Early iPhone 4S Orders Begin Shipping To U.S. Customers

by Ahmed Omar on October 10, 2011

The iPhone 4S is went up for pre-order few days ago on Friday, October 7th. Apple’s disappointing iPhone 4S is claimed to be Apple’s fastest selling device ever. Those who pre-ordered the iPhone 4S last Friday should get it by next one on October 14th.

Some people – as usual – get their devices shipped earlier than expected. Martin David of CultOfMac has received this notification earlier today telling him that his iPhone 4S has been shipped.

In case you’re one of U.S. customers who pre-ordered the iPhone 4S, you may want to check your e-mail for some message from Apple Store telling you that your iPhone 4S is being shipped.

Let us know if you’ve received your message from Apple!

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  • Outdoor_Movies

    Haven’t gotten the e-mail but the order status in the store is shipped!

  • Tsdewolf

    Received notice. iPhone 16gig white coming my way. Ordered 6am central time Friday. No waiting in lines. Check.

  • Patirck Boland

    im still waiting for my notice…. :’(

  • Kjlyons03

    i preordered on the 7th and received a confirmation email from sprint. I checked my order status today and it says “submitted”. I called and the guy from sprint told me that they will be shipped on oct 14th and allow 3-8 business days for delivery. If this is true i wouldve been better off waiting in line

  • Rpisack

    Ordered 9am EST on Friday and UPS shows it leaving China yesterday and will arrive Wednesday!

  • Amy

    My ATT has a status of “shipped” as of this morning but fedex doesn’t show any information about delivery yet.

  • Klmyers83

    I pre ordered mine on the 8th and i pre ordered it at the store my order number was 58 where should i check to see when it may come in??