Apple Releases OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion With Over 100 New Features!

by Soha El-Borgy on February 17, 2012

7 months after the release of  OS X 10.7 Lion, Apple launched OSX 10.8 Moutain Lion.The new Mac OS is, as defined by Apple, inspired by iPad, re-imagined for Mac which gives you a clear idea about what we might expect. Better iCloud integration, iMessages, Reminders, Notes, Notifcation Center, Twitter integration and more!

Download OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

As Apple proudly puts it:

You’re about to use your Mac in all-new ways with OS X Mountain Lion. Because it’s designed with innovations from iPad and it workseven better with iCloud. And that makes everything you do on the Mac smarter, easier, and even more fun.

Let’s see how each of the new features work

iCloud: The iCloud integration service has proved major success with iOS devices allowing users to sync their files across their iOS devices in a fast and easy way and now the service is coming to the Mac. Same with Mac, as you sign in with your Apple ID, iCloud automatically starts synicing your files, photos, contacts and documents, and whichever you edit on one device will appear on the rest.

Messages: iChat service is now Messages. Now you get a plus feature which is the iMessages integration on iOS devices so you can send messages, photos, videos, contacts, documents and more for free to iOS devices running iOS 5 or higher, and your messages are always synced.

Reminders and notes: These two famous iOS apps are also coming to the Mac. Both sync with iCloud so you can check your items on other connected devices.

Notification Center: iOS 5 Notification Center is one of the most loved features on the new iOS bringing the inner depths of your device to your desktop. This feature is now coming to Mac and can be brought up with a swipe to the left as it is on iOS.

Share and Twitter sheets: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion apps will support sharing on various social networks. You can send links to Twitter from Safari or share Links via mail and more. With Mountain Lion 10.8, you will be able to send tweets, links from Safari, iPhoto and etc. from the Tweetsheet as well as receive notifications for mentions and DMs.

We have other three less major features

Gatekeeper: A security app directed at maximizing your Mac’s security by giving you controls over which apps are installed only on App Store, or by recogninzed developers or both.

Airplay Mirroring: Same with an iPad, you can mirror everything on your Mac to an HDTV connected to an Apple TV.

Game Center: For you to play games against friends on iPad,iPhone and iPod Touch.Finding new games and enjoy muliplaying.

OS X Mountain Lion is expected to roll out this summer at a price of $29.99 via the Mac App Store.

Download OS X 10.8 Moutain Lion Developer Preview

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  • Guest

    its actually not released yet.

  • marina

    does it work with Macbook Air late 2010?

  • Igor290498


  • Rx3864

    the lion OS is such a battery sucker! Instead of 5hrs on the snow leopard, lion gave me 3hrs!!!! I would wait a month to see the review before upgrading to it.

  • Sergei Kutrovski

    Any one know if it will work with my MBP 2008 model?

  • Mateen Chaudhary