What Siri Would Look Like If She’s Real

by Rania Abdin on March 5, 2012

Since Apple launched the iPhone 4S back in October and created the most intelligent voice assistant ever “Siri” exclusive for the 4S, I’m sure the fruit company didn’t wanted users to not use it or to be like that softwares which you use it once and never use it again. They wanted Siri to take an important role in iPhone 4S owners lives; they wanted Siri to enter their heart and to be like a real assistant.

And that what really happened, Siri became important to the most of iPhone 4S users, and many of them can’t live without it now. Sometimes users ask Siri a funny questions and she answers it all in a humorous way that made users wonder what if Siri has a real personality?!

Shapeways thought about that, and asked their members to design what Siri would look like if she’s real? After asking that question they received lots of messages from their community members introducing Siri in its imaginary physical form in 3D models even in hand drawn images.

SaGa Designs is the first who designed a 3D design for Siri as an iPhone case like what you see in the photos below.

Another Twitter user has created Siri in a human form as what she looks like in his mind, and this is how most of users imagine the intelligent voice assistant.


I’m sure many of you have imagined Siri and was thinking if she is real, and what she would look like and maybe draw it on paper or created a unique design for it. Have you??

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