Download Greenpois0n Absinthe For Windows To Jailbreak iPad 2, iPhone 4S

by Ahmed Omar on January 21, 2012

Here we go! You can now finally download Greenpois0n Absinthe jailbreak tool for Windows which allows you to jailbreak iPhone 4S (5.0.1 – 5.0) and iPad 2 (5.0.1) untethered. The jailbreak was released yesterday for OS X users only and now it’s finally available for Windows users tool.

Download GreenPois0n Absinthe

Download Absinthe GreenPois0n / Required files

  • Download iTunes from here.
  • Download Greenpois0n Absinthe 0.2 for Windows from here.
  • Download iPhone 4S 5.0 (9A334), 5.0.1 (9A405) or 5.0.1 (9A406).
  • Download iPad 2 5.0.1 (9A405)

Jailbreak iPad 2 – iPhone 4S On iOS 5.0.1 / 5.0

Once downloaded the files above, you can follow the full guide with video walkthrough posted here. You can also use our guide posted here to jailbreak using CLI tool provided by the iPhone Dev Team.

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  • Derrick


  • Khiev Taing


  • Ldrg1979

    Excelente¡,empezare ahora mismo

  • Drsteins


  • Derrick

    Actually you’re more like 3rd..haha

  • Guest

    Do I need to download the 5.01 firmware even though my Iphone is already on 5.01?

  • Brobrorockshard

    Do i need to download the firmware or can i make a backup and use that?

  • Max Tran


  • Jdjd

    6 :D

  • Lixzone_liyang

    when i click on the absinthe app its just stack on please stand by…

  • AppAdmin

    Says I must run the app as administrator. Ok easy enough. Right-click Run as Administrator. Nope same error. Open Properties of Absinthe.EXE and under Compatibility tab check box Run as Administrator. Run nope -same error. ! Trust me I KNOW how to run apps as Administrator on Windows 7! Tried changing Compatibility mode to XP even. The fun never ends.

  • Homo Genius


  • Homo Genius


  • Ahwasn

    6th o yea

  • Bcatibog

    worked like a charm

  • Lixzone_liyang

    when i click on the absinthe app its just stays on please stand by…

  • Ricardolange

    Not working on windows 7..

  • Schneedawg

    preparing the file system as i type:)

  • Lixzone_liyang

    hey can you help? this showed up after ur turn on VPN step instead of the lines that is shown in ur video
    or when i click the absinthe it just stays there and nothing happens with “ABSINTHE is now settings things up, please stand by…’ for like 30 minutes

  • Ricardolange

    absinthe.exe has stopped working message on Windows 7…
    tried like 5 times…

  • TIP!

    it worked great! jailbroke in 5 min, no problems. here’s what I did.


    made sure passcode was disabled, closed all background apps, did a reboot (completely shut off device and turned back on)

    then i followed the video tutorial as i jailbroke my own device, and it worked without a hitch. program installed absinthe, i opened it up, and then my device rebooted twice, and absinthe became cydia!

    nothing missing. siri works. imessage works. all pics in camera roll.
    only problem ive noticed so far is that when i downloaded winterboard the icon was white, this was easily fixed by reinstalling the tweak in cydia. also, i tried to download five icon dock in the “featured” section, but it said it could not locate package. could be as simple as adding more sources. let’s hope!

    happy jailbreaking!

  • TIP!

    no, there is no need to download the firmware or restore your device if you are already on 5.0.1 – just run the program and absinthe will be put on the last page of your apps. no need to restore then run the jb. thats only if you arent on 5.0.1 or want a clean start.

    hope that helps mate

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    My iPad2 is stuck on “ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand-by..” for 20 mins. What should i do?

  • TIP!

    did you extract all files to the same folder from the zip file? and did you run absinthe.exe as administrator? try that. if that doest work, try right clicking absinthe and try it in windows xp SP3 compatibility mode. might work!

  • TIP!

    while my device spent maybe about 5 seconds on that page, the servers might be getting overloaded right now! i would re run the jailbreak if you are tired of waiting. or, you could easily try going back to your homescreen, close absinthe from the multitasking completely, and reopen the program. it might work then.


  • PIT


  • Winters1977

    Encountered the same as you. I’m re-attemping jailbreak again.

  • archangele

    Worked flawless in iPad 2 5.0.1 (9A405) Windows 7 x64

  • Hugo

    I have a problem, my iphone backup on iTunes has a password and when I open absinthe it tells me to remove the password in iTunes and then rerun absinthe. The problem is I have no idea how to do this since the box with that option is greyed out…

  • senner


  • Danielsaa1997ban

    when I “play” in not want it to run the music. This after I have done the jailbreak an iPad 2 (GMS). What do I do to fix this?

  • Alejandro Aguilar

    Yeah only , unrar this , on desktop, and them use compatibility mode to xp sp3 and administrator privileg…..

  • Alejandro Aguilar

    If you update recently ur ipad or iphone searh un your c: some .ipsw and use the original used by Itunes

  • Alejandro Aguilar

    avisame como te fue!!1

  • Bob Geiger

    Same exact problem. Right click, run as Admin, gives admin error. Right click, Compatibility, Run in XP SP3, gives admin error. Runas, from command line, as admin, still says it needs to be run as admin. Enabled Admin account, logged into computer as Admin, still says I’m not admin when running it. What’s with this pile of shit?

  • Jailbreaker

    Woooooooooooohoooooo!! Finally, i can download anything I want!! Thanks pod2g, dev team and all others who worked for this jailbreak!! :)

  • Winters1977

    Didn’t work for me.. still stuck in Absinthe app “please stand-by”

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    Still not working :( , i even erased all my content just to be sure

  • PIT

    after installing some sources, my contacts icon went completely white. this is mildly annoying, seeing as how i keep it on my homepage. i did a repsring, reboot, you name it. it’s staying white. WTF.

  • Yong

    WOW, thank you so much guys, it was worth the wait :D …keep up the goodwark fellas, it worked flawlessly on my ipad2 WI-FI + 3G :D

  • Lixzone_liyang

    when i click the absinthe it just stays there and nothing happens with “ABSINTHE is now settings things up, please stand by…’ for like 30 minutes and then i went to settings and tried to turn on vpn it just gives me error message and still nothing happens for a long time.

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    My biggest concern is that there is no network rotation icon indicating that the app is using the internet connection

  • the plam


    Contacts app turned into a blank white square after using cydia to install sources. respring and reboot didnt fix it…any tips? really bummed out

  • Alanine

    Wow….!!!!!!! I can’t believe it, at last I just jailbreaked my ipad2 just within 10 minutes. Thank you guys for making this for us. I think I should pay for you.

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    me too

  • Sergio96

    when i click on the absinthe app its just stays on please stand by…

  • Sean

    Brilliant…… Worked flawlessly and followed steps in Video exactly. It was worth the wait, and thanks for all the dev’s out there who keep it real for IOS!!

  • Tr6web

    Stuck on waiting to set things up. Tried closing Absinthe many times, but can’t get past it.

  • Lixzone_liyang

    same :( the cli method didnt work for me as well maybe there is something wrong with the vpn

  • Reece

    About bloody time!
    Worked flawlessly on iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1, Jailbroken on Windows Vista Home Basic.

    Before jailbreaking, move into a VERY strong wifi zone. At least 2 bars.
    Remove ALL the apps from the multitasking bar. This speeds up shutting down etc.

    all in all, only needed to be plugged in for 5 minutes. Most of that time was spent shutting down and starting up my iPad :)

    Thanks for the work. Enjoy your well-earned donations ;)

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    same with me, the CLI didn’t reboot after the error message and now the absinthe pauses at the “stand-by” screen :(

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    is it an overloaded server problem?

  • Tr6web

    I hope it is a server overload problem.

  • Tim

    Why is the absinthe waking up my firewall, connecting to local host port 27015?

  • Chad

    Doesn’t seem to be working. It is stuck on the initial phase of the jailbreak. Once I click the jailbreak button it just says: “beginning jailbreak, this may take awhile”. I am running windows 7 and I have it selected to administrator and run as xp sp3 as per some suggestions I saw here, but it just doesn’t seem to move past that spot. Any suggestions?

  • Ca

    Well not really, Installous is pretty much on Life support these days…

  • JMSP

    Jailbroke my Iphone 4S today with Greenpoison on Windows.
    (ill count to 10 while ur having ur orgasm)

    Ok now…
    My problem now is I downloaded a game (Solomon’s Boneyard) from Apptracker, but when I want to install it Itunes still gives me the: “Solomon’s Boneyard failed to install” error.

    How do I install Freely downloaded apps and games?

  • A_Money

    absinthe keeps crashing when my device boots back up.

  • Morraar

    same here

  • Jason Leavy

    did u get past the screen? im stuck on the stand-by screen also..

  • spacemonquee

    My device iphone 4S is locked. I am still stuck on the configuration or “slide to set up” menu when you start your phone for the very first time, and since I have no valid SIM card yet, I can’t unlock it and thereby have no home screen etc. Is there any chance on Jailbreaking it anyway?

  • Thetalkany

    i have had the same problems with the command line injector and even the windows absinthe, i also realized that some retarded websites are posting the download link with only the absinthe application. this was my problem. Find another download the download should be in a folder that was the application and another folder called data. The run as admin and everything should go fine. no need for clicking vpn or anything. Hopefully this helps if not im sorry, i know how frustrated you probably are

  • Suzi Froh Bradley

    The Greenpois0n jailbreak works like a champ! Thanks much! Donate to these fine people!!!

  • Arkrovchuk

    i think its a vpn config problem….im trying to jailbreak an ipad 2 64gb gsm and it just stays on “ABSINTHE is now setting up, please stand-by…” i went bak to settings and start to turn on the VPN switch and a error pups up… something in mine?

  • spacemonquee

    Yeah, same here. Are you trying to jb iOS 5.0 or 5.0.1?

  • Guest

    did you download installous?

  • Lixzone_liyang

    yeaa i have the same problem as you! i tried the cli method and the cmd was stuck somewhere after initiating the VPN and didnt move on

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    I unzipped it into a folder and had the app and the “data” folder but still get stuck on the screen “stand by”

  • Sdk

    I’m french, and it’s the same thing for me…

  • Arkrovchuk

    shoot down your anti spyware!!!

  • Shahrukh

    Perfect, Alhumdulillah..!!:D…worked great…!!

  • Chad


  • Matkiller

    I have a question. Will all my data still be on my iPad 2 when I jailbreak ???

  • Ameer Lawen

    absinthe stopped to respond while preparing jailbreak data.. after rebooting .
    ran as adminstrator and compatibility xp sp3

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been trying for the last hour, and constantly I get the same result. The bar for placing the jailbreaking data gets about half way, then the program crashes. I’ve downloaded three different sources of it. Any ideas?

  • iphone4S

    is your ipad 2 has 5.0.1? if yes, go to setting>general>reset>reset all contents and setting and then try jb agian. dont forget to backup and tranfers all apps first because reset will make your ipad as new….

  • Djcayaban

    Absinthe keeps crashing right when it says “installing Jailbreak”. can someone help me? :(

  • iphone4S

    try CLI…. if still not work. reset contents and setting and then try CLI agian

  • Aineiasart

    great!!! working perfect…Thank those who have worked on this

  • Lixzone_liyang

    can someone please look at this and tell me whats wrong? it is not continuing to the codes after http://postimage . org/image/708z07s65/

  • Thomasgiddings7

    Do as he says and it works… passcode off etc…

  • Bmweezy57

    Stuck on the ABINTHE icon it say it setting things up but it wont move from there

  • Arkrovchuk

    yes, i have ios 5.0.1, i did what you said…..and nothing further……still on “ABSINTHE is now setting up, please stand-by…”, this is and vpn config problem absolutely….it maybe have a taylored jailbreak machanism as always with redsnow……

  • iphone4S

    if your jb failed, go back to this post: How To Jailbreak iPhone 4S, iPad 2 iOS 5.0.1 On Windows With CLI (GUIDE).

  • Mik

    thanks guys both my ipad worked. God bless dev team.

  • zach

    did you guys get a fix? i’m having the same problem

  • iphone4S

    did you try CLI yet?

  • Lixzone_liyang

    lol thats where i came from. the vpn step 7 did not work and is stuck here:
    http://postimage . org/image/708z07s65/

  • JMSP

    Nope, it only “cracks” the IOS.

  • Shotgunn240

    The same thing happens to me and I’ve been trying all day

  • Arkrovchuk

    yes si, but its worst!!!! no icon can be installed

  • Sfhsk

    I had the same problem. For the exe file, unzip it. This will make the icon change to a greenpoison icon. Then try executing the file. Worked for me.

  • Shotgunn240

    And when i turn on the vpn it doesn’t reboot

  • Skky Connexxion

    i dont understand why absinthe keeps crashing….

  • Anonymous

    I went to this option instead and can’t get past placing the second command in the CMD. It doesn’t recognize the source.

  • Skky Connexxion

    never mind, running as admin and XP SP3 worked (even though im on W7)

  • Morraar

    any luck yet? im still standing by as well.

  • Ameer Lawen

    what i have to do ? its my 10th time and nothing changes

  • Eduardo

    Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! Thank you guys. Ipad 2 gsm 5.0.1 jailbroken in less tham ten minutes!! Donate!

  • Guest

    Tried one of the solutions on here and it worked.

    Closed everything in Multitask.
    Turned off my Passcode.
    Turned off device and rebooted
    Performed the Jailbreaking steps once more with success!!

    Had the “Absinthe is now setting up, please stand-by…” by the logo and tried to go to Settings and Activate the VPN to no avail…

  • JL

    Thanks to all that made this possible!!!! you make our world a better place

  • guest

    same problem

  • Ameer Lawen

    same problem here .. i’ve tried to run it as adminstrator and XP SP3 , nothing has changed

  • Mehul519

    Those are stuck on “Absinthe is now setting things up ..”

    The solution is

    rerun the jailbreak and follow the will ask you to disconnect the iphone and reconnect and just let it do it thing..

    thats it

  • Bigmoeya

    which one is better, Cli or Absinthe?

  • Mehul519

    make sure to restart the iphone before you rerun the JB app.

  • PeterPeterPumpkinEater

    Absinthe is a no-brainer.

  • Johndball

    Looks like OpenDNS content filtering was blocking something on the connection once I opened the Absinthe icon on my 4S. Changing to 3G fixed things (at least one I was having problem).

  • Anonymous

    Does nothing different. Crashes. Every. Single. Time.

  • Lixzone_liyang

    that is not true. if absinthe does not work cli helps u understand whts wrong or at least which step the error occured

  • Johndball

    *ALL* With a ton of errors I was getting I made a backup (as per instructions) and erased the phone (all content and settings). Afterwards, the jailbreak took.

    Good luck to all and if all else fails, backup, erase, jailbreak, restore.

  • Lixzone_liyang

    i tried erase settings and content and used absinthe and cli on the clean version of the ipad and both times the vpn(step 7)/ absinthe app did not work

  • Ashok

    Please helppppppppppppppppppppppp – - – Will i be able to unlock the iPhone 4S after jailbreaking it???

    iOS 5.0.1 and locked to AT&T. Am not in AT&T network anymore as i am in Australia. Am not able to enjoy my handsome gadjet . . please help me to unlock it after i jailbreak it

  • Pieterroelants

    When I press the absinthe APP, it turns white, afterwards I see the site of greenpoison, but no sign of a reboot or cydia APP.. when I reboot manually.. nothing changes.. any help?

  • Anonymous

    Still won’t work. This is a joke.

  • Pieter Roelants

    when I run the absinthe app, my screen turns white, and afterwards it shows the site of green poison, but NO sign of a reboot or cydia.. any help??

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    me too, i erased my ipad2 about 5 times. No luck

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    erasing doesn’t help. Running win 7 64bit

  • SuLTaN

    Same ,,,

  • Kyheem Davis

    Absinthe keeps crashing when it goes to downloading jailbreak data

  • Ahmedsherif_95

    samee !!! anyone??!!!

  • Ahmedsherif_95

    more details plzzzz…..

  • SCscreamGT

    omg… i expected a lot more trouble, but i just sat still and waited for 17 minutes for my iPad 2 to jailbreak. And it just worked!!!! Speechless. I didnt need to do shit, just perfect! Thank you guys A LOT! I’m glad i didnt try the CLI shiz cus al of the bugs.

  • Mike Yang

    Tried on two different iPad 2 and still got same problem, the vpn time out won’t connect, tried to wait on the stand-by screen with no luck and manual turn onn/off vpn always result to error.

  • SUPREME220


  • Bcbcbcbbcbc

    Cant believe how much trouble some of you are getting..ive done it with no problems and no signs of errors, cydia, installous, apps, all working as hell.
    Heres a tip..i tried updating my ipad2 weeks ago on my windowz laptop, i kept getting errors, then i went to my parents computer and updated with no problems.. Maybe it isnt the device that needs to be as clean as possible (i had and still have more than 60apps installed before the jailbreak – so no restore was necessary!), try doing it on a different computer.. As i had problems updating to ios5 thru my laptop, maybe u guys have problems jailbreaking because of the computer you are on..maybe sounds silly but wort to try right?

  • Acmo2112

    I had the same problem of the stand by…And I fixed that unplugging the device, pluged again. The software will ask you to fix the problem. Alfter that, it will be able to install the jaibreak again. Before begin again, delete the previous absinthe program from your phone, and start the jailbreak again. It works just fine to me. PS: And i´ve made the Jailbreak without doing any backup or erase on my phone.

  • Acmo2112

    I had the same problem of the stand by…And I fixed that unplugging the device, pluged again. The software will ask you to fix the problem. Alfter that, it will be able to install the jaibreak again. Before begin again, delete the previous absinthe program from your phone, and start the jailbreak again. It works just fine to me. PS: And i´ve made the Jailbreak without doing any backup or erase on my phone.

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    I tried both on my desktop PC and laptop with the same result. However, they are both Win 7 64 bit. Maybe that is why :S

  • Gabriel Assis

    Successfully Jailbroken my iPad 2 32 GB 3G. It took me about 6/7 minutes. And I got all my apps from iOS 4.3.3 back, since i backed up them all :)

  • adz

    jailbroke my phone earlier with the CLI tool, worked fine….had a few bugs e.g white icons on sceen(settings,itunes) and my pics kept had the loading symbol:|

    jus restored ran this new tool




  • Jglu

    fixed yet?

  • Timothyryanwang

    I’m on ios 5.0 ipad 2 windows. It says “sorry, the attached device is not recognized”

  • Wrwhite76

    Im getting the same error. Ive tried rebooting and turning off all programs running in the background. I even ran it as admin on xp sp3 mode on my windows 7 64 bit os.

  • Podders

    I had problems with my old 3GS like that. Turned out it was the cable. I was using a non-genuine apple aftermarket cable. I tried about 10 times to jailbreak it and it wouldn’t get past the last stage. Used my girlfriends proper apple cable and it worked first time :o )

  • Love Piink

    I ran into that same problem with the white screen after hitting the absinthe app.
    I am running iOS 5.0, iPhone 4S.
    After running the jailbreak, the app appeared. I clicked on it and the screen became white and stopped loading so I rebooted the phone and tried the app again. FAIL! I deleted the app and tried the jailbreak again and it said the jailbreak failed and they would resolve it however the app was off my phone. In the process, my photos all got deleted. After waiting for a bit, and running the program once more, everything went thru as perfect. When the absinthe app showed the greenpois0n website, it rebooted after 5 seconds of seeing the website. My photos came back. My jailbreak was done!!

    Just be very patient. I know we all waited very long, I mean VERY long but take ur time with it. If anyone has any questions, email me . I think I’m pretty good with jailbreaking, so just let me know :)

  • Podders

    To these people having problems getting past the last stage of the jailbreak and getting errors….
    I has a similar problem when jailbreaking my old 3GS. It turned out it was the data cable.
    I was using a non-apple one i bought cheap on an internet auction site. I tried jailbreaking 10 times or more and it kept getting stuck on the last bit.
    I then tried my girlfriends genuine apple cable and it worked first time :o )
    Maybe the genuine cables have one more wire running through them or something lol

    Thankyou and a very well done to the Dream Team :o D

  • Love Piink

    delete it and do it again. if nothing happens during the “restore” phase its not jailbreaking it so wait like 5 minutes and try again. make sure to unplug the phone

  • Morraar

    This is broken! it does not work.

  • Neutron

    Worked 100% first time. Make sure you TURN OFF your passcode, close ALL background applications (you can check by double clicking on the home button) and then restart your device before attempting the jailbreak.

    Jailbreak done on the iPhone 4S 5.0.1 (9A405) using Windows XP SP3

  • Rlbadger

    Same here, tried on Win7 and WinXP using both the CLI and Absinthe. In CLI it gets to the “Creating backup…” after the cinject -j and just hangs and with the Absinthe GUI it goes about 1/10 of the way in the progress bar and hangs. I’m guessing it’s hanging at the same point as the CLI. I’ve reset the iPad2 several times to no avail…anyone else seeing the same?

  • Mike Yang

    Tried on two different iPad 2 and still got same problem, the vpn time out won’t connect, tried to wait on the stand-by screen with no luck and manual turn onn/off vpn always result to error.

  • Wrwhite76

    Ive tried that but no luck. im trying a different cable to see if thats the issue.

  • Axemanbk

    also getting the same but on vista tried at least 15 times and still getting same message. very frustrating!!!!!

  • T R R Vasanth

    excellent guide. i have jailbroken 5 iphone 4s. Bravo….. But what is the next step…?????? (i am asking about unlock)

  • T R R Vasanth

    excellent guide. i have jailbroken 5 iphone 4s. Bravo….. But what is the next step…?????? (i am asking about unlock)

  • Fuckyourself

    you dummy, 5.01 for ipad only

  • Derek Ivey

    My music app seems to be broken as well.

  • Ldrg1979

    Todo súper rápido, en menos de 5 minutos quedo el asunto.

  • Halodog1

    figured it out absinthe must be extracted to a clean folder then works flawlessly

  • achwan

    I have the same problem as Ricardolange. for ipad2 on window7. I’ve tried everything you said. still didn’t work. Please help!!

  • justsomeguy

    I was just able to get it to work with my iPad2 running Win7 64-bit. I set the app to run in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode, and whenever I would try to run it I was getting an error message popup that said, “You must run this app as Administrator”. This would happen even when I would run it from an admin rights command window, or right-click it in explorer and say “run as admin”. This seemed really odd, so I opened up the absinthe application itself in IDA Pro, found the error message was coming from within the application itself, and disassembled the code in that section to understand what it was complaining about.

    The App isn’t checking to see if you have admin rights (which I had), it is actually checking to see that you *are* the local admin. Once i figured this out, I switched users to the local admin account, and it worked like a charm. Refreshing the Cydia database as I type!

  • Lixzone_liyang

    yep and when its in a folder it crashes for me xD

  • guest

    this worked like a CHARM!!!!!!!! :D !!! Thank you so much Dream Team!!!! and thanks blogger for the updates!!!! DONATIOOONNSS

  • init

    worked like a charm no problems at all, thanks guys for your hard work!

  • Italyblack

    For all of you getting the white screen when u open up Absinith, thas because the VPN in your general settings had to of been turned off. Towards the end of the jailbreak process, it adds the private VPN to connect to So that the jailbreak data can finish it’s flow through the device.

    First make sure Absinith is closed… plug your device back in and open Absinith back up.
    Hit the jailbreak button and it will tell u a jailbreak attempt has been tried and it will repair the files. When the progress bar is finished, exit and reopen Absinith again (keeping your device still connected. Go to your settings, network, vpn, and turn it on. You will see a VPN already added named ‘jailbreak’ from the previous attempt. Meanwhile its going to try and connect again to the vpn after u flip the switch to ON. It will give u a fail connect error, where youll then hit the close button, not retry.

    Now click on jailbreak button again and leave your device alone until the program tells you to slide your device open etc. The jailbreak DOES take more then 5 minutes – so even though it might seem as if something froze or went wrong, just leave it and it should finish jailbreaking your device completly this time around.

  • Podders

    Did it in 5 mins.
    Dream Team = LEGENDS!
    A donation will definitely be winging its way in your direction guys.
    Nice work :o D

  • Lixzone_liyang

    what if it doesnt reboot after the error message

  • guestty guest

    hey guys, my absinthe kept crashing, then i erased all content&settings adn it helped!

  • Lixzone_liyang

    k for people who erased all content and settings and it worked great job, theres 10k comments below. no need to say it again.
    there are people who have tried doing that and it still wouldnt work. all i see are repeats after repeats of the same instructions. what we want to know is after doing all possible things from the comments, why doesnt the ipad reboot after turning on vpn
    cli method: got to step 7 and i got this:
    http://postimage . org/image/708z07s65/
    absinthe method: followed the video and screen doesnt move at the logo page. not error establishing connection, doesnt do anything.
    tried turning on vpn too but nothing happens after error message

    does anyone know a legit solution?

  • slynch21

    Used the MAC version. The settings icon is now all white. Anyone know what I could do to correct this issue?

  • Guest

    Absinthe keeps crashing when preparing jailbreak data. Any suggestions? Does Itunes have to be open at the same time? And also does it have to be the newest version of Itunes? Or itunes doesn’t matter? Thanks guys.

  • Bryce_L

    I kept getting the “has crashed” thing after it reloaded from the boot. I finally ran it as XP SP2 and As Administrator then i put the DATA folder and absinthe.exe in a new folder. DONT PUT the EXE inside the date folder. Then ran it, and it worked perfectly.

  • Elranzer

    I had a problem getting past the last step on my 4S, where it says “Absinthe is setting things up, please stand by…” seemingly forever.

    Turns out this was related to VPN, as I actually used VPN for work and had some existing profiles. I deleted my profiles, which included some by Cisco AnyConnect (I deleted the profiles in AnyConnect then uninstalled it) as well as iPhone’s native VPN.

    Then I reapplied the jailbreak from the beginning and it worked.

  • oi0

    Absinthe.EXE stopped working

    after almost an hour i manged to jailbeak my iphone 4s 5.0.1
    the problem i got it is
    …………..absinthe.exe stopped working
    and this was on my win 7
    what i did is i switched users i went from admin to guest user on my laptop
    guess what it work smoothly
    hope that helps !

  • Jasonsewell29702

    mine seemed like it worked but no cydia app on my phone. tried to jailbreak again and it says in already jailbroken. any ideas???

  • walter

    i tunes dont have to be running, i did the long procedure with cmd.exe, works perfectly fine, just takes a it longer and you dont have to worry about the crash, im now looking on how to unlock it if anyone can help, its prob crashing cuz theres so many people using it right now you can force it by go turn your vpn on and your phone will restart then you should be good, just hit the ok button when it says something is wrong with vpn

  • walter

    well restore your phone ,,, use the comand prompt way, its not that hard and works well

  • walter

    well there is always a fix for your phone, im sure everything will work out well, i have jailbroken every iphone that was ver made and only had a few problems and most of it was my own stupid fault, dont be so worried and go for it, it does not hurt your phone, the only thing that jailbreaking does and its great, sets your phone free and allows it to do what its made for, remember it can always be fixed

  • angchul

    using absinthe on ipad 2 and on entering the absinthe icon on the home screen its goes white then within a few seconds presents me with a message saying “absinthe is now setting things up, please stand-by…”. this goes on forever. what to do next? please help.

  • mrknowitall

    for all who dont know how to do it , u must back up ur data from itunes ,( rightr click ur ipad , back up) then u must restore to factory settings ,( as u first got it) then do the jailbreak .

  • Grimkeaper

    Bam! Thanks guys, you are legends! iPad 2, 32gb wifi, jail broken this morning, first go, all good! Just gotta add sources to cydia now

  • walter

    nope 5.0.1 is for iphone 4s as well

  • Anonymous

    I complete the jailbreak and tap on the absinthe app and it pulls up a message saying “absinthe is now setting things up, please stand by..” but nothing happens. Has anyone else had this issue?

  • walter

    i am also looking for unlock, will let you know when i find it

  • Guest

    Whenever I try to turn on the VPN it keeps getting an error. You say I should retart my phone after that error?

  • walter

    it works turn on your vpn… settings, general, vpn

  • William Melendez

    thanks a lot !
    I was trying and trying and nothing until i tried this.
    I appriciated

  • iphone4S

    where did you store this folder: cinject_0.4.3? it must be under C:. your commend should include C:cinject_0.4.3…..

  • Lixzone_liyang

    yes a lot of people have had this issue if you bothered to scroll down :)

  • walter

    yeah podler thats true, i had same issue b4, but thats not there prolem, they gotta turn on their vpn, but yes, it can be a problem for some

  • Arkrovchuk

    Ok dear fellows!!! It is strongly recomended that you RESTORE YOUR IPAD OR IPHONE IOS 5.0.1, follow the user first setting without connecting it to icloud nor positin request….then run the absinthe jailbreak and thats it…….the problem is the setting of the vpn that justa can be restored when you restore the ios completely……Try this an see that this will help!!

  • Lixzone_liyang

    this does not help. tried it long time ago

  • Anonymous

    same issue no idea how to fix it though

  • Rlbadger

    Tried (iPad2) on both Win7 and WinXP using both the CLI and Absinthe. In CLI it gets to the “Creating backup…” after the cinject -j and just hangs and with the Absinthe GUI it goes about 1/10 of the way in the progress bar and hangs. I’m guessing it’s hanging at the same point as the CLI. I’ve reset the iPad2 several times to no avail…anyone else seeing the same?

  • GO

    for all the people tha have problem with the absinthe crash…please try this method (at least it workd for me, since i got the same problem). only connect the usb to the ipad…so if you have any other device that connected to your usb plug…please unplug it for a moment.

  • harrysachs


  • Fabian42

    any app that i open minimizes to about 1/4 of the screen, any ideas why?

  • ArT

    works for me i tried with cinject didn’t work and tried with this and done in 2 min !

  • Anonymous

    Worked perfect ipad 2 64gb 3g.. Will donate! Thanx guys!

  • walter

    back up- restore and try again, this might be a cable issue, make sure you have a good adapter cable, cean out your phone and try again

  • Danger

    thanks worked perfect

  • Guest

    Easiest jailbreak ever i dont know why people get problem tried it once and bam jailbroken just folo the instruction READ here some advise first get itunes up to date then open the jailbreak aplication after AFTER u open now Plug in your IPHONE or USB CORD to COMPUTER click jailbreak and leave it alone just move ur mouse once in a while so that ur computer doesnt go to sleep. ALSO MAKE SURE U HAVE NO LOCK SCREEN CODE ON…MAKE SURE THAT IT IS OFF…SLIDE TO UNLOCK AND CLICK ON APP AND AFTER IT RESET UR JAILBREAK APLLIACTION ON THE COMPUTER WILL RESET THATS A GOOD THING AFTER LET UR IPHONE RESTART AFTER IT RESTART ENJOY UR JAILBREAK :)

  • walter

    what are you running my friend, what version? restore your phone then email me, ill walk you through it

  • walter

    turn on your vpn

  • Guest

    Is anyone still having trouble with Absinthe crashing at preparing jailbreak???

  • John321

    I have a problem.. Every time I hit the jailbreak button i get the message “Looks like you tried to jailbreak this device and it failed. We will try recovering now.” then it says “recovery complete” and so I unplug my iPhone and replug in and it tells me the exact same thing.. anyone know of any possible solutions?

  • harrysachs

    yes me

  • Anonymous

    crashing at pre jailbreak too

  • Anonymous

    mine too

  • Anonymous

    mine too

  • bigPimpin

    back up ipad or iphone first, then go to settings, general, reset, erase all content and settings, then run absinthe, make sure to wait for complete reboot, when reboot has finished slide to unlock, click absinthe app n your golden.

  • Lindiboy

    me too

  • Lindiboy

    i did that and still stuck

  • harrysachs

    that doesnt happen bro it gets stuck. ive done all of that ive erased it like 3 times already. it still gets stuck

  • Morais

    About the long waiting at “absinthe is now setting things up, please stand by..” I´ve waited for almost an hour.

    What i did:
    1 – Disable password protect and location services
    2 – Remove the icon/app Absinthe
    3 – Reestart Windows
    3 – Make all the process again.

    Now it is working.

    Hope it help.

  • Rose

    For some reason i cant click the jailbreak button. Need help please.

  • harrysachs

    I even tried the CLI one and with that one it doesnt install the profile after step five! and it also doesnt connect to the vpn

  • Guest

    Does this delete contacts?

  • Anonymous

    same problem here. restoring doesnt work either

  • Mike Yang

    Had done few restore earlier and just did another one from itunes with nothing on it other then the default os and apps. The same cable worked fine with itunes. Then samething again hang at the Standy by screen after it displayed the greenpoison logo. No data activity that I can see on top of the screen next to the wifi connection icon. I got a iPad 2 Wifi.

    Any other ideas?

  • Amoeziextreme

    i had jailbroken my ipad 2 but when i installed sbsetting n rebooted my ipad got stuck on apple logo…. i tried to restore using itune but geting error 1602 plzzzz help
    i have ipad 2 ios 5.0.1 shsh blobs saved by tinyumbrella…..
    plzzz help to restore my ipad plz

  • Lixzone_liyang

    yes i have this issue and people please stop telling us to restore to factory settings. it still does not work.

  • tufesa

    just disconnect it and reconnect it.

  • Jucarare

    I’ve jailbreaked my ipad 2 Wifi already, everything was O.K. but suddenly, I noticed that my iMessages icon became completely white…kind of strange…
    What should I do ???

  • Anonymous

    I just jailbroke my 4S earlier this morning and am loving it, but it seemed to have broken my network apps

    i cant get apple remote or splashtop to see my computer over my wifi network. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Green and Yellow

    Re-install Absinthe and restart your computer may do the fix.Restarting your Iphone too and check if the VPN configuration is still there.If you still get an error email me at for now,do as I said,and maybe run as administrator for absinthe.exe.

  • Guest

    Does it delete contacts if I delete all data and settings?

  • Green and Yellow

    You don’t need to use CLI.The windows release is good.Just erase all content and data on your Iphone.By going to Setting>General>Reset>Reset all Content and Settings.After you do all this run the jailbreak and it will eventually work.Be patient and all.Any questions email me at

  • PKC

    Jailbreak works perfectly on my iPad 2. You guys rocks..!!
    but i have one issue. my App store and Camera icons have gone white. Any one have any idea?

  • Green and Yellow

    Go to Setting>General>Reset?Reset all Content and Settings.After all of that is done,redo the jailbreak and be patient.Hopefully it all works.Make sure you all have backups of you phones.And if you got any questions about anything be nice to email me at be glad to help.

  • Green and Yellow

    I don’t think so,but make sure you back up to both your computer and icloud.

  • cuevrojamez

    This worked for me! Thanks for the info!

  • Green and Yellow

    Alot of apps are beginning to become white on the home screen and all.Hopefully we get a fix soon guys or an update,be paitent.Because this is the first A5 jailbreak and we need a little more time for a next update.But hopefully everyone solves their problems.But for now,either restart Iphone and all or re-do jailbreak.Reseting all content and data and re-jailbreaking seems to work for a lot of people.

  • Green and Yellow

    Well,some say that SBSettings does crash peoples phones for now.The most you can do is put in DFU mode and restoring.If that doesn’t work for you,you have to edit your hosts file and re-do it.To see how to do this,go look it up on Youtube or something.But putting it in DFU mode might do the trick.Any questions email me at

  • Green and Yellow

    What tufesa said might fix it.If not reinstall the whole jailbreak Absinthe.And redo the whole thing.Might do the fix :) .Make sure you run as administrator.

  • Iriska

    i just did this on my iphone 4s and it erase my sidi! there is no more sidi! what happen!!??

  • Lindiboy

    Go to your Libraries and Then to Downloads

    Find the absinthe zip file and right click

    Click “Properties”

    Then Click UNBLOCK

    Hit Apply

    You’ll notice that now the icon in the window changes to the Absinthe icon. Did this and it worked perfectly. Please let me know how this fares for you all….Good luck….hope this was the true solution.

  • Iriska

    i just did this on my iphone 4s and it erase my siri! there is no more siri! what happen!!??

  • Green and Yellow

    Then back up Iphone and restore through Itunes.Then redo the jailbreak.Make sure your also backed up through Icloud.So,see if this fixes it.Or just keep trying the resetting all settings and content way.One will work.Any questions email me at

  • Green and Yellow

    Redo the jailbreak.That happened to me.I don’t think theres another way.Restore and redo.

  • Green and Yellow

    Good job buddy,the perfect way to help people out :) hahah

  • Green and Yellow

    Anyone with problems should back up through both computer and Icloud.And redo the jailbreak.If you have a passcode,take it off.Make sure you run as administrator.Be patient and you will see how smoothly it goes.You just have to give it another try or two.It’s a new jailbreak on a new processor.It has to have problems or some bugs,so we can make a new update.But keep’em comin’ guys.Thanks.

  • Green and Yellow

    Whoa.I don’t know what happened there.I guess restoring and re-doing is the only option.First back up,then restore and check if Siri is there now.Then do the jailbreak all over.Or what you might have done is when you were at the welcome screen,you might have pressed not to use Siri.Theres an option if you want to use Siri or not.As well as Icloud and all that other stuff.So redo it and go through the options slowly :)

  • Ba Venegas

    The solution for that has already been posted by cydiahelp. Check the previous threads

  • Green and Yellow

    I guess that maybe for some at least,having the passcode on might be the problem.But for some it is not.So some of you may also follow this post,if it doesn’t work,follow mine.

  • Adam Jaramillo

    i need help you guys. i get a little box on my computer that tells me “absinthe has stopped working” anyone else have this problem?

  • Green and Yellow

    What do you mean by VPN.When I jailbroke mine a couple of hours ago,there was no VPN configuration account.But to remove the profile,you would have to run the CLI cinject jailbreak.Do the first step about the c-inject -i payloads/mobile.config.When you get the prompt popup,dont install it,press cancel,And,on the next screen press remove or reinstall which ever one it is.And you will see there is no more jailbreak profile for VPN.And,running the Absinthe jailbreak,it removes it also,if it finds that you already attempted a jailbreak.So,any other questions,email me at

  • 888449

    Icloud crashed on my ipad2 after jailbreak,what is happened

  • Green and Yellow

    Another way would be to right click on the file,and troubleshoot compatibility.Let it go and you will then run as admin and do this.This always fixes the problem for some.I hope for all lol :)

  • Green and Yellow

    Right click on Absinthe and then press troubleshoot compatibility.Let it go and run as admin and it might fix your problem.Another way is to go into a different user on your computer.This might do the fix.Hope I helped :

  • Green and Yellow

    Restart,Redo,Restore is the only ways.Follow my other posts I’m tired of writing the same stuff all over.

  • Green and Yellow

    So good night guys follow my posts for help.Hopefully I did help for some.We will be updating soon,so stay tight.

  • Adam Jaramillo

    Thanks man, ill try this.

  • Mthdream

    Works perfectly. You guys rock. My heartiest wishes and thanks to all of you.

  • Edwin0000

    It says “sorry, the attached device is no supported” what should i do i really want to jailbreak my iPhone 4s

  • Antlive2k1

    cydia app will not open up, can someone help please

  • Aserr86

    I get an error message and Absinthe stops working and recommends I close it? Please help iPhone 4S running ios 5.0.1

  • Joyyec06

    it works fine to me verrrrrrrryyyyyyyy easyyyy….thanks

  • Bbbold3

    thanks pod2g…its really works on my iphone 4s…

  • Nicolas3306

    Absinthe keeps crashing please help!

  • Meer1996

    same problem overhere, i even waited the whole night thinking that it would somehow change. does anyone know the deal?

  • Andy O’Connell

    Trying to Jailbreak iPad 2 5.0.1. when my device reboots, absinthe crashes PLEAE HELP

  • Meer1996

    what does this mean?>> “ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand-bye…” it doesn’t go away at all, no matter how much you wait! can anyone tell me a solution?

  • Sergio Gutierrez

    Guys it worked great, less than 2 minutes to jailbreak it, really nice work :D . Just one advice, before doing the JB, if you already have it on 5.0.1 do a reset of everything and configure it as a new ipad. then run the tool, wait for it to finish, unlock the device, open absinthe and wait for the reboot. Then open cydia and wait for another reboot and you are ready to go.

    Really nice work. Thanks a Lot

  • harrysachs

    ey people with the problems with it crashing. when u download the file make sure u remove the absinthe.exe and the data folder into a fresh folder. Right click on ur desktop and create a new folder. drop them in there then try it. if it doesnt work im sorry haha

  • Stellarex

    Worked perfectly, no issues at all!

  • Soy dominicano bruto y nuevo en esto y lo instale sin problemas por dios no se quejen tanto estos tipos son unos genios

  • Nizam130

    i found the solution if u stuck on absinthe icon…….u have to restore your ipad using itunes with 5.0.1 ipsw….it works

  • tufesa

    what do you do when exract the files?

  • tufesa

    when does it crash?

  • tufesa

    does it do this after it gets half way?

  • Kk305

    This worked! Absinth kept crashing but I reset all content and settings then ran Absinthe and it worked quickly and perfectly! Then just restored to my latest backup. Thanks!

  • pad_2o9

    i jailbreak my ipad 2 and i install installous from cydia and whenever i search anything on installous it give me api error
    i tried everything download works fine but i cant search :/ help !!!!

  • Stellarex

    Your devices need to download all the packages. Be patient and wait for them to download and you will be in business

  • hamma96

    i tried jailbreaking my ipad like million times, i always end up with “ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand-bye…” after i open absinthe on the ipad….. any solutions?

  • Stellarex

    Restore your iPad and try again

  • Kk305

    First backup then Go to Setting>General>Reset>Erase all Content and Settings. Then run Absinthe. You can then restore to your backup. I tried running Absinth on 3 different machines and it kept crashing. Did this and it worked perfectly and quickly.

  • Nizam130

    i tried 5 time before but still stuck….then i restore and everything is good for now :)

  • Eizerwijangco

    what tool will i use to backup my 4s using the ipsw that i downloaded?

  • Stellarex

    that would be iTunes.

  • pad_2o9

    restore what ?

  • Sebastian

    Excelente! Sin problemas desde Windows 7 x64

  • Eizerwijangco

    how will i do it in itunes? by adding ipsw in itunes?

  • Kirby Leesa

    It will not read my phone connected? :( HELPPPP

  • Donwaunron

    Im having no luck at all, Ive restored my phone atleast 3 times as well as reset the phone 3 times. Absithe keeps closing on preparing to jailbreak, I’ve also re-downloaded Absithe and reset windows, any additional steps I can take fellow iphonez/ipaderz

  • Rickyrouster

    Just jaibroke iPad 2 everything works great, used windows version. I closed down all running apps before I started and it was done in about 5 minutes.

  • Aserr86

    Yes it does. I tried more than once

  • Azuwan

    i try cannot work ipad2 wifi 3g..any people help me

  • Aserr86

    its says absinthe.exe has stopped working

  • nm12211

    how long should it say “ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand-by…” ?? for the ipad 2

  • Puff-girl-10

    app will not show up at the end saying to unlock screen and tap on “jailbreak”. why is this ?!

  • Lixzone_liyang

    Guys if you have tried the erasing all setting and content, then restore ur IOS to 5.0.1 using itunes, and do the absinthe jailbreak step by step again! it will definately work! like so everyone can see this

  • Nelson

    yes me too… tried 3 times

  • Yyf327

    Good job!well done !!appreciate all of your hardwork!

  • hamma96

    it worked!!!!! thank you :)

  • hamma96

    finally, after hundred tries, my ipad is jailbroken :)

  • Donwaunron

    I went to troubleshoot it and mines says Incompatible Application?!?!?!

  • Cnulb46

    I’ve tried maybe ten times.. I’ve reset my iPhone 4s and the computer, turned the firewall off, reseted the network, made sure VPN was OFF.. And it still just sits there saying its jailbreaking bug nothing works.. Waited for 20 mins and nothing

  • Aserr86

    Ok ppl I did not have to erase content and reset my settings on my IPHONE 4S. ABSINTHE and the other folder DATA have to be consolidated somewhere in a NEW FOLDER and then run it and voila should work! I’m running IOS 5.0.1 Verizon 16GB

  • liamP

    im having trouble doing it on windows, it always gets to ‘jailbreak data…’ and then windows says there’s a problem and needs to shut Absinthe down…help?

  • Liam Paraire

    im having trouble doing it on windows, it always gets to ‘jailbreak data…’ and then windows says there’s a problem and needs to shut Absinthe down…help?

  • Baltikoy

    sir are there no untethered jailbreak for iphone 4 4.3.5 or 5.0.1 yet? thanks

  • Aserr86

    Make sure ABSINTHE along with DATA folder are open with WINZIP or a ZIP program and highlight and DRAG to a NEW FOLDER.. It should say extracting and open remember to close all your APPS running on your phone. and turn off LOCATION SERVICES. RUN as ADMINISTRATOR and make sure TROUBLESHOOT COMPATIBILITY

  • Mamad Niki

    Thanks All hackers For Great Work And Especially Thanks Ahmed Omar For Web Site And Support News In This Site .

  • Aserr86

    Make sure ABSINTHE along with DATA folder are open with WINZIP or a ZIP program and highlight and DRAG to a NEW FOLDER.. It should say extracting and open remember to close all your APPS running on your phone. and turn off LOCATION SERVICES. RUN as ADMINISTRATOR and make sure TROUBLESHOOT COMPATIBILITY

  • lolbrosif

    i keep getting absinthe.exe has stopped working error during prepering to jailbreak…help what do i do?

  • twchung22

    I did exactly what you suggested and it worked beautifully!!! Thank you!

  • Aserr86

    Make sure ABSINTHE along with DATA folder are open with WINZIP or a ZIP program and highlight and DRAG to a NEW FOLDER.. It should say extracting and open remember to close all your APPS running on your phone. and turn off LOCATION SERVICES. RUN as ADMINISTRATOR and make sure TROUBLESHOOT COMPATIBILITY

  • Aserr86

    Click on FIX if it gives the option.

  • Ac3llz_27

    my abshinte keep crashing..i already tried in mac n win :(

  • Aserr86

    Make sure ABSINTHE along with DATA folder are open with WINZIP or a ZIP program and highlight and DRAG to a NEW FOLDER.. It should say extracting and open remember to close all your APPS running on your phone. and turn off LOCATION SERVICES. RUN as ADMINISTRATOR and make sure TROUBLESHOOT COMPATIBILITY for IPHONE 4S

  • Aserr86

    IPHONE 4S ONLY!!!!!!! Make sure ABSINTHE along with DATA folder are open with WINZIP or a ZIP program and highlight and DRAG to a NEW FOLDER.. It should say extracting and open remember to close all your APPS running on your phone. and turn off LOCATION SERVICES. RUN as ADMINISTRATOR and make sure TROUBLESHOOT COMPATIBILITY IPHONE 4S!!!!!!!

  • Donwaunron

    No option

  • ReezwanShah

    how to restore it using iTunes? i’m stuck on “ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand-by…” what should I do? i’m jailbreaking ipad 2 3g, absinthe using windows..
    please help me..

  • Liam Paraire

    I dragged both files to a new folder i created. it didn’t say extracting though…i turned off all apps, location services, ran it in admin on the computer too and still came up with the ‘Absinthe stopped working’ stuff again…
    what do you mean by troubleshoot compat? sorry, new to this

  • hex

    it worked flawless on my wifes 4s and it doesent want to work on my 4s it must be the iphone not the program….

  • hex

    does not work at all!!!

  • Guest

    Yeees it finally worked. Thanks so much everyone! Def going to donate!

  • guest 2

    what did you do?


    I am launch Absinthe, but bot worked. Absienthe is now setting thigs up, please stand-by

  • allan

    stop trying to cofuse people u little fool..

  • Jay

    Well I have tried everything for my iPad and it is still not working. I tried the Reset all erracing all settings and content and still no luck. tried restoring the iPad and still no luck. Always the program crashes when about 60% complete.
    I have the iPad 2 WiFi 16GB and the laptop is running Windows 7 Home Premium. Also tried on the other computer running Windows Vista.
    Guess I will just have to wait until all the bugs are worked out.

  • blueb0rne

    worked just fine the first time!! It may take a while but don’t worry –> it works
    thanks all of you, you did a great job

  • Chai12

    thanx thanx thanx thanx it works for me 1st time on iphone 4s

  • Guest

    Same problem here, followed all orders that are mentioned below for my Ipad2
    Absinthe stays stuck at 1/4 of progress and eventually crashes after 5minutes. Tried it on my windows computer and same problem.

  • Guest

    Does not work buddy.

  • Josh

    If you are stuck on “setting things up, please stand-by”. Go to Settings > Network > VPN “ON”. You will get an error, reboot then run Absinthe again.

  • Aserr86

    Right click on Absinthe and troubleshoot compatibility

  • Aserr86

    Im not!! those are the steps I took and it worked!

  • Guest

    On both windows and mac says, beginning Jailbreak please wait, may take a while. Doesnt go past that. Turned on VPN, same problem .

  • n00b

    WOW! That was easy. Thank you soooo much, just followed the GUI and done. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Josh

    I just tried, got stuck on setting things up, did the VPN thing, manual reboot, Absinth still not working, re-ran on PC Win 7, it said it failed and will fix now, re-jailbroke, ran Absinth on iPhone 4s 16gb for second time, worked in 30 seconds.

  • Cnulb46

    I’ve done everything everyone has said to do and it still just sits there not loading the jailbreak… How long did it take for iPhone 4s users???

  • amit

    my iphone is still locked with at&t even after jail break it shows invalid sim and asks for activation ios5.0

  • Cnulb46

    I have the same issue.. Please help if you figure it out!

  • Jay

    OK, got it to work and it was my fault I was having all the problems. You need to be sure you extract the program and the data files in the same folder and then do the jailbreak and it worked perfect.
    Thanks guys, loving it and sorry for all the comments (none nasty) about it not working. It was just my brain not working. :-)

  • Guest

    Did everything over, reboot, vpn, nothing…I feel like im being trolled

  • amit

    how to carrier unlock it after jailbreak guys pleaaaaaaaase help

  • Guest

    Is anyone having trouble adding sources on Cydia? I keep getting verification error.

  • sigk9

    Thanks! Disabling LOCATION SERVICES and RAN as ADMIN did the trick.

  • neo2v2

    Keeps getting stuck at ‘Beginning jailbreak’ even after I reset all contents and settings! Any ideas? Tried moving all in new folder, location services off, no passcode!

  • mauro g

    must the ipad be connected to wifi wen loading absinthe? help, im on 3g and nothing happens, stand-by 4ever now

  • Baltikoy

    sir are there no untethered jailbreak for iphone 4 4.3.5 or 5.0.1 yet? thanks

  • sara12

    how long does the ‘ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand by…’ take? Its taking forever!

  • Kath Longares Rn

    at last, made it on my ipad.. thanks!


    Finaly! After one day I’m have jailbroken iPad! Thank you Dev TEAM! You’re the best! Thank’s from Russia!


    I’am restart jailbreak!

  • Thomas Juergensen

    Can’t start the program. It keeps telling me “You must run this app as Administrator”. But I actually right clicked absinthe.exe and chose “Run as administrator”. I have also tried any possible compatibility mode, without success.
    Always the error, even though I do chose to run as admin……

  • Bgabellon

    works fine on my 4s and Ipad2, but i just notice that some of the icon turns white and you need to respring to make it back to normal icon.

  • Noob

    Really need the Ipsw file? Or no need because the cli jailbreak doesn’t require any Ipsw

  • Gurtej19

    how many of u guys are on 5.0 and not on 5.0.1?? what i think is that this jailbreak only works on iso 5.0.1 and not on the very first firmware that is only 5.0…

  • Gurtej19

    nvmmmmmmmm, finally i got it to work the thing is that you have to extract both the data file and the absinthe file to a new folder and it should work. i have been trying all morning and now it finally worked!!!! the problem was that i never extracted all the files correctly!!! please try extracting all the files to a new folder and doing the process! hope this helps, if it works email me at

  • lolbrosif

    and if that doesnt work?

  • Gurtej19

    And one more thing i never had to erase all my data! well the thing is that before the jailbreak was not working so i erased everything and tried to do it but it still didnt work so then i just almost gave up and i restored everything back to my iphone but then i read a comment that said to extract all files to a new folder and i tried it and it worked!!

  • Intellingentgoof

    It worked fine, except I lost my vibrate and my keyboard clicks sounds after the jailbreak. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Geebr

    Its at the almost done screen but no new app any ideas why?

  • Woodsplfc

    Yes me too and installous keeps crashing on downloads :-(

  • Luckya

    Thx all i just jailbreak my ipad2 16 wifi ios 5.0.1 for less than 15 minutes

  • PDSF

    I also had to restore before it would work. Takes a hell of a long time as all the apps and music have to re-load. Would have been nice if it had “just worked” but not complaining…I guess…

  • Dan2jk10

    yes i am :(

  • PDSF

    I had to restore and then it worked as described.

  • f haq

    alhamduLILLAH, i jailbroke my ipad 2 16gb 3g version successfully…erased all data n setting first then run absinthe – jailbroke…no problem….cydia running, now just need to see how it works after jailbreaking hope it all goes well inshaALLAH.

  • Efefeeafe

    dont extract the file from the zip folder.. double click the absinthe.exe.. i just jb 4 ipad2 for my friends and did not encounter any problem

  • Intellingengoof

    Never mind. Discovered sounds/vibrate was off using my hands free control tweak

  • F Scipio9

    I have a problem. When i start “beginnig jailbreak, this may take a while……”
    The process stopt. The blue bar stopt….it don’t goes further. I have an ipad 2 ios 5.01.
    Help me please.

  • iphone 4s dude

    worked fine for me just cydia errors with repos :(

  • Geeber

    Does anybody know why it wont show me the app on my iphone 4s is says it should be there but nothing

  • Aiedwardlcw

    My ipad 2 stuck on the apple logo when reboot after the jailbreaking, pls help???

  • Taylor Lehmer

    Thank You Guys So Much.

  • Marwan Bashir

    I have the same error message …. everybody please advise us if you have a work around …. iPad 2 5.0.1 (9A405)

  • Art

    It is work! i am appreciated! my ipad2 now jailbreked

  • Zongmingu

    same problem

  • Marcel

    Some one try his iPhone 4S white Absinthe for Windows jailbreak? Are jou having problems whit it or not?

  • @Iggyrs73


    everytime I start the program it gets to a certain point it says greenpoison.exe has stopped working, I have changed from win 7, to xp, win 98, win 95 ect but i still get the message, is there a fix for this, i have also tried different ports on the laptop

    has anyone else had this problem

  • Jay

    Got the jailbreak to work on my iPad 2 WiFi (thank you for that) now when syncing the iPad I noticed that none of my books will sync and transfer to the iPad. Anyone else having this problem? If so, any ideas how to colve it? Thanks

  • Ammarmirza

    yes there is, google redsn0w or even google dev team blog and got to their site for detailed info

  • Panosporto

    stack on program has stopd workin win is lookin for solution???? is there a fix for this?? please help 4s

  • Renolfour24

    me too… i take about an hour,but nothing happen..please give the bless GOD,AMINNN!!

  • Pollo

    Here the same.
    All my books are gone. I can`t transfer them back.

  • neo2v2

    Fixed my issue by using ANOTHER COMPUTER. Whoever is facing this issue, try switching to another computer. If you don’t have one around, try switching user. Even better if you have a dual boot PC. Don’t worry if iTunes pops up just close it, you DON’T NEED to setup the iPad. Close iTunes, download Absinthe and follow the said steps.

  • Alijoyce

    Ok, if like me you just extracted the absinthe gree poison like you would have with the old gree poison it does not work, just make new folder and extract both absinthe exe and data into it, then open this folder with both in it and it will work, I did turn off location services and closed all running apps as well by the way and you can leave your phone on by the way, hope this is a clear guide for everyone! Happy JB!

  • Ddtice

    sure about the problem, I tried 3 different computers Win7, Vista and XP, stop for the win stopped working, Vista, Win XP, and certainly indicate errors and wants to quit.

  • Jay

    I finally got mine in the iPad. I had to turn off the Sync Selected Book and change it to Select all. For some reason that worked for me. Hope this helps.

  • jillali elmachatt

    These guys have done a great job, just restore you Iphone to its factory settings, by that i mean erase all content and settings, then start the jailbreak process, it tooke about 10 min for me for the whole process. just checked everything on my iphone and it is FULLY FUNCTIONING! even Siri ;)

  • jillali elmachatt

    PS ThanX LOTS and LOTS Dev-Team!

  • Stu

    Log in as local admin

  • Daanishj

    its writing that absinthe has stopped working.

  • Hotwalker

    Hey guys my iPad 2 is still beginning the jb and has been on it for bout 15 mins…how long does it usually take to start?

  • Taha

    i open absinthe it says absinthe is now setting things up, please wait….

  • Taha

    what i need do?

  • noob

    same question here

  • o-nsm-o

    can somone just post how to fix this crashing issue been on this since 7 this morning

  • Alijoyce

    I had same problem, like I explained in my post, you have to extract both the absinthe exe and the data into a ‘new folder’ then try and it will work!

  • Panosporto

    If I reset will it work?

  • Tiffany

    I’m not sure if I got it to work by mere chance, but it was doing that for me too until I downloaded the Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter and kept it running. I was actually going to report the crash but it helped for some odd reason! Try it?

  • tiffany

    On top of what I mentioned below, I also extracted all files to a new folder.

  • Ethanavalon

    absinthe is now setting things up please standby for like half an hour

  • Ethanavalon

    what to do

  • Pdomo

    Me Too!

  • plz replz

    plz help and reply and vpn doesnt work

  • Intelligentgoof

    Fixed error in windows install… (Iphone 4s 5.01 9a406)
    Instead of clicking the absinthe icon on your iphone, go directly to settings and toggle vpn switch under settings>general>network. It rebooted itself within 5 secs after I toggled the VPN, with cydia icon now showing. Never even touched the absinthe icon.

    (I did a restore to non-jailbreak backup, then did the jailbreak with the vpn toggle..whole restore and jailbreak took less than 10 minutes)

  • Ethanavalon

    nothing happened just says a configuration error occured

  • Ethanavalon

    just says a configuration error occured

  • Ethanavalon

    and just press ok

  • Aqkhana2002

    Seriously please help , ever one getting message Absinthe stop working !!! I have tried all compatibility options on my ipad 2 even I have disable my virus scanning program + fire wall. Any help, I have window 7

  • Captain Chaos

    My solution for the “Absinthe is now setting up things….” problem:
    On restart, my lockscreen appeared;
    in spite of the instruction NOT to touch my iPad2 yet, I unlocked the iPad while it was still uploading jailbreak data.
    I noticed it now took about a minute or so to finish uploading jailbreak data, as where it first was done after a few seconds.
    Then, finishing the proces by tapping the GreenPoison icon, it did NOT get stuck on the “ABSINTHE is now setting up things..” screen anymore.
    I am now jailbroken.

    Many kudos to the Greenpoison team !!!

  • Coupdevil

    I am allmost giving up:( The problem here is that the .exe crased the first time.
    During mij 2nd attempt it says something like: “Look’s like you attempted to jailbreak before, but didn’t succeed. We’ll now try to fix it. Recovery completen. Unplug your device and plug it back in to start jailbreaking”.

    Well, since the first time i see this tekst i’ts looping.
    I plug my iPad back in, press jailbreak and it says: “Looks like u attempted before………..”
    Feels like Groudhog day and i really don’t know what to do ?

    Can anybody please help me? I am allmost at the point of putting the thing back to factory default, but reading your comments is it not very likely that is gonna work then.

  • DARK

    What’s the difference with that CLI tool ?

  • Ddell

    Make sure when you unzip the JB both Data and the exe are extracted to the same folder on desktop, then JB.

  • Bilal Awan

    Does it Unlock IPhone 4s ?!

    or is there another way to unlock it ?!

  • Ste Nichol

    worked perfect for me

  • Ste Nichol

    i done the vpn toggle

  • Haworth_alan

    moved dat and .exe to a new folder still keeps crashing…..

  • Haworth_alan

    done that but my absin still keeps crashing??

  • Nellis1712

    i found the error “Absinthe is now setting up things” and just hanging there was caused by me unplugging the cable when it said done, now click the icon.

    just make sure that when it says click on the absinth icon that you leave the ipad or iphone plugged in to the computer, otherwise when you click on the icon it will just hang on a black screen with the absinth pic and wont do anything else!!

  • matkiller

    My mail icon have disappeard after jailbreak. Anyone know how to fix this?????

  • Khalid

    i clicked on the Absinthe Icon and it says ” ABSINTHE is now setting things up.please stand-by…” and i waited for like more than 5 min and it stills the same. should i do something Like opening the VPN or anything it helps to jailbreak my Iphone 4s… Please answer me as soon as possible.

  • Yang Hian

    “Look’s like you attempted to jailbreak before, but didn’t succeed. We’ll now try to fix it. Recovery completen. Unplug your device and plug it back in to start jailbreaking”.

    hi all, how to solve this problem??

  • Rapid

    Big thanks to the dev’s. up and running on ipad2 wifi in less than 5 mins. Didnt have to restore either! Cheers

  • Bunnyyadav

    I have jailbreak my iPad 2 but iBook and. Any app from apple app store on my iPad is not working

  • Coupedevil

    UPDATE: Nothing worked for me. Finally i restored to factory default. Run the program and it works !!!

  • Mutu

    Did you found a solution to unlock Iphone 4s. I did jailbreack successfully, but it is not unlocked. i thought it does automatically.

  • @Iggyrs73

    cheers worked first time that way. please go to the top of the class..

  • @Iggyrs73

    Ok, if like me you just extracted the absinthe gree poison like you would have with the old gree poison it does not work, just make new folder and extract both absinthe exe and data into it, then open this folder with both in it and it will work, I did turn off location services and closed all running apps as well by the way and you can leave your phone on by the way, hope this is a clear guide for everyone! Happy JB!

    thank Alijoyce for that one…..

  • almr3b619

    happened to me too i dont know what to do

  • sidejam

    I seem to be stuck on “ABISINTHE is now setting up, please stand-by…”

    Also tried “Settings>General>Network>VPN”and then toggled the VPN on. I got the message “VPN Connection A configuration error occurred”

    Any suggestions?

  • Boise Bronco

    I get about 5 minutes in and a windows screen pops up saying it detected a problem. Any ideas yet on what this is all about? Thanks in advance…

  • Sandoksa


    I am Free at last

    Worked well. Did not bother with the backup.

    1. Connected mu imprisoned iPad 2
    2. Pressed the jailbreak icon and let it run
    3. After a while it completed its op.
    4. I pressed the green skull and it downloaded more data.
    5. Finally the green skull was replaced with the Cydia icon.
    6. I pressed it and it did anther download and reboot.

    The only confusing past was that the first app sought of reset and looked ready to run again. DO NOT Hit the start button on the PC a second time. Not needed. (It could use a job end flash screen instead of re-displaying the initial screen ready)

    But overall I am happy. Now I can fall in love with my iPad 2 again. I nearly sold it to by a Sumsung. I want flash, multitasking and access to me data files.

    Thanks guys job well done.

  • Matkiller

    Have found Solution just install installous. After installous have rebooted it’s back to normal

  • Matkiller

    extract All absinthe files to a new folder then jailbreak again

  • lintianfu

    when i plug my ipad 2 the jailbreak is still unclickable

  • lintianfu

    any suggestions?

  • Llamou8136

    synced with itunes and then ran absinthe with zero problems. i had my phone jailbroken in less than 2 minutes.

  • charles

    i stuck on opening cydia… it didnt open when i press on it :( please help, any genius around

  • Super_Saiyan26

    I did my jailbreak with the command line version for windows much easier for me but I do have to tell u that you absolutely need to back your phone up and restore it to a new phone but use your current apple ID. Just do not restore from I tunes or I cloud. U have to skip that part and use ur phone like it was fresh out of the box. After performing the jailbreak u can restore to the backup u just did and cydia will still be on ur phone as well as all your contacts, apps, etc. hope this helps

  • Lewjoon

    works like a charm!! thank you so much

  • Pisem

    SKYPE stopped working after while on JB iPad2-32gb-wifi

  • Super_Saiyan26

    Everyone u must restore to factory settings and do not back up from I cloud or I tunes. U can still use your old apple ID but skip the backup restore part. That’s why u must back up before jail breaking. After cydia is installed u can restore all your contacts and apps from I tunes backup without losing cydia. It was so much easier to do it on the windows command line software but it will work the same with the absinthe download that just came out. Again backup and restore to factory settings and BAMM u have a jailbroken A5 device. Hope this helps love the jailbreak dev team!!!

  • Goshawk

    I was able to jailbreak my iphone 4s but I have the same issue of not being able to unlock it…

  • Super_Saiyan26


  • charles

    thanks for your reply super saiyan… i think my ipad2 is jailbroken.. the only thing is i cant open the cydia. I used the windows absinthe method. I followed everything unless at the last step, i click on the greenpoison icon which make my jailbreak incomplete i think. The worst part is when i restore it to the previous backup copy. The cydia is still there, remained unopen. real pissed off!!

  • koulish

    My iphone is jailbroken and Cydia works, but when i want to install games there is problem with sync and games can´t by installed. What´s the problem ? Does anybody know ?

  • Jerry

    I tried for almost 30 minutes and kept getting an error or ABISNTHE would shut down.
    My problem was I moved the exe file to my desktop but not the data file. I made a folder on my desktop and moved both folders into it and then tried with success.

  • Ste_sweeney

    @Alijoyce you sir are a hero did loads of tries yesterday and what you said worked. i duno why i didnt think of it myself because with recboot to restore older A4 devices to unsigned earlier firmware was the same all the data had to stay together in a folder or it would not work. thanks again. if anyone else stuck were it crashes after reboot extract data and absinthe.exe into a folder on your desk top (tip make folder first) then run the absinthe.exe from there and you will have a successful jail break happy days.

  • CoolFl@mes

    I have just had to restore to factory default in order to use Absinthe for Windows. Prior to factory restore Absinthe hung on the “Beginning Jailbreak, may take a while…” screen.

  • JAMN Alex

    absinthe stays on ‘is now setting thing up’ and doesn’t move.

  • Ste_sweeney

    did you extract data and absinthe.exe to same folder? 4s+cydia = happy days

  • mike

    after jail break my 4s battery drain has been a lot

  • Len

    Thanx! It work on 4S with Windows 7. Make sure that code lock is off.

  • 123

    am also jailbreaking concurrently, n having d sam problem :( let me know if it finishes soon

  • Pkall77

    hey thanks… been trying for 2 strait days! this worked

  • Chrisw Rex

    took me 9 minutes, follow this video and it will jailbreak no problem. i did it first time, and it worked flawlessly, please stop getting mad because you did not follow instructions. o btw my pc is from 2004. and i did this 5 minutes after waking up this morning. its very easy, good luck and enjoy!!!

  • immy

    In the process of kjailbreaking my iPhone 4s windows says greeenpoision not reponding I have tried it twice and had the same problem anyone know what is causing this

  • Vero910701

    I have the same problem let me know if it works for you

  • Ste_sweeney

    @immy make sure you have extracted both parts to a new folder on your desc top disable passcode lock from settings and try it again

  • Coffeecountyboy

    I had same problem, just reset all your settings, and rod, I did this twice and it finally worked…

  • steve1010

    Use the CLI. It is 100 times faster to JB. Screw the Windows and Mac

  • FreeAtLast

    I hope this helps someone. Some of these steps have been mentioned before but because it took me nearly 6 hours and a buttload of frustration, I figured if this helps one person, its worth it.

    Im on Windows. Iphone 4S running 5.0.1
    Everything would run smoothly until the program got to the “loading jailbreak data” the progress bar would get about 75% done then Windows would tell me the program stopped responding and it would crash. This went on for several hours. Here’s what eventually worked for me.

    1. backup your phone to itunes
    2. do a full restore and as you begin the set up on your device DO NOT turn on any location services, no icloud, no wifi, dont sign in w/ your apple ID, just bypass all of these things.
    3. Locate Absinthe zipped file, right click, properties, there will be an option at the bottom to “unblock” check that. Apply. Then move Absinthe tool to its own folder (create a new folder somewhere and extract both the data and absinthe files to it)
    4. launch Absinthe but first right click- properties- compatibility- there should be a drop down of options, pick the correct pack for your Windows OS. Apply. Right click “run as admin”
    5. Start the program
    6. plug in phone
    7. Press the jailbreak button
    8. Cross your fingers, pray, ect
    9. Profit…????
    10. If you got to step 9, you now should be dancing around and yelling obscenities out of joy. Enjoy your FINALLY jailbroken device :)

  • kalaz

    its taken me 15mins for this thing to jailbreak. i pressed the jailbreak button and its been 15mins and my phone keeps on beeping every now and then. whats the issue? should i just do it manually? im getting frustrated

  • Kim

    After trying for 3 1/2 hours….I finally read other comments and it worked!

    1: restore to factory settings
    2: jailbreak
    3: complete VPN in settings/network

    Now I have to see if everything works!

  • Johnny_bravo_ff8

    Bing GO! Many thz to Mr. Ahmed Omar and his Team :-) My Ipad 2 GSM is work very fine after jailbreak. But when I jailbreak it, I used original cable of ipad but I didn’t try other cable :-) . How ever I still wish the unlock bb 4.11.08 for Iphone 4 coming either.
    Thz again and wish you all got all best wishes in this Chinese New Years! Lolz

  • Iphoner86

    It took two try’s on my iPad2 and it now works. Thanks guys, your the greatest.

  • Pjom8

    Does anyone know how to get safari download plugin or manager to work on 5.0.1. I got the 4s and it fails to download stuff, and the manager just makes safari crash immediately ?

  • BigPimpin

    Scroll down the page, read a ill bit, maybe you’ll figure it out.

  • BigPimpin

    Wow, screw windows n Mac, haha. What u think CLI runs in? Smart guy.

  • BigPimpin

    Backup, restore to factory, jailbreak, restoreee to previous device, done.

  • Dave_castle

    IPAD2 on the right version but Win7 just keeps saying Absinthe has crashed and thats as far as I go. Any ideas

  • BigPimpin

    Everyone that this works for has had the smame solution. Scrol up or down

  • BigPimpin

    Download another absinthe 0.2

  • BigPimpin

    This jailbreak is Not for the illiterate. Sorry.

  • Fuckyoz


  • Cnulb46

    It gets to where it is preparing the jailbreak then there is an error.. I’m trying very thing over again and took off the firewall and lets see what happens..

  • Jason Melzer70


  • Jason Melzer70

    i did exactly like u said and the program keeps shutting down

  • BigPimpin

    Backup, restore to factory, jailbreak, restore to previous device, done.

  • Andy O’Connell


  • BigPimpin

    Backup, restore to factory, jailbreak, restore to previous device, done.

  • BigPimpin

    U might need to start from scratch. Fresh restore and new absinthe.

  • Cnulb46

    Worked for me! I turned off the firewall, resored my phone to factory settings, turned off location services and did not enter my apple id and it jail broke just fine.. Does anyone know if I restore it back to my back up I will lose my jailbreak?

  • Jason Melzer70

    ok ill try that now

  • BigPimpin

    U’ll be fine when restoring Ur device.

  • mdsupermax

    Please help me, it says Loading Jailbreak Data and then it just says Absinthe.exe has stopped working I re downloaded it bu that did not help. Please help me.

  • BigPimpin

    Good luck, just make sure u wait for the full reboot

  • Jason Melzer70

    Im having the same issue as you

  • Eagleaglefan

    My iTunes downloads seem to not work.
    I downloaded the mac version of the Jailbreak.
    Any ideas on how to fix this?

    My prime idea is to delete them, then redownload but if it’s an internal error then would a re-jailbreak be in order?

  • Sankaramaddi2003

    pls iam unable to jailbreak my ipad2 64gb 3g ios5.1 from windows because everytime the programme endup as low memory on the disk c am a medicalstudent i dont know how to use command prompt pls give me a solution

  • BigPimpin

    I didn’t upgrade iTunes I don’t think u really need to. It posted just to make sure u have an iTunes

  • Jason Melzer70

    I followed exactly what u and it didnt work

  • SweO

    Thank you! =D

    The jailbreak took me 10-15 minutes on my iPhone 4S. After being recommended to update to 5.0.1 i did that but I now I can’t install any “apps” since it keeps telling my I “perhaps need a new source”.

    What does that mean?

  • Cnulb46

    is anyone having issues with cydia? seems like it cant update any sources and cant download any packages… helllllllp!??!?!

  • Eagleaglefan

    I see but my question is that if once you already have jailbroken your iPhone did you experience any difficulties with your purchased iTunes Music/Tones? Because mine won’t play.

  • Sean

    Wow way to many issues. Im gonna wait till they fix the errors before i attempt to do mine. Ill wait till they release a redsnow jailbreak for the 4s. Its like everything else when they first come out theres always an issue. U gotta give it time to het worked out

  • Gibbybhoy

    have downloaded and worked a treat thank you just need to know how to set cydia up for the free downloads, do i need to install anything??

  • bigPimpin

    honestly no. have you tried to install hackulo repo and install installous.

  • Maria

    i reseted settings 5 or 6 times, but it doesn’t work!damn

  • bigPimpin

    I believe this is a one shot deal. If you have tried to jailbreak and it didn’t work the first time you need to restore to factory again. Don’t quote me on it.

  • Fredhudson

    I have done everything right, i turned off my passcode, downloaded absinthe, ran it it gave me the 10% problem, so i canceled the jailbreak, and now when i try it says “you have attempted to jailbreak this and it failed, restoring… unplug and try again” when i do this it says the same damn thing, someone help me

  • bigPimpin

    google for that 1 i think thats a lil to much info to post on here

  • Sk8deike

    I jb’d fine. Now the only issue is the music icon is blank. Any ideas

  • Gibbybhoy

    i had the same issue a few times, i powered my phone down then started all over again and worded first time

  • Fredhudson

    right now i am restoring to try and fix it, if this does not work then im going be pissed

  • Fredhudson

    I tried that first, didnt work

  • Benji

    Same thing happened to me. Crashed the first time and now I’m stuck in the same loop. Would love to see a fix to this!

  • Manny9321

    I’m having problems with cydia it keeps giving me an error possix and other stuff it will take forever to load up packages and won’t download nothing because of all the errors can any one help please..

  • Help

    I used absinthe to jailbreak and worked perfectly. However, after jailbreaking when I clicked on absinthe, it simply loads the black page with absinthe logo and the message “ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand by…” It has been like it for the past 20 minutes. Any ideas?

    BigPimpin please help.

  • Bashir

    I have the same problem!

  • bigPimpin

    did you wait for absinthe to say sumthing like, ” you may have to slide to unlock” after it rebooted. (absinthe as in the desktop program)

  • Help

    Nothing as such was asked after reboot.

  • brad

    I used absinthe last night. Worked perfectly. This morning I restart my phone, Cydia won’t load. I connect to my cpu and restart my phone and now Cydia loads up perfectly. Looks like I have a semi-tethered jailbreak going on here. Anyone else have similar issues?

  • bigPimpin

    posix is normal, been happening before A5 devices, it does take awhile to load the repos from what i noticed

  • bigPimpin

    restore to factory again, must wait for complete reboot to finish.

  • bigPimpin

    funny i woke up n my cydia n mail icons were white. went into cydia , changes and did refresh n everything was fine.

  • Carveruk

    this was my experiance with the jailbreak process. ran absinthe from my desktop part of the way through the jailbreak i got the exe file error which alot of people r getting!! after reading the post on here i took the advice n MADE A NEW FILE CALLED IT ABSINTHE, DELETED THE OLD ABSINTHE, MOVED THE RAR FILE ABSINTHE INTO THE NEW FOLDER ON MY DESKTOP, THEN RIGHT CLICKED N PRESSED EXTRACT HERE, u should have a data folder n the absinthe icon. n run the program as administrator from inside the folder u made n thats what worked for me a big thank u to the guys who posted the fix :) o n sorry for the caps i did it so it was easier to read pls forgive lol cheers

  • bigPimpin

    within the absinthe desktop program, when full reboot is complete it will say slide to unlock if needed, then from there you will run the absinthe app. if you didnt wait for a similar message in the desktop prog. then jailbreak was not complete and you ran the absinthe app to early.

  • Nicholas Robinette

    Update iTunes. I had the same problem

  • Bob Laponge

    I followed your instructions to a tee and it worked. Thanks for your help.

  • Techyghost

    help ive d,loaded absinth whn i run it i plug in my 4s and it comes up with device not supporterd have re dloaded it and tried again and absinthe still says the same thing

  • Imitono

    I have the same problem… My ipad2 is jailbroken and i cant do anything with it. Cant add sources… erros :possix etc… annoying

  • bigPimpin

    did u update to 5.0.1

  • Sarkmatter

    easy fix just close abisinthe on mobile app from app switcher but still connected to computer and relaunch abisinthe from device shouldd fix

  • Techyghost

    yeah 5.0.1 (9A405)

  • God

    worked perfect for me

  • Help

    Repeated the whole process again but of no use. Any other thoughts?

  • God

    i had this 2 make sure u refresh cydia sources first

    if this doesnt fix write down one of the sources and delete it

    then readd that source after refreshing sources should fix

  • Trader08

    I had this problem too, I had updated 5.0 to 5.01 “Over The Air” because doing it through itunes gave me error and did not work. So I suspected that might have to do with this. I backuped up my iphone, restored to factory and loaded backup, used absinthe windows version again and this time I finally got pass this error.

  • bigPimpin

    did u try to unplug ur 4s run absinthe then plug device in

  • Cellularnmore7street

    it work !!!! thanks how do get it unlock ???

  • Goodie

    this seems to be a pc issue try running as administrator by tight cling abisinthe and properties compatibility and run as afministrator

    if it doesnt fix restar computer try above step

    if that doesnt work try doing it while computer is in safe mode

  • bigPimpin

    possibly ultrasn0w in cydia

  • Help

    Thanks Sarkmatter. Still the same persists.

  • God

    note by turning off sori before doing the jailbreak should make siri work after jailbreak is done

  • Lyny_jo

    i got it done with my ipad 2 3g 5.0.1 after 4 times try. last one done with my ipad already erase all setting and content. But i think the problem is not from that, the only thing make it work is i have to plug usb ipad cable direct to usb on the pc without using any extention usb cable as i did with few privious error try.

  • God

    easy fix just close abisinthe from app switcher while phone still connected to pc then restart abisinthe and wait should fix

    note just minizing abisinthe is not good enough double click home button and close out of memory

    good luck

  • immy

    it worked 3rd attempt didnt have to restore thanx anyway

  • bigPimpin

    im posting the whole step by step video on youtube in a lil bit

  • bigPimpin

    good job

  • Imitono

    tried it again and it works. Just keep on trying it will work.
    Thank you again guys you are fantastic…

  • Help

    Thanks. How do I find it in youtube?

  • Techyghost

    yeah and still get the same reply

  • Charmander

    restore to factory settings general reset erase all contents and settings redownload abisinthe straight to desktop unZip to desktop using winrar run abisinthe by right clicking properties run as administrator and then begin jailbreak wait till the bar fully gills once and then u should notic abisinthe on your device start it and if it takes 2 long like 5 mins on setting things up do not close anisinthe on pc just close on device from app switcher and restart abisinthe it should fix remember always keep device connected to pc with abisinthe on pc running

  • bigPimpin

    thats a trip. urs is a new issue, maybe a new absinthe download

  • bigPimpin

    imma post the like as soon as its done

  • mike

    no cydia? ( I followed everything correctly, and everything looked good) should i restore and do it again?

  • Techyghost

    ok will try a new absinthe dload and let you know

  • Mir

    I was having the same error as a lot of other people. I was stuck at absinthe is now setting up things blah blah and after i turned vpn on and got the error, my ipad would just sit there. i couldn’t JB through the CLI either, because that depends on a restart after the vpn error shows up too.
    Anyway, after trying everything else, i did a SHIFT+RESTORE through itunes(i’m on windows). i restored my iOS 5.0.1 afresh, because erasing all data and settings through the settings menu on the ipad didnt work (i did it about 5 times). anyway after the fresh restore through itunes, i used the absinthe gui. after it was done, instead of clicking on absinthe, i went to settings and turned vpn on. i got the error but then wonder of wonders, the device rebooted. i am now on a JB ipad2 and running cydia :)
    i know a fresh restore through itunes is not an attractive option, but if all else fails, it might work for some of you; just like it worked for me

  • Edinson Bolivar

    Completed Jailbreak but when I click on Cydia it doesn’t open… Any suggestion? I have about iPhone 4s with about 9 gigs filled. I jailbroke the phone then restored from icloud and Cydia now does not open…

  • Techyghost

    have done it and still no joy im following every instruction to the letter

  • Matkiller

    To All who have the problem where absinthe constantly crashes when jailbreaking. Do the following: extract all absinthe files to a new folder then jailbreak again.

  • Tomas Karenauskas

    hi. i have jailbreaked ipad2, but i cant install apps. allways failed to install.
    i tryed to restore and jailbreaked second time, but it didnt helped.
    any minds?

  • Carsten Hopf

    Completed Jailbreak, it works, but now i lost my Cydia Icon???

  • Nickquinney

    I have down loaded absinthe but when I plug my phone in the “jailbreak” button does not highlight for me to click – any help would be appreciated.

  • Warwick

    The most easiest jail break so far
    many thanks for this jail break, donations will be made
    Keep up the good work

  • Ttrece

    did the unlock work?



    I HAVE IPAD 2 WIFI 16GB!!!!!

  • Royceb69

    if i jailbreak it, can i restore it to its original form without losing all my contacts and stuff?

  • Warwick

    You don’t loose any thing after jail break
    Desktop and apps will still be there after jail break

  • kward

    i cant get past beginning jailbreak absinthe program freezes

  • Anonymous

    I’ve restore it three times (reset contents and network settings) and finally using the absinthe to jailbreak it using an XP machine. Sounds better to 32-bit machine. I have everything working as usual right before the JB.

  • Paul Sabadish

    It says that the program has stopped working. It seems like i have tried all my computers and there usbs. And when i try to turn my vpn on my phone it already has jailbreak there but it woulnt let me turn it on. Help me please.

  • Noddy

    same happend to me m8. you have to put the data folder on the desktop with the exe…. Disable your firewall should work m8

  • Bobo

    Worked no problem for me..only problem is with Cydia cause it’s
    Overloaded…takes a while to load packages…be patient

  • Aqkhana2002

    you have to restore ipad 2 and then init with any new name and then if you are using window 7 right click on absinthe and property and select compatability window xp service pack 2 and click on run as administrator. hope that help

  • Aqkhana2002

    you have to restore ipad 2 and then init with any new name and then if you are using window 7 right click on absinthe and property and select compatability window xp service pack 2 and click on run as administrator. hope that help

  • Aqkhana2002

    reinstall itune may be drivers problem

  • Aqkhana2002

    and in my experience

    you have to restore ipad 2 and then init with any new name and then if you are using window 7 right click on absinthe and property and select compatability window xp service pack 2 and click on run as administrator. hope that help

  • Aqkhana2002

    you better be

    you have to restore ipad 2 and then init with any new name and then if you are using window 7 right click on absinthe and property and select compatability window xp service pack 2 and click on run as administrator. hope that help

  • Aqkhana2002

    no its not pc issue , i was having same problem here how i solved..

    you have to restore ipad 2 and then init with any new name and then if you are using window 7 right click on absinthe and property and select compatability window xp service pack 2 and click on run as administrator. hope that help

  • Aqkhana2002

    you have to restore ipad 2 and then init with any new name and then if you are using window 7 right click on absinthe and property and select compatability window xp service pack 2 and click on run as administrator. hope that help

  • Vinod Pillai

    Only after I shift – restored my ipad from itunes & ran absinthe in windows, did it all work.

  • Aaaa

    bigPimpin fuck you :(

  • Jayshakey

    When it says unlock screen if necessary and press jailbreak icon is that the absinthe button coz i pressed that and nothing happens

  • Matkiller

    apps from where? app store or cydia, installous?

  • Idjdjdkelelek

    Someone answer this, it’s been a while since I’ve jailbroken an iPhone but anyways will Jailbreakimg my 4s cause me to lose anything in my phone like pics/music etc.

  • Matkiller

    If you get an error message. Then go to Settings > General > network > turn on VPN

  • Matkiller

    No it will not but make a backup anyway!

  • Bobo

    Won’t lose anything..nothing to worry about

  • Angela Harper

    what do you do when your VPN gets an error?

  • Forman36

    keeps closing the application after says gathering jailbreak data cant get passed here tried to delete file and extract everything, nothings workin any ideas?

  • what-son

    having the same problem over and over @Forman36

  • Shaunie81

    reinstall itunes

  • Forman36

    Ya im literally going crazy. This is easy why would I run into the one problem!?!

  • Mauro Quiala

    thank dream team….have been trying for 24 hours now, and i got it :) ipad 2 cdma is jailbroken…. for those stuck on absinthe stand-by….thy this….it worked for me after 24 hours of trying….
    1-download the new itunes
    2-shift restore your ipad
    3-download absinthe and extract
    4-connect device and click jailbreak
    5-wen itz done open the app absinthe
    8- DONE
    (i advice trying on a different pc it helps) make sure u have internet connection on ur ipad.. wifi or 3g….thankz

  • FatBoy1onda

    Having same problem as everyone else reset settings can’t turn on VPN on my iPad nothing is working tried 2 pc’s nothing is working somebody help…..

  • Misskapri

    like every one says you have to be in factory setting mode thats the only way to do it I tried for hours then finally did that I was good to go!!! and CL is so much faster

  • juz passing by

    my jailbreak did not work when i downloaded the ipad2 5.0.1 restore file from this website .

    after i restore using itunes ( itunes will download the 5.0.1 ) the jailbreak worked alrdy.

  • Mynahone

    So I’ve downloaded it with windows on my ipad2 using absinthe only thing is now when i try and add a source it will not work ?? When I type in installous all I get is the installous hd theme ,anybody no what could be wrong as I’m sure it’s only minor

  • Yapjinwai1985

    My as well, it appear error MSG…the instruction at xxxxxxxx reference memory at xxxxxxx.the memory could not be read…
    What is this?

  • 09tannerm

    my jailbreak worked perfectly well. but now my phone is saying i have no service and i keep rebooting and respringing but nothing works im at my house and i always have service and everyone else has service except for me. itll come back for a period of a few seconds then go away. HOW DO I FIX THIS PLEASE I NEED HELP

  • Nickr893

    Go to settings >network >then disable data and voice roaming and then enable them. That will help you. It worked for me.

  • Mikva

    Bookmark tabs on safari no longer work and all itune songs purchased before the jailbreak won’t play

  • Jhustified

    how do i get free apps on appstore after jailbreak?

  • Anonymous

    Jailbreak worked perfectly until up to the point of using Installous, but now whenever I download an app from installous white icons appear on my springboard i.e. “iOS Diagnostics” “FieldTest” Any help with fixing this?

  • Eraz92

    It’s been 15mins, and they’re still setting things up. Is it normal?

  • FreeAtLast

    glad it worked for you!

  • FreeAtLast

    i forgot that part, i did disable siri as well! and after the jb it worked fine =)

  • FreeAtLast

    you did a complete restore and set up as a new phone? didnt activate ANYTHING, no location services, no siri, no wifi, nothing?

  • Mar

    Jailbreak worked.. But my message icon turned to white color??!!! Rebotted my phone few times, but Nothing works. How to fix this pls??

  • Nono

    pls donate something to the guys that made this jailbreak posible

  • Joao Lopes

    When you get at the “almost done” step on absinthe, don’t close it on windows or disconnect your device. At this point on your device, turn VPN on. When I did that with my ipad2 it rebooted immediatelly, and when it came back, cydia was already there. If it didnt reboot by itself, then open absinthe on your device. The only problem I am experiencing is that neither facetime nor imessages are working, I’m connected to wi-fi but my device keeps telling me that my apple id session can’t be started and there’s network problems. Are there anyone facing such issue? Does anyone know if this is jailbreak-related?

  • Neutron

    That happens. I just use SBSettings to respring and they go away

  • Feels Bad Man

    it would have been nice if this was in the original fuckin instructions instead of having everyone try this shit and have it get stuck, crash, and try to find a solution. update the instructions for ALL windows versions not just windows in general. win7 32 and 64 bit will be different than winxp.

  • Edirtysicks

    I got it on using win vista64 on my girls laptop … now before I go and sync it again i am not sure how you guys are restoring from a backup to get your phone back to the way it was, without losing cydia?

    basically I went into settings and hit erase all content and settings, then jailbroke it fine. But now i want to put my apps and numbers back on the phone to make it mine again but i am sure it is going to erase cydia when i restore from backup.


  • Anonymous

    Is it possible to jailbreak unlocked iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0? iPhone is locked to overseas carrier. I tried absinthe ( on windows xp sp3. The screen stays on “Beginning jailbreak, this may take a while..” for more than an hour and nothing happened.

  • Who

    This jailbreak seems to me at least to be the best that has come along in quite some time. Boot time is much improved over the last one. It seems pretty flawless. I would suggest to anyone who is having issues to just restore and do it again. I did 4 devices and haven’t had any issues at all.

  • Maurphius_xxx

    My iPhone 4s is jail broken but it still carrier locked please anybody help me

  • Heartpumper77

    Worked perfect…

  • guest

    I had an iPhone 4s, iOS 5.0.1. Worked perfectly well for me. Running windows 7. The only thing I did: in Absinthe file properties set it to run in compatibility mode with Win XP SP3 and run as Administrator. Didn’t do any phone restore to factory settings – jailbroke it as is. Had no issues at all. The process took me about 10 mins. Had no issues after jailbreak either. Works great!!

  • Mt Tripathi

    Pls someone help to carrier unlock my 4s is already jailbroken

  • Anonymous


    I’ve successfully jailbroke my ipad2 with my Windows XP, but I have an issue: the music doesn’t play. The albums and songs appear in the library, but when I try to play them, the player doesn’s do anything. The song progress bar doesn’t move. I can move it manually, but the play doesn’t work.

    Any idea? Thanks in advance.

  • Fleshfly

    Just respring with sbsettings an it will be fine.

  • Vendramini_hertz

    pls greenpoison absinthe is stop working at midle of process.
    what can I do????

  • Coffeecountyboy


    We all have the exact equipment, Iphone 4s, and IPad 2, most of us have this running, no problems, or had very, very little problems. Many of the questions here are really stupid, the only differentiator is that you may different settings and programs set up on your device. Therefore, if you continue to have problems, suck it up, reset your freaking device to factory settings and then jailbreak it, this will work 99.9% of the time, the other .1% you are just plain stupid. How bad do you want it???? YOu can reinstall all of you other crap later…..sheesh, this isnt rocket science…..

  • SUPREME220

    what worked for me.Cause i had problems installing. Disable the passwork on the phone and it will work flawless.

  • Sd

    When trying to jailbreak its get all the way past the reboot phase and then i get a message saying that absinthe has quit working I have to close it out and try again. I’ve done it several times with same outcome

  • Coffeecountyboy

    Dude, reset your device to factory settings, and run it. If you have too much data on your device it may time out….

  • Coupedevil

    Exactly. Had al kinds of weird problems. The jailbreak was looping. After the reset to factory default it worked fine.

  • Djminer Iu

    my cydia wont open

  • Ask

    same here, i am admin and i need to run as admin ??? (win version)

  • Gashsmahser1

    do you still need to do the connection,camera roll fixes? or are they ok now ?

  • Bkratz

    my WiFi speeds are terrible since the jailbreak. Is there a fix for that?

  • Bkratz

    yes, and being rude sure helps too!

  • Aomseng

    when i open it say…..ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand-by….
    NO CYDIA……….please help

  • Eros1973

    Ehi guru, how would you solve the problem that still asks for Administrator privileges even if it is run “as administrator” and my user IS effectively the administrator? would you factory reset the pc?

  • Arifshuaib

    i am also having the same error….

  • Dingwalldemon

    Have you done a soft reset?

  • Anonymous

    After restoring and removing all movies from iPad2 I finally succeeded IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM. SO GUYS TRY TO DELETE MOVIES FROM YOUR IPAD2.

  • nisa

    yes i havedone that , but still the same shit

  • Tariq Mahmud

    goto cydia >manage > sources and open all packages one by one and see which package has nothing inside it..just delete that source from there…refresh cydia.this is a problem caused when sources and packages have not been installed fully

  • TechyGHOST

    yeeeeehaaaaa done it but does any 1 know how to unlock baseband 04.11.08 pls

  • TechyGHOST

    yeeeehaaaaa done it any 1 know how to unlock baseband 04.11.08 please

  • Zana

    When you figure out how please tell me I’m trying to figure out myself =(

  • Anonymous

    Yep I did. But I haven’t made a backup restore. Can it affect?

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    After the Shift restore and the extracting of absinthe, so i run the setup wizard interface on my iPad to set it up or do i just run the jailbreak directly. If i won’t run the wizard, how can i get rid of it?

  • Xdjbrandonx

    I had same issue….. Close the program…. unplug iphone. power iphone off and then back on. When you open absinthe if you are vista or higher righ click it and click “run as administrator”.. plug your device back in and you should be good. Make sure you remove any passcode lock as well while jailbreaking.

  • Xdjbrandonx

    I had same issue….. Close the program…. unplug iphone. power iphone off and then back on. When you open absinthe if you are vista or higher righ click it and click “run as administrator”.. plug your device back in and you should be good. Make sure you remove any passcode lock as well while jailbreaking.

  • Girl

    I have reset my device to factory settings,
    But it stil doesnt work.
    I get an error in my pc, -absinth doesnt work anymore-
    Somebody please help i have tried everything,

  • Girl

    I die everything you said but still the Same freaking error.
    And what now rude boy

  • richie

    it goes back to normal after a couple hours

  • JP


  • Padilla_bruno19

    Everythin worked just fine but today my cydia app disappeared from my iPhone 4s, how do I fix this need help please…

  • Padilla_bruno19

    Restore your phone to factory the do jailbreak again, it sucks having to delete everything but it’s the easiest way… Hope it helps.

  • Lifeisonlyluck

    Works Great!!! no issues at all. My 4S is jail broken now…wow

  • Bianka_0725

    I have the same phone you have, same version! but when i plug it in it says my device isnt supported! hELP PLS!!!

  • Lindell13

    Followed instructions and 100% working break..even got the app vwallpaper to work. animated backgrounds working…thanks a ton.

  • Coffeecountyboy

    Try to unzip the Absinthe again in a new folder. Reset your device to factory again, and run this. There is no reason it shouldnt JB, good luck.

  • Coffeecountyboy

    Look, call it rude or not, but many of us have been enjoying our JB through the weekend. You have a variable here which cant be solved by anyone here. I dont know what your computer settings are, your permissions, network settings, none of that. The only thing I do know for a fact is that this jailbreak is easy as it comes. So call me rude, a smart ass whatever, but while you are still here reading, I am enjoying Cydia, and all the goodies it has to offer…

    Good Luck.

  • Mxsteven129

    I did everything it said and I got the absinthe app. When I click on it it says to stand by and like let absinthe run or something like that but then nothing ever happens. I also noticed under my network under VPN it says jailbreak but when I turn it on it says an error occured. So can someone please help me?

  • Cwall1119

    Thanks Xdjbrandonx I did exactly what you said and now have my perfectly jailbroken iPhone 4S

  • Alpha123456

    How do you extract all files since there are many with the same name? (there are 6 corona.tgz files) When I extract, it renames them to corona.tgz, corona_1.tgz, corona_2.tgz, etc…) I think this is causing an issue…

  • thewanderer

    Son, if you would bother to do a little searching you would see there is currently no software unlock for a carrier locked 4S. If you want an unlocked handset, pony up the full retail price.

  • Alpha12345

    How do you extract all files since there are many with the same name? (there are 6 corona.tgz files) When I extract, it renames them to corona.tgz, corona_1.tgz, corona_2.tgz, etc…) I think this is causing an issue…

  • Bothra73

    Worked like a charm. No problems at all.

  • Eob

    Your suggestion worked for me!! Thanks! iPad jailbroke without any issues but had to follow your instructions for iPhone.

  • Tom Belsito

    I’m running on a Windows XP, i hope this helps you guys out.
    Aww man, this took me since it came out to finally figure out a solution. GODAMMMIITTTT. whatever, but i reallyy hope this helps some of you out becuase reading these comments reassured me that people were figuring it out and that i could not be the only one with a particular issue. i had the issue of ” Preparing Jailbreak”(in absinthe of course) then it coming up with an error on my computer saying the program needed to shut down. okay so everyone says that you need to reboot to factory and turn off this shit… not really.. maybe the restoring might help ya out but i dont think it neccasarily fixes the issue. i tried re-installing absinthe a couple times a couple different ways. i tried plenty of trouble shooting…. trust me. i think were people mess up is that its a .zip file, you need to unzip the file without any fancy unzipping tools because the ones i was using would keep not extracting all the files correctly. what i finally did was get the download file and put it on my desktop… then i would… ( fun part) :
    1.Right click the
    2.Click “Open With”
    3.Click “Compressed (zipped) folders”
    4.Now it will open a folder called “”
    5.Double Click the “absinthe.exe”
    6.Compressed .zip folder warning pops up, Extract all (desktop)
    7.Now you should have all your components in the right area in a folder called
    8.Open the folder and right click the “absinthe.exe” ; Run as.. “Administator”

    And it should work now, like i said.. it worked for me. this made me feel dumb towards the end becuase it was really the extracting of the files where i messed this up. i hope this helps some people, its really relieving to finally see cydia on your 4s. (: feel free to ask questions..

  • Suavier

    That was the easiest jail break ever…thank you guys. It does seem like it gets stuck..but you gotta leave it walk away let it do its thing. But jailbroken phone…I couldnt’ be happier

  • Suavier

    That was the easiest jail break ever…thank you guys. It does seem like it gets stuck..but you gotta leave it walk away let it do its thing. But jailbroken phone…I couldnt’ be happier

  • Tom Belsito

    my post should help you!

  • Raidersway14

    If i have an Iphone 4 running the redsnow jailbreak that came out a few weeks ago is there any way to change to this jailbreak without restoring my phone to take off the current jailbreak?

  • Sumeetbatra2000

    i have jailbroken my iphone 4s , however i need to unlock it..does anyone know how to unlock the device? pls do let me knw

  • Jonathanloaiza

    Thanks for this killer jailbreak. Although I wanted to know if anyone is having trouble with icons and stuff after applying it? Things like white app icons. The wireless connect icon gone and stuff

    Of course this things fix themselves when you turn your device off and on!

  • Dongk99

    Can’t jailbreak with this software. I have ipad 2 with os 5.01, winows 7 64bit, and newest version of itunes. When i press jailbreak, it goes well for a minute, and “absinthe.exe” has stopped workig.
    What the? Any solution? I also tried open with adminestrator.

  • Tareqrf

    i cant find the ‘jailbreak’ icon….

    pleaaaaase help

  • Tareqrf

    I found the Absinthe icon..
    I opened it but still nothing happens

  • Roman Williams

    worked great, first time on 4s, using windows 7
    nice and quick, just had to then add cydia sources once done:
    Goto ‘sectionsrepositoriessteffwizinstall’
    Then from search, searched for ‘all sourcesinstall’
    Which found my paid apps

  • Chenchi

    Hi, can someone tell me if I back up with icloud can the apple find out that my ipad is jailbroken?

  • iPhone Slut

    Yeah i can help.

    Go to your service provider and say your going to Iran (they don’t support network in this country) then they will unlock your iphone. Simple

  • sl

    My God you are retarded.

    Someone who’s struggling to extract a file by no means should be attempting to jailbreak. :O imagine you having to do a DFU restore what would happen then without step by step instructions!!

    You SIR should have taken your iPhone to Apple store and asked them to jailbreak to for you… HAHA

  • Nellis1712

    i had to right click and run as administrator for it to work on my windows 7 64bit, if that doesnt work for you try right click, properties, compatability, put a tick in run as admin and click apply then okay and try run it again.

    should work fine m8 as it did on my system


  • Nellis1712

    unless your updating your fw to 5.0.1 then theres no point or benefit to redoing with absinthe m8

  • Nellis1712

    try rebooting, if no then redo with absinthe m8

  • Nellis1712

    what system are you using?

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    No Chenchi, iCloud will not detect a jailbroken device

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    Anyone still stuck in the “Absinthe is now setting things up, Please stand-by…”, after trying a million solutions that i found her and on other sites i finally found the solution. If you need any help, feel free to contact me at tmrashed at gmail dot com

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    Try doing a complete restore (shift-restore), if you need help contact me

  • Timour Omar Rashed

    did you solve the problem?

  • GamesHD

    try disabling wifi and working on 3G ( you will need to re-run Absinthe twice, once to fix and second to jailbreak ) , I had same problem but this trick fixed it.

  • Ahmadfarghaly728

    did that, still not working…

  • Eracollege

    wts the solution pls tell

  • juz passing by

    how did u update ur ipad 2? by itunes normally or shift clicking update button? alot ppl have this problem cause they dint update normally. i suggest u plug the pad to ur comp , and click update it by itunes normally

  • StrongHammer

    just sent you guys donation.. great work. i was able to jb my ipad 2!!!!

  • Gashsmasher1

    any fix on the windows error … about it shutting down?

  • FHp12

    I’m with my ipad in a place where there’s no wi-fi connection. Can I do the pc part now and finish the jailbreak later, in other place with wi-fi conection?

  • resham

    gr8 work….. thanks

  • zack temple

    anybody having issues with absinthe failing/crshing in the middle of the jailbreak.
    make sure you extract All files (data, and absinthe.exe) hope it helps.

  • Time2unlockshop

    Absinthe keeps saying “it looks like you have already tried to jailbreak this device and failed.
    helllllllllllllp please looks like it stuck in a loop now

  • Samuel Pate

    Great work i have no problems with the jailbreak cydia is working just fine :) on my 4s

  • Daren

    worked for me cheers !!!!

  • Mark Wells

    the same thing happened to me, what i did is i turned off the passcode lock, and uninstalled the Absinthe app, then retried it, worked for me

  • Invectus Ilumni

    For those on Windows 7 and IPad 2 getting the “This application has stopped working” error. You simply need to factory reset your tablet after backing up in case anything went wrong. Then choose fresh install and when you try again, absinthe-win-0.2 should inject its poison swiftly. You should be up and running in a less than a 1 minute.


  • Swiss

    me 2 ….. what can i do?

  • Pumba

    I just jailbroke my ipad 2 and some icons appear grey like safari itunes music how can i solve this?

  • MigsGab

    Just restart your ipad, it should be ok.

  • Jokerlone

    great work!i have no problem jailbreaking ipad2 (wifi 64gb). thanks a lot guys…

  • Swlly505

    mine still kept giving me that response even after factory reset?

  • Htekh984

    can ipad 2 ios 5.0 works ?help?Anyone can g

  • Eahicks68

    This was the highlight of my day!!! LOL!

  • Smit shah

    thnk u for d advice it helped me

  • Sean

    hi bro , i’ve the problem with that ….”Absinthe is now setting things up, Please stand-by…”, is it work in Ipad2 (wifi)?or its only suit for Ipad2(wifi+3G)?i have no idea with this…pls help !BIg Thanks!

  • YoungGuddaD

    If Your Stuff On The Setting Thing Or Whatever Just Keep On Tapping On The Absinthe Picture After You Open The Absinthe Icon In The Home Screen Hope This Worked


    Guys my iPad 2 lost all of its pics and I can’t get them back. I reboot it, redid the entire jailbreak. Restored it with previous backups but it keeps sending them to “other” in iTunes. I have 11.5 gb used under the “other” tab in itunes with 0 apps downloaded so I’m assuming those are 11.5 gbs of my pics. How do I get them back? Pleaseeeee help me

  • altynay

    My problem is – after jailbreaking I can not download hacked apps to my Ipad2 wi-fi +3g the error message appearing. + the Video Icon turned into white!

    any suggestions?


  • Moe Hesham

    does this work on ipad2 3G??

  • Bobby

    Actually, the fact that you posted that means you are still reading here. LOL What a fucking tool.

  • MiNi

    same thing happened to me, actually after i installed twice appsync 5+ and restored again and the restore process takes about 30 min for me cuz i have a lot of apps, after the process is done itunes showes over 11,5Gb other and it brought back my pictures but my apps r missing.

  • Jabubuone

    need help. first time it worked but i all my apps were gone so had to do another reset all settings and contents then now im stuck at the revolving loading screen. im not getting anywhere and ipad wont turn off. i hoped to redownload from icloud thats why i reset again. now its stuck . help pls.

  • Peter Payne

    Worked fine for me the Cydia is not installed. Can anyone help? I clicked the Absinthe icon on the iPad 2 and it says “setting up some files” but nothing is loaded or installed. Can’t do much without Cydia.

  • Tiggermunch

    using a windows 7 64 bit select all(extract)after you download file both data and exe reset plug in and run once unplug your ipad and run exe again i kept closing itunes as ipad2 reset also make sure you turn off wifi and passlock or usually will not work this is what i did and worked great no issues running 5.0.1 on ipad2

  • Rafammx

    great, thanks a lot guys, worked 100% for me (iphone 4s)

  • Anonymous

    Hello. I successfully jailbreaked my iPad 2, the only problem so far is that when I hit the home button to go to search, I can’t type anything because the keyboard is not showing. I restored it, and did the jailbreak again but same result. I backed all my Cydia apps/sources with xBackup and I got everything back with no issues other than the missing keyboard.

    I removed all iPad thems, but the keyboard still missing.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Start the whole process again from start to finish. It worked for me.

  • Irfan_quadeer4u

    its not working on my i 4s, can anyone help me please..????

  • zanif

    its not working on my i 4s, can anyone help me please..????

  • Exp703

    thats where I’m stuck right now. how long does it take before I see Cydia?

  • Fleat_pt

    hello, im still having these same problem. jailbreacked iPad2 16g WiFi, re run Absinthe several times and it still not working. “ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand by…”
    please help me!

  • Andy

    definitely turn off pass code….

  • M03

    worked perfect for me. less than 5 minutes, brand new out of box.

    thanks guys for all the hard work.

  • Thebigyin7305

    same happened to me, dont even get as far as anything installing

  • Barronthomas1

    what does this jailbreak do!?!?!

  • YANC4O

    Yes, it’s work on all iPad’s 2

  • Skorubsky-yan

    No, only on 5.0.1 for iPad 2

  • Teofil Tóth


    A few days ago I jailbreak (5.0.1.) my iPad 2 (white) which I bought half year ago. Worked without a trouble, I installed a lot of software on it and some things which modify the Springboard. After I installed retinapad my iPad restarted and stopped on the apple logo. It does not start since then. I can turn off pressing the Home + Sleep buttons, I can put it to DFU mode, the iTunes can reach it, but the recovery does not run down, the iTunes runs onto the undermentioned error message: “The iPad not
    can be poured. A unknown mistake occurred (21).”


    Thank you very much.


    i jailbrake my iphone 4s .. but how to unlock it now to i can use my sim card on it ..?

  • IAppleShit

    hello i had the same exact problem but mine was because i ran absinthe while in lock mode then refreshed it because it was taking for ever to re-spring i download the firmware from felixburns and tried manually installing and restore that error message came up…. the way i fixed it was since it was letting me do it on my Mac i did what i was doing just on a windows and it restored basically.. so i suggest put it in DFU download firmware and just switch to restore it on a windows if ur using a mac or vice versa… also if u have like tiny umbrella or anything messing with ur iDevice make sure its closed

  • IAppleShit

    Also if that doesn’t work Send me an iMessage @

  • Kylebond009

    anytime i go to dowload, say dowload failed: unexpected content

  • Kylebond009

    just noticed some of the files download. anyone else have that issue… on I 4S

  • Feels Bad Man

    this app is a piece of shit. i’ve tried this fuckin thing like 10 times and the app just crashes after several minutes of it doing nothing. i’m on win7 64 with ipad2 16 wifi and followed the instructions step by step. download the app, and extracted everything to my desktop, double-clicked the absinthe exe then click jailbreak and nothing happens and it crashed after a few minutes. isn’t apple shit supposed to be easy? isn’t this supposed to be click-click kind of shit? this is wack!!

  • Jhmcat

    PERFECT. I have an iPad2 (gsm) running 5.0.1 (9a405). Downloaded the absinthe-win-0.2. Unzipped, ran it.. it did it’s magic, restarted.. clicked the Absinthe icon. it did its thing.. and whammo..CYDIA…. Thanks so much to everyone!

  • Lovecamry


  • Latinoprince85

    Do you have color keyboard? See if there is a theme installed. My keyboard was missing too at one point and I reinstalled a theme from color keyboard and the keyboard is back.

  • yvesr

    got the same error!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the response…

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless smartphone

  • Anonymous

    I figured it out…the problem is SBSettings. I removed it and now the keyboard is working.
    Sent from my iPad

  • pporto

    I can’t find the absinthe icon….

  • Hah-aha12

    when i click on the absinthe icon it sais there was an error and wont let me download cydia help!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashish Gandas

    I just installed cydia and jail break it but i still can not use any other sim in my phone kindly help!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eddymasry

    me faced the same problem … “ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand by…”

  • REA2012

    Jailbreak doesnt unlock your phone. a jailbreak wont make any sim work. its like an underground app store for apps that wont be approved by apple, or for tricks and shortcuts to do things that apple doesnt allow on their device. you want to UNLOCK your iphone, i don’t know if there is a way for the 4s

  • REA2012

    I have completed and got cydia, but cydia wont load, any help? it flashes like it will open then closes

  • Reece

    Restore and start again :)
    Make sure to backup first, then full restore through iTunes or through settings app.
    Re-jailbreak and then use your backup :)

  • Reece

    Doesn’t work with windows 7. Use the cinject method instead. That works with xp and 7, but not vista…

  • T R R Vasanth

    Never use bad words in public blogs. If its not complying even after ten times of try then its not the application or its developer’s. its the fooolishness of you to be unaware of this small tutorial they gave to install the JB. Even a second grade school student will do it perfectly. Before giving a wrong comment about others juz think about you. Juz think how much those guys must have worked when you can’t even install the fully developed software.

  • jailbreak

    yo!Followed instructions and 100% working break..even got the app vwallpaper to work. animated backgrounds working…thanks a ton.

  • Scumbag Steve

    you, sir, are a complete fuckin idiot. jailbreaking doesn’t unlock your phone, dumb ass.

  • ipad user

    i alr download & done the cydia app… but how to get ‘ínstall0us’?

  • blur

    absinthe didnt work . help ! seems like there’s something wrong with the VPN .

  • Murad Alkaff

    I have the same problem, I have windows 7, and I tried to run it in comparability with windows XP, but I have the same problem as Girl

  • Ned2566

    Whenever I try to jailbreak my iPad2(3G, 64GB) with this tool, the message “error device detecting (lockdown error -2)” appears. I have no idea of what the problem is or how I can solve this. Anyone has any idea of this? Pls help me.

    p.s. As I found this blog in South-Korea, I didn’t login and just post this. So it will be more pleasing to me if you give me an piece of advice to my e-mail address, , unless you mind this. Thanks

  • From Rio, Brazil.

    Gosh!!! I’ve download Greenpois0n Absinthe 0.2 for Windows from the link above, opened, connected the Iphone and clicked the Absinthe icon. JUST THIS. And all worked like the most beautiful music. No problems at any time and it’s every thing totally OK!!!!! Congratulations and thanks to Chronic-Dev Team. You are the best!!!!

  • From Rio, Brazil

    IT WORKS. I’m using Win7 and I’ve made the JB yesterday in just one try. Amazing. Everything is OK. 1000%.

  • Guest111

    I have a question: I want to know if anyone had problems with the ipad 2 or iphone 4s after using this jailbreak. I would like to jailbreak my ipad2 64GB 3G. And also after using this jailbreak I can use a sim card on my country’s network?(I am not in America).

  • Guest111

    Thank you soo much guys. This jailbreak worked great in less than 5 minutes on ipad 2 3G 64GB.

  • guest

    I open the program and after I plug in my ipad 2, i can’t click jailbreak because it says ERROR: Consistency check failed: could not find required files….
    anybody experience this or know how to fix it?

  • guest

    on windows

  • Tara

    Downloaded and unzipped to Desktop. I am an administrator on my machine. Every time I click the exe, it tells me that I have to run it as an Administrator. I right-click and select “Run as Administrator” and get the same error. I went to Properties, Compatibility and checked the box for “Run as administrator” – same error. Anyone have any advice?

  • Gunawan

    i Got the error message. The error was :”the URL can’t be shown”. Close or Retry. Absinthe could not be open. Any advice ? Thanks

  • Moamen Sharaf

    i Got the error message. The error was :”the URL can’t be shown”. Close or Retry. Absinthe could not be open. Any advice ? Thanks

  • Nations Gary

    i have done these steps but i am having trouble installing ultrasn0w. it wants to half install. what deo i do?

  • Kartaba

    this is not for the iphone using 5.0.1 (9A405) it does not exist yet.

  • Lilbrenthiggins

    Can’t jailbreak iPad 2 error consistency failed missing files

    Please anybody known how to fix it

  • hardman90

    doesnt work in my iphone 5.0.1 (9A405)

  • lakshayroxx!

    thankxxxxxxxxxx! it worked

  • Brandie Lynn

    Downloaded all of what I saw as necessary….9A405 and Abs 0.2 and 0.4 actually and the box is telling me I don’t have the required files. What am I missing?

  • My device is said to be pending on the tss queque wen im on the cydia icon.wat does that mean becoz i just jailbroke my ipad can i access the awesome features of jailbreaking?

  • Im new to this how do u download hacked applications for ipad 2 and from which sites?

  • Evrytime i try to download smthng i hev selected on cydia apps it says cannot locate the package or cannot be found in your sources.wat can be the problem to that?

  • Excellentuser

    worked on my ipad2 noi problem, many thanks.

  • JASP

    Your user name must be Adminsitrator. Try to change it or create a new user with adminsitration power and do the jailbreak in the new user

  • JASP

    Sorry I mean Administrator

  • Brandie Lynn

    Can you help me w my iPhone 4S? for Windows?

  • Monterey California

    did you get any help? I want to jailbreak 4s with windows too

  • Woodevil1

    Does this also unlock the phone for use on other carriers or is it only a jailbreak? In the past you had to do two separate downloads.

  • Mallonb1981

    I keep greeting the same issue. It worked fine on my iPhone 4s, but I keep getting the VPN options and then I select the green bar that says jailbreak and it fails?

  • Chino_rjs

    after i download absinthe, it tells me to log on a cisco page? what is that have to do with anything? anybody? any clue?

  • cabledog

    make sure itunes is on

  • Cenkan_95

    i have a iphone 4s with 3G, i pay monthly, if i jailbreak it will anything happen?
    Or is it free to go? just did ma ipad 2 so thx. YAY

  • zer0

    i tried to jailbreak my ipad 2 3g wifi, when i run absinthe.exe and press the jailbreak, it didn’t move, in the status of “Beginning jailbreak, this may take a while…” and not moving at all, when i end this absinthe and re-run the absinthe it says it failed to jailbreak and re-plug my device to jailbreak it… but nothing happen , keep on “Beginning jailbreak, this may take a while…” state… ANYONE can help???? pleaseee

  • chicabella

    thank you guys it is working beautiful :)

  • rapuntzel

    Anyone knows if it’s necessary to have the firmware downloaded for absinthe to work correctly???

    because it is not working for me :( please help!

  • Brandonlauapple

    you will need to add the source.try googling the name of the cydia tweak/hack your trying to download.

  • Anencephalic

    You, sir, have a promising future in Customer Service.

  • C4ll4mraa

    hello guys! i can’t install absinthe on ipad. then error is Sorry, the attached device is not supported.. how to install absinthe???

  • Wbuuhc

    It isn’t working on my ipad

  • Wbuuhc

    When I try to plug it in it says this device is not supported. I’ve tried turning VPN on it still doent work. I have wi fi, I turned off my password, iTunes wasnt up I did everything. I’ve downloaded it like 50 times and it still doesn’t work

  • Wbuuhc

    iPad 2***

  • Capone

    it doesnt work for me, it says. Sorry,the attached device is not supported. i have ipad2 16gb ios 5.01

  • Cojus79

    It said jailbreak was successful and i downloaded cydia but I can not access any extras. Everything says “Can Not Locate Package”. I have not updated to 5.1. Do not understand why I can not get any extra features.

  • damsy

    how do i download the absinthe? when i download it, its a zip file and doesnt show up on my windows

  • Mustafa Baha

    please help me it doesnt work for me, it says. Sorry,the attached device is not supported i have ipad2 ios 5.1(9B176)

  • Raghad_rihan11

    It doesn’t work for me either and I have an iPad 2 iOS 5.0.1. It says that the device is not supported. PLeease help

  • Willy Rodriguez

    help dont now how to download greenpoison

  • tuffigirl

    People who can’t read shouldn’t be trying to jailbreak! You CANNOT jailbreak an iPad 2 on iOS 5.1 !!

  • EpicTax

    pls help. it says it is compatible with the ipad2 ios 5.0.1. why does it not work ?????

  • Joshuafirstnamevosburg

    absinth.exe has stopped working…
    That is what I have had all morning. I have followed the instructions. Wtf am I doing wrong?

  • Zeevalter1

    go to host file and move it to desktop , move it back after u finish restoring
    try couple of times with the file on the desktop if u have host.umbrella file remove it.
    files are in windows/system32/drivers/etc

  • Suzanna

    Same here! I totally agree with Feels Bad Man. I got Windows 7 :( Doesn’t work. Absinthe just crashes :( never past the “Beginning jailbreak” page.