What Really Happened To The iPhone 5?

by Ahmed Omar on October 18, 2011

Everyone has wanted this redesigned iPhone 5 and it was expected to be announced in Apple’s Let’s Talk iPhone event but it didn’t do that. Instead, Apple announced the iPhone 4S with so many features and it’s already on its way to be the fastest selling gadget ever.

Just before the Let’s Talk iPhone event, a case manufacturer produced 500,000 cases for that redesigned iPhone 5. So what happened? Are those case manufacturers fools?

Well, 9to5mac has posted some thoughts about what has really happened to the iPhone 5:

The iPhone 4S as you see it was originally planned to be released at WWDC with iOS 5, like every iPhone before it [...] But something happened around February of this year that threw everything off. Apple was still integrating the Siri team and code into iOS and it was going much slower than planned. At the same time, Apple’s iPhone 5 (teardrop) plans were moving along on or ahead of schedule and the first prototypes were testing well. With mid-October being the earliest possible date of a Siri-fied iOS being ready – with “Apple-levels” of polish –Apple had to look at its options.

The site expects the iPhone 5 to be available in Summer 2012, may be during WWDC 2012. We’ll still be there waiting for that last project from Steve Jobs, CNET said.

You can read the full article at 9to5mac for more information.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000561895200 John Paul Harrison

    That is THE coolest +1 button to EVER have existed.
    But anyways, I don’t see how that would have killed the redesigned iPhone 5… I wonder if they’ll call the next one iPhone 4G… don’t you? It seems fitting. iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5/4G/4SS?

  • Meska152

    It’s gonna be 6 I think.

  • Tangz-ice

    I think its going to be iPhone 5. Why? Heres why I think it’s going to be iPhone 5 in 2012:
    2008: iPhone 3G
    2009: iPhone 3Gs
    2010: iPhone 4
    2011: iPhone 4S
    2012: iPhone 5

    We never know, only Apple knows.. but we may hope! Maybe they will release iPhone 5S in 2013?

  • Anonymous

    The iPhone 4S SIRI is a testbed for iPhone 5.

    Apple is capturing SIRI input data for further refinement for the New SIRI in iPHONE 5

  • Anonymous

    Well you forget the original iPhone on your list . iPhone 3G was called 3G for data chip upgrade to 3G not becuase it was the third
    iPhone ( oringal 4/8 gig I got mine on jan 29th 2007)
    iPhone 3G 8/16 gigsecond iPhone ( I bought this to take advantage of 3G selling giving my first iPhone to my girlfriend)
    iPhone 3Gs 16/32 gig third iPhone (skipped no real upgrades over jailbroken iPhone 3G)
    iPhone 4 16/32 gig fourth iPhone ( purchased 4 days after release)
    iPhone 4s 16/32/64 gig fifth iPhone ( skipped feel same way about this as the 3GS)
    Names of the next iPhone could potentional be 5 but it will be the 6th iPhone released apple may call it the iPhone 6 but who knows. Only apple corp knows what the phone wil be called.

  • Hackiy


  • Logistical Reason

    Its 5 dude, COME ON!!

    Why do you keep thinking on possible names? The Apple guys don’t use the “Theorically, this would be the Phone XXX” phrase you think and overthink over and over again. After 4, there’s 5, period. There are 3gs and 4s, but what’s the deal?

    Dont be noobs

  • Jimmyandriod18

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