Faulty Automatic Date and Time Settings in iPhone 5

by nanopitech on October 18, 2012

They just keep on coming up with problems with the new iPhone, and this time around a number of users have reported that there appears to be a problem with the mobile’s automatic date & time settings feature.

However, this is not something being faced by everyone and it appears to only have sprung up in Verizon’s network as this news is mostly based on the 21 page thread from the carrier’s subscribership.

This time & date bug was reported on the 24th of September and a number of posts followed on this issue. There have been no reports of this happening with the previous iPhone models on the iOS 6.

The exact cause of this issue remains unknown but it’s speculated that it has something to do with the timing code embedded in Verizon’s CDMA cell network.

CDMA cell towers transmit a time signal based on data from an on-site GPS receiver that keeps the network in sync. It might be a possibility that Apple’s handset is misunderstanding the time signals, or the timing data from Verizon cell towers is faulty.

However till date there have been no remedies for this some performed a factory reset and that somehow made the problem a lot better but there is no clear cut fix for the time being.

Moreover Verizon seems to be blaming Apple and Apple is blaming Verizon, as a senior iOS advisor replied to a forum member “dtenberge” that they could not see anything that was wrong at their end and that the user should contact Verizon and have them look into it.

Janine Costanzo another forum member called Verizon and they said there were no problems on their end. They also checked the cell towers in SF Bay Area and the timing was perfect on them. Verizon said it was a software issue on Apple’s end and that they would have to fix it.

AppleInsider went to both Apple & Verizon for comments on this issue but none of the companies responded on this issue. Let’s just wait and see what happens, it seems that Apple is having quite some troubles that it needs to deal with ASAP.

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