Apple To Release New iPhone In Fall 2012 With LTE Compatibility

by Eduardo on March 24, 2012

While the world is currently gawking over Apple’s third generation iPad, it should be kept in mind that the fruit company has a lot of surprises for us in the year 2012. Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the New iPad announcement event that the company is just getting started. We don’t doubt his claim, because further proof has been uncovered which reveals that Apple will announce an all new iPhone with LTE compatibility in Fall of 2012.

Much has been speculated about the upcoming iPhone. Last year in October Apple released the iPhone 4S, which looks exactly like the iPhone 4 but with some improvements under the hood. It was known later that due to manufacturing problems, Apple shelved the iPhone 5 plan and started producing the iPhone 4S.

This change of plans also pushed Apple’s traditional new iPhone release cycle ahead of it’s usual time. Previously new iPhones have been announced during the summer, usually at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The iPhone 4S launch took place in October and reports suggest that the company will stick to the Fall release time frame from now on.

Latest reports suggest that the upcoming iPhone will have a display of 3.5-inch, contrary to recent rumors which said that the new iPhone will have a display of at least 4.6-inches. Given the fact that Apple has finally brought 4G LTE compatibility to the New iPad, it can be said for sure that the next iPhone will also have LTE compatibility. Apart from this generalized assessment, actual proof has been found to support this. References in the iOS 5.1 file system have been discovered which reveal that the company is indeed testing 4G LTE compatible iPhones.

So as of now, the status on new iPhone is that Apple will release it in Fall of 2012. The device will be completely redesigned, will have a quadcore A6 processor, possibly a 12 megapixel camera and 4G LTE compatibility.

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  • andy Do

    still too early to say about this men…

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  • SickOfDumbRumors

    drags on and on….no more.

  • Jaden0811

    Little improvement here and there and call it a new iPhone is seriously a consumer’s turn off.

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  • Guest

    I’m wondering if something is up. My company was offered good pricing on multiple 4/4s units in quantity by month’s end. It smells of clearing current stock to make way for something new.

  • Asd

    I love how all you bloggers just sit around all day and speculate what will be on the “new iphone”! Its actually funny how each time one is released, your more and more off base.