Fix Camera Roll Error On iPhone 4S, iPad 2 After iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak

by Ahmed Omar on January 20, 2012

Wondering how to fix Camera roll on iPhone 4S or iPad 2 after running iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak? If so, planetbeing, the well known iPhone hacker, has a solution for you. The A5 untethered jailbreak was released earlier today via tool named GreenPois0n Absinthe from the Chronic Dev Team.

According to planetbeing, the error was because the jailbreak is incompelete. You can simply fix this error by rerunning the jailbreak on the A5 device.

You can follow our full step by step guide posted here to jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2 iOS 5.0.1 untethered using GreenPois0n Absinthe.

In case you’re facing “error establishing a database connection”, you can use our guide here to fix this problem too.

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  • Jnunez1016


  • Ricky

    When is the windows jailbreak gonna be released

  • Thank

    Second … .

  • Nigs

    I know

  • n0reas0n

    USe vmware if u cant wait

  • Samuel W Sellers

    Can anyone send pictures as an SMS but the other iPhone user not receive them after jailbreaking?

  • Ckool17

    So I jailbroke my 4s and then tried to play music and nothing would play or it would play the wrong song, but still show the data for the right song…removed Cydia and now restoring…hope you get this message and look into it. I use the iTunes Match Cloud Service if that helps.

    BTW the Hands free Siri tweak was AWESOME and I want it back, anxiously waiting on a fix!

  • Pwna5r

    if you lose camera roll….don’t go crazy….try first to reboot the phone…
    i didn’t reboot after the jailbreak installed after getting cydia…
    thought my photos were gone just decided to reboot and everything popped back up

  • Manny9321

    How do I fix the multi task ? It doesn’t work on my phon anymore … The on we’re you double click and all your recent apps show up ???? Any help

  • Manny9321

    How do I fix the multi task ? It doesn’t work on my phon anymore … The on we’re you double click and all your recent apps show up ???? Any help

  • Manny9321

    How do I fix the multi task ? It doesn’t work on my phon anymore … The on we’re you double click and all your recent apps show up ???? Any help

  • vmprob

    i tried in vmware, but absinthe doesn’t detect the ipad after it reboots, any idea on how to fix that?

  • goober

    ok, am i missing something here? To get the camera roll back, i have to rerun the jailbreak? What exactly does that mean. Remove jailbreak from phone and try again? Cause clicking on the absinthe program just pops a message saying phone already jailbroken. I have already done a complete wipe and restore twice. What “app” are we supposed to rerun?

  • Alfred Lui

    Just choose jailbreak. It will tell you the last attempt fail and it will try to fix. After that the camera roll should be back. It just happened to me also and scared me for awhile until I choose jailbreak again to get the photos back. But my jailbreak is still not successful…the program always says ‘error detecting device’ or ‘lockdown connection failed’

  • parafuso

    nope im with you on this one !! cant re run the app because it turns into cydia if you try jailbreaking again it tells you no already jailbroken!!! none of this makes sense to me

  • Anonymous

    did you ever gets your back. im having the same issue. when i try to run absinthe again it says “ERROR already jailbroken”!

  • XxxxxXQtpa2t <3

    Aright I have an iPad 2 and I jail broke it yesterday but ofcourse my camera roll came up empty and there was no music either. But I looked at my iTunes and for the memory it says I have used 11.5 gb in other. I’m assuming that’s my stuff since I have no apps right now. But how do I get it back????? Everyone says rerun the app, which app? Cydia? The camera roll? Absinthe? I ran Cydia and then I reboot my device but still nothing. Same with he camera roll. But how am I supposed to run absinthe if the device is already jail broken?? Do I delete Cydia? If so, how? Pleaseeeeee help. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

  • Fuji

    Yah mee too pls help

  • Yummmy

    Omggggg same here!!!!!!!

  • Exquisite

    Wow this is exactly what happened to me..everyone pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee help.

  • Fufuuu

    Fashoo shawty knows wassup. Help us out guys real talk

  • Dayipm09

    Just reboot!!! Done!