Get Animated Wallpapers On iOS 5 With vWallpaper 2 Jailbreak Tweak – Download Now

by Ahmed Omar on December 30, 2011

vWallpaper 2 has been recently update with iOS 5 support to bring animated video wallpapers on the new software. The first vWallpaper version existed on iPhone 2.0 firmware but hasn’t been updated for newer iOS version until today. The nice thing about vWallpaper 2 is that it’s free!

Without this new tweak, you can’t get an animated wallpaper on your homescreen. Only static images set as a wallpaper. With vWallpaper 2, you can add videos, cool 3D effects, HTML widgets and more.

In order to get the tweak (use this guide posted here to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 untethered), you have to add its Cydia repository by navigating to the Manage, Sources, Edit, Add and write down this repo:

You may need a to be on Wi-Fi since the tweak weighs 31.3MB.

Don’t forget to watch the video by our friend Adam from Youtube:

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  • Sky Hew

    This is great… have a try.

  • Hi21

    this is good, but will destroy battery life.

  • Matt Davis

    Interesting that it came back from the dead like that, but worth a try for sure!

  • Anc

    Source not working…

  • Adrian_fifa

    work’s great…..but update to word with sbrotator :D

  • Dave

    What effect is the that he has for the front lock screen I can’t find it.

  • Dabman

    Yea, how does this affect battery life? Pretty awesome tho..

  • karim Es-souabni

    ugly finger

  • Guest

    my springboard keep crashing can someone help me?

  • krys7ian

    does this work on the iphone2g? :D

  • anon

    Beware. Springboard crashes on every turn. Mobile substrate protection does kick in, though. Removed it only after 5 mins of frustrating use.

  • SauRon

    thank you very much
    everything works perfectly
    but i wonder , when can we download more widgets ( the HTC widgets are all awesome ) , and more Ripple effects ?
    these two are the most awesome things in this tweak
    another thing … please make another (matrix video) this one in Skrew repo is lame
    thank you again , without you guys the iphone wouldn’t be that awesome

  • SauRon

    And there is a wierd thing , the weather widget is not showing my local weather , its showing canadian weather
    What i have to do to fix it ? Plz advice
    By the way the weather app works fine

  • TittyTina

    This seems to eat battery

  • TittyTina

    Prolly mobile substrate update u did

  • anonymous

    opening folder disable animations ?

  • Leandro leite

    Hi. I installed vwallpaper2. Everything works except the proximity sensor when i make calls. O call and when i’m near the screen stay black, but when i get far the screen keep black. It only appear when I press home buttom. Why is that happening?

  • Stanly117

    Springboard crashed

  • Stanly117

    It only work for ios5 not ios5.0.1.springboard crashed every time reboot

  • ChristianJayy

    if you don’t know, it does kill your battery and this kind of things its usually ALOT of battery! but it is a WONDERFUL app i am currently using it and i love it , it makes my everyday boring iPod look more stylictic.

  • lb

    i dont know what yall are taliking about, ive been using this for about 2 days and i havent seen it effect my battery life in a big way, and it works on ios 5.0.1 cuz thats what im currently using. and i love the magic fingers effect.

  • GeoHot

    oi this tweak makes iphone 4 Froze :( but i love it ! need to fix that

  • Slowpuppy

    yea and you have no ram for apps.

  • Codymckinney

    I have the same problem… proximity sensor does turn off when phone is placed up to the ear…. but does not turn the screen back on after you take it away…. :( Looking for a fix… Reply here if you found a fix…

  • Sean carlo

    Same with me..i installed it but so many times my iphone froze and even if u enter dfu mode not working till i connect it to itunes..

  • Chenzo101

    The original Vwallpaper for Iphone 4g is perfect, im not running IOS 5 because I dont care about the few crappy little features it adds. I can do much more with my Jailbroke 4G. Vwallpaper on it never freezes. I love this phone… F the Haters!

  • Triplelast

    True and some of this people posting up comments stating that it doesn’t work.. You should at least describe what device you have and what firmware it is on.. Because on the latest update it should work. Also be aware of other background options you might have on that will interfere. e.g. Winter board options.

  • Kerefeke

    Found the fix yet? If you did I would much apreciate it too. Same problem…

  • Marshall Berman

    no fucking shit its gonna waste batteries you retards

  • Jmr4791

    Looking for help. If I have vwallpaper2 and winterboard both installed my phone4 just keeps crashing. I’m using OS5. Any advice?

  • Koykitz

    Does this work on iPad 2nd gen?

  • Moon

    Yep, it causes the phone to go into safe mode. Remove it and everything goes back to normal. this needs to be fixed.

  • Cobaltthegreat

    5.0.1 iphone 4s… Works fine for me.

  • Prasad Rane

    Just go to Manage Current Theme and deactivate video option. It will work gr8.

  • Tragedy_of_chaos

    this worked perfectly thanks alot, ive tried figuring this out for months now an this has finally cracked the issue again brovo kudos thanks an you rock

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