Install iOS 5 On iPhone 3G, 2G, iPod Touch 2G, 1G With Whited00r 5.1

by Rania Abdin on January 19, 2012

New updated software app called Whited00r 5.1 has been released that will allow the owners of iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G and iPod touch 2G, 1G to install iOS 5 directly from iTunes onto their devices.

This app will bring all the great and awesome features of the iOS 5.1 to the old iPhone and iPod models. But before you start, there are few things you should know about the app, the custom firmware is missing some of iOS’s features like Notification Center. But it will include multitasking, reminders, home screen folders, custom wallpapers and custom home screen background. It even includes pre-installed jailbreak tweaks and the Cydia app.

The update is free and you can get if from here and it can be easily installed using the iTunes software, but be aware that installing a custom iOS onto your devices comes with number of security issues and it is completely unofficial.


Cydia 1.1.3 Preinstalled (last stable release)
YouTube certificates needed for hacktivated device
PNGs optimization for native apps and global GUI
Improved Brightness menu
New Touch Menu for user with problems to touch screen
Reset menu modded: reset a jailbroken device causes problems
Custom whited00r Copyright page
iOS5 animated Bootlogo ready for LogoMii (not installed by default)
iOS5 shadows included in default wallpapers (good looking without slow down the device)
Wallpaper on HomeScreen (thanks to Darlo770)
iOS4 wallpapers set by default (ready at the first boot)
iOS5.1 wallpapers included (ported from iPad firmware)
Fake wallpaper preview menu (thanks to iHalo)
Real multitasking: backgrounded apps keep in running state
Keep home button pressed to background
Old Backgrounder version without Activator dependance (faster and iOS3 stable)
Phone and Mail app really could be kept closed if not used (no autolaunch in background)
iPodControls on Multitasking dock (thanks to Darlo770)
Rotation Lock button on Multitasking dock (thanks to Darlo770)
Respring easter egg in Multitasking dock (swipe dock to extreme left)
Respring toggle in Settings-General menu
System sounds sounds from iOS5
All ringtones from iPhone4
TipToes and Calypso SMS sound from iOS4
Character Count for Message app
Custom carriers bundles (thanks to stbox for collaboration)
Carrier Bundles from iOS5
CommCenter patched to run Unsigned carrier bundles (thanks to stbox for collaboration)
CommCenter patched on iPhone 2G to enable MMS and Tethering
Custom tethering APN thanks to the possibility to use unsigned carrier bundles
GUI modded as much as possible to suite iOS4/iOS5 one without slow down the device
PNG in other.artwork modded (thanks to iHalo)
App glossy mask from iOS4 (thanks to iHalo)
iCould copy to save your App and Games saves on Dropbox and sync with other device
iCloud menu is Settings to provide quick usage instructions
Share on Twitter in Safari bookmarks
Reader (as iOS5 one) in Safari bookmarks
Find on Page in Safari Bookmarks
Safari Bookmarks to launch Official Apple AppStore
Many Bookmarklets in Safari Bookmarks
Alphanumeric Passcode Installer in Safari Bookmarks (Tools folder)
Shake to shuffle for iPod disabled by default
Mobile Terminal preinstalled
/var/mobile/Configurator custom script to enable/disabled features and speed up the device
/var/mobile/RemoveLanguages custom script to remove unused languages and get free space
/var/mobile/RemoveRetina custom script to remove all useless retina images and get free space
/var/mobile/RestoreInstalld custom script to restore App-In Purchase
/var/mobile/PatchInstalld custom script to restore AppSync patch (3Store)
Cycorder application preinstalled (thanks to Saurik) for the best video record quality
Video Editing for Video moved to Camera Roll
Reminders app preinstalled (thanks to Soltmeal)
Newsstand web oriented app to keep in touch with Whited00r community
Default icon position on first boot according to iOS5 one
No unified iPod for iPhone like in iOS5
Whited00r.deb for automatic script running post installation
Installd (AppSync) patch to enabled 3Store apps installation (we don’t support piracy)
3Store alternative AppStore to find iOS3 compatible apps

Video showing it in action:

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  • Jeesjee

    what about iphone 3gs

  • Fernando Echeverria

    Does it work ok with iPhone 3g with iPad baseband?

  • Arieclouds

    he forgot to close running apps on iPhone 3GS, so much app run will make memory drain.

  • Arieclouds

    iPhone 3GS has multitasking.. and iPhone 3G no. it mean when app closed on 3G it really close, when iPhone3GS close an apps, it still run on background. it use some of RAM.

  • H_elzoubi


  • Fernando Echeverria

    Thanks man but i’m not sure to install it until someone tells me that i will not loose my unlock, my push notifications, that battery will collapse in seconds! and that the phone does not slow down!!! any way thanks for your answer…

  • URmom

    it dusnt work on itouch 2g. it ses unfortunately whited00r isnt availible for mc models wat dus tht mean

  • Marcosteson

    and why you want that in iphone 3gs? iphone 3gs works great in ios5 original…

  • nt21

    i just downloaded this for my ipod touch 2g and it it amazing!! i downloaded it and restored it without a problem and the first time i unlock the screen , i could already feel the difference of the speed and pefromance. everything is absolutely amazing, i didnt even think it would be this good. Everything is snappy faster and quicker than before. My thanks to whitedoor! Keep up the good work!

    For the people who say it doesnt have a download link, there is one. Its under ads by google and says ipod 2.1 wd5 something i forgot but its something like that.

  • Alfred Casale

    Just need to add Siri and Notificatioin center then I will definitely buy one <3

  • Abc

    yes .. one thing i like Apple is , till now iphone 3gs still support witho ios 5 ,

    apple still seling brand new iphone 3gs , is it the reason ? or excess stock…

    but the speed is ok , dont expect much.

    thank you apple.

  • JV

    Is iMessage working with this?

  • Amontanez407

    Installed ok but it is recognized as 3.13 in Cydia and in settings?? What gives??

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like it is 3.1.3 with cydia tweaks preinstalled to make it look like ios 5. If this were the real ios 5, there would be notification center. Which would make sense, since THEY never claim it is actually ios 5. The cydiahelp people were the ones claiming that.

    See look. “3Store alternative AppStore to find iOS3 compatible apps”
    That proves it. That’s in the last line of the description.

  • Anonymous

    That’s very doubtful, IMO.

  • Anonymous

    True. But not all of the apps in the task switcher are still running. Very few are, actually.

  • Amontanez407

    Lol …. You’re so right! Buts that’s cool anyways because at least it’s running a hell of alot faster and stable on my 3g than the 4.2.1 I had running in it for the past year…
    Good trace off:-D

  • Anonymous

    Unless there’s a jailbreak tweak for it, which is, as I said, doubtful.

  • Anonymous

    Considering all of the “ios 5″ features are from cydia, you could install lockinfo or a similar tweak. That’s pretty much all notification center is.

  • Bozt


  • Marcmichaelides

    Awesome. I have got my iPhone 2G up and running again.

  • J Gonzalvo

    i can see that this is a 3.1.3 disguised as ios5. Does this mean that i will no longer be able to install ios4.x.x apps on the phone? (per app store restrictions) Or does this have a way of fooling app store to thinking it is really ios5?

  • Nano Hearted

    anybody please help i got error 1601 while installing the above Whited00r 5.1 on my ipod touch 2g.

  • marina

    can i install app. that download from app. store in it?

  • Patel1659

    i got 1604 error how to fix it

  • Acov93

    Can someone please tell me how it works with iPad Baseband for iPhone 3G, and are they going to change, so Cydia recognize it as 5.0.1 and not as 3.1.3 ?

  • Patel1659

    use ifaith

  • Patel1659

    instillation done but now black screen dfu mode how to exit from dfu mode…

  • Flippy69

    will this stop you from being jailbroken?


    Does this work on an MC model of iPod Touch 2G?

  • Thanyatada

    cann’t install app. how…..

  • Udit Malhotra

    I Get error 1604 on ipod touch 2g it has MB rom and i have also done a factory reset ! any suggestions please ?

  • Racer-j

    will it delete all my data from my iphone?

  • Szaxo96

    use ireb5.

  • Szaxo96

    yea it does pretty fast.

  • Szaxo96

    use ‘just boot tethered’ in redsn0w tool

  • Szaxo96

    no, it will be read as 3.1.3

  • Fgh

    use ireb5 to fix 16XX

  • Gddda

    u’ll only be able to use ios3 apps.

  • Ghfd


  • Fhhd

    u can use cydia tweaks to get on i3g

  • TtfE

    wen apple stops for 3gs the whited00r will work

  • Anonymous

    i installed t .. but t originally works with ios 3.1.3 .. can i gt white00r ios5.1 which originally works with 4.2.1? or 4.1 ? because most of the apps don work with 3.1.3

  • Jasonfichter

    where do i get it for iPod touch 2g non-mc because there is no link for it on whited00r

  • naren

    iPhone 3g unlock version of the firmware. Does this come with the configurator? I can’t find it in my settings.

  • Mondy

    This does downgrade ur iDevice but is hell lot faster and more stable than my previous iOS 4.2.1

  • John

    I downloaded it from the whited00r site and everything was going well untill in iTunes I get stuck by : “preparing iPod for restore”
    Help please can someone upload a WORKING whited00r 5 for iPod touch 2g?
    Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

    i’m having problems with whited00r 5.1, Activator and a few more cydia apps are not running. I don’t know why. it was running on previous Whited00r 4.4.

    i have iphone 2g

  • Austintheshiz

    cant find iphone 3g firmware need to fix that

  • Curio

    im having the same problem here. please we we really need help with this i eventually disconnect the cable and now its in recovery mode. i really need upgrade.

  • Sureshbabu7g

    hello i have iphone 2g recently installed ios4.0 custom..
    but it also having same problem what u r facing..
    now i m trying to install whited00r 5.1 but i wish luck myself after reading ur poat
    thank u bro..

  • Billy Yap Chyi Hong

    GUYS! NEED SOME HELP NOW! Went i update at my ipod touch 2g then i wait for like 1 hour.. Then a message come out say “Your Update Fail”. Then, now i can’t ever open my Ipod touch! I press the home button like over 20 sec still cannot open! Then i try lock button with home button, still can’t! GUYS! PLEASE HELPPP!!! I think my ipod R.I.P :’(

  • Sureshbabu7g

    tell me my iphone2G firmware 04.05.04_G can i go forward tp install whited00r5.1

    ( settings>>general>>about>> firmware = 04.05.04_G ) this is base band of iphone
    it is important to make calls and to use internet.

  • Blueberry

    Help ! When I try to restore it using Whited00r it says it is incompatible with my IPod even though it works on iOS 3.1.3, I have tried using IReb but it still wont work, what should I do ??

  • Vanessa

    wat du i do after i resotre, i restarted my ipod now wat?

  • Bun Rith

    I can’t link to download the 3g normal one. Anybody no another link, pls help!

  • Mitchellgreennz

    how do i jailbreak ios 5.1.1??
    Please Hellp
    Cheers Mitchell

  • Impreciousprincess

    have you tried it?

  • Zolveria

    just download redsn0w and the firmware and version you had and reinstall

  • chelsea

    hi! i downgraded my iphone 3g from 4.2.1 to 3.1.3 and bb from 6.15 to 5.13.04… then i jailbroke it using whited00r. and now it doesn’t seem to detect any wi-fi tho my router is turned on. Pls. help. thanks!


    hi! i downgraded my iphone 3g from 4.2.1 to 3.1.3 and bb from 6.15 to 5.13.04… then i IN
    STALLED whited00r….
    and now it doesn’t seem to detect any wi-fi tho my router is turned on. Pls. help. thanks!..

  • Virginia

    My cydia has barely anything on it.

  • A-Train

    I can’t get it to work

  • Raj

    hey use can get Red d00r then…but it will be slower

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