Enuff of the fruit company. THIS IS TOTAL B S.

  • Chester629

    The A4 phones at least HAVE a way to JB, albeit teethered. How about SOMETHING for the A5 phones already????

    And to all the idiots who want to complain about the “complainers” STFU! “These guys do this for free” nonsense is BS. They are not saints donating their lives to helping others. They make tons of loot off the sales of Cydia apps and I don’t know if you’ve ever seen their sites, but holy advertising space! I love the Devs and the work they do, but stop making them out to be Mother Theresa. They are smart people…a hell of a lot smarter then I…but they are making money on their brain too.

  • Asfsd

    keep up the good work!

  • Jim

    Wow! People are crazy…all the complaints. I wasn’t even gonna post but we need some more positive posts. Thanks for the update, I am patiently waiting to JB an iPad 2. For you people who don’t wanna wait, try pouring 25-50 bucks on a JB service and get it done yourself. There are companies that will gladly take your money to unlock your devices. In the mean time keep up the great work dev team. I hope to see the release before the end of the year, if not then patience will tell. All I know is you made it this far, so I have faith that you’ll pull through with the newest untethered JB for the latest iOS on ALL apple devices.

  • Polygon99

    i have developed a software to jailbreak iPhone 4 on 5.0.1 unthetered.. it needed a lot of time bt at last v did it… bt i want to sell it $1000. any body interested

  • ZZ9 x iMoDZz

    nice :) can’t wait for the 4s jailbreak :D
    thanks to everyone who works on it ;)

  • Kzahid06

    Can’t wait till it’s out! Good work, Pod2G and MuscleNerd!

  • Rahmat niazi

    hi.i have iphone4 ios 5.0.1 tethered jailbreake and install( H1siri) on it but its not working properly it says
    ( sorry i,m having trouble connecting to the network ) is there any way to work siri on iphone 4????????

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001455902908 Kyle Bashour

    It’s not supposed to. It had connection at one point, but the auth tokens expired. Right now, it’s just a GUI. I’d place my bets on @stroughtonsmith and @chpwn, they have a solution that connects to apples real servers (instead of third party like h1siri) and they will release once an iPhone 4S jailbreak is publicly released (because you need files from a live 4S to do it right).

  • Mistanick

    hi, I’m a iPod noob, and i was wondering if this jailbreak will be for the iPod touch 4G.. thanks

  • Lil D

    Yes sir.

  • can’ttakeit

    and if he is going to release it together with the A4 devices…how long will this take…just release the A4 jbs first..come on..!!!

  • Miki

    why A4 jbs cannot be release first..why must wait for the A5 devices…WHY oh WHY : (

  • Emroda

    Is there someone that much impatient :) make it 24.99$ then you may find customers :)

  • Patience=Virtue

    Shut up, child.

  • Patience=Virtue

    Stands against everything the honourable jailbreakers stand for. Besides which, you probably haven’t developed anything. You’re a scammer, no?

  • Patience=Virtue

    Again, shut the fuck up and exercise some patience, child. It’s still very generous of them to develop these jailbreaks at zero cost.

  • Patience=Virtue

    Shouldn’t have upgraded then, should you? Still plenty of 3GS and 4 users out there so you can’t say what we all want, can you?

  • Tressa Silk

    If it takes them longer to release the jailbreak than apple to release 5.1 I’m upgrading & jailbreaking when a jailbreak comes out for that

  • Anonymous

    Im estimating that the A4 unteathered will be out sometime after christmas,

    Just saying.
    though wouldnt it be a cool gift if the dev-team gave us a christmas gift :) and taht gift was the unteather :)

  • Anonymous

    rofl. you guys crack me up

  • http://www.facebook.com/marc.hannouche Marc Hannouche

    i have ios 4 to i have to update to ios 5.0.1 now before apple release the 5.1 ?

  • Memoo

    These problems start when the devs start posting “I’ve finished an Untethered JB on IOS ” but don’t release it, and we all know exactly why they do this…be under no illusion!! Its MONEY. On the other hand, why the hell not. They spend a lot of time cracking these things and a few “donations” help buy equipment and pay for a jolly!

    I think a couple of things should happen but never will.

    1. Devs.. keep it shut until you are releasing
    2. Whinging little kids should stop thinking that the Devs owe them something

  • M Uk

    Why does it say few days in the blog header when we all know going take ages

  • Imaweapon07

    so everyone can get it at the same time and not have half the people pissed off and half the people happy. hed rather have everyone happy then half the people. it will come child… be patient, damn.

  • Irockyourworld

    All good things come to those who waits…

  • Maung Thet Paing

    I got ipad2 with 5.0.1 how can i use that shit unjailbroken ,

  • Tezalynn

    I know that is difficult, but we all have to wait for A5 chip jailbreak.
    Please, do as quickly as you all can.

  • Nad5

    Fuck all u guys waiting for a untheathed jailbreak I’m on 4.3.3 and untheathed so up yours.

  • Trevor West

    I will wait until Christmas. I’m going tethered if its not released by then :D

  • Bob123

    fucking retard we have ios 5 your stuck on suckyass 4 ios suck my fucking dick you fucking asshole sucker dick licker

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