A Guide to Using Parental Controls in Windows 8

by nanopitech on October 18, 2012

The internet can be a very dangerous place for children, and hence there goes a considerable amount of work in developing parental controls so that parents can be at ease when children are using the internet. Microsoft has added some all new parental control features in the new Windows 8.

They have labeled it ‘Family Safety’ and it can send activity reports, set web filtering levels, monitor and restrict apps from the Windows Store, and even set time limits! The following guide should help you in settings up the Family Safety features for Windows 8.

How to Turn on Family Safety

When you log into Windows 8 with your Microsoft account Windows 8 will configure itself for remote management at the Family Safety Web site. In order to enable monitoring simply click the family safety box at the end of the Add User Wizard.

Setting up the Family Safety Features

Once you are done with the account set up, you will be taken to the Family Safety setup section located in the control panel. Click on the user account that you want to configure. You can do this by visiting the family safety website as well.

You will see the settings for the user that you can control, they include:

  • Web Filtering: Choose a web restriction level and block downloads. There is an option to block specific websites, and with web filtering enables all search engines get set to strict safe search mode.
  • Time Limits: This is a great option for limiting the time your child stays on the PC. You can set limits for each day by setting the number of hours that your child can use the PC.
  • Windows Store & Game Restrictions: This is a great feature as it lets you control the apps and the games your child can access and it can even block specific games and can block games based on the ESRB ratings.
  • App Restriction: Likewise, you can put restrictions on any app you want.

Activity Reports

You can keep a detailed look on your child by viewing what they have been up to. The reports can be viewed in three ways, Via the PC, the family safety website or via a weekly email.

You can even make your child a Microsoft account if you have more than one PC, as you will not need to
set up family security on each and every account.


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